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SSBM Character - Roy
Version: 1.75
By: Shinigami2001

Table of Contents

1. Whats New
2. Introduction
3. How to get
4. Moves
5. Classic Mode Strategy
6. Adventure Mode Strategy
7. Event Mode Strategy
8. Versus Strategy
9. Legal Stuff

Whats New

Version 1 (12/16/01) - FAQ just started.  More to come.  Intro, Moves,
Classic Mode Strategy, and part of Adventure Mode up.

Version 1.5 (12/17/01) - Rest of Adventure Mode up, part of Event Mode
Strategy up.

Version 1.75 (12/20/01) - More parts of Event Mode Strategy up.

Version 2 (12/21/01)  - Part of the Versus Strategy up.  Edited some spelling
and grammar mistakes, thanks to Seth Bleecker for correcting me.

Version 2.25 (01/02/02) - Hi everyone, I'm back. Unfortunetly I had to get a new
computer, and I forgot to save my FAQ on disk.  So it took me awhile to get things
back, but now its done.  I will be updating more soon.  Thank you to all those people
who told me about Roy's Counter move, it has been updated. (I had like 20 of those!)


Roy is a character from Fire Emblem for the SNES.  He is my favorite character.
Roy is pretty fast, great attack power, and very good for the beginner all the
way to the pros.

Roy is pretty much the basic character, similar moves to Falco and Fox, except
for the B + Forward move (Double-edge Dance).  Well, if your just beginning or
want to improve more on your moves with Roy, just read on.

How to Get

Since Roy is a secret character to get, it is still pretty easy to get him.
There are  steps to get Roy.

1. Get Marth first by playing versus mode with all 14 default characters.
2. Marth challenges you to a duel when you have played with all 14 default
characters. Make sure that the last character you be is one your good with!
3. After you unlock Marth, simply beat classic mode with him to challenge
Roy to a duel.
4.  Simply defeat Roy in the match.
5. Congrats!  Roy is now a playable character.


A Button Moves

A - Weak sword swipe
A + Forward - Sword Smash
A + Up - Upward Sword Smash
A + Down - Floor Swipe

B Button Moves

B - Fire Blade (Hold for more power, but watch out, when you're fully
charged, you take 10% off your damage)
B + Forward - Double-edge Dance (After you execute the dbl-edge dance,
press B + any other direction for a combo)
B + Up - Blazer
B + Down - Counter

Fire Blade - If you hold this down too long you give yourself 10% damage.
But if you're fully charged and hit someone, their gonna have the ride of
their life.

Double-edge Dance - If you are really good at executing consecutive moves
then your probably gonna be great for this move.  Press B + Up, Down, or
Forward again after doing the first dbl-edge dance to get a combo.

Blazer - Very strong if you're in the right place.  This can be very
powerful if you hit your opponent in the right spot.  This can also
be your 3rd jump, to help you get back on the stage.

Counter - This move has two functions. One is a deflector.  If you timed
this move right, you should see that the projectile launched at you
has flew to the back of Roy, slowly.  I suggest the R + Down/Jump
out of the way if you're a beginnger or not good at timing things
out.  The other way functions is it is a counter.  If your opponent is
about to strike, use the Counter and your foe will take the blow, instead of


Up, X, or Y to Jump.

If you press R/L neutrally, or with a direction Roy side-steps
the projectile/attack.

Classic Mode Strategy

First match - Very easy.  First match is with one opponent.
Smash him with Roy's Sword Smash.  Couple of times should finish him/her.

Second match - You and an ally must face a team of two computers.  Simply
Sword Smash the two computers off the stage.

Break the targets - 1. Jump up and press A
                    2. Jump down and use Blazer to get the one in the stone
                    3. Use Sword Smash to hit the next two targets
                    4. See above
                    5. Double jump and use blazer to hit the target.  Try not
                       to get hit by the flippers
                    6. Jump to the left platform, and jump and press A to get
                       the target
                    7. From now on it gets harder.  Double jump down and blazer
                       the target.  Now make sure you hit the flipper below the
                    8. After getting hit by the flipper blazer the second one.
                       Then hit the bottom flipper again to regain your fall.
                    9. Try to jump or use blazer to the platform.  Hit the target
                       on the platform.
                    10. Floor Swipe the last target beside the platform.

Third match - Normal match.  Just Sword Smash the opponent off the stage.

Fourth match - Giant Melee!  You and two computers team up against a randomly
selected computer, which if you haven't got it in your head yet, and giant.
Still pretty easy, like before Sword Smash the computer off the stage.  Repeat
until the computer is dead.

Snag the trophies - Well if your really good you can get all three.  But if you got
problems with this stage, here you go.  Stay on the pink cone until a trophy floats
down.  Run to the trophy and hit it towards the pink cone.  You only get the trophies
in your collection by hitting them in the cone.  Good Luck!

Fifth match - Normal Melee.  Knock your opponent off the screen with Sword Smash.

Sixth match - You vs. a whole team of a randomly selected characters.  Though
the are VERY easy to defeat.  Just go on a big platform and use Floor Swipe to
knock your opponents off the stage.

Race to the Finish - I can't really help you on this one.  Just the farther you go,
the more coins you'll receive at the end.

Seventh match - Metal Match.  You versus a randomly selected CPU which is metal.  Still
easy.  Sword Smash him around 2 or more times.  Once the computer is far away from the
stage, its gone.

Eighth match - Versus Master/Crazy Hand.  Depending on the difficulty you put, you'll
have to fight either the infamous Master Hand, or the more recent & harder version,
the Crazy Hand.  If you set Easy or lower, you'll fight the Master Hand.  If you set
the difficulty to Normal or higher, well you're stuck with the Crazy Hand.  Anyways,
just dodge their attacks and do damage.  Use Upward Sword Smash on them, make sure
you charge up though.  Once you have defeated them, you're done Classic Mode with Roy!

Congrats!  You got the 1st Roy trophy!

Adventure Mode Strategy

In adventure mode, no matter who you are, it is always the same.  Heres the Breakdown.

Stage 1, Mushroom Kingdom - Funny place to fool around.  But if you're serious you would
still take this level as a joke.  Only things stopping you are Goombas, Para Troopas, and
Troopas.  Once you get past the part where there are tons of Goombas, and Troopas, you will
come across a scared toad.  Then a Yoshi team will appear.  Simply use Upward Sword Smash to
send them back from where they came.  After that continue on.  At the end there is a checkered
part of the stage, aka finish line.  If you haven't gotten Luigi, wait until the timer is at
xx:x2:xx, then step on the checkered floor to advanced into the next stage.

Melee - If you did the above correctly, you should see a FMV of Luigi KOing Mario and taking
Mario's place in the battle.  Now you have to be very quick, because in order to challenge
Luigi at the end, you MUST KO him in 45 seconds or less.  Now you might be saying to yourself
that seems a little hard, but its not!  With Roy its a breeze.  Simply go for Luigi first,
ignoring peach.  Sword Smash him off the stage.  If he gets back on, repeat until he is KOed.
Now just KO Peach in anyway.  And you're done the Melee.

Stage 2, Kongo Jungle - First part is very easy.  Simply Sword Smash, Upward Sword Smash, or
Floor Swipe the two mini DKs.  Repeat if needed.

Giant Melee - Now its you versus a giant DK.  Still easy though.  Go on the platform on top of
Cranky Kong's window.  Now wait for DK to follow.  Now use Upward Sword Smash and send DK
straight outta the Jungle.

Stage 3, Underground Maze - This level can get annoying because if come across the master swords
you must fight Link.  BUT, if you follow my strategy it'll take you maybe no longer than 1 and a
half minutes.  Simply dodge the ReDeads, for they suck your life, dodge the Like-Likes, for they
suck you up, and find rooms with a couple of platforms.  Before you enter the room, slowly peek
in the center of the room, don't go inside though.  If you see the Tri-Force then you're home free.
But if you see the Master Sword, turn back and go to another room and look for the Tri-Force.  Good

Melee - You versus Zelda.  Just Sword Smash her 3 or more times and shes gone.

Stage 4, Brinstar - First you fight Samus Aran, Sword Smash her, kill her same old thing.

Action Stage - WARNING!?!?!?! What in the world is going on?!?!?!  Well hate to break it but
Brinstar is about to blow up!  You have 40 seconds to go to the top platform.  Just jump from
platform to platfrom, going vertically.  Once you get to the top and you see a yellow circle,
jump on it if you have like 5 seconds left.  But if you're good/lucky and have 10 seconds or
more, usually there is a trophy on the left of the circle, so check it out.

Stage 5, Green Greens - There are three matches in this stage.  First is with normal Kirby.
Sword Smash him a couple of times, then kill him.

Multi-man Melee - Versus Kirby team.  Simply use Floor Swipe or Sword Smash the Kirbys.

Giant Melee - Giant Kirby.  Still easy.  Sword Smash him off the stage.  Or you can Upward
Sword Smash him into the air and juggle until Kirby dies.

Stage 6, Corneria - Your first match is against Fox McCloud.  Just Sword Smash him off the
stage.  Repeat if necessary.

Versus Fox or Falco - If you have unlocked Falco, then sometimes you might fight him in this
part of the stage.  Anyways just Sword Smash whoever you're fighting off the stage and KO him.
Watch out for Arwings though.

Stage 7, Pokemon Stadium - This stage is easy too.  Just Floor Swipe the Pikachus, and if you
have unlocked them, Pichus, and Jigglypuffs.

Stage 8, F-Zero Grand Prix - Ok, the first part is fairly difficult, but not impossible.  Run
and count the platforms as you go.  When you come across the second platform just.  Now run down
and count another two, etc.

Mute City - In this part you have to face Capt. Falcon.  Sword Smash him off, its gonna take
around 3-5 or more smashes to kill him.

Stage 9, Onett - You have to face 3 ness' in this stage.  Just Sword Smash them away, or use
Upward Sword Smash to send them flying.

Stage 10, Icicle Mountain - The first part of the stage requires jumping, so press X, Y, or Up
to jump up, dodging the bears, and other obstacles.  When you have jump a fair amount to the top,
2 pairs of Ice Climbers will jump down, and you must fight them.  Just Sword Smash them off the
mountain and then they're gone.

Stage 11, Battlefield - First match is against 15 Wireframes.  Use Upward Sword Smash, Floor
Swipe, and Sword Smash to knock the Wireframes senseless.

Versus Metal Mario Bros - This might frighten you, but dont worry, this stage is a breeze with
Roy.  Use Upward Sword Smash when they come down off the top platform.  Then Sword Smash one
then the other, repeat, and the Metal Bros are KOed.

Stage 12, Final Destination - Are you taking the easy way out, or trying a challenge?  Well
if you set your difficulty to Easy or lower you're against Bowser.  Smashing him off a couple
of times = KOed Bowser.  But if you were seeking a challenge you would set the difficulty to
Normal or higher, and didn't use any continues the prize is worth it.  After you KO Dark
Bowser, his trophy will come back up and change into Giga Bowser (One of the Event 51 Bosses).
Defeat him, without losing all your lives, and you get the Giga Bowser Trophy.

Congratulations! You got the 2nd Roy Trophy!

Event Mode Strategy

Event 3, Bomb-Fest - The computer is set to an easy difficulty so this event is a breeze.  Stay
high and off the ground.  When the bombs start to fall in the computer is toast.

Event 4, Dino-Wrangling - This stage is easy too.  You have 3 lives to try and KO Giant Yoshi
just once!  Sometimes he jumps off the stage for you, LOL!  Anyways, just Sword Smash him off
the stage a couple times and Yoshi will become extinct.

Event 6, Kirbys on Parade - You have 1 life to try to KO 3 Kirbys with 2 lives each.  Though
they are like Wireframes: EASY.  Just Floor Swipe, or Sword Smash them off the stage.

Event 7, Pokemon Battle - Heres a fun event, pokemon battles!  You can't hit your opponent
with your normal attacks though.  Grab as many pokeballs as you can and press Down+A.
The rest is just luck off which pokemon you'll get.  Some great, but rare, pokemon are
Ho-oh, Entei, Raikou, Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno.  Good Luck!

Event 8, Hot Date on Brinstar - You have, and will always start with, 130% damage on you,
but so does Samus.  You each have 3 lives.  Now with Roy's Sword Smash this stage will
last only a couple of seconds if you're good.  Sword Smash her 1-2 times a life and Samus
is gone.

Event 9, Hide n' Sheik - This stage is a little bit harder since you can only KO Zelda when
shes Sheik.  But still can damage her as Zelda, so do some damage while shes Zelda, and when
shes Sheik, Sword Smash Sheik off the stage.

Event 10, All Star Match I - You'll have to face Mario, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Peach, and Bowser,
who have one life each.  You have two though.  Luckily you fight them one by one.  Sword Smash,
Upward Sword Smash, and Floor Swipe your opponents to damage them, the smash them off the stage.
Watch for the time though!

Event 11, King of the Mountain - Survival is the key in this event.  You have to evade two pairs
of Ice Climbers until the time runs out.  Jump up on platforms, jump down on platforms, do
whatever it takes to get away from the Ice Climbers.  Good Luck!

Event 12, Seconds, Anyone? - Wow!  This stage is a little too difficult for Roy.  If you think
you're good with him then go ahead and kill C. Falcon.  But if you want to take the easy way
out, then select Capt. Falcon and press B (Falcon Punch) right away and you're done.

Event 14, Trophy Tussle 1 - Heres the first event where, if you win, you get a trpohy.  This
event's prize is: Gooma Trophy.  You are against three randomly selected computers.  This is
going to be difficult because: 1. The computers go after you as one, 2. If you're not prepared
for this match, you probably won't clear it.  Sword Smash the cpus, best done when they're in
a group.  Keep on smashing them in anyway, and you'll succeed.

Event 15, Girl Power - Well this is for sure a handicaped match.  First of all its three versus
one, and second of all, you're 1/10 their size!  Anyways, you'll have to get rid of the cpu's
lives (2 each).  Do this by Sword Smashing them off the stage, if they come back on smash them
again.  Repeat if necessary.

Event 20, All-Star match 2 - This time you're against Samus, Link, Zelda, Captain Falcon, Fox.
You still have two lives though.  This is like the first All-Star Match, except a little bit
more difficult.  Nonetheless it is still easy if you're prepared and very good.  Sword Smash,
Upward Sword Smash, and Floor Swipe you're opponent off the stage.  If any items fall down, grab
them and use them.  Good luck in winning your second All-Star Match!

Event 21, Ice Breaker - This ones a though one.  You are against two pairs of Ice Climbers. Your
objective is to KO both Nanas, or the Pink Ice Climber.  If you KO the blue Ice Climber, any one
of them, you will lose and fail this event.  Sword Smash any Nana, you own the game so you pick,
and knock them away from the blue Ice Climber.  Smash the Nana before she gets back to her other
Ice Climber partner.  Keep on Sword Smashing the Nana until she is KOed.  Repeat the steps with
the other Nana.

Event 22, Super Mario 128 - This one is a sinch.  You're pitted against 128 Marios, but don't
worry they're small and easy to KO.  The best strategy is to Floor Swipe the ground, KOing the
Marios.  Try to stay alive, and you'll succeed and clear this event.

Event 23, Slippy's Invention - This event is very challenging, though if you're good at seeing
cloaked people, then this stage is going to be pretty easy.  You are put in to face Fox, and
Falco, who are both cloaked.  Watch for the outlines of their bodies then strike.  The key is
survival, stay alive and smash.  Use that strategy to clear this event.

More Coming Soon...
Versus Strategy

Versus Strategy

Depending on what setting, items, handicap, damage ratio, and kind of match you selected the
Melee battles will be different.  I will go through some strategies for most of the modes.

Melee (Normal) - Roy is best, in my opinion, on a team, but he is also very well if you're
looking for a challenge against your friends.  What you do is either Sword Smash them, charge
it up if you have any time, or use Fire Blade, again if you have time charge it up.  If you
have mastered the Double-edge Dance then the match will get interesting.  My combo is to use
Forward + B, Forward + B, Up + B, then Forward + B.  If you can help me out with this question -
Is it possible to get more than 4 combo for the Double-edge Dance? - please E-mail me at  Anyways my other combo for the Doube-edge Dance is Forward + B,
Down + B, then Down + B.  Again keep Sword Smashing, Fire Blading, and Double-edge Dancing
to KO your opponents.

Team Melee - Now this is the ultimate battle.  You can have it anyway - You and friends can
collide to duke it out at each other.  Or you can try to go with a friend or CPU and go against
another friend and CPU.  Whatever, you select what teams you want!  If you selected items its
best to KO your opponents by throwing Bob-ombs at them and using Pokeballs.  My personal favorite
Pokemon are Lugia (I don't know why!), Raikou, Entei, Ho-oh, Zapdos, and Articuno.  The best part
is when you get a Togepi and it turns the screen pitch black.  Anyways back on topic.  Again, use
charged-up Sword Smashes, charged Fire Blades, and Double-edge Dances (if you can) to KO your
foes.  Good Luck!

Special Melee

Now this is cool, all these different kinds of Melees.  Though the ones with the word "Mode" in
it will not, I repeat, NOT count towards your Versus/Melee Records.  So don't play these modes
to get Mewtwo, or you're just swimming in circles.

Camera Mode - This has nothing to do with battles, but a mode to take screenshots of characters.
I won't go through this mode.

Stamina Mode - This is one of my favorite Melees.  You each have and start with 300 HP
(Hit Points).  You can take of your opponents HP by damaging them.  The stronger the
attack, the more HP will be taken off.  But watch out for your own HP, for if it reaches
zero then you're outta the match.

Super Sudden Death Mode - Isn't this great?  You all start with 300% damage.  One Sword Smash,
Fire Blade, or a Doube-edge Dance Combo (F+B,F+B,U+B,F+B works best) should take one of your
opponents lives down.  But watch out for others who could as easily KO you.

Giant Melee - This is a whole lot of fun, but it is also one of the toughest melees to KO your
opponents.  Since you are all Gargantuan-sized characters, it'll be easy to hit each other, though
it'll also be harder to KO your opponents becuase they are, say, like Mewtwo's cloned Pokemon,
except 10x larger.  Still if you take off a whole lot of damage, it'll only take one hit to knock
your opponents off the stage.  Use Smashes, and Fire Blade to weaken your opponents, then Sword
Smash them off the stage and KO them.

More Coming Soon...

Legal Stuff

This FAQ belongs to me, Shinigami2001.  You may not copy this FAQ without my WRITTEN concern.
If I let you borrow stuff you must give me credit.  If you have any questions or concerns, my
E-mail is  Thanks to UncleJohn04 for Roy's B moves.  Thanks to
GameFAQS for letting people put their work to help others with gaming.

Well thats it for now.  Good luck, I hope you'll all be better with Roy after reading this FAQ.

				  ©Shinigami 2001 2001-Whenever