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                           Super Smash Brothers Melee
                               Nintendo GameCube

                                 Pokémon Guide
                                  Version 1.6
                         Last Updated: January 19, 2002
                           Created December 7th, 2001

                                  Written By:				
                                 Basel Sabbagh

                              All Rights Reserved


                               Table Of Contents

                             1.0        Introduction
                             1.1        What's Coming
                             2.0        Pokémon
                             2.1        Pokémon Abilities + Rarity
                             2.2        Pokémon Rumors
                             2.3        Secret Pokémon
                             2.4        Goldeen
                             3.0        Tips & Tricks
                             3.1        Pokémon Selection
                             3.2        Monster Pokéballs
                             3.3        FAQ
                             4.0        Credits
                             4.1        Contact Information
                             4.2        Version History
                             4.3        Copyright Information
                             4.4        Author's Note
                             4.5        Guide Info

 1.0       Introduction

    Arguably one of the most unique items in the game, the pokéball comes from
the ever-so popular Pokémon game for the Gameboy. These little guys hold a
pokémon (Pocket Monster) varying in size and type. Each pokémon has special
abilities and moves, which is the main point of the Pokémon games. In the
Gameboy games, you capture and train the pokémon so you can battle other
pokémon and pokémon trainers by teaching them special moves and raising their
stats in battles.
    In Super Smash Bros. for the N64, the pokémon were used as an item, and 
when thrown release a random pokémon from a relatively small selection of 
pokémon compared to the new selection in Super Smash Bros. Melee for Nintendo's
newest generation of video gaming, the Nintendo GameCube. This guide will take 
you through the list of pokémon and what they are capable of. There are quite a 
few, and each of them has their own special abilities. You can never expect to
see a certain pokémon and some pokémon can do a random move, so anything might 
pop up! Now enough talk and more pokémon!

 1.1       What's Coming

    Here is a list of some things that are being planned or are being done. 
E-mail me if you would like to see another section and tell me what you want in
it. The things I'm doing first are at the top, going down in priority.

 - Testing of Goldeen's 1-hit KO:
 - Mew + Celebi in Pokémon Event
     Testing to see if they're in there.
 - A Best Friend
     Who's the best pokémon to get for some certain characters and which 
     pokémon work the best together.
 - PokéEvents
     Some basic help on events that have to do with pokémon.
 - Playable Pokémon Descriptions: 
     A basic rundown of playable Pokémon
 - Power Charts
     Personal chart of what I think are the best pokémon.
 - PokéLevels
     Full descriptions of both pokémon levels.
 - Damage Meter
     Tells how much damage the attack does.

 2.0       Pokémon

    This section will take you through the list of pokémon alone. This was
designed for easy viewing. If you would like to see the pokémon along with
their abilities, please check out section 2.1 of this guide. The Pokémon are 
sorted alphabetically.

 - #144 Articuno
 - #182 Bellossom
 - #009 Blastoise
 - #251 Celebi
 - #113 Chansey
 - #006 Charizard
 - #152 Chikorita
 - #035 Clefairy
 - #155 Cyndaquil
 - #101 Electrode
 - #244 Entei
 - #118 Goldeen
 - #250 Ho-oh
 - #249 Lugia
 - #183 Marill
 - #151 Mew
 - #146 Moltres
 - #233 Porygon2
 - #243 Raikou
 - #212 Scizor
 - #143 Snorlax
 - #121 Staryu
 - #245 Suicune
 - #175 Togepi
 - #201 Unown
 - #003 Venusaur
 - #110 Weezing
 - #202 Wobbuffet
 - #145 Zapdos

    This is the list of pokémon that I have yet to see so if they aren't
in the game, please don't e-mail me about it. I will eventually see them,
and if I don't, I will remove them until I do or see proof that they are in.

 - #132 Ditto  (Refer to section 2.2)

    Ditto was quite possibly taken out. See why in section 2.2.

 2.1       Pokémon Abilities + Rarity

    This section lists all the pokémon and what they do. If you're having
trouble finding a certain pokémon because of all the abilities and
descriptions, check out section 2.0 for the list of pokémon alone, then
come back here once you know the order. This is sorted alphabetically as

    Note: All pokémon do not damage whomever released them unless 
otherwise stated. If enemies touch the pokémon directly, they will
get damaged.

 - #144 Articuno
          Move/Ability:  Blizzard
          Description:   Freezes any enemies nearby.
          Rarity:        Rare
 - #182 Bellossom
          Move/Ability:  Sleep Powder
          Description:   Anyone who touches it will go to sleep.
          Rarity:        Common
 - #009 Blastoise
          Move/Ability:  Hydro Pump
          Description:   Shoots out water that travels across the screen 
                         after a brief pause to get out his guns. He will 
                         move backwards from the pressure of his Hydro Pump
                         so he will fall off the stage if he's near an edge.
          Rarity:        Common
 - #251 Celebi            
          Move/Ability:  ???
          Description:   Just flies off like Mew. It gives you a "Celebi 
                         Catcher" bonus and a trophy. Needs to be 
                         unlocked (section 2.3).
          Rarity:        Ultra Rare (1:251)
 - #113 Chansey
          Move/Ability:  Softboiled
          Description:   Releases 6 eggs that can be eaten or thrown to reveal
                         a new item.
          Rarity:        Uncommon
 - #006 Charizard
          Move/Ability:  Flame Thrower
          Description:   Will shoot out flames at both sides, one side at a 
          Rarity:        Common
 - #152 Chikorita
          Move/Ability:  Razor Leaf
          Description:   Will shoot out leaves that travel across the screen
                         slightly damaging whoever gets hit.
          Rarity:        Common
 - #035 Clefairy
          Move/Ability:  Metronome
          Description:   Will execute a random move from a handpicked 
          Rarity:        Common
 - #155 Cyndaquil
          Move/Ability:  Flame Thrower
          Description:   Will pause for a second before hovering above the 
                         ground (at this time, he does NOT damage enemies 
                         if they make contact) and continuously shoot out 
                         flames in one direction.
          Rarity:        Common
 - #101 Electrode
          Move/Ability:  Self-Destruct
          Description:   Will blow itself up, damaging anyone nearby including
                         who released it. You can pick it up using A at various
                         times to throw.
          Rarity:        Common
 - #244 Entei
          Move/Ability:  Fire Spin
          Description:   Will shoot out a blast of fire upwards, damaging
                         anyone up there and near it.
          Rarity:        Rare
 - #118 Goldeen
          Move/Ability:  Splash
          Description:   Simply the most useless pokémon that can possibly come
                         out. All it does it flop around doing nothing. Some 
                         people say that it can do a 1 hit KO but this is 
                         unconfirmed by me. It's possible that there is a 
                         certain condition to it doing it or it's just rare 
                         because lots of people are telling me it can. 
                         Nonetheless, I've never seen it do it and I've had the
                         game the first day it came out but I'll keep you 
          Rarity:        Common
 - #250 Ho-oh
          Move/Ability:  Sacred Fire
          Description:   Will fly up into the background then wreck havoc on
                         whoever is unlucky enough to be where it's Sacred
                         Fire lands. It lands wherever Ho-oh was released.
          Rarity:        Very Rare
 - #249 Lugia
          Move/Ability:  Aeroblast
          Description:   Will fly up into the background and shoot out 
                         Aeroblast (looks like a type of hurricane/wind) into 
                         the foreground that swirls around a bit.
          Rarity:        Very Rare
 - #183 Marill
          Move/Ability:  Double Slap
          Description:   Will dash across the screen on the ground damaging
                         whomever it touches.
          Rarity:        Common
 - #151 Mew
          Move/Ability:  ???
          Description:   Will fly away in his bubble. He gives you a bonus 
                         worth 10 000 points in 1P mode (Mew Catcher). Needs 
                         to be unlocked (section 2.3).
          Rarity:        Ultra Rare (1:251)
 - #146 Moltres
          Move/Ability:  Sky Attack
          Description:   Will burn whomever it touches then it will just fly
                         off upwards after a few seconds.
          Rarity:        Rare
 - #233 Porygon2
          Move/Ability:  Tackle
          Description:   Will immediately jump forward on the enemy once 
                         it's released.
          Rarity:        Common
 - #243 Raikou
          Move/Ability:  Shock Wave
          Description:   Will fire off a shock wave around itself and it will
                         shock any opponents that touch it.
          Rarity:        Rare
 - #212 Scizor
          Move/Ability:  Fury Cutter
          Description:   Will run forward then jump up in the direction of an
          Rarity:        Common
 - #143 Snorlax
          Move/Ability:  Body Slam
          Description:   Will pause for a second then jump up off the screen
                         and come back down at a much larger size damaging
                         anyone on the way up or down.
          Rarity:        Common
 - #121 Staryu
          Move/Ability:  Swift
          Description:   Will float around following an opponent then it 
                         unleashes a fury of stars at an opponent.
          Rarity:        Common
 - #245 Suicune
          Move/Ability:  Icy Wind
          Description:   A fairly large range of icy wind swirls around 
                         Suicune catching anyone in its range. 
          Rarity:        Rare
 - #175 Togepi
          Move/Ability:  Metronome
          Description:   Will executes a random move that can cause various
                         effects. It can use Night Shade which turns the
                         whole stage black for a few moments which confuses
                         a lot of players.
          Rarity:        Uncommon
 - #201 Unown
          Move/Ability:  Hidden Power
          Description:   Will fly off the screen then come back with many
                         other Unown and they travel across the screen
                         in a random direction for a short while.
          Rarity:        Common
 - #003 Venusaur
          Move/Ability:  Earthquake
          Description:   Will stomp on the ground damaging nearby 
                         opponents in a fair area around him.
          Rarity:        Common
 - #110 Weezing
          Move/Ability:  Poison Gas
          Description:   Releases a poisonous gas damaging whoever 
                         touches it.
          Rarity:        Common
 - #202 Wobbuffet
          Move/Ability:  Counter
          Description:   Acts like a punching bag. If you touch it, it will
                         bounce back and forth damaging you. It hurts whom
                         released it as well.
          Rarity:        Common
 - #145 Zapdos
          Move/Ability:  Thundershock
          Description:   Shocks anyone nearby for a couple of seconds.
          Rarity:        Rare
 2.2       Pokémon Rumors

    Apparently, Ditto was supposed to be in the game but was taken out
due to unknown reasons. I suppose it would take up too much memory.
Read the description below:

 - #132 Ditto           
          Move/Ability:  Transform
          Description:   Transforms into who released it and joins up with
                         him/her for a while.
          Rarity:        Unknown

    I would be guessing that this would act like Nana acts to Popo,
it would just imitate whatever you do... I wonder if you can have
Ditto transform into BOTH Ice Climbers. Imaging 16 Ice Climbers on the
same screen! If it transformed into 1, it would be 12 total. For this
I believe Ditto was taken out. This might also prove that Super Smash
Bros. Melee doesn't have much free space, and that the majority of the
space was taken up to make one of best games for the GameCube!

 2.3       Secret Pokémon

    There are only 2 "secret" pokémon that really need unlocking.

 - #151 Mew
          Unlock all secret characters. Chances are 1:251 that Mew
          will appear after this.
 - #251 Celebi
          Unlock all secrets. Chances are 1:251 that Celebi will
          appear after this.

    I've gotten "all the secrets" but I don't know EXACTLY what they are so 
I can't comment much on the secrets you need. I would probably guess getting 
all the characters, stages, sound test and score display.
    It took me a while after I got all the characters to see Mew,
and I didn't really see him, it just said that after I was in
Training mode, but after that, he appeared much more so I believe
that once you see Mew or Celebi once, you will see them more often.
    Once I got score display, I played a Camera Mode with me as the camera
and 3 level 9 computers and after a bit I pressed pause for the heck of it and
I noticed Celebi just coming out of a pokéball (still in the light). I unpaused
and quickly took a picture. Just another great picture to my album.

    Another thing sent in was the event "Legendary Pokémon" event. In this 
case, there are only legendary pokémon and a Wobbuffet, meaning that Mew or 
Celebi MIGHT be one of these guys. If this is the case, the chances might be 
doubled for seeing them (2:251). Please keep in mind this is UNCONFIRMED!

 2.4       Goldeen

    This pokémon has eluded even the smartest Smash Bros. Melee players. Most 
people see Goldeen as a useless pokémon that does nothing but flop around. It 
does however, have a 1-hit KO. How this is done seems pretty hard to figure out
so I made this section to list all the POSSIBLE ways it works. E-mail me so I 
can post some other ways as well.

 - Goldeen flops off from a platform above to the platform below, killing 
   whomever is below it where it lands
 - Goldeen KO's whoever touches it when they're both in some water
 - Goldeen KO's whoever is in a close enough range right when it comes out of 
   the pokéball

 3.0       Tips & Tricks

    This sections should help your "Pokéball Skills" in the game. Pokéballs are 
very powerful items and can get almost anyone out of a tight spot. Here are 
some things to remember:

 - Spread Out
     When you're in control and have a lot of pokéballs, spread them
     apart. This way, opponents can't retreat to another part of the
     level to get away.
 - #1 Priority
     Try and get pokéballs first. Almost nothing else beats getting
     a good pokémon like the legendary ones except for maybe a
     hammer in a small arena but anyone can jump/fly away from that
     and there's a 30% chance that it may be broken.
 - Popup In The Face
     When you have an opponent in close enough range, pop the
     pokéball at him. Not only will you damage him slightly, the 
     pokémon will pop open right in the face, narrowing down the 
     chances of escape.
 - Shielding
     As you know, once you toss a pokéball the pokémon is "yours" and 
     won't damage you, with the exception of Wobbuffet and the rogue 
     Electrode. In this strategy, simply stand by, underneath, or "in" 
     the pokémon released. Foolish AI controlled characters will still 
     come after you and get quite a pokébeating, and even if they don't, 
     it could promise you a safe haven. Also, to be a bit more devious, 
     try throwing projectiles while in your pokéshield. This strategy is 
     rather hard to do when you have pokémon like Marill and Staryu, where 
     the pokémon run around, but if you really wanted to, you could run 
     beside them (although I really wouldn't recommend it.) 
 - KO A Pokémon
     If you try hard enough, you will be able to KO a powerful pokémon
     using a powerful move. Some like Chansey are KO'ed easily but ones like
     the legendary pokémon are harder than others.
 - Help Your Pokémon
     If your pokémon landed somewhere else and you got, let's say Ho-oh, it
     might completely miss your opponent. In this case, THROW or HIT your 
     opponent towards the attack. This way, you can make sure that your pokémon
 - Take Control
      If you are using Fox or Falco, and you anticipate your opponent throwing
      the pokéball right at you, put up your deflection shield (down-B). If the
      pokéball hits you and gets deflected successfully, the pokémon is now 
      YOURS! You can also try using a power shield to take control. You do this 
      by putting up your shield RIGHT WHEN THE BALL HITS YOU. This can be done 
      by anyone.
 - The Catcher's Glove
      This is a difficult thing to do, but anyone can do it. Press A right when 
      someone throws the pokéball at you. If done right, you will catch the 
      ball to use for your own. You can also try rapidly tapping A if you wish.
 - Mid-air Grab
      If there is a pokéball above you, jump up and press Z in mid-air to grab 
      it. This saves A LOT OF TIME than having to land, stand next to it and 
      press A. You can also intercept the computers upwards throw.

    If you have any more, be sure to e-mail me (section 4.1) be and I'll be 
sure to add your name to the credits.

 3.1       Pokémon Selection

    The selection is completely random, although the rare ones like
Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, Raikou, Entei and Suicune tend to come out 
less often as the others. Ho-oh and Lugia tend to come out at the same 
odds and are more rare than the legendary birds and dogs. This is no 
surprise as most of the rare ones are very powerful and it doesn't seem 
right to them popup every now and then. Check out section 2.3 for the 
randomness of the secret pokémon.

 3.2       Monster Pokéballs
    A lot of people have e-mailed me about this so I'll make a very small 
section about it:

    Occurring at random times, pokéballs will release a monster from Adventure
Mode such as ReDeads or Goombas. Most of the time, they will come out of a 
crate/barrel/partyball but on occasion they come out of a pokéball. I've named 
this a Monster Pokéball because that's what it basically is, a monster in a 
    I never got a Monster Pokéball before but I know they're out there. I have 
however seen them come out of crates. This is the current list of monsters 
that I have seen or that have been sent in:

 - Goomba
 - Like-like
 - Octorok
 - ReDead
 - Topi

    I'm sure there's more but that's the list so far. If you have any 
information on anymore please refer to section 4.1 for information on 
contacting me. You will receive full credit unless someone else tells me first
or I see it.

 3.3       FAQ

    Please read the whole FAQ before you send in questions because chances
are it's in there. This also allows for quick reading if you don't want to look
through the whole guide. I would just post common questions.

Q: Help! My whole screen turned black for a few moments!!! What happened!? Was
   this from a pokémon!?
A: Relax, this is one of Togepi's attacks called NightShade

Q: I leave my game on all night to get the Celebi bonus but I didn't get 
   it! Do you know how?
A: Indeed I do. Get ALL the secrets to get a 1:251 chance of seeing it (section

Q: Why can't I see Mew? Everyone else can see him!
A: You need to get all the characters to see him (again, section 2.3).

Q: What does Goldeen do?
A: Nothing. Unless you count flopping around and distracting your opponent or
   making your opponents laugh at you that you take advantage.
   UPDATE: There are lots of people that claim it can do a 1 hit KO but I 
   haven't experienced this wonder, as I am testing this theory at the moment.

Q: In Goldeen's trophy, it says that Goldeen sometimes does an instant KO move.
   I've heard that Goldeen sometimes does this in the game. Is it true and if
   it is, what are the chances?
A: Well unless it's a super low chance that no one ever saw it do it, it's not

   UPDATE: There are some people that claim to have seen it. I am trying to 
   find out the condition for it to work.

Q: Why is Goldeen IN the game!? It's so stupid!!!
A: Quite possibly to make the pokéball have a negative point towards it.
   UPDATE: As with the others questions, it might have the 1 hit KO.

Q: Is Goldeen...

Q: I finally saw Articuno but it didn't freeze my opponents! So are you...
A: Don't get your hopes up! Anyway, Articuno must be near the opponent to 
   freeze them.

Q: I once threw a pokéball and nothing came out... help?
A: There's a very little chance that that might happen but it does happen.

Q: I see Mew much more than a 1:251 chance! Am I just very lucky?
A: I'm guessing that once you see a certain pokémon, the chances of seeing
   that same pokémon increases.

Q: Can you list the pokémon that come out of the Pokémon level?
A: Wrong game buddy. You're a few years and a system generation too late!

Q: Is it just me or did a ReDead just come out of the pokéball!?
A: Sometimes monsters come out. See section 3.2 for more details.

Q: What chances are there of seeing Mew or Celebi?
A: 1:251 AFTER you unlock them.

 4.0       Credits

    This section is dedicated to all who have helped make this guide what 
it is today. If I have somehow managed to miss you just contact me
(check out section 4.1 if you need the contact info) and I'll make sure
to add you.

    GameFAQS         - Posting the guide + making a great site.

    NP Guide:        - Chances of getting Mew and Celebi & some names of 

    Mike B.          - More proper names of some moves/abilities

    pokimon86        - Proper move name for Moltres

    Hamster Guy      - "Shielding" trick, Suicune move name correction

    me frog          - Some corrections

    CodeHunter64     - Zapdos's attack name

    Bob              - Sightings of Goldeen's 1 hit KO

    SSBM Man         - Proper move names for some pokémon

    Danny Tashjian   - Slight correction in the techniques sections

    RockMFR          - Quite a few corrections

    GTM              - Chansey's move correction

    TheChanseyDude   - Suggestion for the level descriptions

    Jeffrey M.       - KO'ing pokémon trick + Mew and Celebi in the pokémon 

    SecretVegetaUser - "Helping Your Pokémon" trick

    Damien819        - "Take Control" trick

    Max M.           - Intercepting tip for one of the techniques.

    MrSaturn199X     - Like-like and Party Ball additions to "Monster Pokéball" 
                       section plus a slight spelling mistake.

    If you do not see your name here and you e-mailed me about something,
chances are that someone else told me the same thing or I had already fixed
it myself. I will post whoever sent in the e-mail first. Also the posted 
version might be an old one where as the version I'm working on has your name 
on it.

 4.1       Contact Information

    Did I miss anything? Are there any spelling/grammar mistakes? Do you
just want to send in a comment or complaint? Just contact me, Basel
Sabbagh, at one of the following:

    - E-mail
    - GameFAQS Message Boards
        Username: Diablo Defender

    Also please include a name for me to use on the credits because if I don't
find a name, I will simply use your name in the "From" area or the first part
of your e-mail.

 4.2       Version History

    Here you can find the version number, the date that version was made,
and what was done on that version. Regular updates means just normal stuff
like spelling corrections, grammar, very minor changes and stuff like that
not really worth mentioning.

07/12/01    Version 0.1    Guide made: All beginning sections done.
27/12/01    Version 0.2    Move/Abilities redone for some pokémon. Added
                           "Pokémon Rumors", "Tips & Tricks" and
                           "Secret Pokémon" sections.
28/12/01    Version 0.3    Updated names for moves/abilities along with some
                           minor guide corrections. Added the sections 
                           "FAQ" and "Guide Info". Added a "Rarity" rating
                           in the renamed "Pokémon Abilities + Rarity"
29/12/01    Version 0.4    Some corrections.
30/12/01    Version 0.5    Zapdos's move name + Goldeen's 1 hit KO 
01/01/02    Version 0.6    New section "What's Coming" and "Guide Info" update.
                           Also new website allowed to host guide.
02/01/02    Version 0.7    Regular guide updates.
03/01/02    Version 0.8    Regular guide updates + "Monster Pokéballs" section 
05/01/02    Version 0.9    Another website to host guide and some regular 
07/01/02    Version 1.0    Some additions to "Tips & Tricks" and some regular 
10/01/02    Version 1.1    Regular updates including "Tips & Tricks" additions,
                           "FAQ" & "Monster Pokéballs" were switched around, & 
                           New "Goldeen" section.
11/01/02    Version 1.2    Tons and I mean TONS of spelling/grammar mistakes. I 
                           couldn't believe how much there were but there 
                           should be very little left. A few additions to the 
                           "Monster Pokéball" section and a "Guide Info" 
12/01/02    Version 1.3    Version 1.2 turned out really messed up on GameFAQs 
                           so I'm sending in V1.3 without any changes to see if 
                           it comes up right first.
13/01/02    Version 1.4    Some additions and regular updates.
16/01/02    Version 1.5    Regular updates + I fixed the alingment of all the
                           sentences (max of 79 characters per line met).
19/01/02    Version 1.6    Regular updates andd a "Guide Info" update (along
                           with a new "Size" addition to it).

 4.3       Copyright Information

All Rights Reserved

Any FAQS/Guides on GameFAQS are automatically protected by international
Copyright law.

Only the following sites may use this guide:


If you see any other site with this information (some of them are original
so don't immediately think it's mine and mine alone), please contact me
(refer to section 4.1) and tell me where you saw it and what it contains
that I have made.

 4.4       Author's Note

    I'm not a Pokémon fan but a very big Super Smash Bro. Melee fan. I
own the game and the system and am also a big GameCube fan. I decided
to write this guide because I think that the pokéballs in this game are
a very powerful tool and because of the uniqueness of the pokémon. There
aren't any guides on this kind of stuff in the game so I decided to make
one. It's also because I have seen many posts on message boards asking
for what pokémon come out in the game and no one that I know of has been
really able to answer that. 
    I know a fair amount on pokémon but I am not perfect, so if you see 
anything that I missed or you know a proper move name or description, 
please contact me (refer to section 3.1) and explain it to me if 
    I've played all pokémon games and beat all of them except for Pokémon
Pinball and Pokémon Crystal (99% done). I've played Pokémon Stadium for a 
bit with my friend on his game and I was pretty good too but no Pokémon 
Stadium 2.
    In Super Smash Bros. Melee, I have most of the secrets including
all the characters, stages, events and 287 trophies. I have lots of 
bonuses but not all. I had the game the day it came out, December 5th,

 4.5       Guide Info

 Last Updated: Jan. 19, 2002 - 13:34:09

 All the information below is from Microsoft Word's Word Count.
 All info below the line represents everything OUTSIDE THE BORDERING LINES.

 Version: 1.6
 Total Version #: 16

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