Jigglypuff by DeathMurderKill

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Jigglypuff FAQ
For Super Smash Bros. Melee 
By: DeathMurderKill (deathmurderkill9@hotmail.com)
Version 1.4
January 22, 2002


 1.Revision History
 2.Legal Stuff
 4.Why Jigglypuff? Character's Pros and Cons
 6.Basic Strategies
 7.General Strategies- How to Master Jigglypuff
    -How to attack
    -How to nail that Rest attack
       -***The platform trick***
    -How to survive
    -Other survival tips
    -Against Computers
    -Against Humans
 9.Other Cheap Stuff
 10.The Stadium
    -Break The Targets
    -Home Run Contest
    -Multi-Man Melee
    -Cruel Melee


 Version 1.0 (Dec. 27 2001)- Wrote the whole thing. If you have any tips 
and strategies for Jigglypuff that I don't have, feel free to E-mail me 
at: deathmurderkill9@hotmail.com

 Version 1.1 (Dec. 29 2001)- Fixed some spelling errors, added some 
stuff I don't know. There's also like 20 E-mails sent to me about a 
mistake I made about Sing. Also added my records for Stadium mode and 
strategies for them. What a huge update!

 Version 1.2 (Jan. 4 2002)- Added strategy for Break the targets, and 
added tons of tips and tricks from E-mails.

 Version 1.3 (Jan. 21 2002)- It has been a while for me to update this 
because of the finals. Now that the finals are over, I added a bunch 
more stuff from E-mails, especially thanks for the ones about Home Run 
Contest and Cruel Melee. I also added a bunch more dirty tricks, and 
updated stuff all around.

 Version 1.4 (Jan. 22 2002)- A very small minor update. I do this just 
for the heck of it...

 This Document is Copyrighted 2001-2002 by DeathMurderKill. If you just 
wanted to put it on a website or something, just E-mail me and ask very 
politely. Any webmasters, etc. who does illegal copying and pasting of 
any part or whole of this FAQ without my consent will be notified, and 
if the content isn't removed from that site within 15 days I would be 
forced to take legal action. (And get lots of $$$ from you). Please 
don't make me do that.


 This is my first FAQ, so I'll try to make this look good. Jigglypuff is 
THE most "useless" character in SSBM. She has now changed so much that 
some old SSB Jiggly players (including me) to go on switching 
characters. But after I go through all the 25 characters in the game, I 
still pick Jigglypuff. I don't know why, I guess I fell in love with her 
*_* Anyway, I'm going to show and help you Jiggly haters how to kick a$$ 
with her. (I am not responsible for any personal injuries or controller 
damages your friends cost after you humiliate them with Jigglypuff =P )


1.She has quick smash attacks (Although you don't notice it for now).
2.Rest is the most powerful non-charge move in the game. Want to kill 
bowser at 30%? She's the character for you!
3.She can have 6 jumps, slowest falling speed, also with the Puff Punch. 
Therefore she can come back from insanely long distances.
4.Her taunt is so freakin annoying!

There are more pros, but I don't want to spoil them for you, just yet :P

1. She's the SECOND lightest character in the game, therefore a smash 
attack off the ledge can kill Jiggly at 60%- correction thanks to 
2. Although her jumps have improved, spikes or "meteor attacks" are 
still very lethal to her.
3. She has no projectiles.

Argh, forget about this list, you guys know more about her Cons than I 
do :P


 *Note: the moves that I put as "I Don't Care" means that these moves 
are worthless for Jigglypuff, so worthless that I don't even recall how 
they look like! If you find some uses with these moves, E-mail me ASAP.

-Ground A button Moves:

Tap A- Jab
 When you press A, Jiggly would do a Jab. Press it again to do a One-Two 
punch... Wow, how interesting *_*
I would put this move as "I don't care" but sometimes it can be used 
against annoying computers who does stupid rapid A moves.
Rating- *

Forword A- I Don't Care
Rating- *

Down A- I Don't Care
Rating- *

Up A (Not Jump)- Upwards kick
 Back in the old SSB days, this is part of Jiggly's instant kill combo. 
But now, it doesn't really have a use in battle. Sometimes you may 
juggle with this move. That's it.
Rating- **

Running A attack
 Pretty good to rack up damage on ground, but the Puff Punch and Forward 
smash is better.
Rating- **

 ***SMASH attacks note: in V.S. mode only, you can use the C-stick to do 
a non-chargeable SMASH attack. This is the key for quick smashes and it 
is VERY useful. (I am going to repeat it many times in this FAQ)***

SMASH Forward A- Smash kick
 Finally, the good stuff! This move is quick (use the C-stick). Its 
power has increased and now it's powerful enough to KO enemies at 100% 
damage. While at low damages, you can use it to smash over and over 
again at you opponents to rack up tons of damage.
Rating- ****

SMASH Downward A- Smash kick to both sides
 Again, back in the old SSB days. I tend to over abuse this move instead 
of the Forward Smash. But now, with its limited range and power, it 
pretty sucks. It has a little spike property through, making it pretty 
lethal for ledge guarding. 
Rating- ***

SMASH Up A- Headbutt
 Due to the downgrading of attacks in SSBM, you can't KO enemies with 
this at 90-100% anymore. Still a good juggling move, you might want to 
charge it for some KO power.
Rating- *** 

-Midair A Attacks

Midair A- I don't care
Rating- *

Midair forward/backward A- Midair kick
 Pretty useless, it's so weak that you can't KO opponents at over 140%, 
really useless. Use this only to save your a$$ from jugglers.
Rating- **

Midair up A- Upward hand swipe
 Good for juggling, and combined with Jiggly's 6 jumps this move can be 
deadly. Also use it to KO someone who is blasting off midair at 120%+.
Rating- ***

Midair Down A- Drill kick
 This was the ultimate move for Jigglypuff in the old SSB. But now, it 
plain sucks. It does almost no damage at all and doesn't auto-cancel for 
combos. It's not a combo starter anymore. The only way I can use it is 
to use the Z button to drill, cancel, and throw. But other than that, 
it's a NO USE.
Rating- **

-The B Moves

B- Rollout
 Jiggly's new move and it's really a good one! It doesn't deal the most 
damage, but it knocks opponents off REALLY far at mid/high damages. To 
use it, first you have hold B to charge up. The longer you charge the 
more powerful the attack will become. Once you're done, let her rip! But 
it's important not to fall off by using the control stick to redirect 
the rollout up to 3 times. You could also do this midair and attack at 
an angle, but the chances of killing yourself is much greater.
Rating- ****

Here's a useful tip from Paul Chandler:
"I was reading your guide *a good one at that* and I noticed no one 
mentioned this but when you're using the rollout attack I know a good 
way to roll behind them and hit them in the back, it's a great way to 
catch the computer (sometimes) and especially friends off guard. Anyway, 
when your charging up the rollout attack make sure you're facing in the 
direction of the opponent and make sure you're holding the control stick 
in the opposite direction. When you're opponent gets fairly close to you 
let go of the B button and you'll roll behind them and ram them in the 
back. With a little practice it can really come in handy. A very good 
way to get them off the edge."

Also, carrier items like crates, capsules, boxes, party-balls will block 
in your way when you Rollout. If you hit them, you'll bounce off and 
leave yourself wide open. Transformation items like mushrooms, metal 
boxes will also stop you when you Rollout. If there are other items I 
missed, E-mail me ASAP.

Up B- Sing
 This is THE most useless move in the game. If you use it to try to put 
your opponents to sleep, they'll wake up BEFORE YOU DO. What's the point 
of that! You would probably use it for a (more powerful?) taunt.
Rating- *

I was wrong, J Kent has this to say:
"About the Sing attack, it is not all useless! Yes it does sometimes 
allow the enemy to wake before you do, but I discovered something 
interesting about it. How long they sleep is dependent on the amount of 
damage they have. If you get them to a fair amount of damage first, and 
you knock them asleep, you are guaranteed a free attack! And then I 
think you know what to do. >:D " 
Also, Jenmaster gave me a trick to go to training mode and set the CPU 
damage to 999% and sing, they will sleep forever. Thank you guys!!!

This tip is from Rendar5: 
"In regard to sing, after doing some testing, I only got a time 
advantage around 100% damage. Below that, I could make the characters 
wake up before (tapping A, I believe), or at the same time as Jiggly. 
Just so you know when sing will actually become effective."

Despite all these tips, I still think Sing is a useless move. Try not to 
use it much. 

Forward B- Pound/Puff Punch
 This stupid lame looking move isn't what it seems! In fact, it's 
Jiggly's most useful move in the game! It breaks shields. It pops the 
enemy straight up. It comes out fast. Its recovery has been improved 
making it really useful. The Puff Punch is now her new combo starter, a 
shield breaker, comeback move, counter attack, juggling move, and it 
deals nice damage! What more do you want? You greedy bastard  :P
Rating- *****

Downward B- Rest/Sleep
 This move is why I picked Jigglypuff as my character in SSBM. This is 
Jiggly's ultimate move. It basically deals 30% damage without charging. 
If it don't kill them, they'll be blasting to the edge of the screen. 
The catches are that Jiggly must be touching the enemy the instant you 
deliver this move, and that either hit of miss, Jiggly will be wide open 
for all sorts of attacks for 4 seconds. Mastering how to hit enemies 
with Rest is key to master Jigglypuff.
Rating- Against computers- *****
        Against humans   - ****

-Throws (I personally don't like to use throws, since they've been 
downgraded so much in SSBM)

Forward Throw
 Jiggly's second best throw, it deals the most damage and she puffs 
herself up to damage nearby foes. Pretty useful in all out war.
Rating- ***

Back Throw
 I can't fight the urge to stop using this throw because it's so 
powerful in the original SSB. But now, it her worst throw. DON'T USE if 
you can help it.
Rating- **

Upward Throw
 Jiggly's best throw IMO, it deals pretty good damage and sets up for 
juggling. Best for 1-vs.1 situations.
Rating- ***

Downward Throw
 Pretty bad, this one deals the least damage and takes longer to do than 
the Up throw.
Rating- **

Taunt- Spins around like a jacka$$ and says "Jigglypuff!" in her 
extremely annoying voice. 
 Mhahahahaha, this is the BEST move in the game. Doing this move will 
make you win automatically, even if get you're a$$ beat! ;P So taunt 
away at your friends and piss them off every time you can, they'll 
definitely throw the controller at you when they hear "Jigglypuf! 
Jigglypuf! Jigglypuff..." like 50 times ;P
 Also, do this when you're either giant or small makes this taunt 100 
times more annoying!!! ;P
Rating- Against humans-    ********************
        Against computers- * (Taunting computers? What the hell are you 

 These strategies work for all characters besides Jigglypuff. These are 
just reminders of the basics in the game.

-Use the C-Stick
In V.S. mode only, you can use the C-stick to do a non-chargeable SMASH 
attack. This is VERY useful. (I am going to repeat this many times in 
the FAQ)

-Ledge guarding
When you knock an opponent off the stage, they will try to come back and 
grab the ledge. You can be at the ledge waiting for them to come to 
knock them off for good. For Jigglypuff, use Smash down A to ledge guard

Hold L/R to shield, use it to block attacks. The computer tends to 
reflect projectiles with this (Which I don't know how to do). Use it 
efficiently because Jigglypuff dies once her shield breaks.

Use them to dodge attacks, escape tricky situations. Sneak them up by 
rolling behind the enemy and forward smash (use C-stick). To roll, press 
L/R and the direction you're rolling to. To dodge, press L/R and down on 
the control stick.

-Midair dodge
This is extremely useful against Human ledge guards, just jump towards 
them and dodge forward to go through them. It is also good against 
jugglers. Be careful because you can't jump again after you perform the 
midair dodge. When midair, I like to press the L button halfway down so 
that it's faster and easier to click it.

-Catching thrown items- thanks to Rendar5
"Press A if you're on the ground, or Z or shield+A if you're in the 
air." Pretty useful, I havn't tested them yet but I believe it's true.

-Throwing Weapons
 The most important part of using weapons is to chunk them at your 
opponents. Hold the control stick on the direction and press Z to throw. 
Smash the direction and press Z to Smash throw. Throwing stuff is VERY 
important to Jigglypuff because she has no projectiles. You can also 
surprise them by throwing up to hit opponents coming from midair, or 
throw items down while you're midair.
 Throwing the bat deals an instant 20% damage and knocks them really 
 Throw the Star Rod when someone is coming back to the ledge to spike 
them down.
 The fan pops the opponent straight up when thrown, good for juggling.
 Throw that Ray Gun/Super Scope at them when you're out of ammo for an 
extra hit.
 Throw the Lip's Stick for a good way to drain out damage, because 
Jiggly's range with that weapon is horrible.
 Don't throw the Beam Sword, it sucks as a throwing item. Better keep it 
for some extra range.

If you have anymore Strategies you have that isn't covered in the FAQ, 
sent them to me and I'll give you credit for it.

7.GENERAL STRATEGIES- How to master Jigglypuff

How to attack
 How do you fight with Jigglypuff, the "weakest" character of the game?

-Basically, you use the Puff Punch/Forward Smash to rack up damage. Puff 
Punch in air, on ground. Abuse the Puff Punch everywhere.
-Roll a lot, and Smash them over and over again with her forward Smash 
until they're knocked away.
-When they're at high damage, use the forward smash attack to finish 
them off.
-Rollout is also a good move to use, but you have to charge it up and it 
hits only one enemy. You can use it to finish an enemy far away.
-If they come back, ledge guard with downward smash. Or if you're brave 
(stupid) enough, you can jump out and kick them off.

Pretty basic isn't it?

How to nail that Rest attack
 Screw the above strategies when you could just use the sleep move to KO 
everyone in the game at 30%.

To hit them with rest, you must be right there touching the opponent. If 
you miss, you will then get your pink a$$ kicked. So how to nail Rest?
   a.Combo into it
See Combos sections below, most of the combos end with Rest.

   b.Jump on them
The easiest and quite effective way is to jump, and sleep when you're 
touching them.

   c.Run at them
Perfect sneak attack on those human players who aren't quite awake :p

   d.Roll at them
Roll into a group of enemies in an attempt to finish all of them off. 
Even if you miss some/all of them, you won't take THAT much damage from 
the confusion of the brawl.
   e.Jump at them when they're above you
When your opponents are at the platform above you, jump up and pay them 
a visit ;P 
Try to go for the legs for a quick kill.
   f.Juggle with it
Midair sleep move is probably the coolest looking finisher in the game!
   g.Use the Fan, Screwball, other items.
See Other Cheap Stuff section.

   h.When you a taking a pounding
When you are taking a beating from CPU's rapid A moves, jam on Down B 
like crazy and watch them blast off. Works especially well on Mewtwo.

   i.Counter with it
After you dodge enemy moves with pitiful recovery, like the Bowser Bomb, 
you can jump in and nail that sleep move with no problems. This also 
works on moves with a pitiful start up time such as the Falcon punch, 
hit them with Rest before they get it going!

   j.Mushrooms- by Render5
"A good way which I found to do it is to let your opponent grab a 
mushroom when it appears. Big characters, though tougher, are a much 
bigger target for Rest. One of the few times you want your opponent to 
grab an item." 

   k.When you get back up from the ledge
If you grab the ledge, and your opponent is next to the ledge. Climb up 
(press up, don't attack, don't jump), you'll be right next to them, and 
you'll be in the perfect position to hit them with Rest. You should only 
do this to CPU players though. If you try do this to a human player and 
you miss... ouch

   m.When they're recovering
After an opponent comes back up high with their triple jump (Up-B). 
They'll be flashing, which indicates that they've ran out of jumps, and 
they'll float down harmlessly. Get below them and blast them away!!!

   ***THE PLATFORM TRICK***-The ULTIMATE way to nail Rest:
This trick only works on computers, it is so dirty that it'll make lv.9 
CPU players look like crap. So don't read if you want to lose to stupid 
computers... (Who wouldn't ;P)

**On any stages with platforms, lure a CPU player to follow you on a 
platform. Drop down (tap down) to the floor below. Now make sure you're 
right under the CPU player. The CPU would then drop down to follow you. 
But they won't attack until the reach the ground! So let them fall on 
you to hit that Rest VERY easily for a VERY VERY VERY cheap kill!!!

It works on all characters and best at 1vs.1 matches. This trick makes 
All-Star Event matches a piece of cake! **

If you have any more ways to nail that Sleep move, contact me ASAP, I 
will praise you like a king!(In the credits section only)

-How to survive
The most important question of all: How can you not die?
 Jigglypuff is the weakest character for endurance and she'll die if 
she's hit by a powerful attack at 60%+. So that survival skills are very 
important for a Jigglypuff player to master.

  -Follow these guidelines carefully, as they can save your life much 

a.Don't get hit
No duh, if they can't touch you, they can't kill you. Jigglypuff is 
pretty good at dodging and has incomparable midair skills, abuse rolling 
and dodging like crazy and hope you don't get hit much. Super powerful 
moves like the Falcon Punch should never EVER hit you if you play like 
this. If you're good at it, you'll be dodging every strong move in the 

b.If you got hit, don't get hurt
When you got hit, don't jump/walk back and get hit again. Get away and 
start playing defensively. If you get caught in a juggling combo or 
something, jam on the jump button rapidly and you might get off.
c.If you got hurt, don't get knocked off
When your are at high damage (70%+), you should be playing defensively. 
Because human players will always come up and finish you off. Go find a 
good spot to wait for them to get you, roll away and use the Puff Punch 
(really useful) to hit them before they hit you, giving you a chance to 
fight back.
d.When you got knocked off, don't get killed
Always remember to use the puff punch to get back. As long as you're 
alive, you can still win. Vary your heights when you jump back. If you 
sometimes jump high above them and sometimes go low to air-dodge though 
them, it can make you harder to ledge guard.
e.When you got killed, go kill them back
After you die, you will be invincible for a couple of seconds. Jump to 
your opponent and use the sleep move to kill them (or just smash if they 
are at 100%+ damage). So when they kill you, you kill them back, and no 
one gets the point. Sounds fair to me! :P

    f.Know when to fight and when to run
Don't just keep running away not fighting back, or keep attacking and 
get youself killed. Always try to start up a counter offensive while 
defending is very important.

-Other survival tricks

   a.Use the walls
If you stay in front of a wall and someone hits you with a smash attack, 
you would bounce off the wall and therefore survive. Just don't do this 
when they have a beam sword or something.

   b.Fake dive
When you're being juggled and they want to hit/finish you off with an 
Upward Smash attack, up B, or some midair attacks. Fall right at them 
and jump the moment they try to attack (don't jump straight up though), 
watch them miss and leave themselves wide open, allowing you to counter 
attack (Rest). Remember that you have all your 6 jumps, but they only 
have one chance to hit you.

   c.Item Hog!
Grab them items! Especially the healing Items. You won't take damage 
while taking the cloaking device, so be sure to get those. Grab hearts 
midair with the Z button. The CPU players won't take items until it 
drops on the floor, know this and use it to your maximum advantage!!!
Also, watch out for explosive capsules, barrels, and boxes. No point of 
blowing yourself up trying to defend yourself :P

   d.Don't let them sneak you
Don't just look at yourself, look all over that screen. Take note when 
that Samus is charging up her shots, or when that Kirby is doing the 
Stone attack on top of you.

If you have any more tips that I don't know, sent them in! I'll give you 

       *Note: Most (if not all) combos that end with Rest are NOT 
inescapable, because they are pretty much an instant kill. I highly 
doubt that it's possible that Jiggly has an inescapable combo with Rest.
   a.Puff Punch Comboing
Remember you can use the Puff Punch to your maximum advantage. Just Puff 
Punch away, keep on punching until the opponent flies off. Even if you 
miss, keep going! Feel free to add a smash here and there, juggle here 
and there. There are endless possibilities!

   b.Jigglypuff Death Combo Melee
With the enemy at low percentages, do this: Puff punch repeatedly and 
Rest when they happen to fall right on top of you, or you can hit them 
with midair sleep, if you dare.

   c.Drill Kick Combo Starter
Use the Z button to do the midair Drill kick, cancel, and throw at the 
same time. Throw up for more juggling, or use other throws to connect 
more combos. Like the next one below.

   d."Tuft" Combo- by Kirby Puff
Downward Throw, midair rest. Simple but it's deadly against lazy humans. 
Works best on huge characters.

   e.Dreaming of Death- by SSBM Freak
Put the opponent to sleep and hit the with a Home Run Bat/Rest. Isn't 
really a combo but oh well...

   f."Death from Above"- by Jessica
"You use her drill kick while in air, then IMMEIDANTLY use rest. If you 
did it correctly, it will hit 99.9% of the time."
It works, actually you have to do this in the Home Run Contest to get 
1800+ ft. Remember to END your Drill kick midair in order to get rid of 
that recovery time.

Do you have more combos, sent them in and I'll give you credit!


Against Computers (I'm not going to tell you how to beat every single 
event or stages in the game. The CPU is the same anyway)

-Computers tend to fight with (useless) weak A moves, but they can be 
very annoying at times (link, fox). They hardly use Smash attacks or B 
moves at all.
-Simple Rolling and smashing should take them out pretty easily.
-Don't use rollout too much, CPU's tend to block/dodge/counter this 
move. Unless they're coming down from midair.
-You should always go for Rest, because they're too stupid to finish you 
off when you're out cold for 4 seconds.
-They don't grab items midair, know this for maximum advantage.
-If you're in 1P mode, you can do non-charge/fast Smash attacks by 
tapping A button quickly. (Thanks to Jessica for tip)
-If all else fails, remember the platform trick (see above) and you can 
beat them very easily.

Do you have anymore tips, sent them to me and I'll give you credit!

Against Humans-I tend to play Time matches with no handicap most of the 
time against my friends

-Use the C-stick (I don't think I have to explain it again)
-Abuse Rollout, Human players aren't quick enough to block/dodge this 
-Don't abuse Rest unless you want your a$$ kicked. Even if you hit 
someone with it, other players will find you as easy prey. Unless you're 
full health, use it only if you're sure 110% chance for a kill.
-Don't be brave. Stay out of huge brawls unless you want to get your a$$ 
beat by people with longer arms.
-Human players abuse whatever good moves to take an advantage of their 
character, know which moves to look out for and be prepared for them.
-Her taunt is annoying, but don't do excessive taunts or you'll get your 
a$$ beat for that.
-The first time you face human players they would always underestimate 
you. Take that chance and kill them with Rest when they're off-guard. 
Once they start fearing you and run away at about 30%, you would have 
access to many items therefore giving you an advantage. (Thanks to 
Jeffries David)
-Show no mercy, unless you want to die.
-Be cheap, have fun, and feel lucky. These are the three laws of SSB 

***THE PLATFORM TRICK*** (The dirtiest of them all)
This trick only works on computers, it is so dirty that it'll make lv.9 
CPU players look like crap. So don't read if you want to lose to stupid 
computers... (Who wouldn't ;P)

**On any stages with platforms, lure a CPU player to follow you on a 
platform. Drop down (tap down) to the floor below. Now make sure you're 
right under the CPU player. The CPU would then drop down to follow you. 
But they won't attack until the reach the ground! So let them fall on 
you to hit that Rest VERY easily for a VERY VERY VERY cheap kill!!!

It works on all characters and best at 1vs.1 matches. This trick makes 
All-Star Event matches a piece of cake! **

 The fan trick is back in SSBM. Just grab the fan, and rack them with 
normal A swipes and then use Rest when they touch you (quite hard and 
sometimes doesn't work on CPU's)! It's extremely lethal!
Also, when your opponents (mostly CPU) are swiping you with the fan, jam 
on down B like crazy and watch them blast away!

-You're Screwed
 Chunk that screwball right at the enemy, they will pop straight up. And 
they can't do crap, floating midair helplessly waiting to get the crap 
beaten out of! So jump in and nail that Rest attack! Who in the blue 
hell would expect you to throw that god-like screwball when you have 6 
jumps anyway! Just don't throw it when they're right next to you =P

-Invincible Morons
 When you play a normal Melee match against 3 CPUs, let one of them grab 
a hammer of a star. The other two will run to the other side of the 
stage, standing right next to each other doing absolutely nothing! If 
you don't know what to do, then you got problems =)

-Mewtwo the physic dumba$$
 You think Mewtwo is so intelligent? When Mewtwo grabs the hammer, he 
swings it to the sides only! Leaving himself totally helpless against 
midair attacks, how smart! =P Take this opportunity to nail that Rest 
attack or do whatever evil things you always wanted to do to this 
ultimate dumba$$ pokemon. *evil laugh*

-Fighting on the edge
 In stages without ledges, like Ice-climbers stage (errrr...), Game and 
Watch (double errrr...) or the Mushroom Kingdoms stages. Stay in the end 
sides of the stage and you can use throws to kill the opponent off at 
0%... Or just smash them off at a pretty low damage. Pretty basic 
 Of course, you don't want to get thrown, so abuse rolling. Roll and 
grab/Smash works wonders there, since Jiggly has fast Smashes and her 
throws strong enough to kill the opponent.

-Ledge Guarding with Rollout (Final Destination anyone?)
 Rollout knocks opponents really far, horizontally. So it's perfect as a 
ledge guarder. Whenever they try to come back to the stage, charge up 
your Rollout at a good distance away from the ledge, then blast at your 
opponent when either they are getting up after grabbing the ledge or 
when they come floating down after their triple jump. You'll most likely 
hit them and they will die. If you somehow miss, turn around and blast 
them to the other end of the stage, and you can charge up Rollout again... 
Because items would block in your way, you must totally abuse this if 
your friends like to play without items.

-Stealing Kills- by Krazy Kraig
 "I noticed you left out a pretty simple tip for fighting against human
opponents. When using Jigglypuff in 3-4 people battles, don't bother to
fight. Just jump around and avoid your opponents while they beat the 
crap outta each other. Then, simply get your timing right and basically 
"cherry pick" everybody when they get above 30% or so with the rest 
attack. You rank up a few easy kills before the people you're fighting 
get a clue about what you are doing. A nice way to get an early lead."
 I can't believe I forgot this one. Also use Rollout if they start 
noticing that you're stealing kills.

-Ceiling Spiking 
 In certain sections of stages with ceilings like Great Bay or Mushroom 
Kingdom, you can knock the enemy to the ceiling and they'll bounce 
straight down to the hole of death. Memorize these places and 
Smash/Upwards throw them to death. (Also, a list of these "killer spots" 
would be greatly appreciated)

-Garbing Ledges, I don't think so...
 Put that flipper right in front of the ledge, then knock someone off 
the stage. Laugh at them when they can't come back and get killed by 1% 
hit from the flipper =) Those Bowsers and Marths aren't so thrilled 
about this...

-Ahhhhh!!! Not the Freezie!!!
 Throw that freezie at your opponents when they're coming back, then 
watch them fall to their doom for an ultra cheap kill!!!

Know any more dirty tricks, send them to me and I'll give you credit.


Break the Targets
  My Current Record: 13.40 I really need help in this one, I've heard of 
times like 10-11 seconds but I can't even pass 13 sec.

1.Hit the target to the right of you
2.Do a running attack to hit the left one. 
3.Jump high across the flaming wall and hit that third target. 
4.Jump again over the second flame wall and hit the target in the upper 
left with your remaining jumps. 
5.Now either duck or jump across those moving obstacles to take out the 
other 2 targets.
6.Same as 5
7-10.Get down to the platform to the lower left and Jump, Puff Punch, 
Jump, Puff Punch, repeat and use the Puff Punch to hit the last 4 
targets. This should be pretty easy because you have 6 jumps, you should 
only need four.

Home Run Contest

  My Current Record: 1811.4 ft- Mucho thanks to Jeff Russell for his 
better strategy and improved my score by 50 ft.


I know what you must be thinking, how the **** can I get over 1800 ft 
when you can barely get over 1000. Here are the tricks to get 1500-1800 

    1.Forget about that crappy bat, you have something 10 times more 
powerful: Rest attack
    2.From the start, do running attack at the sandbag, then up smash 3 
times (you might want to restart if you miss), now you must nail drill 
kicks until the sandbag is 90%+ (remember to drill as you go up). If you 
done these correctly, you should have at least an extra second to nail 
that Rest attack on the sandbag, blasting it 1500+ ft.
   3.To get 1700+ ft. You have to be quick, really quick. So you can hit 
the sandbag with one more drill kick at 103% before hitting it with 
Rest. Blasting it off at 131%
   4.To get my score (1800+). You have to charge one of the Upward 
smashes for a couple of milliseconds to get an extra 1% damage, so that 
you nail rest at 104% and ends up with 132%. That means you have to be 
EVEN FASTER with the drill kicks. Nailing rest when you're running out 
of time is EXTRIMLY hard. Practice, practice, practice!!!

I've heard of records like 2000+ ft. If you know how to do them, please 
E-mail me ASAP!

Multi-Man Melee
  Strategies: The Puff Punch kills them in one hit, so just stay in the 
center and Puff Punch left and right. Pretty easy when you know the 
ranges of the Puff Punch.

Cruel Melee
  My Current Record: 47 KOs
  Strategies: Abuse the platform Trick, and GET LUCKY!!! Lure them to 
either the left or right platforms and get below them. You can then kill 
3-5 of them easily with rest. Then pray that the respawned wire frames 
(or the ones that you miss) don't get you. Repeat as many times as you 
   After you killed about say, 20 of them, you'll notice that those wire 
frames would spawn slower, giving time for you to recover from rest. 
When you reached about 30, The wire frames becomes stronger and would 
survive from Rest!!! I was only able to see this once so I'm not really 
sure though...

  Here is the same strategy from Zeruel, but he explains it in much 
better detail than I do...
  "The wireframe fighters DO become more and more resistant to being 
knocked off. It makes it much harder for Jigglypuff to 'Rest' several of 
them at the same time, but you can take advantage of Jigglypuff's 
multiple jumps. While the wireframes are dispersed, take the chance to 
jump off the edge of the arena, and keeping hovering over the abyss 
until the wireframes gather on the nearest floating platform. Once they 
gather altogether, swoop in under the platform the fighters are on, and 
then let loose a 'Rest' once the wireframes are about to drop down to 
kick you. As you rack up more kills, the wireframes will soon become 
very stubborn to dying. However, just keep repeating the method and 
don't get greedy. If you try to jump off the arena and finish off the 
wireframes trying to get back onstage, you will usually die from a 
vicious kick or end up getting screwed over with no place to land. 
Instead, just keep everything simple and do the same process over and 
over while avoiding melee proximity with the wireframes."

If you can beat any of my scores with a different strategy, or have tips 
to get a faster time in Hit The Targets (I really need help there), 
please contact me ASAP.

And Finally:

Nintendo and Hal: For those who don't know, you are playing THEIR game 
on their system.

CjayC (www.gamefaqs.com): Without his hard work and his site, I won't be 
writing a FAQ at all.

Me (deathmurderkill9@hotmail.com): For writing this whole thing. I will 
try to update this FAQ at least once a month until it's finished.

J Kent, Jesmaster, alfitz87, and about 15 other guys: For correcting my 
error about Sing.

Kirby Puff: For contributing in the combo section.

SSBM Freak: For contributing in the combo section.

Rendar5: For many tricks and reminders in the whole FAQ.

Jessica: For combos and some other tricks.

Paul Chandler: Useful tips about Rollout.

Jeffries David: For a little mind trick to deal with human players.

Jeff Russell: For an improved strategy on the Home Run Contest, my high 
score improved A WHOLE 50 FEET because of him.

"The 14th Angel" Zeruel: For a much more detailed explanation for the 
strategy for Cruel Melee.

Krazy Kraig: For contributing to the "Other Cheap Stuff" section.

Anyone of you: For reading this guide and (hopefully) would send me any 
strategies and tips for Jigglypuff that I don't know.

And Jigglypuff: For being my ultimate character in SSBM


Thank you for reading, Goodbye
And remember you can always find me in the SSBM board.
Please sent any comments, questions, errors, suggestions, tips, etc. at 
That's all... for now, Muhaha *evil laugh*