Mr. Game and Watch by King Tonberry

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Created on 12/28/01
Updated on 12/28/01


1. Version Info
2. Mr. Game & Watch Introduction
3. Move List
4. Strategy
5. Pro's and Con's
6. Clearing Target Test
7. General Questions
8. Legal Jargon
9. Credits

  1. Version Info

This is version 1.0 of this FAQ - the first version. There may be a 1.1 
or a 1.2. Heck, if I do decide to update this, I'll just go right to 
calling it version 2.0. I was never one for decimal numbers. Just check 
every so often if your interested... 

 2. Mr. Game and Watch Introduction

Now I know what the majority of you are probably saying right now. "Mr. 
Game and Watch?? Who's that??" 

Once upon a time, back in the early 80's, before the Famicom was 
announced in Japan or the NES in the U.S., when Gary Coleman was riding 
high, there was a great depression in the video game industry. For a 
long time, after Atari died, nobody was interested in the gaming field. 
There simply were no games out there - just the dredded (gasp with me) 
MACINTOSH. Families were buying the "educational" Macintoshes for their 
children, rather then "those nasty uneducational gaming systems". Yeah, 
I know, the sad thing is they paid $5,000+ for those green screen 
P.O.S.'s. And they say the SYSTEMS are uneducated!

Anyway... then, a miricle came. This miricle was a small, Japanese based 
card company named "Nintendo".

Nintendo, after taking a huge interest in the Atari franchise, made 
plans of a new generation of gaming systems. While most of their 
investors feared this "crazy new idea", Nintendo decided to go all out 
on it.

The idea was to mass produce portable game systems. These game systems 
were called "Game and Watch"'s. The Game and Watch saga started out with 
a very simple, Atari-like game called "Ball". And it failed miserably, 
causing Nintendo to go bankrupt and sell out to Sega...

.... NOT. It was a huge success in both Japan and the U.S. The star of 
this game was a man in all black who was "creatively" named "Mr. Game & 
Watch". He would later return in over 20+ portable Game and Watch games. 
That's more then any Mario character had COMBINED!

And to think you didn't even know who he was =P. Anyway, most of these 
games starred the mysterious Mr. Game and Watch, except for one 
extremely popular G&W game that featured a menace ape named Donkey Kong, 
who captured a young women named Pauline, who happened to be the 
girlfriend of a young, strong legged carpender named Jumpman. 

Anyway, one thing led to another, Jumpman got rid of his horrible name 
and got a new profession, and this popular G&W game was remade into a 
NES classic three times in a row with different foes each time. Nintendo 
owned 90% of the gaming industry, and all was great in the gaming world 
that was vastly growing. 

Without Mr. Game and Watch, we'd all have green screen Macintoshes right 
now, dilligently writing school essays and LEARNING. Thank god that died 
fast. But somehow, we all forgot about our savior, Mr. Game and Watch. 
Until now...

Now revived in Super Smash Brothers Melee in his sleak as ever 2d form, 
Mr. Game and Watch has a set of moves tooken straight out of over 10 of 
the Game and Watch games - and his own level! I will now be discussing 
these moves. Now that you know a little bit of history, it's time to 
stop my blabbing and discuss what you all have been waiting for - the 
HARDCORE NUDITY... er, I mean the move list.

 3. Moves List

(Note: Along with the moves, I will also tell you which one of the Game 
and Watch games each originates, if I know off the top of my head.)

Regular Moves 

A: Bug Repellent
(Causes 2-5% damage. From the game "Greenhouse", where Game and Watch 
saves his plants from bug infestation.)

Running+A: Helmet Charge
(Causes around 8% damage. From the game "Helmet", where Game and Watch 
had to avoid falling tools from the sky. A game that is also featured in 
Super Flat Zone, an unlockable course.)

Over A: Chair Shot
(Causes 5-10% damage. From the game "Lion", where Mr. Game and Watch is 
a lion tamer trying to control a pissed off lion.)

Down A: Manhole Flip
(Causes around 10% if your lucky, but can send enemies flying pretty 
high if they are at high damage already, so keep this move in mind. From 
the Game and Watch game "Manhole".)

Up A: Water Blast
(About 5-10% damage. Again, have no idea what game. Heh, maybe I should 
actually play my old Game and Watch games before I do this.)

*Smash* Over+A: Fire Attack
(A decent 25% smash attack I am very fond of. Can take out a 50% damaged 
character with ease, if you hit them and then sausage them repeatedly to 
repel there third jump. From the insanely popular Game and Watch game 
"Fire Attack".)

*Smash* Up+A: Scuba Smash
(A 23% smash attack. Another favorite of mine. Not quite as good a Smash 
move as Fire, but it'll give your enemy some air. Taken out of the game 
"Octopuss", where Game and Watch battles a fearce Octopuss. A change of 
pace from the classic shark, huh?)

*Smash* Down+A: The Vermin Killer
(On the weak side, a 13% smash move. But it's a very useful one if you 
got attackers on both sides of you, or if you just jump in the middle of 
a fierce battle. Just use that once, and clear out. From the Game and 
Watch game "Vermin", where Game and Watch needed to prevent some sort of 
vermin from escaping the soil and getting out of their holes. Sort of 
like Whack a Mole.)

(In air) A: Parachute
(13-15% damage on average. A nice little landing move you can use when 
getting out of the circle of light after you die, or if your falling 
down from being launched. A prefered move to use so you don't leave 
yourself open for attack after you fall. From the game "Parachute", 
where tons of Game and Watches needed to be rescued by a small boat 
before they landed in the water and got eaten by a shark.)

(In air) Backward A: Turtle
(15% damaging move. This move is kind of difficult to do at times, but 
it's actually pretty cool if you want to use it rather then parachute. 
Me personally, I stick to one aereal move and just do it repeatedly when 
I need an air attack, because if I switch off I ususally mess it up. 
This turtle is from "Turtle Bridge", which is, as you can probably 
guess, a Game and Watch classic. Some say he is an ancestor of the Koopa 
race of turtle. Who knows.)

(In air) Up A: Flag Smack
(15% damage usually is the result of this one. Sometimes you may get a 
water blast attack too. It all depends I guess. Game and Watches moves 
can be pretty random at times. This move comes from one of the first and 
best Game and Watches, "Flagman".)

(In air) Down+A: Key Jam
(A 10% attack. If you can do it repeatedly to a slow enemy like Bowser, 
it can be your best friend. I'm not sure if this is even from a Game and 
Watch game... I know I don't have all the Game and Watches, but still. 
This has me stumped.)


Z: Ball Toss
(The norm here is 7% damage, but god is this move cool. Seriously. I 
think it's my favorite toss in the whole game. This grab turns it's 
enemies into the very ball Game and Watch plays with in the Game and 
Watch game "Ball". Clicking Z again will result in him beating the enemy 
with his bell hand, which is pretty cool, but only causes 2% damage, and 
you risk losing your prey from the grab. It's fun to hammer in a few 
sucker bells, as sort of a taunt before you throw them =). It's great 
for getting rid of a high damaged foe. And of course, this move comes 
straight from the very first Game and Watch game, "Ball". )

Special Moves

Chef Flip
Each of these little sausages causes about 3-4% damage, and the actual 
an, if you can get the enemy by it, will scold them and take away about 

This is a very very very VERY cool move that is easy to operate, can 
hold off your enemies and pisses the hell out of people that have 
characters that have difficult second jumps! Seriously, it's quite fun. 
If you have friends that play Roy or Marth, you could take them out if 
your skilled enough with Game and Watch. All you really need to do is to 
knock them off the edge with Fire or something, and when they try to 
come back with there second jump, bombard them with sausages! 

The sausages will hit them (hopefully) and cause them to lose there 
second jump, and fall off to the bottom of the map! It can be literally 
that easy. And be sure to get near the edge when you do this. You might 
overlaunch a few sausages, but if they grab the ledge, they will be 
scolded by the pan, and you have an offensive advantage on them again!

I'm not sure about you guys, but this works wonders for me against my 
friend who is ungodly good at Roy.

Over B
This move is from the Game and Watch game called "Judge", where two 
judges are beating eachother with mallots.

This move is about 10 moves in one. Which is pretty cool, because 7 of 
them are actually pretty damaging. He'll hit you with his hammer in one 
hand, and hold a sign up with the other. There are nine signs in all. I 
have tooken the time to find out what each number does and what damage. 

#1: Shell Judgement - Weakest mallot possible. I haven't seen it cause 
more then 1% damage. But don't worry, it gets better then this!
#2: Tap Judgement - Just a little tap of the mallot. Sort of like any 
characters A move. So this is about a 2-5%, which isn't all that bad, 
since it's a pretty speedy one, allowing you to move on to the next one.
#3: Fan Judgement - Equivalent to a fan smack. Makes a fan smacking 
noise when you get it. 1-4% damage. I don't get this one so much for 
some reason. Maybe you might, but who knows.
#4: Sword Judgement - Equivalent to a sword shot. Makes the sound of a 
beam sword being used. 5-10% damager.
#5: Electric Judgement - Here's where it starts getting good! Electric 
judgement is a electrical hit that will cause 10-15% damage. 
#6: Flame Judgement - 5-10% damager that will engolf the enemy with 
flames if their hit.
#7: Basic Judgement - This is like a basic B move being performed. I 
know, these judgements so far are sort of lame at times, but we are 
getting better soon.
#8: Ice Judgement - Does minimal % damage, but if your opponent is over 
50% in damage, they are either gonna fly off the top of the map, fall 
off the map or be really screwed. And here's the big mamajama...
#9: Home Run Judgement - Instant kill! 25% damager, but doesn't matter! 
You get this judgement, it is basically an instant kill. It hasn't 
failed me yet anyway (maybe on big courses like Corneria and Hyrule 
Temple, but it still knocks them far). And you got a 1 and 9 chance to 
get this judgement, but I usually get it once every 5 times. It's saved 
me plenty o time!

And that's it for the Judgements. They don't go in order, it's basically 
a random pick. So if your extremely lucky like me, then use it a bunch. 
But if you aren't, then maybe you should stick to some of these other 

Up B: Trampoline
I like this move a lot as a third jump, because not only does it launch 
you pretty far, it does about 4% damage as well. I mean, not a lot of 
damage compared to maybe some of the other ones, but the other ones, 
after you use them, can only get you maybe 2 inches, and if you use them 
as an attack, you fall to the ground and are prone to attack.

Game and Watches third jump is great. It does 5% tops, but still, after 
your done with it, your out of there! I mean, Ganondorfs got a powerful 
third up B jump, but if you use it, he falls back about 2 seconds 
afterwords, and someone else can beat the crap out of him while he's 

With Game and Watch, though, they can't attack you again way up there, 
and you can do a landing attack along with it. Your never open for an 
attack if you can perform this well.

Down B: Oil Panic/Oil Spill
A lot of people wonder what this does. This is what makes Game and Watch 
a projectile character his worst enemy. 

Samus charges up her ball of energy or whatever. I sit there and 
purposely get in the way to shoot me with it. Then, just at the right 
moment, bam. I take out the oil bucket and store it. Then I walk up to 
her, down B, BAM! Shes off the map! It is a garenteed instant kill 

This will also work with the Super Scope gun, and I think even the laser 
gun. Anything that someone can shoot at you!

It takes good timing to perfect this move, and you need to be sneaky, 
because after awhile, they will catch on, so you'll have to pretend you 
don't notice till the last minute. 

This move was pulled out of the game "Oil Panic", where Mr. Game and 
Watch is in charge of cleaning an ocean from an oil spill accident. Good 
game, I think it's probably my favorite.

There you have it - all of Game and Watches moves before your very eyes. 
I hope I helped you understand the potential that Mr. Game and Watch can 
have in the right hands, and that he isn't such a useless character 
after all.

 4. Strategy

Mr. Game and Watch has his good points and his bad points, just like all 
the others. His good features is that, out of all the lightweights, he 
is the fastest and probably the coolest. I mean, Yoshi and Pikachu are 
okay, but Mr. Game and Watch is faster and can perform very tricky 

The thing with Mr. Game and Watch is he is unpredictable. Call this a 
good thing or a bad thing, but he can turn a match around when you least 
suspect it, leaving his opponents confused on what he's gonna fo next.

Another thing I like in a character and he seems to have is he is very 
sneaky. I mean, a 2d all black character like him just blends in with 
some of the backrounds, and I mean, who thinks a guy can repel a fire 
slashing swordsman like Roy with a few sausages and a scuba helmet? 

Trust me and learn the moves above very carefully. My friends all 
thought he was a joke when I first started playing him, and now I own 
them all with him. There is a reason why he is the hardest in the game 
to get, y'know. =)

The characters Game and Watch excels against are projectile ones, such 
as Samus, Ness, Mario, Luigi, Dr. Mario, Falco, Fox, Zelda/Shiek and 
Yoshi. Those characters can pretty much be the subject to Mr. Game and 
Watches beatings on a routine basis if you can learn Mr. Game and 
Watches skills.

Characters such as Ganondorf, Bowser and Captain Falcon can be terrible 
against Mr. Game and Watch. Bowser can be taken down pretty easily since 
he's so slow, but Captain Falcon and Ganondorfs' moves are just way to 
powerful. Mr. Game and Watch can fly pretty good, and a lot of these 
moves can just bounce him around like a rag doll.

So if you got any really skilled friends with those particular two, I 
suggest you either practice up or just forget about Mr. Game and Watch. 
I, personally, have taken down a team of Captain Falcon and Ganondorf 
before, in time and in stock, so I can hold my own with them. Captain 
Falcon has tremendous power and speed. He is your biggest threat, though 
Ganondorf can be taken down simply with the sausage defensive.

This is very simple, and can be a great set of moves to do if you want 
to get rid of powerhouses like Ganondorf or any other character that 
lacks good jumping skills.

I believe I said this before, but I'm going to go back into it. First 
off, get near the ledge of a course. Have a guy follow you, then do your 
Fire Attack smash move. He will fly a little ways, then quickly, start 
doing the sausage flipping (press B button). If the sausage flipping 
succeeds, then you should hit him with one during his second jump, 
causing him to faulter. Then once he tries another jump, keep pelting 
him with sausages! He can't avoid the sausage.

If he happens to make it back up, quickly shield, cartwheel behind him 
by pressing left or right, then grab him, do the Cup Throw, and then do 
the Sausage thing again. If nothing else, he will start racking up 
damage percent.

This is also a very simple one. Trampoline up, and then key down. Just 
keep doing that repeatedly to someone, unless it's Link and his "Holding 
the sword up in the air so you can land on it" trick that I fall for a 
lot. This works on fat people like Bowser and DK.

I got a friend who reflects a super scope attack everytime with Mario's 
cape move. I figured out his little trick, but decided to add another 
little trick of my own...

First off, I charge the Super Scope to maximum right in his range, then, 
when it goes off and he reflects it, it comes back to me. Alright, but 
here's when timing is key... one false move and your dead.

Click down B for the Oil Panic capture. Then I've got it back, I can go 
up to Mario and beat the crap out of him when I empty the bucket, and an 
instant kill! I've been able to do this about twice - it's pretty hard 
to do since my friend never plays Mario anymore, I need a super scope 
and I never get one, and I screwed it up one of the times and got 
knocked off, since the thing goes twice as fast when reflected, but it 
still is a great way to fool someone.

These are just some of the technics I use when I play Mr. Game and 
Watch. If you make your own, I'll update the FAQ and add them if you 
want to, but for now, let's go on to the next section...

 5. Pro's and Con's

Below is a list of pro's and con's of Mr. Game and Watch.


- He's easy to handle.
- His jumping and recovering moves are very good.
- He holds his own with projectile characters.
- He's actually pretty funny.
- His move set can be completely random at times, leaving your enemy 
- He's fast.
- He's got a lot of moves to construct combo's out of.


- He can fly pretty far when hit at times.
- His beeping can get annoying (not for me, but...)
- Powerful characters can own him if your not careful.
- He's got terrible endurance.
- His move set can be completely random at times, leaving you to not 
know what to expect (both a pro and a con).

There you have it. It's pro's vs. con's. It all depends on what you like 
for a character. If you like a powerful, sacrifice speed for power sort 
of guy, then I guess you would hate Mr. Game and Watch and rightfully 
so. But if you want a fast character with fairly powerful moves and some 
KICK ARSE SAUSAGES, then you would want this guy as your own.

6. Target Test

Alright, if you need help with this, then I'm guessing you need help 
with a lot of serious brain functioning problems. His break the target 
mode is so simple. All the targets basically pop out there to you, and 
if they don't, then they are at the top of the screen or something. Just 
look around, use some pretty basic moves. I know I can't offer very good 
advice on this, but most likely you've got it in the bag already.

 7. General Questions

Alright, I'm just going to answer some basic questions I've been hearing 
about Mr. Game and Watch lately. 

Q. How do I get Mr. Game and Watch?
A. Well, I got him by simply beating classic mode with all 24 available 
characters on very easy difficulty with five stock. But you can also get 
it by beating adventure mode and Target Test with the other 24 

Q. I have Classic/Adventure/Target Test mode beaten with all 24 
characters and he's still not challenging me! Why?
A. Check if you have the Master Hand symbol next to your total score. It 
records any score reguardless if you beat the game with the character or 
not, so it won't show 0000000 at times. Another good way to test this is 
to see if you have all the character trophies that you should.

Q. Why is Mr. Game and Watch 2d? I mean, let's flex that Gamecube 
processing power a little! Don't you think 2d is a little stupid at this 
day and age?
A. A good affect in my opinion. Mr. Game and Watch is a 2d character 
from the Game and Watch series, so it would only make sense if he was 2d 
still. Sure, Mario at one time was 2d, but still, this affect makes Game 
and Watch different and cooler then the rest. It just works for him.

Q. Will I ever be as good as you with Mr. Game and Watch?
A. LOL... perhaps I am kissing my own arse with that question. =)

Q. They say, for the trouble you go through to get him, Mr. Game and 
Watch is way overrated. Do you agree?
A. The opposite. He is way underrated. He has potential to a great Smash 
Brother fan. And nobody seems to notice his talent - thats what I like 
about him so much.

Thats all the questions I really have seen so far. I hope my FAQ helped 
you somewhat understand Mr. Game and Watch. Until I update this, I'm 
gonna go play some more Smash Brothers Melee. I got to work on that 
beating that event 51 again... with Game and Watch. Later.

 7. Legal Jargon

Mr. Game and Watch and any other Super Smash Brothers Melee character or 
reference I have mentioned are copyrighted and owned by Nintendo of 
America (tm).

This FAQ may be copied but only under my consent, so just e-mail me 
first before you go and copy it ( I have no 
problem with it.

No versions of this copy may be sold unless I am notified as well. 

 8. Credits

(Sorry, I don't have that weird little shootinggame in my credits, 

Thanks to all the people that incouraged me to make this on the 
GameFAQ's message boards.

Special thanks to all those Game and Watch fans out there - you guys are 

Written by Jack Domek aka King Tonberry.