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Super Smash Bros. Melee
Link Faq/Move list
Author: Plasmaboy6 (
Version: 1.1
Last updated: 07/21/02

Table of Contents

II-Move list
III-How to master Link
VI-Classic mode walkthrough
VII-Adventure mode walkthrough
VIII-VS. Mode strategies
IX-Target test
XI-Differences between Link and young Link
X-What's coming next version
XII-Version history
XIV-Legal information


Welcome to my great {GREAT?! O.o} FAQ for Link in SSBM. I started playing 
Zelda games with
the SNES(The legend of Zelda a Link to the past) and then I continued 
Zelda games. I got almost all Zelda games except the two last for GBC. Link 
a courageous Hylian boy. He fought Ganondorf in almost each games to recover
the stolen Triforce {don't forget the princess}.

Trophy Description: Even in his youth, Link was already destined to be the 
who will carry the destiny of Hyrule(and many other lands)on his shoulders 
His epic struggles against the forces of darkness are written in legend and
he is bound to the Princess Zelda and the archfiend Ganondorf by awesome 
of the Triforce.

Move list


                   A - Link does a swipe with his sword. Tap A three times 
                       he'll do two swipes and a stab. Tap A really quick
                       and Link will do quick stabs.

  [Tilt] Forward + A - Link does a vertical swing with his sword.

[SMASH] Forward + A - This move is basically the same as the A move(sword
                       swipe) except this time, he do it slower but more
                       powerful(but slower)and if you press A again once 
                       started and before he finish, he will do a second 
                       and like all smash attack you can charge it. This 
                       is very good for making opponents fly.

       [Tilt] Up + A - Link does a vertical swing over his head. It's an
                       excellent move for juggling, even if it doesn't
                       knock opponents very far.

      [SMASH] Up + A - Link does three quick vertical swing over his head.
                       This one is good for juggling too and it knocks
                       opponents high in the sky.

     [Tilt] Down + A - The Hylian hero does a low horizontal sword swing,
                       that doesn't knock opponents high but this move CAN
                       be good for juggling.

    [SMASH] Down + A - Almost the same as the one before except that Link
                       swings back and forth hitting on the both side. This
                       is a good 'knock off' move.

         Dashing + A - This move is similar to the A move except it's a 
                       bit lower. Not a great dashing move, but it's still 
                       to use


           A - This is one of the only Link's attack does with boots. Yes,
               that's real, Link does an air kick. It doesn't give much 

Forward + A - This one is another horizontal sword swing, except it's done 
in the

      Up + A - This one is an upward sword stab, pretty powerful. A good 
               to use it with is to send your opponent in the air and then 
               this move.

    Back + A - It's another kick attack, pretty the same like the first one
               except that Link does two kicks and does them backward (holy
               tamoly o.O).

    Down + A - Hehe... I like this one! It's a downward sword stab. It's
               powerful, but it has a longer recovery time than any of 
               attack(ex-cluding B move).


             B - That's Link's new move. The longer you charge,(when your
           Bow   charged at maximum a flash will appear at the arrow point)
                 farther the arrow will goes {
                 can't reach Afganistan can it?! o.O}

   Forward + B - The boomrang is back stronger and faster than before. Like
      Boomrang   in Super Smash Bros., if you TAP forward and press B the
                 Boomrang will go farther. Even if you jump, the boomrang 
		 come back to you, this mean that with practice you'll be able
                 to make it curve and hit your opponents.

        Up + B - This move is still used as 3rd jump and it's still crappy 
    Spin swing   used as 3rd jump. When on the ground it's a very powerful 
attack but
                 with a long recovery time. Very useful when your surrounded 
                 enemies. When did in the air it really rock if you can 
caught the
                 enemy all time of the attack.

      Down + B - They do more damage than in SSB., but you can still hurt
          Bomb   yourself when they explode(they do less damage to you).
                 Press down and B to get out the bomb and press A or Down B
                 to throw it.

Hylian Sheild - This attack can block projectile(Even Samus' Charged Shot!!)
                 and all you have to do is to standing front of the attack
                 and don't move, the shield will block the attack.


       Grab + A - Link grabs the enemies and gives them little punches.

Grab + Forward - Link grabs the enemies and kicks them away.

      Grab + Up - Link grabs the enemies throws them upward and slashes them 
                  and upward sord slash.

    Grab + Back - Like the Forward throw except it's done backwards.

    Grab + Down - Link puts the enemies on the ground and tackle them.

   Special Grab - Link and Samus are the only characters that can
                  grab on ledge giving him another chance of
                  survival. Be careful, Link CAN'T grab to every ledge. This
                  move is easy to make(hookshot a ledge), it's hard to do
                  first times but with a little practice you will easily
                  able to do it.

How to master Link

Some say that they master Link because they know all of his moves. Link can 
very difficult to master, but there are three rules to really master Link:
Practice, Practice, Practice {HEY! WAIT A SEC! THATS ONE RULE DUDE! O.o} 
practice to master all his moves, practice with
items{?} and practice against a computer. Wait a minute, item practice? 
What's that?
{uumm....pie?! ^_^}.The item practice is a kind of practice that makes you 
with items. It's separated in two parts:
1-Practice with using item {.........DAH! -_-}
2-Practice dodging item used by CP {RUN IT'S A FLYING RADISH! Ô_Ô}
These two practices are made in Training mode {i didn't know ~_~}. The 2nd 
is simple put an item besides the CP, put the CP on attack(If you have a 
second controller,
ask your little bro or sis to do it), and try dodging attacks.For the first 
I'll describe what to do with each item

Food: Practice: Not really practice using this item, just practice to
      be faster than the CP to collect it

Maximum Tomato: Practice: Once again no practice made, just put the tomato
                at a place on the stage, near the CP, go away and set
                the CP on attack

Heart: Practice: Use exactly the same practice as for the Maximum tomato

Ray Gun: Practice: Hit enemy with all the shots(16) by staying
         far enough. CP:Jump

Fire Flower: Practice: Trap an enemy beside a wall and throw fire at
             him. CP:Evade

Super Scope: Practice: Hit enemy with all rapid fire shot and hit enemy
             with all charged blast. CP:Jump

Star Rod: Practice: Hit enemy with all star shot(16). CP:Evade/Jump

Lip's Stick: Practice: Hit enemy until he has a very big flower on
             his head {...}. CP:Evade

Beam Sword: Practice: Hit the enemy A LOT and then, practice to throw
            the sword on the enemy. CP:Evade

Home-Run Bat: Practice: Practice smashing an enemy with the bat.

Fan: Practice: Hit enemy quickly, so they can't move.

Hammer: Practice: Knock opponent at least two time with one hammer
        (one time in larger area i,e:Zelda temple)

Green Shell: Practice: Hit enemy with all shell throw(before it dis-

Red Shell: Practice1:Throw the shell on the enemy floor and hit enemy
           (with any of Link's attack) to make him stay on that floor
           Practice2: Throw the shell on a small platform and try dodging
           it by staying on that floor.

Flipper: Practice: Throw the Flipper{the daulphin?} at a place on the
         stage and hit enemy to make him hit on the Flipper
         {not the daulphin!}.

Freezie: Practice1: Catch it when it's on a slope.
         Practice2: Throw it at your enemy

Mr. Saturn: Practice: Stun your opponent(by throwing it fast)
Pokéball: Practice: Throw it at your enemy

Bob-omb: Practice1: Throw it at your enemy.
         Practice2: Put a Bob-omb on your platform and try dodging it
         when it runs.

Motion-Sensor Bomb: Practice: Throw it somewhere on the stage, and trap
                    your enemy.

Super Mushroom: Practice: Try hitting a small enemy(like pichu)

Poison Mushroom: Practice: Knock off heavy enemy(like Bowser, DK and

Starman: Practice: Not really practice here, try to get it before your

Parasol: Practice: Put yourself at like 150% and try being knocked off
         by the opponent, then comeback.

Warp Star: Practice: Try to land on enemy.

Metal Box: Practice: Jump off of the stage, and try to comeback.

Bunny Hood: Practice: Try hit the opponent as much as possible before
            he makes you lose your bunny hood.

Screw Attack: Practice: Once again practice hitting your enemy,
              then to throw the item on him.

Barrel Canon: Practice: bring your enemy near the ledge and throw
              them this item.
              CP:(once again)Evade

Cloaking Device: Practice: Know where you are 100% of the time


There are some strategies that you can use in
all mode.If you have more good strategies
e-mail me(

do upward sword attacks to juggle with your
enemies, when they are at a high enough %
do a SMASH upward sword attack, if he doesn't
go flying jump and do an air upward sword stab.

Being surrounded:
If you are surrounded by enemies you have two
good choices:
1-Do a spin swing, it not always works because it's
long to do, but it has longer range
2-Do a Smash downward sword swing, it's almost as
powerful as the spin swing, except it's faster, but
has a shorter range.

Cheap sword stab:
Almost everyone know this one, but sadly you can't
do it infinitly in this game.

Faster attack:
Use A attacks most of the time, they are faster,
so you won'T be attacked while doing or charging
a B attack. Generally I only use B attack when I
have time, i.e.: when the enemy is far.

Non-stop fighting:
You must NOT let your opponent take a breathe,
attack him don't even stop attacking(except when the
opponent is far and you are charging your Bow
or getting out your bomb).

Be in the fray:
Since Link is not a fast-moving character,
he's not good for fleeing the battle(like if you're
going away to get an item). In free-for-all battles
you can go if all your opponents are fighting together.

Posing is not good to use(I do so, bad habit) because it
you lose time, doing nothing. It is said to annoy others,
but I never annoyed anyone and never been annoyed.

Edge guarding:
Edge guarding is great strategy to make your enemy don't
get back onto the level. All you have to do is to attack
an enemy that try to comeback, hit him when he's doing is
double jump or when he tries to triple jump. To hit them
you have two choices:
1-Distance attack them(Boomrang, bow or bomb).
2-Jump with them, attack them, and jump back on the arena.

Smash, smash, smash:
SMASH, always smash this is one of the most important strategy
of this game it's the best thing to use to knock off people,
and it gives a lot of damage, so don't hesitate to use smashes.
Throw are not as good as they were in SSB, but when your opponent
is high on % it's still a good technique(especially air throwing,
which let the enemy open for combos.


I don't use that much combos because it always depends where
is your opponent but e-mail me if you have some.

A, A, A...:
Tap A quickly, simple.

Bomb, Hookshoot, Spin attack:
I now use this combo a lot, it's simple to do: take out a
bomb and throw it upward, grab someone with your hookshot,
throw him upward, then jump and spin swing. The enemy will
hit the bomb, the will be caught in your spin swing.

Classic mode walkthrough

What's bad with this mode is that you never know against
who your gonna play {Michel jackson?}. For most of the stages use strategies
described in section 4(IV)(Strategies)

Stage 1: Single random enemy
Use a lot of smashes and take the items it should be an
easy battle.

Stage 2: Two-on-two
The CPU are completely random(even your teamate) take an
enemy while the CP take out the other if he start attacking
your enemy, attack the one that he was attacking.

Bonus 1: Break the targets
See section 10(X)

Stage 3: Single random enemy
Like the first one, do a lot of smashes and make a good use of
the items, but the enemy will use a lot of grabs, this can
be really annoying.

Stage 4: 3 on 1 Giant
For this battle you are teamed with 2 CP against a giant fighter.
It's habitualy an easy fight, remember to don't let the opponent
take a breathe.

Bonus 2: Snag Trophy
Stay on the cone and wait for a trophy to fall if a trophy fall
on the right side, jump on the right platform, if the trophy fall
left jump on the left platform, then hit the trophy with the A
attack, if the trophy havn't got far enough walk down and do an
upward A attack.

Stage 5: Single random enemy
ONCE AGAIN -_- a one-on-one, ONCE AGAIN use smashes, and ONCE
AGAIN take most of the items

Stage 6: vs. Team <insert name here>
A very hard stage(depending on who you fight), use
a lot of low smashes and also use the Spin swing(Up+B)often,
I wish you not to have to fight against Links or DKs.

Bonus 3: Race to the finish
Make your way through, when you will have to choose between
three way, I personnally prefer to go in the middle one,
then continue to make your way through, when the timer will be at 5,
enter the nearest door. Oh!!I forgot something: RUN {OK! *RUNS* AAHH

Stage 7: Metal enemy
HAHAHA Metal Mario in SSB was a piece o' cake {cake.....} compared to this
opponent, in SSB he wasn't moving that much in this one the
enemy won't even let you take a breathe, he constantly use grabs,
but try to not let HIM take a breathe. Knocking him can be a problem,
you'll have to get your opponent at least at 250% before knocking him.

Stage 8: Master hand {he's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack}
At easy or very easy dificulty the Master hand has only 150HP, but at
Normal or higher it has 300HP. What's cool with Link is that he has a long
range with his sword, so you won't need to jump to attack it, just upward 
it. When it starts charging its gun, triple jump it should start shooting 
you are falling back to the stage, when it does his laser thing, run under 
it and
jump attack it. For most of the other attacks jump to dodge them, when the 
flies up, jump as high as you can.

*Crazy hand { least it's not Mr. Evil Finger}:
How to fight it: Beat Classic mode w/o using continues on Normal or higher,
then get the Master down to 150HP or less under 1 minute. Then the screen
will freeze and you will see a crazy hand arrive on the arena.
Strategy: If you beated event 50 at Normal this is a piece o' cake.
  First attack the Master hand(the right one) since it's as lower HP and it 
  be easier to kill him first. Attack it mostly with Up+A Attack and Smash. 
  an advantage that Link has a long range, since he can stay on ground while
  attacking, since staying on ground during this battle is very important. 
  only time you will need to jump it's when the hand do its laser attack. 
  this hand is out of the battle, it's now the to attack the Crazy hand. Use
  the same strategy as for the Master Hand. I will just describe strategy to 
  against the new attacks only used by this hand:

Hand rap:The hand flip on the ground (DONT BE HURT BY THIS ATTACK), its 
an instant kill each time.

Bomb-Drop:The hand gets in the center and start dropping bomb, what I 
to do here is to stay away from it.

5 finger hand walk:I really don't know why but this attack remind me
Queen Gohma. when you see this hand go in the air on the left side,
finger down, go to the right side of the arena, and jump over it.

Now I will describe the two attacks that the hands does together and you can
know when they will do one when the crazy has a kinda red and white flash
onthe tip of a finger:

Hand clap: The hands will put you to sleep and then begin to clap like mad
and if they miss they will punch together. When you fall asleep rush the
controller, then when you're awake, jump over the clap, then over the 

Mad hand dash(suggested by Kaihan): When the Crazy hand goes in the air and 
Master hand tells it to come(with his finger), just go in the center of the
stage and jump over the Crazy hand.

Adventure mode walkthrough

Like for classic mode use strategies described in the
forth section

Stage 1:Mushroom kingdom
1-Mushroom Kingdom:
Make your way through the stage, try to kill all Goombas, because
ther is habitually one of the Goomba that give a trophy, also watch
the trophy waiting on the ground, they're is often to one somewhere.
After, you have to beat 10 Yoshis, Smashes or do the Spin attack(Up+B)
Then continue your way through. When at the flag pole you will need
to fight Mario and Peach.
2-Mario and Peach:
Start by taking on any of the two, attack
him/her until he/she dies, then take out the other. Don't forget
to take the items.

Stage 2: Kongo jungle
1-2 tiny DK:
Smashes or spin swing them 2 or 3 times and it should be fine.
2-A giant DK:
Start by charging your bow, then continue attacking him, he often
falls in the river

Stage 3: Underground maze
For this one, when you see a Triforce go touch it.
Run until you are at the edge, the go down enter the tunnel,
and when you will see a door(like the one where the tunnel start)
slow down, check into the room, but don't walk too fast, if you
see a triforce enter it if you see a master sword, go back. Jump on
the platforms going right and enter the next tunnel, you will see a
big hole on the floor, jump into it and HOLD RIGHT, you will land at
the edge of room like the first one, check into it if there's a MS
continue on the other way. Continue through the tunnel, you will soon
see an another room with a MS(or a Triforce) try to jump high over the
MS, if you have to fight Link, do that QUICKLY, continue through the
tunnel when you will see an exit, DON'T go through it, instead
continue to go up. You will soon see an another MS room, once
again try to jump over it. Continue through the tunnel and
be careful, when you will see that you need to go up a Like-like
will fell down, jump over it and continue. You will once again see
a MS room, try once again to jump over it. continue through the
tunnel  and go through the exit leading in the principal room, go
to the left and enter the first tunnel you see(it's the one
with stairs), continue and enter the room.
2-Fight with Zelda/Shiek:
As long as she is in her Zelda form she is easy because she
is pretty slow in this form, don't let her transform into

Stage 4: Brinstar
DON'T let Samus take a breathe, and she should be easy,
also beware of her charged shot.
2-Escape from Brinstar:
All you have to do is to jump, if you see a new trophy take it.

Stage 5: Green greens
1-Normal kirby:
It's a very easy fight, try to make the block bomb explode on him
and you should KO him easily.
2-15 Kirbys:
Once again smash or Spin swing them.
*3-Giant Kirby:
If you beat the 15 kirbys within 30seconds you will have to fight
giant kirby, he's pretty easy, use the same strategy you used for the
normal Kirby

Stage 6: Corneria
Be careful with this one, he's fast use a lot of [mid-air]downward smash
2-Falco(or Fox):
If you beated Fox within 30sec. you will fight Fox once again, if not
you will fight Falco, the difference between this stage and the precedent
one is that, in this one there will be atleast 3 Arwing attacking at the
same time, use that as your advantage and often grab and throw your opponent
in the sky, the Arwings will do the dirty job for you.

{Well...........i haven't said much in this section.......i'm passing it
really fast}

Stage 7: Pokémon stadium
For this battle you have to fight 12 Pikachus, but there will often be
one or two Jigglypuffs and Pichus(if you have unlocked them).Unlike for
all easy-to-knock teams don't uses smashes and the Spin swing, instead,
try to get all pokéball and you will win easily.

Stage 8: F-Zero Grand Prix
1-Big blue race:
I like this stage, but not with Link, he doesn't run fast enough. When
you see the warning message jump on the nearest platform. There is
often a Trophy in this race, don't forget to take it.
2-Captain Falcon:
Be careful with this one, he's very quick, and his Raptor boost can get
REALLY annoying, his weakness on this battle are the cars, when you see
them coming, try to throw Capt Falcon on the road ^_^

Stage 9: Onett
I personnaly hate this arena. Try to smash(or just stay there, the Nesses
fly farther than you(don't use it too often).Throw the Nesses in the center
stage(between the two houses)when the warning message is on screen. Those
cars can knock opponents pretty far.

Stage 10: Icicle mountain
1-Ice climbing:
Climb up the mountain, but be careful at the end the mountain go up very 
Don't forget to take the Trophy.
2-Ice climbers:
They are easy to knock off, check at the head(lifes) of the Ice climbers
to know which one to knock off.

Stage 11: Battlefield
1-15 Wireframes:
How many time will I repeat that: Smashes or Spin swing
2-Metal Mario/Metal Mario Bros.:
When you only fight Mario that's easy, but you have to fight Mario AND Luigi
that's hard. Use the same strategy as for Mario and Peach, take one down, 
the take out the other

Stage 12: Final destination:
That's an easy battle Charge your Bow often(since Bowser is the slowest
character in this game)also charge your smashes.

*Giga Bowser{hey.....remembre that game named giga where
you had to...sorry....}
-How to fight him: Complete adventure mode on Normal or higher, within one
minute. Then, Bowser trophy will normally go into the pit, and comeback when
Link will be doing his winning pose. The trophy will then break and will
transform into a bigger, faster and stronger(duh!!-_-) Bowser.
Strategy: Be sure to have at least 2 lives when you will fight him. His 
are the same as Bowser. A good strategy to use here is to downward stab, 
Giga Bowser will often fire-breath, and he is big, so easy to hit with this 
you can easily hit him 5 times in a row with this attack so you will jump 
over the
fire which one is the same size as Bowser one.

For beating it, you will receive a bonus(Giga Bowser KO)which one worth 100 
points and the Giga Bowser trophy.(If you want his description, just e-mail 

Versus mode strategies(Team strategies)

This is more for 2vs2 and 1vs3 since 3vs1 is relatively easy, so
let's begin:

2vs2 Strategy:
There is two major strategy to use here:

1-Each one take one guy and attack it, uses Section IV(Strategies).

2-Everyone attack everyone a good strategy to use here is to stay together
with your teammate and knock opponent as far as you can, so you will only
fight one enemy at time, while the other is far, when the one that was 
away come back, knock away the one you were fighting and start attacking the
one that just comeback.

1vs3 Srategy:
OMG these battles are habitually very hard. Since Link has a long smash 
you can do your forward smash, and you will easily hit 2 or 3 of them. Also
do often downward slash and the Spin Swing if you are surrounded.

1vs2 Strategy:
Use the same strat as for 1vs3

Target test

                                                          __----__|        3
               _                7                  2     |  _---
              | |                        1               | |
              | |                                        | |
              | |8          _______                      | |4
              | |                           ____         |_  |
             9|_|             10           |    |          | |
                                            |  |          _| |___    _
                                            |  |         |  _____|5 |_|
                                            |  |         |_|
                                            |  |  6
   {LOOK MAH!....THA LOOKS LIKE OUR HOUSE!} |  |                 __
                                            |  |    _          _- _|
                                            |  |   |_ -_      |__-
                                            |  |     -__|
                                     _______|  |
                                    |          |__________________
                                    |                             |
                                    |                             |
Jump and hit the Target to your left(1) with any air attack
Land back on the pole, and jump then spin attack
to the left(2)
Grab the ledge or land directly on the platform go at it right
edge, jump and hit the target(3)
Land on small block,Jump to the left and destroy the target(4)
Do a downward sword stab on the target(5)
Jump on the two little diagonal platform, then jump and hit the
Get back on the pole, and jump on the moving platform jump
and destroy the target(7)
Then, facing the left, throw your boomrang and destroy the two
targets(not at the same time)(8,9)
After, drop through the platform and destroy the target(10)

Personnal best time:21.93s(Very crappy record)

Difference between Link and Young Link

Young Link:
-It's easier to start combo with him

-Shorter sword
-Lighter, easier to fly off

What's coming
This section is made to see what is coming next update,
here is the list:

-Stage strategy
-Against <Insert a fighter here>

Version history(Stuff that you won't read)

Version 1.1:Giga Bowser, little correction to where I was wrong

Version 1.0:Team strategies(a.k.a.:VS mode strtegies), Crazy
            hand strategy some other little things added. {and i haven't
            corrected the 2 new sections}

Version 0.9:Classic and Adventure mode, Differences between
            Link and Young Link

Version 0.6:Strategies, Combos, Target test, Spell corrected
            by Kaihan

Version 0.3:Intro, Move list, How to master
            Link, Outro, and Copyrights


Hrmmm... Outro, is this a word?, anyway I know this guide
is starting to be less crappy now {...} but the fifth version is coming,
I may do it this week {great....even more crappy sentences >.< }, I want
to thanks:

-Nintendo and HAL: For making this fantastic game { ^_^ }

-My parents: For giving me this game for X-mas
{I finally got my GCN with RE and SWRLRS2}

-Kaihan Darklighter (one of my friend {RIVAL}): For correcting
some of my spelling errors, {remaking the crappy sentences},
supporting me and for putting the ^_^, o.O and >.<.
{hehehe......and I'm the one who put the stuff in { }.}

-My sis for being my punching bag when I fell from the arena 

-You to have read my FAQ and helped to do the rapid sword stab

-C'Jay'C the GameFAQS' owner to host my FAQ

Legal information(more stuff that you won't read)

My guide is protected by the international copyright law.
This mean that you can't reproduce my FAQ, post it on
your web page, or print and sell it {AT A LOW PRICE OF 99.99!}, but you can
e-mail me to ask if you can, and I will say yes {he won't o.O}
_hey kaihan shut up_ , but e-mail me(
{I also have a copyright on this name so don't freakin use it
god dangit! =_=}

                     Copyright(c)2001-2002 Plasmaboy6
This isn't valid---->Copyright(c)2002 Kaihan Darklighter