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Super Smash Bros. Melee: Stage FAQ by venusaur rules
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* Super Smash Bros. Melee In-Depth Stage FAQ v 1.21  by venusaur rules*
* Latest update on March 3rd, 2007.                                   *
* Copyright venusaur rules 2002-2007. All rights reserved.            *

- 1 . T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S                                 -

1. Table Of Contents

2. What I hope's to come

3. What's New?

4. Introduction

5. Default Stages

6. Unlockable Stages

7. Other

8. Credits

9. Contact Info

10. Copyright Info/ Legal Stuff

- 2 . W H A T  I  H O P E ' S  T O  C O M E                           -

I don't think there will be any more significant updates. The only thing
that's left to do is update the sceneries, which are hardly necessary
and probably are not the reason you are reading this FAQ. Maybe someday,
but not anytime soon.

- 3 . W H A T ' S  N E W ?                                            -


1.21 - Minor grammar fixes / copyright updates.

1.2 - Small change on unlocking Dream Land.

1.11 - A whole day since my last update. I've decided I could make this
look a little nicer, so that's what I'm doing. Thanks to Merca, who
awarded this FAQ the best In-Depth FAQ for 4/6/04. No content updates
yet, just formatting and such.

1.1 - Wow, it's been a long time since I've updated this. After reading
through a lot of this, I didn't realize how horrible my grammar was...
so I'll try to fix a little bit of that up. I'm also taking out the
player ratings and stuff like that. Thanks MarioMax and Majin Slu for
your ideas and thoughts, it's just that the idea sucked to begin with.
I'm thinking of getting back into the FAQ writing scene (even though
I've only wrote this one to date =P), so we'll see what comes. Changed
my email to my current one.

1.05 - Only thing I'm adding in right now is some thoughts from
MarioMax, and Stage Ratings and where each character plays in All-Star
mode from Majin Slu. Next update should fill in some missing areas for
the stages.

1.0 - This is the beginning of the FAQ, my very first FAQ. Not
everything is finished, and some stuff hasn't started yet. Next update,
I'll for sure have the Extra Stages scenery done.

- 4 . I N T R O D U C T I O N                                         -

   The best reason yet to own a Gamecube is undoubtedly Super Smash
Bros: Melee. This game is HUGE, immensely fun, and uncontrollably
addicting. Just unlocking the characters could take a few weeks, and
then with all 290 trophies, all the 1 player modes, the VS Mode, Battle
Scenarios, and the Minigames, there's enough here to keep one busy for
years to come. And, all 29 stages each have their own distinct way of
hosting battles ranging from a Link vs. Mario duel to an all out Bombs-
away 4 player free for all. But that's enough about the VS Mode, there
are already tons of faqs out there covering those issues. I'm here to
talk about the stages.

   The stages in SSBM are all very detailed. Often, the music from the
game that it came from (That great Zelda theme, in Termina Bay, and the
Pokemon Start up song from Pokemon) is playing while you're duking it
out with friends helps to set the mood. Details, such as how the
background screen in Kanto Pokemon Stadium shows the action just like
the real battlefield does, and the Giants pushing the Moon back into the
sky when it gets too close to the world, just helps to make the game
seem so much better.

   (This Stage In-Depth FAQ is just getting started, so if you spot any
mistakes, or something I should add, don't think twice about not sending
me something via hotmail or giving me a holler via AIM.
Complaints/Questions/Comments are all VERY welcome.)

   My grammar is pretty bad. English is not my strong suit, and I also
wrote most of this when I was in 8th grade. Please excuse it, the point
of what I am saying should still be able to be comprehended.

Since the first writing of this FAQ, SSBM strategy has evolved a lot,
what with wavedashing and such. I am NOT a great player at this game. I
do, however, have a great love for the game and for GameFAQs, so I
wanted to contribute in some way, and thus made this FAQ. My strategies
are NOT the greatest against other players. However, they will help you
comprehend a basic idea of how to play the stage, especially against
CPUs. Also, if you reading this is above the level of strategy
discussed in this FAQ, you probably already know everything presented,
and can make your own strategy decisions. Mine are just a helpful

Finally, without further ado, here are the stages.

- 5 . D E F A U L T  S T A G E S                                      -

I am describing stages following this pattern.

Stage Name

Who's Map: What SSBM character is this map based upon. (In parenthesees,
it tells what character plays there in All-Star Mode, thanks to Majin
Slu. If there are no quotation marks, no character plays here. Also, the
Special Stages tell what enemies play on this stage.)

Games From: What game the map came from

How to Unlock: How do I get this map? (If it's unlocked to start with,
this section isn't there)

Description: A description of the map, without opinions. Just facts.

Scenery: What everything in the stage looks like, and little details
that aren't noticed, but do add to quality.

Music: A description of the music of the stage, and where it came from.
Alternate Music: If there is another song that is played in that stage,
this is where it's at. (NOTE: Alternate Music doesn't always play, but
sometimes it does. Some songs can be heard by having all players hold L
or R when the match starts.)

Tips: Some tips on playing with this stage, and how to go about KOing
your opponent the most efficent.


Infinite Glacier - Icicle Mountain

Who's Map: Ice Climbers (Ice Climbers)

Games From: Ice Climbers (NES)

Description: A never-ending mountain of stages, platforms, and walkways.
Giant Ice Blocks often block your way. Scrolls up and down at various
speeds during play, sometimes so fast its not anymore a battle between
2-4 people but a race to stay alive. There is no end to this huge
course, but you can still be knocked any direction to be KOed.

Scenery: This looks just like a mining operation in the middle of a
snowy mountain. On both sides of the backgrounds, giant rocks tower over
everything. The middle contains a cloudy, snowy sky. The stage is filled
with bridges, platforms, ice slopes, fences, and ice blocks. Not a whole
lot else to say about this one.

Music: One part of the tune is a jazzy them of the title/bonus theme
from Ice Climbers. The second part is the jingle bells rendition from
the main level.

Alternate Music: Balloon Fight from the NES game of the same name, which
is the music that plays when on a bonus stage or in Balloon Trip mode.

Tips: This level isn't the best for one-on-one battles, because there
are often times where it is tough to keep up with the screen. So, if
this starts to happen, I usually just get away from my opponent, and
focus on keeping up with the screen. If your opponent tries to hit you,
often they will have that nasty recovering time, which can kill them. If
they start to attack you while the screen is scrolling fast, let them,
as they might get caught not jumping fast enough. Don't attack back, as
you could do the same to yourself.
Use the platforms to your advantage. Jump around, always be moving, and
try to stay in the middle of your screen. If you are standing still, you
are suspectible to attacks from opponents flying in, as they can come
from many angles. If you see an opponent standing still, that is what
you should try to do. Dodgeing and rolling are your friend for this
stage. Don't get caught off to the side too far, either, as a good item
throw or a nicely planned charged-up projectile can send you packing.


Mushroom Kingdom - Princess Peach's Castle

Who's Map: Technically, Peach, but I guess could also be considered
Mario, Luigi, and Bowser's too. (Peach)

Games From: Mario Kart 64(N64), Super Mario 64(N64), SMRPG: Legend of
the Seven Stars (SNES), Paper Mario (N64)

Description: This stage is on the top of Princess Peach's castle. There
are 2 platforms that move up when you stand on them and down when you
step off of them. Bullet Bill sometimes flies in, and then blinks. He
finally blows up, causing damage to anyone in the blast radius. You can
also get hurt if it hits you while its flying in. Red, Green, and Blue
buttons sometimes show up, and if you step on one, they will make
respective colored platforms pop up. After a while, they disappear. It
is possible to be KO'ed in any direction, but to be KO'ed downwards you
must be off to the side of the castle.

Scenery: The background is very similar to the background of when you
are outside the castle in Super Mario 64. There is a river running
through, ending with a waterfall into a giant lake (moat) that surrounds
the castle. Rolling plains are topped with scattered trees, while rocky
mountains pop up behind them. The blue sky and the scattered clouds just
add to the bright, colorful stage. The Castle itself is complete with
the visible sections of the roof, the stone wall, and the colored glass
picture of Peach herself.

Music: Princess Peach's Castle, a mix of two songs, Super Mario Bros:
Overworld theme and the Super Mario Bros: Underworld theme.

Alternate Music: Rainbow Cruise is heard in Princess Peach's Castle in
Adventure Mode.

Tips: Here, Bullet Bill can either be your enemy or your friend. If you
see him coming in, get to the other side of the castle. This doesn't
have to be immediately, because it moves fairly slow, but get out of its
targeting range as soon as you see it start to glow. A good example is
setting up a combo on your opponent, then knocking him towards Bullet
Bill, and finally making your way to the other side. If you've racked up
damage pretty high on them, wait till Bullet Bill starts to glow. Grab
your opponent, hit once or twice, then throw towards Bullet Bill. The
hits are important, because if you threw your opposition right away,
they could have time to escape the blast. If somebody gets in Bullet
Bill's orange explosion radius, anything higher than 15-30% will almost
gurantee a KO. Bullet Bill has ruined games for me, while he has also
won them.
The platforms here can be set up by those buttons that you press on.
Each different colored button corrisponds to a different set of
platforms. These platforms can be used by standing on them and shooting
arcing projectiles, such as Link's Arrows and Mario's Fireball, for long
distance, or throwing items for the same reason. It could also be used
for getting a good jumping attack in out of nowhere, too.


Mushroom Kingdom - Rainbow Cruise

Who's Map: Mario (Mario)

Games From: Super Mario 64 (N64)

Description: This is another scrolling map, like Icicle Mountain, but
unlike Icicle Mountain, this goes in a circle. You start off in the
pirate ship, for around 30 secs, then it starts to crash. You must jump
off, and you go to a series of platforms and bridges. You go around in a
circle, with platforms, falling blocks, and walkways all over. When you
get to about the top right part of the course, it starts falling fast,
and you got to keep up with it like you would when it goes fast in
Icicle Mountain. Finally, you are back onto the pirate ship, where you
start the cycle all over again.

Scenery: The green hills in the background are topped with a few bright
lakes. The bright blue sky, like the one from Peach's Castle, just adds
to the already colorful scheme of this stage. Even the rainbow has all 7
colors in it.
The boat shows tons of work in itself. The wing-like paddles, floating
effortlessly through the air, and the wood plank boat with the looks of
real wood are astounding. The checkered platform, propellers, sides of
the boat, and flag are all also very bright and fantasy-like. This
reminds me of Super Mario 64 in every way.
Music: Rainbow Cruise, from the last level on Super Mario 64. At the
end, it switches to Super Mario Bros: Underwater theme.

Alternate Music:

Tips: At the beginning, attack your opponent, and rack up damage as
quickly as possible. This is for when the ship starts to fall, then you
could get a quick smash in, which will knock them away, possibly for a
KO. But, if you don't have enough damage accumulated for a KO, it will
make getting back nearly impossible. Sheild breakers here are even
better, by breaking a shield on a falling ship will lead to a KO. I
mention this last, although, because between two fairly good players,
shield breaking doesn't accur much.
Throughout the rest of the stage, battle normally, using the platforms
to your advantage, and getting angles for the easiest kill. But towards
the end of these platforms, it starts to fall quickly like in Icicle
Mountain. Here, forget about attacking your opponent, and ensure that
you make it down, back to the beginning with the pirate ship. I've often
been KO'ed just from here, resulting in a self-destruct, which under
some people's rules, can be worse than being KOed.


DK Island - Kongo Jungle

Who's Map: Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong)

Games From: Donkey Kong Country anything (SNES and Gameboy Color)

Description: This map is good but simple. There are 4 platforms, with
alternating sides and alternating going up, above one main platform.
There is also a rock sticking out of the waterfall, to the bottom-right
of the main platform, and a barrel going back and forth under the main
platform, that if you fall into, will shoot you back up. Scenery: Still
to come.

Scenery: This has to be one of the best backgrounds in all of Super
Smash Bros. Melee. The cabin that is Donkey Kong's home is clearly
visible, surrounded by the rushing water and green forests. You can make
out every leaf on every tree. If you pause and look just right, you can
see the incredible drop that is just below the stage.
The actual stage looks great too. The platform looks like it was one of
those rafts from the movies. The bark on the logs, the vines wrapped
around stuff, and the way the logs look as if they are floating in the
water, just add to the great scenery that accompanies this stage.
Music: DK Rap, from the opening scene of Donkey Kong 64.

Alternate Music:

Tips: There isn't a whole lot to say about this stage. This is more of a
vertical stage then it is a horizontal stage, so knocking them sideways
will be easier than up or down. Also, keep this in mind to protect
yourself. If you do happen to fall down, don't forget that the spinning
barrel and the rock ledge in the waterfall are there, so use them to
survive. Small attacks here are nice, but smashes are what wins the
game. It is easier here to make it back upwards then it is to make it
from the side.


DK Island - Jungle Japes

Who's Map: Donkey Kong (Young Link)

Game From: Not much relation to any Donkey Kong games, but Cabin is from
Donkey Kong Country.

Description: There is one main platform, which is Cranky Kong's house,
with one little platform above it. Two medium sized platforms are on the
right and left sides of the main.

Scenery: This is a very good setting for this stage. It is dimly lit
because of the sunset in the background on top of the many trees and
plants. The huge palm trees just seem to loom over everything. Below, a
river rages past that you can sometimes see Klap-Traps swimming by, and
will hurt you if they hit you.
The actual stage looks great. In the cabin, you can see Cranky Kong's
silhouette moving around. The lamp hanging on the side of the cabin also
gives a sense of showing real light, too. The out-house and other
platforms look good, too.

Music: Jungle Japes, from Donkey Kong Country.

Alternate Music: Saria's Song in All-Star mode, which was from The
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Tips: Again, not a whole lot to say. This stage, unlike Kongo Jungle, is
more of a horizontal stage, so spikes are more useful than ever. The
Klaptraps that sometimes fly through the river can hurt you, so if you
are trying to make a recovery, stay away from them. Some people say that
the dim lit makes it harder to see items that fall, but it doesn't
bother me. If it bothers you, that will make it a more difficult stage
to battle efficently on.


Termina - Great Bay

Who's Stage: Young Link

Game From: Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (N64) (Link)

Description: The main platform in this stage is slightly off center to
the left. There is a tilting rock that you can stand on just to the left
and below the main platform. There is a platform in the same place to
the right, except it doesn't tilt. A giant turtle often comes up on the
right most part of the screen, and it has two palm trees on it. You can
fight on both the trees and the turtle.

Scenery: The background is actually what Termina Bay looked like in
LoZ:MM. You can see the evil moon falling towards Clock Town, and when
it gets too close, the four giants that push it back up. To the left of
Clock Town, you can see the snowy mountains that occupy the second
temple. The beach rests behind the action but infront of the true
background. The cave that you enter in Majora's Mask as well as the
houses are on the beach. The light blue sky isn't nearly as bright as
the teal, clear water.
The actual stage is where you hatch the eggs from the Pirates in
Majora's Mask, and the giant turtle with two palm trees on it's back
that takes you to the temple. You may notice the grass growing on the
turtle's back and Tingle the map seller floating around on a balloon,
too. This stage will truly remind you of Majora's Mask if you've played
it before.

Music: Hyrule Theme, from The Legend of Zelda.

Alternate Music: Saria's Song, which was from The Legend of Zelda:
Ocarina of Time.

Tips: This is a fairly big stage all-around. Most attacks will do good
here, but try to stay off that middle platform, as it is a longer way to
all four sides than it is more towards the edge, causing more damage to
be KO'ed then normal. The turtle pops up in two different ways ; from
front-view and from side-view. While in front-view, you can jump on one
of the palm trees, and the turtle is much shorter length-wise, making it
harder to recover on a long hit to the right. Stay towards the middle
and try to do the same to your opponent as you don't want done to him.
In side-view, two palm trees are now available for jumping on, and the
turtle is longer length-wise. Recovering from attacks is easier, so if
the attack will hit him away but not kill him, take it to the other side
and hope for the best. Be careful about jumping on the turtle, because
sometimes when you are trying to jump back onto the turtle, you may just
miss it going underwater, and get an unneccessary self-destruct/KO.


Hyrule Temple

Who's stage: Link, Young Link, Zelda, Ganondorf (Zelda)

Game From: Various Zelda Games

Description: This is by far the biggest stage in the game that doesn't
scroll. Above left center, is part of the temple where you can fight on
or below. To the left of that, there is a little structure that seems to
be all by itself. Between the rogue structure and the temple is a
platform that you can go down through, past another little platform, to
yet ANOTHER platform. This leads down, to where you can jump onto a
little circular platform. This is the lowest point in the stage.
   Below the temple part described earlier, is a tunnel-ish thing that
leads down below, the same place that the platform by the rogue
structure goes to. To the left of the temple, it seems that another
structure was destroyed. Whats left of it, you can climb, fight, and
whatever you wish upon. On the very left of the stage, there are 2
platforms on top of each other. This stage, you just have to see, I
cannot describe it.

Scenery: Still to come.

Music: Modernized version of the Dungeon Theme from Zelda II: Adventure
of Link.

Alternate Music: Hyrule Theme, in Adventure Mode. Saria's Song, which
was from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The Fire Emblem theme
from the Fire Emblem series in Japan, starts with the music that plays
when you are about to recruit a character into your army, and ends with
the title theme of the original Fire Emblem.

Tips: This is the BIGGEST stage in the whole game, so your gonna need to
rack up a ton of damage to send them away. Projectiles are great for 3-4
player battles, as you can just slowly raise their percentage from afar
while they are keeping each other busy, then come in for the kill. In
one-on-one's do a lot of dodging, rolling, and evadeing. If you have the
higher percentage, try to take the battle into the middle of the cave
part where it connects the upper part of the stage to the lower part of
the stage. It is almost impossible to be killed here. When you see a
damage-restoring item, or think you can KO the opponent before they KO
you, take it outside and smack them away.
If you can help it although, try to keep them away from the center of
the screen. While in 150% on up range, it is still possible to survive a
good hit. If you do get them up that high, knock them flying by taking
it to the edge, one hit KOing, or meteor/spikes. To prevent this from
happening to you, dodge/roll a lot, and try to never give them a chance
to attack you.


Yoshi's Island - Yoshi's Story

Who's stage: Yoshi (Bowser)

Game From: Yoshi's Story (N64)

Description: Again, like most stages, there is one main platform. This
one has three tinier platforms forming a half circle above the main, and
a little cloud that travels in a box-track, below and to the side of the
main platform. You can ride on this cloud, until it pushes you off.
Scenery: This looks just like it came out of a pop-up book. Everything
from the sky and clouds, the water below, the trees, and the other
islands to the mouse in the background look just like they were cut out
and pasted together. Overall, a very young-kiddish type place, with lots
of bright colors.

Music: A remix of the Yoshi's Island stage from SSB, which was
originally from Yoshi's Music story.

Alternate Music:

Tips: This is a very simple stage. Small, so get those smashes coming.
No need for racking up damage, just get it up there and smack them away.
Spikes are great here for edge-guarding. If you happen to be recovering
from being sent away, don't forget about the cloud that moves on a track
on the bottom of the stage.


Yoshi's Island: Yoshi's Island

Who's stage: Yoshi (Yoshi)

Game From: Ironically, although the name says "Yoshi's Island" twice,
most of the things in this stage were from Super Mario World (SNES).

Description: In the middle, there is a pit covered by 3 blocks. If you
hit the blocks, they start spinning, and if they are spinning, you can
fall through them. Above the middle, there are two groups of 3 spinny-
blocks, slightly off center from the left and right. To the left, there
is a pipe that leads diagonally to the top-left, and leads to the edge
of the big platform that makes up the stage. On the right, a ledge leads
up and right, and you can walk right off the stage without ever leaving
the cliff.

Scenery: This looks a lot like the Super Mario World background, and it
should, considering that's where this stage is from. The spinny-blocks
from the game are in here, as are the pipes and Lakitu holding a one-up
mushroom on his line. The grass and trees, however, do look a lot more
realistic than the more cartoonish background. The sky is one of those
classic Marioish-skies, with the scattered clouds and bright blue color.
You can even see the leaves and vines growing on the ledges. Overall, a
good mix between cartoon and realistic.

Music: The song from Super Mario World that played on obstacle-course-
ish stages.

Alternate Music: Super Mario Bros 3 track, which originated from the
first action level in the game, and from the map screen.

Tips: This stage is fairly big. Downwards KOs are almost impossible
unless the blocks are spinning or you are on the left side of the pipe.
Side KOs are hard to do to, as there is a diagonal pipe leading up one
side and a rocky ledge on the other. What I'm trying to say here, is
upwards attacks are the key. Combos into a meteor attack are great, as
are upwards throws. The spinning blocks need to have an eye kept out
for, as you will fall through them if spinning. Most attacks that are
executed while standing on/beside one of these blocks will make it spin.
Basically, rack up the damage, start a combo, and meteor/smash them
away, you should be fine. Recovering is pretty hard here, if you are
sent away, you will either be killed or have no trouble at all


Dream Land - Fountain of Dreams

Who's Stage: Kirby (Marth)

Games From: Kirby's Adventure (NES)

Description: There is one main platform, with 3 smaller platforms
forming a half circle on the top of the main. Sound familiar? It is. The
left and right platforms in the half-circle both move up and down.

Scenery: This has to be one of the most-detailed stages. The Sci-Fi
theme is covered very well by the dark space sky filled with all sorts
of stars and mysterious glows. The actual stage has purple, pink, and
teal covered trees along with spacey buildings surrounded by a golden
glowing halo. The fountain in the background has water running down the
sides that really looks like water. The shiny pool which makes up the
bottom main platform really adds to the mystery of the setting that is
the Fountain of Dream stage.

Music: Originates in Kirby Super Star. A more synthesized version of the
track played for Kirby's Stage in SSB.

Alternate Music: The Fire Emblem theme from the Fire Emblem series in
Japan plays in All-Star mode, starts with the music that plays when you
are about to recruit a character into your army, and ends with the title
theme of the original Fire Emblem.

Tips: This stage is pretty simple, so there are not a lot of tips I can
give you. The platforms on the left and right move up and down, so keep
an eye out if you are standing on them. Stage is small, but not nearly
the smallest, so smashes at low percentage can work. Dodge/roll is a
great maneuver in small stages ; use them to your advantage.


Dream Land - Green Greens

Who's Stage: Kirby (Kirby)

Games From: Kirby's Dream Land

Description: This stage is symmetrical. There is one main platform in
the center. Above that, there are two platforms, equal in height, off-
center. To the right and slightly below, there is another, smaller
platform. Same to the left and below. Between the center, left, and
right platforms, blocks stack up. By hitting these blocks, you destroy
them. If all of the blocks are gone, you can fall into a pit. There are
a few bomb-blocks, that if you hit, can cause damage. The tree in the
dead center often starts blowing air, which causes characters to be
pushed to one side or the other. Apples fall from this tree, too, which
can be thrown.

Scenery: Still to come.

Music: Based of the tune from the Green Greens area in Kirby's Dream

Alternate Music: Sometimes in Adventure Mode, Fountain of Dreams plays.

Tips: This stage has a few stage factors playing into them. The blocks
that stack up in the pits can be destroyed, so if you need to get
through quickly, just tap A to get rid of them. Some of the blocks have
flashing bombs on them. If so, don't hit these, as they will damage you
and could send you flying. Use this to your advantage. Grab an enemy and
throw him into the bombs for some good damage. If a couple of your
opponents are fighting by a bomb block, send a projectile over and bomb
them both up. Be careful, though. If you destroy all the blocks, you can
fall through the pits. More blocks will fall in time, although.
Another thing playing into how you battle is the Whispy Woods. It will
blow air, causing you to drift over to one direction. Be careful, as
this can blow you into bomb blocks, and that wouldn't be good. The tree
also drops apples occasionally, which can be thrown. To me, they
resemble Mr. Saturn, just colored red and without the nose and whiskers.
But I'm weird. :O


Lylat System - Corneria

Who's Stage: Fox and Falco (Fox)

Game From: Star Fox 64 (N64)

Description: You battle on the Starfox main ship, from a side view. If
you go to the left of the stage, you can go onto the back of the ship,
and be knocked into the wing-type wall. Arwings also fly in and shoot
lasers. If you attack the lasers just under the right side of the ship,
they will eventually shoot.

Scenery: This stage looks just like the Star Fox stage of the same name.
In the background, a foggy sky rises over the many gray-shade buildings.
This background really makes the Star Fox ship stand out. After a while,
the background changes to the ocean with the water everywhere and the
rocks sticking out of the water. All of the details, such as the Starfox
insignia painted on the ship, really show lots of time and effort. The
Arwings that fly in and out also look good.

Music: A mix of the approach on Venom from Star Fox 64, and the main
Star Fox theme.

Alternate Music:

Tips: This is another one of the biggest stages in the game. If fighting
in the middle, don't expect to kill a lot here unless you've got a good
meteor attack or up throw in your resume. Take it to the sides, and
smash your opponent away. There isn't a whole lot of room to come back
from the front side, so a throw could do just the trick.
On the left side of the ship, it drops, which has the fin on the top
acting as a wall. Repeatedly smashing opponents into this wall, then
after a few hits, throwing them towards the edge, seems to be a great
combo for me. Smacking people with the Home Run Bat with a Smash Attack
into the wall really gets on people's nerves.
The Arwings can be annoying. It often seems that they are aiming right
at the competitors. If you see an Arwing drop in above, then slow down
right in front of the fin, it is about to fire it's lasers straight
forward. Throwing your opponent into this fire can really tick them off,
and if they have a high enough percentage, can KO them.


Lylat System - Venom

Who's Stage: Fox and Falco

Game From: Star Fox 64 (N64) (Falco)

Description: Again, you are fighting on the main Starfox ship, but this
time from a front view. There are 4 wings which make up the battlefield.
While the ship is flying through its course, if you are knocked far away
while inside a cave, you can be stopped from being KO'ed. Again, Arwings
fly in and shoot lasers.

Scenery: Like the other Starfox stage, this stage looks just like the
planet from the N64 Star Fox stage, Venom. You start out flying around a
rocky terrain with a red-brown dust in the air. Lava shows up at places,
too. The area eventually changes to a cave, with blue and green glowing.
This all looks very good.
The actual Star Fox ship looks just like it did from the previous stage,
except that its from a front view now, and you can see where the Arwings
fly in and out.

Music: Remake of SSB: Sector Z stage.

Alternate Music: Corneria in Adventure mode.

Tips: This is the same ship that you battled on above, except from a
front view. This stage is in the medium-size range, so rolls and dodges
can help here. The 4 different wings that make up the platforms allow
for attacking from different directions, so this is where dodge really
shines. If being attacked from the middle of the ship, knocked outwards,
roll behind your enemy and give him some of his own medicine. This
tactic seems more effective to me than it sounds.
Arwings fly in sometimes, shoot their lasers, and can temporarily used
as platforms.
This stage has a big recovery area, so don't give up if being hit. While
inside the cave, it is possible to be hit back towards the stage when
sent flying, saving you from an otherwise certain KO. If you have a
chance, kill the opponent right before entering the cave. This will keep
you from being robbed by the cave, and will have time to damage your
opponent, then KO them once again right outside the cave.


Planet Zebes - Brinstar

Who's Stage: Samus (Samus)

Game From: Metroid (NES), Super Metroid (SNES)

Description: Well, there's a main platform, and there are 3 smaller
platforms making a half circle around the top (can you say
"repetitive"?). The top center platform is slightly off center. Acidic
lava flows up from the bottom of the course, and will gradually creep
its way farther and farther up every time it goes up and down. When it
is at its highest point, the only safe spot is the top center platform.
If you attack the things that move in the bottom of the stage, the stage
will literally split in half for a short period of time.
Scenery: In the background is Samus's home planet, Brinstar. Below, a
bright yellow acidic lava creeps up and down, dangerous to you if you
come in contact with it. Vines and other sorts of weird, creepy,
alienish things are hanging around the cave. Pipeline is hung up on both
sides of the stage, at the top. The actual stage is full of lights,
walkways, and other modern stuff while also having the same alienish
stuff being hung from it. Looks oddly like Jellyfish with acne, lol.

Music: This is a mix of songs. It starts out with the main Brinstar
theme from Metroid, then a part where Samus would materialize after
saving, then moves onto the music from the Metroid/Super Metroid title

Alternate Music:

Tips: This stage has a pretty big recovery range, while the actual stage
isn't that huge. Dodgeing and rolling, like always, can help you out a
lot here. If you hit the missle looking things just off-center to the
right of the middle of the bottom platform, you can make the stage split
in half for a short time. If in a three player battle, try to do this
when your enemies are attacking each other on the left half, so you can
jump to the right and pester them with projectiles.
The lava that rises and falls can stop spikes, so try to not use them as
your main KOing attack here. If thrown down into rising lava, the person
will be sent flying back upwards with considerably more damage, and a
possible combo starter. A good item throw can knock them to the side,
too, resulting in a KO. Sometimes, a Beam Sword is better to throw than
to hold onto and smack around with.


Eagleland - Onett

Who's Stage: Ness (Ness)

Game From: Earthbound (SNES)

Description: The bottom of the level is the ground, so there are no
downwards KOs. You can walk right out of the course for a KO, though.
The drug store in the middle has two blue-and-white striped platforms
that you can stand on, but sometimes come crashing down. The house to
its left has one ledge you can stand on to the right, one platform which
makes up the roof, and the tree above that you can stand upon. Two
branches of the tree are stable. To the right of the drug store, there
is another house, which has only one platform, the roof (the chimney is
part of the roof). However, there is a banner above it that is worthy
for fighting on. Cars often come speeding by on the side of the road,
and can knock you up and away.

Scenery: The background consists of a bright blue sky and many mountain
ledges. In front of that, a community of houses and stores makes up the
area of our stage, Ness's hometown, Onett. Roads, paths, and yards all
have incredible detail. There is even a bulldozer digging a ditch back
The actual stage also shows lots of work. The Drug Store has each
individual brick, and some of them with differing colors. When you jump
on the branches, leaves fly out and slowly fall to the ground. There are
so many little details that you would see in everyday life on this
stage, it's impossible to list them all, as it would take up 25k and be
considered "filler".

Music: Titled "Mother", it is a mix of the "Bein' Friends" and "Maria's
Theme" tracks from the game of the same name that was released only in

Alternate Music: The Mother 2 theme, which is actually Polyanna's Theme
from the original Mother.

Tips: There is no way to get KO'ed by getting knocked downwards in this
stage, so no spikes. Dodgeing is great here. Many platforms are all
around here, ranging from rooftops to flag banners to tree limbs, so try
to get an aerial attack going. If you've got a good projectile person
(Samus, Link), stand afar and bombs away. Once you've racked up damage
in any of these ways, come up and smash them away for the kill.
Pokeballs here are good, as there is not one main platform, but many
small spaces, so a single Pokemon can do significant damage.
The cars that fly by on the roads can knock you off your feet and do a
little damage, but they won't KO you unless you have a LOT of damage, as
the houses on both sides should protect you from that. A good tactic is
to smack your opponents around, then when you see the "!" pop up, spike
them down and watch them get nailed by a car. Hilarious, and practical.
Not to mention that if they are a human opponent, the embarrased faces


F-Zero Grand Prix - Mute City

Who's Stage: Capt. Falcon (Capt. Falcon)

Game From: F-Zero (SNES), F-Zero X (N64), F-Zero Advance (GBA)
Description: One of those moving courses, but this one isn't much like
the others. Often, you have a main platform to stand on as the course
moves. This ride takes you through the course, and sometimes the racers
will come flying by. If you get hit, you WILL be knocked up. After a
while, changing through all the courses and pit stops (pit stops,
meaning every time the course stops and another set of platforms pops up
for a few seconds), you finally come back to the beginning, where you do
it all again.

Scenery: The foggy city that this track runs through has buildings
scattered around. The starting line that has the words "GO" on the
banners, the lights on those banners flicker. The cars can be seen
coming from way back in the track, and when they finally do come by,
they seem to have a great sense of speed. While maintaining that sense
of speed, they each have there own color scheme and number. There isn't
a whole lot else to say about this stage, but when you see it, it does
seem very detailed, contrary to my description. I'm not sure why I can't
describe it, but it seems much more complicated.

Music: F Zero and F Zero-X Mute City track theme.

Alternate Music: Big Blue in Adventure Mode. The Mach Rider theme from
the NES game Mach Rider starts with the title screen theme then moves
onto the battle theme. This plays only in Adventure Mode.

Tips: This stage moves quite fast. While on the platform that takes you
from place to place, stay towards the middle and attack towards the
outside, as it is easy to be KO'ed. If a charged up smash is coming your
way, a quick roll and poke can set them off guard, while you set up the
combo or charge your own smash. If you do happen to be stuck on the
edge, stay away from the road, as it acts just like the lava in
Brinstar. Again, do upon others as you don't want done upon you. Grab
them and throw them onto the road for some good damage.
When the platform stops at one of its many stops, use the platforms if
any to your advantage. Attack from all angles, so that it gives your
opponent no time to charge up a KO'ing smash. When the cars come racing
by, try to stay in the air for as long as possible (or on top of a
platform), while trying to keep your opponent down. The more damage that
the cars do to your opponent, the better, as the higher he gets hit by
the cars, the better the opportunity for you to come in and juggle him


Kanto - Pokemon Stadium

Who's Stage: Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Pichu, Mewtwo (Pokemon Stadium)

Games From: Pokemon Stadium 1/2

Description; This stage starts off to appear to be very simple, with
just one main platform and two smaller platforms above the main, one on
each side. But, it soon changes into one of its three forms (Grass,
Water, and Fire) where the background changes and all of the platforms
change with it. In a future update, I will put the descriptions of every

Scenery: The stadium that you are battling in is actually in the middle
of Kanto. If you look carefully, in the background you can see buildings
of all sorts, lights, and a dark sky with scattered clouds. To the right
of the scoreboard, you can see a mountain line.
Inside the stadium, there are people filling every seat. Bright lights
are shining on the battlefield, conveying a realistic sense of light.
Below the stadium, there is a pool looking area, maybe for Water pokemon
The actual stage shows incredible detail, especially the different forms
that it turns into. They each have there own little plants and rocks,
platforms, and details unique to themselves. This is a VERY detailed
stage. And, you can't forget that really cool screen in the background
that shows the score, the action happening, or the contestants!

Music: Title theme from Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow, used from Pokemon

Alternate Music:

Tips: This is a fairly small stage, so rolling and dodging is essential.
On all different stages inside the stage, keep attacking from all
direction and poking people away, or chucking items and harrassing with
projectiles. If you do happen to get in a close fight with someone else,
use the roll to your advantage, and smash them out ASAP. It doesn't take
a whole lot to smash someone out of this stage.


Mushroom Kingdom

Who's Stage: Mario, Dr.Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Peach, Yoshi, etc... all
Mario characters. (Luigi)

Game From: Super Mario(NES), Super Mario All-Stars(SNES)

Description: There is one main platform in the middle. On both sides of
it are platforms that are even with the main, and go on to the end of
the stage (meaning you could walk right out). Above the two pits formed
by the three platforms, there are 2 little platforms on a string, that
act as a scale. If one side is heavier than the other, that side will
fall. If it falls to far, the string will break and the platform will
fall. In the middle of the screen, above the main platform, are two rows
of those famous Super Mario brick blocks. If you hit these, they will be
destroyed. If one of these bears a blinking question mark, if you hit it
an item will come out. There are also smaller rows of three above the
two side platforms.

Scenery: This is the classic Mario background. You can see Mario's old
enemies walking around back there, on top of those unforgiving
mushrooms. The classic Mario sky is present, as are the blocks from that
actual game. This stage gives a very nostalgic feel for old-time gamers.

Music: Exact copy of Super Mario Bros: Overworld theme. When there are
30 seconds left in the match, the music plays as it did when you started
to run out of time in Super Mario Bros.

Alternate Music: Super Mario Bros 3 track in Adventure Mode, which
originated from the first action level in the game, and from the map
screen. The Dr. Mario theme is the Fever Theme from the Dr. Mario games.

Tips: Not a whole lot of room for down KOing here, so don't try unless
you are directly above the pit. It is pretty easy to KO off the side
here, so getting your opponent over to you on the side, then rolling
back and knocking them away is a great way to knock them off. The
platforms on a string, try to stay off them as much as you can, because
when the strings break, they fall fast, and could kill you if you happen
to be doing something at the moment, such as picking up a crate.
The blocks can be a great asset to you. If fighting below both sets of
blocks, and you get smashed HARD, these blocks can stop you and let you
fight to another day. The item blocks (flashing question marks)
sometimes have good items, and can be picked up easily. Standing on
these blocks for sniping away with arrows, fireballs, thundershocks,
etc. is also a great use.


- 6 . U N L O C K A B L E  S T A G E S                                -

A list of the unlockable stages.

Planet Zebes - Brinstar Depths
Eagleland - Fourside
F-Zero Grand Prix - Big Blue
Kanto Skies - Poke Floats
Mushroom Kingdom 2
Superflat World - Flat Zone
Past Stages - Kongo Jungle
Past Stages - Yoshi's Island
Past Stages - Dream Land
Special Stages - Final Destination
Special Stages - Battlefield

I will be using the same method of describing the stages as above,
except this time with the "How to Unlock" section filled in.


Planet Zebes - Brinstar Depths

Who's Stage: Samus (Ganondorf)

Game From: Metroid (NES), Super Metroid (SNES)

How to Unlock: 50 VS Matches

Description: This stage has 4 sides too it. It spins around, switching
sides every 30 seconds or so. Each side has differing platform positions
and the layout.


Music: Kraid's Lair for the first minute, then it switches to the "item
area" music from Metroid.

Alternate Music:

Tips: This stage will go round and round, so you need to stay at the top
at all time. If the stage is turning, and say maybe a great item is
about to fall off the edge, let it go, so that instead of you risking a
life for a small chance of KOing the opponent, neither you nor the enemy
will get the item, causeing no advantage or disadvantage to either.
Rolling and dodging is essential here, as you are often battling on very
small spaces. Aerial attacks are good here, so mix it up. Don't abuse
any one attack, because if you give your opponent any chance to knock
you away, it could mean death in this small, unforgiving stage. Not a
whole lot else to say about this one.


Eagleland - Fourside

Who's Stage: Ness (Pichu)

Game From: Earthbound (SNES)

How to Unlock: 100 VS Matches

Description: There is a building in the middle, that is split into
halves, with one half being the highest point in the stage and the other
one as one of the lowest. The left side has many ledges, while the right
is completly flat. To the right of that, a flat platform lies lower than
all of the others in the stage. To the right of the middle building,
there is a platform that builders would work on that swings left and
right, and below that another building which makes up a smaller
platform. A UFO appears on the top right of the stage and the top left.


Music: Starts out with the music that plays when Ness explores Fourside.
Moves to the Cave theme from when the party explores caves, and ends
with the Sound Stone melody.

Alternate Music: Battle Theme in All-Star mode, from Pokemon
Gold/Silver/Crystal. A mix of the normal battle theme from these games,
the gym battles from this game too, and ends with the Red/Blue/Yellow
title theme.

Tips: This stage has a high vertical limit, so knocking off to the side
is recommended. Don't give up a good chance for a spike down in a pit
here, although. The many buildings and platforms give you small spaces
to battle on, so a lot of battling will occur while passing in the air.
Dodging here will save you from a lot of damage.
The UFO that appears can be stood on, but isn't a recommended place for
battle because of the slow movement and slipperyness of it. Knocking
your opponent up towards this might cause them to land on this, setting
you up for an easy up+a aerial attack to knock them away. Keep jumping
here, and if you get the chance, pick a perch and snipe away.


F-Zero Grand Prix - Big Blue

Who's Stage: Capt. Falcon

Game From: F-Zero (SNES), F-Zero X (N64), F-Zero Advance (GBA)

How to Unlock: 150 VS Matches

Description: Almost all of the battling on this stage takes place on the
cars that are racing around the track. You start off on this flying ship
type thing, and can jump down on top of the cars. The cars gradually
move from one side of the screen to the other, all while keeping an
intense sense of speed. Just make sure to stay off the track, because
although you can use it to get to the left side of the stage, if you
stay on too long, you will be carried too far and get KO'ed.


Music: F Zero and F Zero-X Big Blue track theme.

Alternate Music: The Mach Rider theme from the NES game Mach Rider
starts with the title screen theme then moves onto the battle theme.

Tips: As soon as you get in the stage, jump down below onto the cars.
Your enemy should follow. As soon as he reaches you, smash him into the
road. About half the time, this should result in a KO.
Mainly here, keep this at an aerial game. Sometimes, when the cars are
all packed up, you can mix it up on the ground, but there are often a
lot of spaces between the cars, which makes it hard to attack via land.
Dodges are great here, but just make sure that you land on a car, or
else you could just tack on a self-destruct right there. Items that you
shoot, such as the star rod, super scope, or ray gun, are good here for
the fact that you are often level with the other cars on the road,
allowing you to blast them away. Use the platforms to your advantage,
and come flying in with a kick grap throw combo, or anything that works
for you.


Kanto Skies - Poke Floats

Who's Stage: Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Pichu, Mewtwo (Jigglypuff)

Game From: Never in a Pokemon Game, but Kanto is in various Pokemon

How to Unlock: 200 VS Matches

Description: This stage is another one of those moving stages. You fight
on various pokemon as they float in and out of the screen. The order
that you can fight on them is below, starting with the first one that
you start out on, Squirtle, and ending on the last one, Geodude. After
Geodude, Squirtle appears again, and the order starts over.


Music: A mix of the trainer-battle music and gym-battle music from
Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow.

Alternate Music: Battle Theme, from Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal. A mix
of the normal battle theme from these games, the gym battles from this
game too, and ends with the Red/Blue/Yellow title theme.

Tips: This stage is basically another keep-up-with-the-stage-and-you'll-
do-fine stages. Don't stand much on any of the Pokemon that aren't
steady with their movements and slow moving. Stay away from Unown, for
an example.
A good mix of the battling will happen here. Dodges and rolls are
essential for surviving. Spikes work great here, and will often kill
quickly. This stage has a little bit of everything, so use all that
you've combined. Items, projectiles, smashes, pokes, rolls, dodges,
evasion, grabs, throws, everything. Do a little of it all, and you
should do fine. Stay towards the middle of the screen and stay on sturdy
pokemon, and those chances will increase.


Mushroom Kingdom 2

Who's Stage: Any Mario Character (Dr. Mario)

Game From: Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES), Super Mario All-Stars (SNES)

How to Unlock: Birdo Trophy (Lottery, Classic, Adventure, can get it any
of those ways)

Description: The middle of the stage is basically just one medium-sized
platform lower than the side platforms, with a pit on both sides.
Sometimes logs float down the river in the background, and when they
reach the pits, can be stood on, until they fall down the waterfall. On
the outside sides of those two pits are land, which act as a platform.
They stretch to the end of the stage, so it is possible to walk off for
a KO. Flying in the middle is one of those Flying Carpet enemies, and
you can go for a ride on the carpet without being hurt by the nasty
evil-eyed ball type thing. A classic NES looking Birdo also appears on
the sides, shooting out eggs that can hurt you.

Scenery: This looks just like the first Super Mario Bros 2 stages, with
the same NES-looking graphics. In the background, a scenery of trees and
bushes lies below the classic Mario skies, with scattered clouds and a
very pale sky-blue sky. A river leading to a waterfall rages down the
middle of the background. On the sides, you can see those vines you can
climb up in the original game, the tall pots, and those trademark
squareish hills. Even cherries float above the hills.

Music: Copy of the Super Mario Bros. 2  World 1-1 music. When there are
30 seconds left in the match, the boss music from Super Mario Bros 2

Alternate Music: The Dr.Mario theme is the Fever Theme from the Dr.
Mario games.

Tips: Here, you can just walk off the edge, so keep towards the center
attacking outwards. Lots of rolls and dodges, like always, will keep you
alive, then a throw with high damage will make sure you score. Spiking
down the pits will work, as will good meteor attacks. There isn't a
whole lot of room for error here, so just keep with it, and you'll do
fine. Attack upwards whenever possible, and keep from being attacked


Superflat World - Flat Zone

Who's Stage: Mr. Game & Watch (Mr. Game & Watch)

Game From: Game & Watch Unit

How to Unlock: Beat Classic with Mr. Game & Watch

Description: This stage takes place in one of the original Game & Watch
units. You can jump/walk right out of the screen in any direction
besides below you for a KO. On the right, a housetop roof makes a small
platform. On the left, 3 balconies also serve as tiny platforms. In the
middle, a guy from one of the Game & Watch minigames holds up parts of
two different height ledges. This is another fairly simple stage.

Scenery: The background is a reversal of the Helmet minigame from the
Game & Watch unit (thanks CyricZ). The very simple house on the right
has a door, and trees above it. The balconys on the right have little
fences on the bottom two (Why isn't there one on the top one? The top
one is potentially the most dangerous of the 3, and therefore should
have a fence. The bottom one doesn't need a fence, as there is a
platform right by it. Well, that's not the point.) This is by far one of
the most simplest stage backgrounds in the whole game, but that's
because that is what it should be like, not programming's fault.

Music: A theme created for Super Smash Bros. Melee, using bleeps and
buzzes from the original Game & Watch.

Alternate Music: N/A

Tips: Not a whole lot to say here. You can walk off the side, so be
careful. A pretty small stage with a few ledges, so rolling and dodging
is great. Smashing at low-medium damage will kill your opponent because
of the small area here, so keep your damage low and smash all the time.
Use the ledges and attack from all the angles, and always mix it up.
Make sure your opponent never knows your next move, and you'll succeed.


Past Stages - Kongo Jungle

Who's Stage: Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong)

Game From: Donkey Kong Country (1,2,3)

How to Unlock: Clear 15 Minute Melee

Description: A main platform with a half circle of smaller platforms,
similar as before.


Music: Exact copy from SSB Kongo Jungle Stage, which originated from
Donkey Kong Country.

Alternate Music: N/A

Tips: This is a normal stage with one main and a two in both top corners
that are smaller. Use a mix of aerial attacks and ground attacks, while
always mixing it up. Smash at medium percentage on up will KO in this
small stage. Dodge and roll will protect you. Don't forget about the
spinning barrel that can save you from falling, if needed.


Past Stages - Yoshi's Island

Who's Stage: Yoshi (Yoshi)

Game From: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

How to Unlock: Use Yoshi to hit more than 1,350 ft in Home Run Contest
(DMorgan via Codes + Secrets)
Description: A main platform with a half circle of smaller platforms,
similar as before.


Music: Exact copy from SSB Yoshi's Island stage, which originated from
Yoshi's Story.

Alternate Music: N/A

Tips: This is a normal stage with one main and a half circle of three
smaller. Use a mix of aerial attacks and ground attacks, while always
mixing it up. Smash at medium percentage on up will KO in this small
stage. Dodge and roll will protect you. Don't forget about the clouds
that you can use as a platform, if needed.


Past Stages - Dream Land

Who's Stage: Kirby (Kirby)

Game From: Kirby's Dream Land

How to Unlock: Clear Break the Targets with everybody (including secret
characters) with a combined time of 25 minutes or less.

Description: A main platform with a half circle of smaller platforms,
similar as before.


Music: Exact copy from SSB Dream Land stage, which originated from Kirby
Super Star.

Alternate Music: N/A

Tips: This is a normal stage with one main and a half circle of three
smaller. Use a mix of aerial attacks and ground attacks, while always
mixing it up. Smash at medium percentage on up will KO in this small
stage. Dodge and roll will protect you. The tree will blow sometimes, so
keep an eye out for that.


Special Stages - Final Destination

Who's Stage: N/A (Roy) (Master Hand, Crazy Hand, Giga Bowser)

Game From: N/A

How to Unlock: Clear Event Mode

Description: Just a flat platform. Perfect for even 1 on 1 matches. A
very simple stage.


Music: In One-Player, it is much like Battlefield but also relates
back to the original Super Smash Bros theme.

Alternate Music: The Fire Emblem theme from the Fire Emblem series in
Japan plays in All-Star mode, starts with the music that plays when you
are about to recruit a character into your army, and ends with the title
theme of the original Fire Emblem.

Tips: This is just a flat stage, so no obstacles to get in your way. Use
everything you know, dodging and rolling, and throws, and you should be
fine. A few smashes in there wouldn't hurt, as would aerial attacking.


Special Stages - Battlefield

Who's Stage: N/A (Fighting Wire Frames)

Game From: N/A

How to Unlock: Clear All Star on any level/mode

Description: A basic main platform, with a half-circle of smaller
platforms on top. Another simple stage.


Music: Battle Theme, from Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal. A mix of the
normal battle theme from these games, the gym battles from this game
too, and ends with the Red/Blue/Yellow title theme.

Alternate Music: Poke Floats in classic/all-star mode.

Tips: This is another very simple stage. Just use everything you know,
same as before. The stage is smaller lengthwise, although, so smashing
is even more effective here. Use the platforms and get some angled
attacks going too, and you should be fine. Don't forget about

- 7 . O T H E R                                                       -

Someday, it will happen.

- 8 . C R E D I T S                                                   -

There are many people I would like to credit for the help with making
this guide.

CJayC, for doing an awesome job with GameFAQS and taking his precious
limited time to put this FAQ up when he could be responding to some
nasty e-mails..., for hosting this FAQ.

CyricZ, thanks A BUNCH for letting me use part of your very good
Nostalgia FAQ for the music and alternate music for the stages.

MarioMax, for his thoughts on all of the stages, before I removed the

Majin Slu, for his Stage Ratings and some info on where each of the
character plays in All-Star mode, before I removed the ratings.

Tha Pyngwyn, for the 25 minute or under on unlocking Past Stages: Dream Land.

Nintendo and HAL Labs for making this awesome game.

The SSBM Board from Gfaqs, you guys help me with this game every day,
and I hope I help some of you in return.

Thanks to DMorgan for contributing the Yoshi Island Past stage secret,
I unlocked it, but wasn't sure how.

If I missed anyone, I'm sorry, you know who you are ;).

- 9 . C O N T A C T  I N F O                                          -

You can reach me at. Also, I am also on AIM
occassionaly, give me a shout - my sn is. Any and ALL
Questions/Comments/Complaints are welcome (well, except the complaints

Please, before e-mailing me, put the name of the game and FAQ in the
subject line. Make sure it absolutely isn't in the FAQ. Thanks.

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