Mr. Game and Watch by JBernal

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Smash Bros. Melee
Mr. Game & Watch FAQ
Written By:Himura
Copyright (c) 2002 by Joel Bernal
All rights reserved
2.Character info
3.Plus and Minus
5.Strategy (general)
6.Strategy-vs. character
7.Level strategies-incomplete
9.Credits/Legal Beef
I.Version-This is the first FAQ that I have attempted, but expect a lot 
of information to be packed in.  As I figure out more Game and Watch 
strategies, etc., I will update this FAQ further.  Questions are also 
welcome, and will get credit as long as they haven't been asked already.  
Feel free to send in your G&W strategies and I will be glad to add them 
Status-Version 1.0-not complete (expect more to come)
2.Character Profile
Mr. Game and Watch is one of the "What the?!" characters in Melee.  Most 
gamers now do not know his orgins, except for those who have been around 
since the earliest days of gaming.  Mr. Game & Watch hails from a series 
of small handheld games called "Game & Watch".  Each Game and Watch had 
a different game.  Some games involved controlling the little shadow 
person (Mr. G & W) based on the objective of the game.  In "Fire" for 
example, Mr. G&W had to use a trampoline to rescue falling
people and bounce them to the ambulance for points.  In "Lion", Mr. G&W 
had to fend off a group of angry lions.  There were around 20+ Game and 
Watch games, and all were very popular, causing Nintendo to emerge as a 
successful gaming company.  The Game and Watch was created by Gumpei 
Yokoi, who also made the Game Boy.  Mr. Game and watch returns
once again, this time in 128 bits, to fight against more familiar 
nintendo trademarks. Unlike the rest of the characters, Game and Watch 
is actually in 2D, and retains familiar sounds, and has animations 
resembling an old game in his attacks.
3.Pluses and Minuses
Easy to control since he isn't fast
Good third jump move
Excels against long range characters
Has 2 potential killer moves
Varied moves
Has some fast moves and others with lots of range and power
Annoying taunt
Makes annoying and cool noises
He's 2-D!!!
Camo-factor (discussed in level Strategy)
Moves a bit slow sometimes
Cannot really function against multiple opponents at one time
Double jump is kinda crappy (but his third makes up for it)
Lightweight, and will fly pretty easy
4.Moves-Mr. G&W will require some practice with his moves before you can 
do good with him. There is variety in his moves, so fooling your 
opponent will never be a hard thing to do.  On the flip side, it 
requires that you be able to remember when to use them since there's
a lot to use at your disposal.  G&W's attacks can range from crappy to 
insanely powerful, so take note of that.  His regular attacks also have 
good priority, damage, distance, and range.  If you're a G&W junkie, 
there's another strategy guide that has the respective G&W games each
move comes from.
Press A-Bug spray/Greenhouse-G&W will pull out his sprayer and fire at 
the opponent for minor damage (2-5%).  Pressing A repeatedly will result 
in a multi shot attack, much like Fox's kick combo or C. Falcon's punch 
combo, though a bit slower, and can be broken out of.  However, if 
opponents are against a wall, its great to use to rack up some damage.  
Otherwise, two to three shots is enough before they can start trying to 
knock you back.  Great to use whenever someone is running at you to 
attack and you're standing still to stop their attack and hit them in 
the process.

Dash+A-Helmet-G&W will run at his enemies, put on a football helmet, 
duck, and then proceed to headbutt opponents.  The problem with this 
attack is that G&W will go into a weird animation as he ducks his head 
before hitting the opponent, slowing him down, and leaving you open to 
attack.  Unlike other character's dash moves, this is best used when you 
get pretty close to your opponent so they will get hit during the 
startup animation.  It also knocks them upwards, setting them up for
a quick upwards smash.  Causes roughly 7% damage. I use it moderately. 

Forward+A-Chair-G&W will pull out his chair, and slam it forwards, 
clocking opponents over the head.  This one is a bit slow, but you can 
use it since it has great range, and a little longer attack time
during the animation (opponents who touch the chair a little after it 
falls still will still take a hit).  Its strong too (6-10%), can hit 
multiple opponents, and will get some good flying distance or can
kill lightweights at high percentages.  Avoid it at lower percentages 
though, since it will not move the opponent all that much, and the lag 
time will leave you open to counterattacks.  I like this move a lot.

Down+A-Floor/Manhole-As the name implies, this attack uses a piece of 
the floor.  G&W will flip a piece of the floor from under an opponent 
(even though its black) and send them upwards.  I like this move better 
than the downwards smash since its much quicker, is about equally 
powerful, and can be done a couple of times for a quick combo on a fresh 
opponent.  It causes around 10% damage, but will send em flying at high 
percentages (around 90 is enough for lighter ones).  It also knocks them 
upwards, setting them up for the scuba helmet.  A great surprise move 
too-if they are trying to run and grab, flip the floor out from under 
them.  One of my surprise moves.

Up+A-Flag-G&W pulls out a big flag and waves it over his head, knocking 
anyone hit upwards for decent distance.  It has about as much damage as 
the floor, and it too has great range above, and a little to the sides.  
Great for getting jumping idiots, and killing them at higher 
percentages.  Alternatively, hit them upwards with this,
and then follow up with a scuba helmet for some good damage.  This one 
is kinda quick, and the recovery is quick.  I use this for idiots who 
like coming from above.
Smash attacks-Require you to press the A button as you tap any direction 
at the same time.  G&W has strong smash attacks besides the double 
hammer, and the range is about as good as a swordsman's attacks.  Some 
of them are a bit slow though...

UP+A-Scuba Helmet/Octopus-Game and Watch will put on a scuba helmet, 
lean his body back, and then slam his head forwards, hitting anyone 
above him for heavy damage and distance.  If you charge, he will remain 
in the leaning back animation until you reach full power or let go.  Its 
got great priority, but its kinda slow to come out, which can be a good 
or bad thing, depending on your timing and anticipation.  Its a great 
way to finish an upwards throw or floor attack.  Causes about 23% when 
fully charged, and can send people into the background or TV screen with 
about 70-80 percent.  If fully charged, it adds more to the distance.  
Has decent range too.

Down+A-Double Hammer/Vermin-Game and Watch pulls out a hammer in each 
hand, and slams them to the ground.  This move is not powerful enough to 
really kill anyone unless their damage is high, which you are better off 
then using the flag or floor attack.  Its slow, and you can get hit 
during startup.  It hits both sides though, and has good range due to
the mallets, and should be used as a clearout move if anything.  At 
least you will damage them somewhat(13%), and might get a kill if you're 

Forward+A-Torch/Fire-G&W will hold out a torch in one hand, and then 
will bonk an opponent over the head with it.  If fully charged, this 
will kill opponents around 50 percent with ease.  Takes off about 25% 
when charged, and sends them flying real far.  An uncharged attack will 
cause about 14% and its pretty quick to come out.  This move has the 
best range of G&W's smashes.  The opponent will light on fire when hit 
by the torch, and will get stunned for a moment.  Great move for
edge guarding.
Air moves-G&W is a pretty good character in the air too, since he hits 
strong and has good priority and range.  Vary your moves, keep on 
jumping, and you will piss people off and kill them in the process.

A-Parachute-As you fall and do this move, G&W will open up a big 
parachute.  It does about 15% damage, and is a power hit.  The radius is 
pretty large, and you can hit opponents above you, as well as to the 
sides.  A good use for this is to time it to where the parachute will be 
fully open as you land, so if there's anyone on either side of you, they 
will be knocked back pretty hard.  Never use this move when directly 
above someone or you will get whacked since his underside is still open.  
This move will kill opponents at a lower percentage than other moves, 
and if you can catch them in the air with about 90%, 
they will die consistently, especially lightweights like Pichu.  One of 
the better A air attacks in the entire game.

Up+A-Spray-Like the regular A move, G&W will spray his opponent, only he 
will aim upwards.  This move serves as a cheap juggle.  It takes off 
only about 7% per shot, so don't use it to kill opponents.  Better 
suited for adding on a little damage if you don't want to take a risk 
with the scuba helmet.  You can fire off another shot by pressing A 
again.  After two shots, G&W will stop for recovery for about a half 
second, and then you can fire off two rounds again.  Decent range, but 
no real distance, though you can hit them with both shots when they 
aren't at high percentages.  Don't use this too much, or you might get 
clobbered by a spike.

Down+A-Key-This move works like Link's Downwards thrust, except it has a 
G&W twist added in.  Rather than using a sword to impale opponents, G&W 
pulls out a key and drops on top of an opponent's head.  Is used the 
same way however.  Takes off about 10% damage.  Unlike Link's thrust, 
G&W will recover faster if he misses, and a little shockwave will be 
created when he hits the ground, and can damage opponents lightly if 
they are near.  Against a fresh character or large character, this can 
hit twice-once with the key, once with the little wave.  Feel free to 
use this repeatedly, especially against bigger people.  A good clear out 
move if you decide to jump into the fray also.  Against smaller people, 
or to annoy and rack up damage, hop up, and quickly perform the move.  
Repeat over and over again, just don't miss, and if they are constantly 
trying to smash you up, their attack will be too slow and will get 
cancelled out by yours.  Can kill too at reasonable percentages.  This 
same combo will work with Link's move too.

Forward+A-Briefcase-I'm really not sure what this is since his moves are 
ripped sprites of different things from G&W games, but it sorta
looks like one, so I decided on it.  This is by far my favorite aerial 
move of G&W's period.  It will cause about 15% damage, and has as
much range and more priority than the chair shot.  Its also 
powerful(14%), and can KO Mario's around 90 percent.  Like the chair, it 
a longer attack time, and when you land, you can still hit opponents.  
Great for jumping in towards someone, and you don't have to worry
about getting hit since the range is superb.  You can do another cheap 
combo with this-hop forwards, briefcase, and repeat.  However, if
you are trying to land and you are slamming the case at someone, you 
will have to recover and can be left open for attack.  Great for 
those assmasters who like to jump around all the time...

Back+A-Turtle-This move is okay, I don't use it too much since its kinda 
hard to connect with fully.  G&W will pull out a turtle from 
who knows where, and it will bite opponents about 4 times for 3 percent 
damage per hit.  Unless you are directly near the opponent, the
turtle will usually miss a few bites.  Unless all of them connect, they 
will hardly get knocked back.  Its quicker than some of his other 
moves, and is good to use if you are landing and someone's behind you.  
Don't expect any kills at all though.

Special moves-This area is where Mr. Game and Watch is really unique.  
Mastering his special moves and mixing them with regular attacks
will make you own any other character.  They are varied, and can be used 
effectively in many different situations.  Two of them can also
kill in one hit...

B-Sausages/Chef-This is my favorite B move in the entire game (maybe its 
because G&W is that darn cool...).  He pulls out his frying pan, and 
flips sausages into the air.  Each sausage will cause about 3-4% damage, 
and its the perfect move to be an assmaster with.  You can fire up to 
five sausages consecutively before you have to stop briefly for a 
recovery.  However, time your button presses a little slower, and you
won't have to worry about stopping and leaving an opening.  This move is 
used best when above an opponent, or when faraway from them.
The sausages go different distances when flipped, some land close, 
others go far, but you will hit with at least two of them usually, even
against midgets like Kirby.  This move has another use-The frying pan in 
his hand will burn opponents if they come into contact with it for
about 10 percent damage, and sends them in a straight, slightly 
downwards path, meaning its a great way to screw someone over if they 
get burned off the edge with a high damage rating.  If you are against 
Giga Bowser or another giant character, jump in their face, and start
flippin' those sausages.  You will hit with every one, and the frying 
pan will burn at least twice as long as they're decently fresh, 
causing at least 30% damage.  Its also great when you got them cornered, 
since they will get burned for sure.  Stop flipping if someone gets 
close, or is running and doesn't get hit, because there is a delay 
before you can block or move, leaving you open for a good hit.
When you get giant, unlike other character's projectiles, the sausages 
will also grow bigger with the pan, though they won't go as far.
Same goes when you're tiny, except the sausages get small, and they fly 
FAR, allowing you to be a punk from even farther away.  Another use is 
if you are playing super sudden death-A sausage will send them flying 
far, and getting burnt is a sure kill.  If the ratio is at 2.0 also, a 
sausage is enough to kill(ask my friend who got killed by one).  It 
seems overrated, but the sausages are a necessary part of G&W strategy.  
Its also a good edge guard move to stop third jumps and such.  I am 
compelled to use the awesome powers of kick arse sausages whenever I use 
Mr. Game and Watch.

Forward+B-Judgement-This is the most random of all of G&W's moves, as 
its nine attacks in one.  Game and Watch pulls out a hammer, and
a number appears above his head from one to nine.  The numbers are as 
1-Causes one percent damage to opponents, and twelve to yourself.  Sucks 
if you get this...
2-Taps the opponent with the mallet-causes as much damage as a A attack 
(3-5%)-A little faster too.
3-Makes a fan sound, and functions the same-causes about 3% damage, and 
will mess up a shield somewhat.
4-Makes that sound when a sword hits and works the same-causes 5-10% 
5-10-15% damage, and zaps the opponent with electricity (stuns for a 
moment too)
6-Works like 5, except it causes about 10%, and sets them on fire 
7-Causes damage like a "B" move, and does corresponding distance; 
nothing all that special...but you do get a food item also
8-Causes about 8% damage and freezes-the higher the damage, the longer 
they stay frozen, and the higher they fly.
9-Anyone hit by this is about 99% screwed-This works like a smash attack 
with the home run bat-G&W will spark, and whack enemies with the
mallet, sending them flying for the sure KO as long as the wall is not 
there to stop them.  Causes 25% damage, so its a win-win either way.
You usually kill them though, and you can hit multiple opponents with 
The number pulled is totally random, and you have a 1 in 9 chance of 
pulling a 9, though I get it fairly often.  A great move to use, 
especially if you get fire, electricity, freeze, or the kill.  The more 
you use it, the more you get the better stuff.  The range isn't 
spectacular, although you will hit with this more times than none.  You 
can use this when you are falling down to surprise them, and if you
pull out a 9 and you are jumping into the fray, everyone's screwed and 
you will be declared a cheapie and everyone will get mad and gang up
on you (Time to get the frying pan-hungry for sausage, anyone?)  I use 
it fairly often.

Down+B-Oil Panik-This move is what makes Game and Watch excel against 
people who like to use the Super Scope, Ray Gun, or any "energy"
type of projectile (Fox blasters, Samus Charge Shots, PK thunder, etc.).  
Most people wonder what the hell it does since he just pulls out a 
bucket and stands there.  All you have to do is pull out the bucket and 
wait for the projectile to come your way.  When it falls into the 
bucket, G&W beeps and flashes, and part of it fills up.  You can store 3 
projectiles into the bucket before G&W will begin flashing.  When you 
have it filled, go up to someone and press Down+B again to pour out an 
oil slick.  You gotta be kinda of close, but this thing hurts like hell 
if you get hit.  The stregnth depends on what you put inside.  3 Samus 
Shots or Super Scope Charged Shots will do 100+ damage on your opponents 
(like it matters because its always a one hit kill, no matter the 
percentage).  Weaker projectiles like Fox's laser will still do more 
damage than fully charged smashes and will send them flying for while.  
If you hold B after G&W pulls out the bucket, he will keep on holding it 
until you let go of the button.  You can also turn around when holding 
it, making it great if someone's trying to shoot you from behind.  This 
move is best used as a surprise move, since people will catch on and not 
fire projectiles at you.  As long as its not filled up, the contents 
carry over even if you die.  A great way to use it is to jump into a 
melee and drop the slick or land to the side of someone so they will 
miss their up smash and then oil them.  Always remember this move.  You 
can still get hit if the projectile doesn't come in contact with the 
bucket (get hit in the head, back, etc.  Even if you don't use the oil, 
its a great projectile nullifier.

Up+B-Trampoline-Another of the weird G&W moves-this one serves as his 
third jump, and its a good one.  When you use it, 2 firefighters appear
with a trampoline under G&W, making him bounce off and up.  You get some 
great vertical distance, and you can move pretty far afterwards.  
If someone is above you and you are flying up, they will get hit for 3-
4% damage.  This move should not be used for attack except on Sudden 
Death, or the 15 minute melee.  A great evasion move too.  You can 
supposedly attack while landing, but I haven't been able to do it yet...

Press Z again after you grab someone to hit them with a bell hand for 
about 3% damage.  If you do it too much, they will escape.  At higher
percentages, you can hold them for longer before tossing them away or 
them escaping.  Press any direction to toss them to the side.  Game and
Watch will juggle them and toss them either forwards, backwards, or up.  
It gets good distance and does about 8% damage.  This move also can be 
used in certain stages to rack up kills...
5.General Strategy-
The first thing to remember is G&W's stregnths and weaknesses.  Game and 
Watch works the best against Projectile characters (Ness, Fox, Samus) 
bar none.  When playing these characters, go ahead and let them run and 
charge their shots.  As soon as they fire, use Oil Panic to get rid of 
it.  Oftentimes, after getting toasted by G&W's Oil Panic and getting 
killed in one hit, they will start to move in closer.  In this case, let 
them come at you, and be ready to Torch or Floor them.  Most of these 
characters except Fox are too slow to really cause any trouble since G&W 
is about medium speed.  When playing a Fox or Falco, be ready to smack 
them before they get in your face.  Game and Watch has startup delays on 
a lot of his moves, so you can compensate by anticipating when they will 
try a close up attack.  You can also Sausage at medium to long range 
distances with no problem.  Game and Watch's variety of moves allows him 
to take some kind of advantage in most any situation.  Lots of his hits 
are powerful enough to kill with relative ease, so keep that in mind, 
but also look out for recovery times if you miss.  However, the range on 
most of his moves like the Torch is enough
to keep enemies at bay, especially those who like to run and grab.  
Against edge guarders, you shouldn't have too much trouble if you can 
know when to use the trampoline.  Use it when you are about to fall to 
their level so they will attempt a smash and miss.  Rather than attack 
right after (G&W isn't fast enough to get one off most of the time), run 
to safety.  If you know you will land without having to use Trampoline, 
use the judgement hammer as you fall into your opponent.  If you get one 
of the good numbers, you can damage them and escape.  If you happen to 
get a 9, they're dead.  If you are too low to do any offense, your best 
bet is to trampoline, and then accelerate the fall (press down) and grab 
the ledge.  Chances are they'll miss their smash.
Press A after grabbing the ledge to do a quick attack.  Run off, or if 
you are in an one on one, roll to the side and grab or do a move of your 
choice.  Remember the Judgement Hammer.  Don't overuse it, but don't use 
it little to none at all.  Great to use in the air if someone's coming 
your way.  Also if you want to be annoying, stand still and torch or 
hammer them as they approach.  Oil panic should be used when faraway, 
but never up close since you will get the crap beaten out of you.  If 
they fire a super scope shot or the like, take it in the bucket.  They 
will either focus in on someone else, or
they will toss the scope at you, where you should catch it (press Z as 
it approaches you).  Sausage as long as you have adequate distance, or 
if you got people against the wall.  Edge guarding with G&W is easy.  
You don't have to be right on the edge to do it effectively.  Use the 
torch, and when you are standing close, but not on the edge, the torch 
will reach over the edge and fry anyone trying to comeback.  If they are 
too faraway to use their third jump, flip those sausages, and if they 
keep on third jumping to get back on the ledge, let them back on, and 
torch them or Scuba Helmet as they are
falling.  If they grab, jump backwards and use the briefcase so they 
will miss their invincible quick attack, and get hit by the case since 
it has a long attack time.  As discussed above, the Key and Briefcase 
combos work against almost anyone.  Don't attempt it if you see them 
charging a smash attack though or you will be in for a rude awakening.  
Get knocked up in the air?  No prob, since G&W is also good in the air.  
Use that parachute if you are on the defensive.  The 'chute also works 
when you are landing (also discussed in moves).  If you are on the 
offensive, use that Briefcase.  The Turtle shouldn't be used too much, 
though its good for surprise and multiple opponents behind.  The spray 
should be only used if someone is trying to fall on top of you or if 
you are doing a juggle.  His throws are good distance, so grab, toss up, 
and parachute or scuba helmet.  At higher percentages, toss them away.  
One thing you should do is NEVER try to pick a fight with multiple 
opponents.  G&W is too slow to handle them all at one time, and you will 
get beaten around like a rag doll.  Game and Watch also flies off the 
top easily, so keep that in mind when attacking from above.  Never get 
offensive minded or hot blooded or you will find yourself eliminated 
first.  Also, make sure you use that taunt.  Its annoying, and sounds 
like a telephone or alarm clock.  If you know someone who has a short 
temper, use this after a kill or star finish to piss them off.  When 
people get mad, they lose focus and start messing
up (I know from experiences with friends), and all you have to do is 
wait and smash.  Its also annoying to use over and over again, 
especially if you want someone to stop being a coward and attack.  Heck, 
I'm annoying enough to use it whenever they get sausaged.  I've already 
discussed basic strategies against projectile characters.  Heavyweights 
are somewhat harder to deal with, but they're not bad if you know what 
you're doing.  Sausages work well because of their
large size, and so does the key, torch, and briefcase.  Their moves take 
longer to recover than yours, so fake them out and counter.  Don't 
bother with throws or the dual hammer smash.  They are fairly easy to 
juggle too.  If you get knocked into the air or are getting clobbered, 
don't fight back and run somewhere safe.  You're faster than them, and 
you can have an attack prepared for when they come at you.  Play 
cautious at 75+%, because one smash means byebye.  Speedsters are a pain 
in the rear to deal with, honestly.  Your recovery times and startup 
lags make you easy to get faked out.  These characters can run circles 
around you, and attack pretty strongly.  Don't bother chasing them, as 
they can just run until you mess up.  Against these characters, let them 
come at you.  Learn the timing of smash moves to send them off into the 
great beyond.  A few smashes is enough to kill speedsters except for C. 
Falcon, who will give you hell along with
Falco because of their added power and resistance.  Items work great, 
toss one at them so they will jump, and chase them up into the sky and 
slam them with a briefcase or Parachute.  In the air, you can own them 
with the Parachute, and the turtle will work well too.  If you sausage 
them, do it when you are faraway.  Swordsmen, like Speedsters, can also 
give you problems.  They don't have much in the way of projectiles 
(except for Link/Y. Link), but their range with their regular attacks 
can screw you over.  Never fight them hand to hand since they will 
always win.  Sausages can be your good friend, as well as items.  When 
jumping in though, beware of Roy/Marth's annoying counter move.  Try to 
keep them far and sausage them, but if you decide to attack, its best 
done in the air.  If you get a Swordsman off the edge, they are pretty 
easy to guard.  If they attack from above, roll at the last minute, and 
grab or Torch them.  Close range characters like Mario and Luigi are 
easier to deal with.  Your smash attacks and range are usually better 
than theirs, so abuse that.  Abuse the sausages to get some damage if
they are approaching.  Watch out for Yoshi and his down+B move or it 
might surprise you.  The Briefcase also works wonders in the air.  
Lightweights don't pose a problem either.  Smash like there's no 
tomorrow.  If you get them off the edge, guard like crazy with Torches 
and Sausages.  If they don't want to approach, sausage or taunt them 
until they come your way.  If they throw projectiles, suck them in.  
Don't worry about their comeback abilites since G&W's smashes will kill
them pretty easily.  However the flip side applies, so don't get too 
offensive minded or you might just find yourself going over the top...
As for the colors, you can use them strategically to your advantage.  I 
know you are thinking WTF?!!, but they really do have a use (check out 
the level strategy)
If you get metallicized, jump into the fray and torch everyone.  Don't 
use B moves since they stop as soon as you are hit; smash attacks have 
built in auto guard.  Same goes if you are giant, but beware of getting 
knocked around still since your resistance isn't as great.  Sausages 
work also since they get bigger and so does the pan.  You also can't 
trampoline as far.  If you are Giant and Metal, kick everyone's butt 
with smash attacks, and don't worry about getting hurt unless its a
legendary pokemon.  When tiny, your best bet is to hide until you grow 
back.  Mr. Game and Watch can get killed in one hit.  The only attack 
you should use here is sausages, since they will travel much farther and 
are so tiny that people won't notice them at all.  Hiding is easy due to 
the camoflague factor.  Against Giants, just jump in their face and 
sausage them, burning them and sausaging them at the same time.  
Briefcases followed by sausages or smashes work well too.  Against 
midgets, just try to hit them with whatever.  Don't go off chasing them 
though, or you might get surprised.  Metals are easy to deal with.  You 
can torch, but if they get close, toss them away or off the edge to get 
them out of your hair.  Use your sausage pan to burn them if they are 
attempting B moves up close also.
6.Character-specific Strategy-I have played a lot of matches against 
every character in the game.  I'll outline the basics, and try to 
explain what to do in given situations.  

Vs. Mario-Mario is a close range fighter, and should be dealt with 
accordingly.  Computers can cause a little trouble, but they are easy to 
kill off.  A Mario Master, however, can give you a good fight even if 
you know what you are doing.  At a distance, Mario's like to throw 
fireballs.  You can retaliate by tossing sausages, but use Oil Panic 
instead.  When you store all of your oil, don't use it-save it for 
later.  Once they figure it out, they will continue tossing away(use 
sausages while advancing), or they will begin to draw closer.  When they 
get close, use the floor or Torch to get them.  Follow up with some more 
attacks, abusing the Torch and Briefcase if you're in the air.  Your 
range is more than his, so don't worry about getting countered.  
Attacking in the air is good, but watch out for the super jump punch.  
If you know they are going to use it, use the key to hit them.  Try not 
to get hit on higher percentages by this or you can get set up for a 
nasty juggle.  Watch out for the Tornado, as if you are hit, it will set 
up for a easy headbutt smash that will kill you at a reasonable 
percentage.  His cape isn't much of a problem, since if it deflects a 
sausage, it won't cause much trouble.  However, human Marios like to 
smack you back and forth and piss you off.  If you are getting smacked 
about, just roll out of the way and regroup.  If he does his little 
taunt, run up to him and smack him with a scuba helmet or Torch since he 
will be unable to block for about five seconds.  When knocked off the 
edge, watch out for his sweep kick smash.  Your best bet is to 
trampoline over him if at all possible.  You will most likely get hit
by a jump punch or other move-use trampoline again, and accelerate your 
fall so you can get to safety faster.  You can also use the parachute 
when falling to his level to get him out of the way.  Grabbing onto the 
ledge shouldn't be done unless you have to since you can get nailed by a 
smash.  If you knock Mario off, make sure you aren't standing directly 
on the edge, or the jump punch will get you.  Stand back a little and 
use the torch.  If he grabs, wait and smash, or get out of the way if 
you are playing defensively. If he decides to run and start trying to 
grab you, just torch or floor him.  Oil panic will also work here.  You 
can also toss the oil off the edge to make sure he will not come back.  
If he leaves himself open while falling, use the judgement hammer.  
Sausage also works well here for edge guarding.  Shouldn't be
too difficult if you keep on the offensive up close.  Abuse the Smash.

Vs. Link-Although a swordsman, Link is a royal pain since he not only 
outranges you, but he also has projectiles to back it up.  I don't know 
for sure if you can use Oil on his projectiles.  From faraway, Links 
like to toss boomerangs.  If you are below them, expect some arrows to 
come your way.  Wait for the shot, jump up, and spray them.  The bombs 
can be annoying, but they are catchable and don't cause much damage.  
Block, get out of the way, or whatever.  You can also sausage from a 
medium to long range.  The sausages will kill incoming projectiles, and 
a few may hit.  Link's regular attacks have range that is longer than 
your torch, so stay just out of that range, but not too faraway either.  
Watch out for Link's smashes, especially the two hit forwards smash, 
because you are light and can get Ko'ed pretty easily.  Your best bet is 
to take Link to the air.  His moves there have lesser range than yours.  
Briefcase, and parachute if you can.  Watch out for his downwards stab 
though, becuase its powerful and can surprise you.  If you can get him 
to miss with an air dodge or whatever, key him to the ground.  You can 
also attack from above, but don't do it too much because he can get you 
with his up smash or upwards stab.  Another point that you must keep in 
mind is: AVOID THE SPIN ATTACK!  Its cheesey, sends you flying, and 
takes off a lot of damage in the air or on the ground.  To prevent this, 
stay above Link when in the air, and maintain your distance accordingly.  
The hop in briefcase manuever works well here.  If he misses the spin, 
go over there and smash him upwards and juggle him for a bit.  
Eventually you won't be able to do it anymore.  Feint another attempt, 
and Link (human) will most likely attempt the downwards stab.  Roll, and 
Torch him off the edge.  Try to hit with some sausages, and juggle.  
Edge guarding is pretty easy, since Link is easy to kill when he's off 
the edge.  Don't stand too close, or you might get hit by the spin 
attack.  Stand back and Torch.  Also, don't ever count him out, since he 
can Hookshot the side and come back.  Wait until he's falling, then 
Scuba Helmet him.  Don't attempt throws at all.  Try to make him miss 
smash attacks, and then counter.
Humans don't use the hookshot too much, but watch out or it might come 
when you least expect it.  Roll or hop, then slam him.  When you get 
knocked off the edge, Link can be a real assmaster when guarding.  The 
two hit smash will keep you from coming back if you don't know what to 
do.  Grab the ledge as fast as you can so he will miss.  You can
quick attack, but if he does the two hit again, you might get smacked.  
You can also press Up after grabbing to jump up, and then trampoline to 
safety.  Swordsmen are the most difficult characters for Mr. Game and 
Watch, but with some practice and skill, you can give them a solid 
beating also.  If you somehow fill the bucket, oil Link in the air.

Vs. Zelda/Sheik-A lightweight, Zelda shouldn't be a problem at all.  
Your range outclasses hers, expect for a few of Sheik's attacks.  Zelda 
doesn't use Din's Fire often, but its easy to see coming.  Just oil it.  
Toss sausages like mad, since Zelda has no real counter to getting hit 
by them.  Naryu's Love might deflect a few, but the rest will hit.  
Zelda is slow, but very strong.  Don't get smashed or you might get 
whacked at a low percentage.  Since you outrange her, a Torch or Floor 
works well.  You can also throw her around if you like, but do it at 
higher percentages so you will get some breathing room, and a possible 
kill if you're near the edge.  Don't bother edge guarding Zelda, since 
Faeroe's Wind gives her great comeback distance.  Wait for her to land, 
and smash her up for the star finish.  Zelda in the air is easy if you 
play keep away.  Watch out for that explosion thingy since it can kill 
you easily.  You can attack from the air with ease, use keys, 
parachutes, and briefcases for results.  You can even mix in Judgement 
hammers every now and then.  When your bucket fills, toss it up close 
and taunt like mad.  Again, watch out for side and upwards smashes.
Zelda's throws also are pretty powerful, so don't get tossed near an 
edge.  Don't worry about someone edge guarding with Zelda, since she 
isn't all that good at it.  However, skilled Zelda's will use charged 
smashes to make sure you get whacked, so play it safely and trampoline 
away.  Zelda at some point or another will transform into Sheik.  If you 
are in her face when she does this, hit her with a quick A button or 
something else to keep her from changing.  Sheik should be fought a bit 
differently from Zelda.  Sheik is faster, but not as annoying as the 
speedsters.  Get in her face and smash.  If you are faraway,
sausage to bait her in, then follow with torch, or floor.  You can 
juggle, but be careful, because if you are above a pit, Shiek can slam 
you down for the kill.  Avoid aerial combat at all times, since Sheik 
will just juggle you back and forth until you are killed.  If you end up 
in the air, use the briefcase.  Sheik's needles aren't much of a worry, 
just oil them.  The whip is not an issue since its rarely used, and is 
weak.  When you smash Sheik, get her off the edge.  Her teleport doesn't 
go as far as Zelda's, and you can just watch her fall or smash her on 
the way down.  Don't attempt to attack her when she teleports or the 
explosion will fry you.  Also, don't miss too often since Sheik can 
combo well.  Her throws are negligible, so don't worry about them.  You 
can also toss her around if you like.  Sheik's speed can be annoying, 
but if you can get her up close and personal on the ground, you will 
always come out on top.  

Vs. Pikachu-Another Speedster, Pikachu can be a problem, since he's a 
small target to boot.  Since you have the power advantage, use the 
smash.  Pikachu, especially human players, like to use hit and run 
tactics.  Computers like to use the spark projectile thingy at a medium 
-just oil it, and save.  Hand to hand combat with Pikachu can be a bit 
more difficult since he has powerful smashes, and one of them has good 
range.  Don't get too close if human players start using the bolt (you 
can oil it though), and Torch if you can.  Don't bother charging it 
unless you are sure of a hit.  Sausages will work okay, but some will 
overshoot him.  The best use for sausages is when Pikachu tries to jump 
in on you on the ground.  A few will hit, setting up a scuba helmet.  
The computer likes to throw a lot, so don't get grabbed at higher 
percentages since his throws, especially the backthrow are powerful.  
Another thing that gets real annoying is when Pikachu starts rolling 
around up close.  If they start doing that, its a good time to use the 
Double Hammers (Vermin) smash attack since it hits on both sides.  
Aerial fighting is not really recommended, since Pikachu can bat you 
around a bit, and the Thunderbolt can screw you over if you're not 
careful.  If you try to come in from above, a smart player will either 
up smash or bolt you.  Your key can still hit, but you will get whacked 
too-not a good tradeoff.  Pikachu's smashes are strong too, so don't 
leave some openings.  If you can trick him into using the bolt, smash 
him when he's recovering.  Computers will use the skull bash every once 
in a while, but its no real bother.  If he barely charges it, torch him 
when he flies your way since he will travel slow.  If its a full charge, 
roll as he approaches, or block.  Like Zelda, if you knock him off the 
edge, don't bother guarding.  Rather, make him use his quick attack 
(does no damage at all) to get back on, preferably where you are 
standing so you can smash him when he falls.  Use sausages to make him 
use the third jump, but be wary, since it can make him move far if its 
done twice.  If you get knocked off instead, a skilled Pikachu is a 
royal pain, since he can edge guard very well.  Watch out for his 
smashes, and above all, watch out for the thunderbolt, since if you 
trampoline or touch the field of electricity surrounding him, you will 
get zapped with little to no chance of making it back.  Try to grab the 
ledge as quickly as possible, or trampoline away.  If you get bolted in 
the air, it won't kill you unless you got lots of damage, so don't worry 
too much.  However, if you get the opportunity, use the bucket to store 
the thunderbolt.  Fill it with three of em, oil Pikachu, and it will do 
upwards of 70% and send him flying, even with zero damage.  If you do 
this, save it for the last possible moment to use it, since even if you 
die, the projectiles will still carry over, even if filled (made a 
mistake in the moves section).  Again, he likes to pick at you and run, 
so don't give too much chase.  Time your attacks, and smash him if at 
all possible.  Your backthrow will also work at higher percentages.  Get 
in his face and smash until he dies.

Vs. Fox-Fox has plenty of speed, and decent power, but he lacks in 
range, especially on his smashes.  For this reason, its a good thing to 
stay kinda close and pummel him.  Don't worry about his blaster, you can 
oil it, or run through it and nail him as he puts the gun away.  
However, don't stay too faraways, or the damage will add up.  Human 
Foxes like the Fox Illusion (the move where he dashes at you), but you 
can block it, or even grab/hit him out of it.  If you want to be really 
sneaky, stand near an edge and let him hit you with it-he will go 
falling off with no recovery.  Don't use sausages that often, since Fox 
can deflect them, though you can oil your own sausage back if it comes 
your way.  Computers can be quite annoying with Fox, taking preference 
to throws and the reflector.  The reflector will send you downwards if 
you are hit by it, and computers have a knack for using it in combos.  
Be careful of his upwards toss, since it will set you up for Fox in the 
air, which is the worst place to be when playing him.  Fox can juggle 
extremely well, and if you're not careful, someone who has their timing 
down can juggle you until you plaster against the TV screen.  If you're 
in the air, try to get a briefcase or turtle.  The key is not 
recommended since he can juggle you out of it.  The parachute can work 
sometimes, but the slight startup time can leave openings if they are 
expecting it.  
Using the Judgement hammer as you fall is a good surprise tactic, since 
if they chase you up, they will get hit by the time they get to your 
level.  The hop briefcase also works well.  You don't have to worry too 
much about getting smashed due to his short range, but if you get hit, 
it can put the hurt on you.  If you see a Firefox coming, get out of the 
way since they improved the priority and distance over the original 
game's version.  Hit Fox after he blasts off, since if you play 
agressive, you can get fried.  Plus its kinda more powerful too, and he 
will juggle with this as a finisher (especially humans).  Take caution 
when shooting super scope, or tossing items like shells or bombs, since 
he can reflect them back at you.  If you have insane reflexes, block it 
(will mess up your shield), or catch it if you're feeling gung-ho.  If 
you do toss, do it at a distance so you will have ample time to react.  
However, if its a deflected shot, you may be able to oil it, which will 
dish out the pain when the time comes.  If the item misses you and falls 
to the ground without dissappearing, it will do 1.5x damage next time 
you hit someone with it.  Same goes with the shield-1.5x shield 
reduction next time it hits.  If Fox keeps on deflecting, the damage 
will accumulate, and will hurt like hell next time you or someone else 
gets hit (humans will be sneaky with this...).  For example, Mr. Saturn 
takes off about 10 percent when tossed.  If Fox deflects it, it will 
take off 15% when it hits again.  Next time, ~23%, ~35%, finally ~53%.  
If Mr. Saturn survives, pick it up, and heave it at him or someone else.  
It will break his reflector, letting you beat the snot out of him.  If 
he blocks it, it will shatter his shield.  If he gets hit, its gonna 
hurt like mad, and probably kill him.  Now YOU WILL FEAR Mr. Saturn  
(and you thought he was totally useless...).  The same trick can be used 
for any item (though bombs and the like only deflect once and explode-
duh...), and the flying distance will also increase appropriately.  If 
he does this trick (most don't think of it), DO NOT GET HIT.  As for 
edge guarding, Fox is somewhat easy to guard.  Let him firefox, and 
Vermin if he's below you, and Torch if he's falling from above.  Don't 
stand right on the edge or you will get firefoxed.  Also, don't go out 
after him-he has two nasty tricks up his sleeve that will kill you 
instantly.  One is the Fox Illusion, which sends you straight down if it 
hits in the air.  The second is the reflector, which sends you down at 
an angle and screws you over.  Computers will rarely use this, but human 
players will.  Don't toss items off the edge or they will get deflected 
back at you.  Fox can be an edge whore if he wants to also.  Watch out 
for his side or down smash when coming from below.  If you trampoline 
above him, make sure you fall fast so you won't get juggled or up 
smashed into the sky.  An agressive human Fox will also come try to use 
the reflector while you are attempting to get back on for the kill.  
Computers aren't a problem, so long as you remember to stay in the air 
only if you have to.  Stay near the middle of the stage.  For humans, 
depending on their skill, you can smash them to death, or you might have 
to play it smart.  Don't throw items, and if you get a sword or 
clobbering item, don't throw it, and use the added range to put the hurt 
on him up close.  Get in his face and smash, being careful of his 
running attack and throws.  Also take note of the Fox Illusion and the 

Vs. Ness-Against a normal Ness, this is a walk down the park for Mr. 
Game and Watch.  Computers aren't much different either.  The only 
Nesses that will give you trouble are players who can use Ness without 
relying on his projectiles, and the players that can juggle like mad 
with him.  Oil Panic eliminates PK Fire and Flash as a threat so long as 
you remember to get out the way if you can't pull out the bucket in 
time.  Put in 3 fully charged PK flashes inside the bucket and oil a 
group of opponents-120+ damage for everyone, plus instant death!  
Everyone but you will wonder what the hell happened.  Computer Ness will 
also sometimes use the PK thunder to shoot himself into you, though 
humans will use it even more, especially from the air.  Don't get hit, 
since it takes off more than 20% in one lick, plus sends you flying (G&W 
is suspectible to a star finish as low as 60 percent, so don't get 
whacked).  Sausages are a safe bet, and its easy to get close to Ness.  
Once you are in his face, smash away.  Don't let him grab you, since his 
backthrow is pretty powerful and can kill you at 90 percent if you get 
tossed off an edge.  The upthrow will also set you up for a quick 
juggle, so don't let Ness get you, especially if he starts running and 
rolling.  Up close, Ness is not as effective, since they made his yo-yo 
smashes crap.  However, his bat has more range than the torch, and its 
damn powerful, so watch out for that.  Humans like the bat a lot 
(including me).  The PK magnet isn't an issue, unless you are shooting 
items or pokemon at him.  If you are one of those players who likes 
running attacks, Ness will clobber you with his bat or walk the dog yoyo 
smash.  Keep in mind that when Ness charges his yoyo for either smash, 
it sits behind him, and if you touch it, it will hit multiple times.  
Ouch.  If he attempts the around the world yoyo up smash, he will 
probably miss unless he has good timing.  At lower percentages, its not 
really an issue, but at higher percentages, Ness will take the 
oppournity to get you into a nasty headbutt juggle.  Ness is another 
strong character in the air, so keep that in mind when you are in the 
air.  Don't get directly above him or he can use his headbutt juggle 
(also hits you far).  He doesn't have too much range for his side air 
moves, though if you're not careful you might get kicked from behind.  
Your turtle and briefcase are your best buddies here.  You can also 
parachute if he tries the hop step, since he will take a second to 
charge, leaving him open.  If you get too faraway in the air, Ness may 
try the PK thunder-get out of the way and wait for him to fall before 
you attack him.  Since Ness is light, your briefcase/parachute can kill 
him pretty easily.  Once off the edge, Ness is a somewhat easy character 
to edge-whore.  If he isn't too far from coming back, use sausages to 
sabotage his recovery.  One will trash his jump, and the rest will 
destroy the thunder spark if he tries PK thunder, leaving him no 
recovery (a cheap strategy).  His second jump might make you miss since 
he has a weird way of jumping, but other than that, its stay a little 
further on the platform, and Vermin if he's coming from below with PK 
thunder.  If he's coming from level or above you, wait for him to fall 
down before smashing him off into the sky or into the KO wall.  If there 
is sufficent height, Human Nesses will sometimes toss a PK fire to cover 
their landing.  Just suck it in the bucket.  If you go out to attack 
Ness, he may use PK magnet to slow his fall for a second before using 
thunder (advanced Ness strategy).  If you, however, get knocked off, 
Ness is an assmaster at edge-whoring.  For a particularly nasty 
surprise, Ness will charge his PK flash and release it as you are 
trampolining back.  If you get hit, you're screwed since Mr. Game and 
Watch can fly like the best of them.  Remember that he can move the 
flash too before he detonates it, but your trampoline is faster, so 
unless he can predict where you will go next, its not too cheap.  Of 
note is his down smash, which has range and oftentimes extends off of 
the edge, hitting you back down if you try to come from below.  
Computers rarely do this, but anyone who played the original knows about 
Ness' foot stomp spike attack.  Though it takes some time to charge, 
Ness will jump to where you are and try to spike you to your doom.  
Depending on how low or high you are from the platform, you can do the 
following:  If high, accelerate your fall, moving forwards, and 
trampoline.  The situation will be reversed.  If coming from below, its 
a bit harder since you're trying to climb up and you have less room for 
fakeouts.  Try to trampoline through him before his foot smacks you.  
Other times, you may just get screwed if his timing was in sync with 
your fall.  Overall, Ness isn't too much trouble, and if you are playing 
an expert, skill will win.  Rely on the smashes, don't get tossed, and 
don't get directly above him when you attack.

Vs. C.  Falcon-Out of all of the speed characters, C. Falcon is the most 
powerful and heavy, which is a real bad thing.  Bad since he can hit and 
run, and bad since getting whacked will kill you pretty quickly.  His 
range is about equal to yours, so if you decide to smash, make sure you 
hit him or you will get beaten up.  Falcon has a set of special moves 
that can annoy the hell out of you if you don't know what you are doing.  
The Raptor Boost is the CPU's favorite move, since it likes to use it as 
soon as the match starts up.  It won't kill you unless you have lots of 
damage, but it sets up for a juggle since you fly straight up.  Falcon 
punch isn't really a concern since its slow and you can dodge or hit him 
out of it.  Unless you are fighting a skilled human C. Falcon who has 
his timing down, you shouldn't get hit.  If you do, you will probably 
die.  Falcon kick covers lots of distance horizontally, so if you're 
trying to play keep away, you might get hit by this.  It doesn't really 
hurt, but at high damage, you will go flying for quite a bit of time.  
His last move, the Falcon Dive is a real pain in the butt if you like to 
stay in the air often.  Your 2D-ness will get you killed since its 
powerful, and allows C. Falcon to use it again or attack in  the air.  
Computers don't use this too much, but skilled humans will, leaving you 
the ground as a viable option.  However, its easy to fake someone into 
using this, and then hitting them as they fall.  Just don't get too 
aggressive or you might get grabbed.
You can use sausages if you are at a distance, but watch out for the 
Falcon Kick if you get too happy with the frying pan.  Don't play hit 
and run with Falcon, since he can just run over there in a second and 
clobber you.  Your best strategy is to get in his face and start off 
with some power hits.  Either an uncharged torch, the Manhole/floor, or 
even the Flag will work well.  Use these attacks to work up his damage 
on the ground.  Unless you have him against a wall, don't use the bug 
spray combo too often, or he will get you back with his punch combo.  If 
you are stuck against a wall, manhole like mad until it connects.  Your 
roll is also useful here, and you can even grab, just as long as you 
don't do it too much, or both AI and humans will catch on.  Keep on the 
offensive, or the Captain will smash you away.  If you get him in the 
air with the Floor, feel free to juggle him.  Your Judgement Hammer will 
also work somewhat well too, just make sure you are close enough to hit.  
Don't bother with the bucket at all, since C. Falcon has no projectiles 
unless he picks up an item.  He also grabs, so don't wait for him to 
come to you, get in his face, and watch out for the Falcon Dive as you 
jump in with a Briefcase.  In the air is a bit more difficult, since Cap 
can fight damn well in the air.  Don't get above him, or he can flip 
kick juggle you for the Star KO.  A Key is a good surprise, just make 
sure you  use it only once in a while.  Again, abuse the briefcase, 
since its range is good, and its strong.  The Turtle also works well, 
but don't land while its out, or you will have a recovery delay.  The 
parachute will also work somewhat, but you have to wait for it to 
unfurl, leaving you open to attacks.  Falcon's kicks, the backhand, and 
the flip kick are the moves to watch out for, since they damage good, 
and are more or less smash attacks.  While in the air, don't worry too 
much about a Falcon Dive, unless its a human player.  Edge guarding C. 
Falcon is pretty easy, since his jump isn't anything spectacular.  Just 
watch out for the Falcon Dive when he is getting back on.  Toss those 
sausages while he's coming back to sabotage his jumps, just don't keep 
hitting him, or he will be able to Falcon dive back on due to your 
unintended assistance.  Let him fall back on, and smash him up, or Torch 
him if his damage is only moderate or below.  If he's coming from below, 
try Vermin or Floor, and if you don't connect, just get out the way.  
Roll behind him after he does his invincible recovery attack, and grab 
him, toss off the side, and repeat.  Most people don't know about this, 
but if he uses Falcon Kick in the air, he will get another second jump 
(glitch).  You don't ever really have to worry about that unless he is 
far above you.  One nasty thing to watch out for is the Raptor Boost in 
the air.  If he's coming back and you see him use it, let him do it.  
Don't get too eager and chase him out, since he can either stomp you, or 
Raptor Boost you into the pit (sends you straight down).  If you are 
getting edge whored, try to save your jumps until the last minute.  If 
you can, trampoline out of the way.  And if he comes to you to try to 
stomp you or something, fake him out since your trampoline gets good 
height.  Watch out for his elbow smash when falling, as well as his 
upwards smash, and the juggle.  The safest thing is to either get away 
if you can, or grab the ledge and do whatever after that.  C.  Falcon 
can be a pain if you let him be, but stay on the offense, and on the 
ground if at all possible.  

Vs. Yoshi-Yoshi is another pain if you're playing a cheap computer, or a 
skilled human.  However, this time around, Yoshi is lighter and is still 
a big target, so you shouldn't have a problem smashing at all.
Don't attack from the ground, since he (especially the computer) likes 
to eat you.  Whether or not he spits you out as a egg is a different 
story.  Its not strong, but if he gets you enough times, it will add up.  
Don't bother using the bucket against the eggs, and watch out for them 
in the air.  Yoshi can also aim their trajectory, so be aware of that 
when he tosses one.  If you're playing a human, also beware of the butt 
stomp, since it will send you flying with ease.  Its fast too, so be 
careful, especially when juggling.  However, computers rarely counter 
with it, so go ahead and juggle them to your satisfaction.  Your biggest 
problem with his special moves will be that thing where he rolls around 
in his egg back and forth.  Don't get trapped in it, since the damage 
will add up quickly.  If he uses it, just jump out of the way until he 
stops.  Other than his moves and penchant for fondling 2D paper cutouts, 
fight him like Mario.  Get in his face, and smash his face in.  The 
moment you get him in the air, smack him around with some turtles, 
briefcases, keys, whatever you want.  If he's coming back down and 
didn't fly up far, send him up higher with a scuba helmet. Since he's 
kinda big, you can use the judgement hammer or Chef when you are falling 
in towards him.  Air fighting with Yoshi is a cinch, since he doesn't 
really have any fast moves that can get you.  Watch out for his flurry 
kicks, especially if he's coming from below, because that damage will 
rack up quick.  His smashes are powerful and pack range too, so don't 
let him get one off if at all possible.  Yoshi is extremely easy to edge 
guard, since he has no third jump at all.  Just toss sausages off the 
edge.  His second jump will shun off blows until he reaches the highest 
point and starts falling-hit him there, and he's screwed.  Just toss the 
sausages, and hope they mess him up.  If he comes back, toss or smash 
him off, and try again.  He really has no attack options, so don't worry 
about getting smacked from above-use an Octopus smash to send him into 
the wild blue yonder.  The only real attack is the butt stomp, and you 
can see that from a mile away.  Don't go after him and try to knock him 
away until after he uses the second jump, because if you hit him during 
the jump, he will just go through you.  If you are in the flipside 
situation, watch out for those damned eggs.  Don't worry about getting 
edge whored by a computer Yoshi, since he's stupid and won't really do 
much.  Humans will aim those buggers, and the explosion is what will 
most likely get you and mess your little plan up.  You're gonna have to 
either stay high in the sky when coming back, or have your second jump 
and trampoline ready.  Watch out for his smashes, as his long neck will 
give him good range too.  Yoshi is a pretty easy character to deal with, 
there's no real concern except for your lightweight, which makes you a 
easy smash target if you are hit.  

Vs. Peach-Another Lightweight like Zelda, Peach is an easy character to 
get out of your hair.  Like Zelda, all you have to do is get in her face 
and smash away.  Unlike Zelda, there's no Sheik to worry about, and no 
powerful smashes to worry about.  Her special moves aren't powerful 
either.  Unless you're playing a human player with great reaction times 
and reflexes, Toad isn't a problem.  It damages you, but you don't move 
anywhere.  Just keep that in mind whenever you try to sausage her from a 
distance (it absorbs projectiles).  Peach can't throw vegetables unless 
she's on the ground.  If you have a good eye, pay attention to the type 
of vegetable she pulls out.  The different expressions do different 
damage.  If she pulls out one with X'ed out eyes, get out of the way, 
because if it hits, its 30-something damage and will mess you up badly.  
However the vegetables will hit the ground if they miss-pick that sucker 
up and throw it at her butt and see her fly.  Sometimes, Peach can also 
pull out Mr. Saturns or Bombs, though its rare.  So keep that in mind.  
The parasol isn't a problem unless she tries to use it when you are 
close, where it will take off about 10 percent and hit you repeatedly.  
Whenever its open, if you try to attack from above, it will prick you.  
However, after getting pricked, you can key through it like nothing's 
there.  Her hip thrust, however is pretty powerful and will send you off 
if you get hit at high damage.  Computers use this moderately, and 
humans often forget about it, but its a surprise if you get hit by it.  
Watch out for it, but its not gonna kill you if you have only moderate 
damage.  Jump in with a briefcase, and after you hit her, start getting 
in her face and either manholing, or smashing away.  Use the power hits 
first to build up damage, and manhole her into the air.  Finish with 
Octopus.  You can Fire her if she comes your way, or if you are right 
next to her.  If you get hit by a smash attack, don't worry, because 
none of them except for the downwards are particularly powerful.  You 
can also fight her in the air, using whatever you choose, just watch out 
from coming from above because of the umbrella.  If you smash her off 
the edge, don't bother with edge guarding because of her long travelling 
distance.  Her jump lets her float, and the umbrella will let her take 
the remaining distance.  The only move you should use here is sausages, 
and if she floats close, jump straight up and use the briefcase.  
Otherwise, let her fall after using the parasol, and Octopus her into 
the TV screen.  The only thing that she can use to efficently edge guard 
you is the vegetables, but they travel in a easy to predict path, so its 
no concern.  Peach, like other lightweights, falls victim to the Helmet 
dash attack also.  If you like, toss her around like a paper ball too.  
Your only problem with Peach is her annoyingly air-headed voice.  Smash 
her until she can't bother you no more.

Vs. Kirby (Kriby)-WHEEE!!! Another lightweight...except he's a poof.  
Again, get in Kriby's face, and smash the gelatin/cotton/marshmallow 
creme filling out of him.  Kirby has very short range, so you can abuse 
Fire here, or almost any other smash.  Sausage at a distance, but 
remember that a few will overshoot.  Feel free to use the Judgement, 
since its range is longer than most of Kirby's attacks.  Helmet dash 
attacks work well, and setup the juggle easily.  Kirby's special moves 
can be an annoyance if used carefully, but they aren't really powerful 
enough to repeatedly kill you off.  CPU Kriby likes to suck you in the 
moment he sees an opening.  Don't let him get you, or he will turn into 
a 2D cutout like you, complete with Chef.  He uses it when close, mainly 
to burn you with the pan.  Oil his sausages.  Humans will do this also, 
but they might spit you out in a direction, preferably near a KO wall, 
so be careful if you're playing a skilled Kriby.  His fireball attack 
isn't nothing to worry about-unlike Luigi's Green Missle, it doesn't 
really hurt you, its slow, and it will never misfire.  CPU's will often 
commit suicide using this move, so if you're near an edge, jump and 
laugh as he falls.  Kirby also has a Hammer this time around, but its 
not as powerful as the item, thank god.  Watch out for it nonetheless, 
since its somewhat powerful, and in the air, it will swing all around 
him like a minishield.  The Final Cutter is still as crappy as in the 
original-run under him when he flies up, and then smash him with 
Octoupus or Torch when he lands.  Either that, or jump over the little 
blade thingy and Briefcase him, or if too faraway, run off or block it.  
Very predictable and easy to avoid.  On to his last special.  Cheap, 
cheesey, damned, whatever you want to call it.  The Stone attack from 
the original returns again, except its crap this time around (*insert 19 
Game and Watch taunts* for those people who liked to be cheap with this 
in the original).  HAHAHAHA!  Now Kirby isn't a cheesemaster anymore 
(*cough*Anthony*cough*).  It takes about a second to charge, giving you 
time to move out of the way or whack him out of the transformation.  The 
priority and damage remain the same, but he falls a bit slower, and its 
slow, so its easy to avoid.  Like the original, he's invincible when he 
lands, so here's what you can do:
1.Throw him away to the side
2.Hit him with the hammer once to "break" him, and clobber him 
3.Charge your smash and time the release so he will get hit after he 
softens up.
On a side note, he turns into different rocks randomly, but it has no 
effect on the move.  Kirby has powerful smashes and quick attacks, but 
you have more range AND quick attacks too.  Run up to him and lay the 
smackdown by either tossing him like a plush toy, or by smashing him 
around.  The manhole juggle works well here too.  Knock him around a 
bit, and get him in the air or off the edge.  At about 80 percent, a 
parachute is sufficent to get the Star KO.  The Briefcase and Turtle 
work very well in the air, and the key works, even if he tries to smash 
you.  Kirby's air attacks hurt, but they take a bit to charge, or they 
have short range.  Watch out for his little drill kick thingy, because 
its still a nasty move if you are hit, and it will still spike you, 
though they toned it down a bit.  If you toss Kriby off the edge, here's 
what you do:  Toss sausages like mad.  Jump twice, and then toss away so 
you will ruin his multiple jumps.  When he does the final cutter, move a 
little bit backwards, since it still can get you in that cheap spike 
thingy like in the original.  If he's coming from above with that drill 
kick, Flag him, or Octopus him.  Slam him with the torch if he's equal 
level with you.  Edge guarding Kriby isn't a prob at all.  If you are 
getting guarded, take note of the charge time for his drill kick spike.  
Humans still like to use it, but you can just move out the way, or 
trampoline before he gets it off. Just try to get back on, since he will 
just attack you and puff back on.  Roll after grabbing the ledge, and 
toss his butt off.  Also watch out for a smash attack from the side or 
above, depending on how you're falling, since they're powerful.  As for 
throws, don't expect to get grabbed too often, but if you do, they are 
moderately powerful.  If he attempts his throw from the original, and 
he's facing the very edge, let him grab you, and revel in laughter as he 
suplexes you, but falls straight down into crack.  If its a human, taunt 
him to no end.  Let him have it with that darn bell.  Kirby is no real 
threat, unless he's either skilled, or if its a computer getting cheap 
all of a sudden.  He just has varied attacks, but so do you. 

Vs. Bowser-Due to your lightweight (you are second easiest to KO), 
Bowsie can be quite a handful.  He's a heavyweight, which means it'll 
take quite a bit of punishment before he begins to even fly, and all of 
his smash attacks are enough to KO you at a pretty low percentage, 
charged or not.  With Bowser, you might want to get close from time to 
time, but don't overstay your welcome or you might just see your black 
visage jet off into the sky.  Bowsie also comes with a particularly 
nasty set of special moves also.  The first, and probably most used move 
by humans is the Fire Breath.  Unlike the Fire Flower, it will trap you 
slightly if you are hit by it.  If you are fully burned, it will rack up 
a decent amout of damage.  However, Bowser will run out after a few 
seconds, so its not too cheesey.  Its also somewhat easy to see coming, 
since Bowser rears back before flaming you.  Another plus is that you 
can Oil the fire.  If you see him rearing back, jump, and smack him in 
the face.  Your second problem is the Koopa Klaw.  Since Bowser is just 
so freakin big, he automatically gets some good reach with this move.  
He swipes at you, and if you are faraway, it will knock you upwards for 
a good damage, not to mention setting you up for his nasty up smash.  If 
up close, Bowsie grabs you, bites you, and then chucks you backwards.  
The flying distance and damage are about equal to an original SSB 
backthrow, meaning you can get killed easily by this.  Again, its 
somewhat slow, but the range is large, so if you are too close for 
comfort, block and Fire him as he recovers.  The third worry is the 
Whirling Fortress.  Its like DK's Spinning Kong, and Link's Sword Spin 
rolled into one.  I love this move when I use Bowser, since its a good 
one.  Anyways, Bowser has some horizontal range on this one, so watch 
out. If you are hit on the ground, it will hit once and send you 
sailing.  Get hit in the air, and you get hit multiple times, but its 
less powerful (though it still takes off a lot).  A ground hit near the 
edge at 80 percent can kill you.  Watch out for this move when trying to 
get Bowser in the air.  Not much to say about this, except CPU's and 
most human players don't use it too often.  Don't be too worried about 
it, but remember that the freak turtle still has this move.  His last 
move, and definitely the most powerful, is the Bowser Bomb.  He does his 
Mario 3 Butt Bounce right on top of your head.  Its fast, and you will 
get nailed if someone knows how to use this.  Get hit at about 50 
percent while in the air, and its back to the great Game and Watch 
Heaven for you.  However, if you make him miss, the recovery time for it 
is abysmal, so use this to do whatever you choose to the giant turtle.  
Bowser is a lumbering fatbutt character, so the best way to start 
getting the damage on is to make him miss a smash or special move to 
leave him open.  Once you do that, start using the manhole juggle or a 
few smashes to soften Bowser up.  You can also play keep away with your 
sausages.  If he tries to use fire breath, just jump over it.  The 
sausages work very well against bowser since they all hit him, and if he 
tries to jump in on you, he can get burnt.  Its very easy to burn Bowser 
due to his size, so don't be afraid to use Chef as an offensive move.  
Judgement will also work well if you use it as an air attack since you 
will probably clock him in the head if you are jumping in.  However, 
don't count on the nine to kill him every time-it will fail if he has 
low damage.  The briefcase jumpin will work, but if Bowser uses the 
Koopa Klaw or forwards smash, you might get smote by either one.  
However, the startup time is usually enough to clock him.  Once you can 
manage to get him up in the air, use Octopus a couple of times to soften 
him up, then a flag to knock him up a little farther.  Don't follow 
Bowser up, since he will probably try to sit on you.  Let him attempt 
the Bowser bomb, and then Fire him off and away.  Bowser is at his best 
on the ground, so if you can get him up in the air and stay above or 
equal level with him, you have an advantage.  Watch out for the whirling 
fortress though, as its his stregnth move in the air, along with the 
aerial headbutt (it takes a little bit to come out though).  If you get 
too far below Bowser in the air, he will try Bowser Bomb.  CPU's do it, 
and humans will also try to Koopa Klaw you in the air (it will usually 
miss).  Just Key him if you are above, and Turtle or Briefcase if you 
are approaching him.  The key hop manuever also works well against 
Bowser on the ground.  Rolls and air dodges mixed in also will make him 
miss.  Edge guarding the giant turtle is easy, just toss sausages and 
smash when he whirling fortresses back.  You can also grab him and toss 
him off again if you prefer.  As for yourself, Bowsie can edge guard 
pretty good.  The fire breath will mess up any of your jump attempts-
just keep on trampolining until you can get back.  However, doing this 
may set you up for an upwards smash for the kill, so be wary of that.  
Bowser can also just Klaw you again and throw you far, or he can even be 
sneaky and do a Bowser Bomb as you land.  However, all you have to do is 
make him miss.  The fire breath is usually a guranteed hit if he fires 
off the edge, but the smash isn't if you know how to fall and make him 
miss.  The main strategy with Bowser, like other heavyweights, is to 
make him miss or make a mistake first, and then hit him hard.  Don't get 
too aggressive on the juggles, only throw at high percentages, use the 
smashes when he misses, and use those sausages to burn him.

Vs. Ice Climbers-Wheee, its the two annoying eskimo dudes.  Since 
there's two of them, its twice the annoyance for our portable shadow 
friend.  However, the CPU controls one (usually Nana), so its not that 
bad if you look at it.  Their moves, especially the smashes can pack a 
punch if you're not careful, but remember that the computer mimics the 
player in most things from jumping to picking up items or attacking.  
First things first, the specials: the Ice Climbers have a basic B 
projectile attack that involves sending a small chunk (or two) of ice 
along the ground.  It will accelerate if it goes down a slope, but all 
you have to do is jump over or oil it.  If you are hit, there is a 
random chance of you freezing.  It doesn't really damage, so don't worry 
about it, since neither CPU or human will use it unless they are faraway 
(plus its easy to avoid).  Their second special is the freeze breath.  
They stand facing opposite directions and start breathing cold breath on 
both sides.  You may get frozen if hit (random), and it will damage if 
its used over and over again.  This move is very easy to counter-just 
hop above them and key.  The third move is the squall hammer-they both 
spin their hammers and travel.  It will do moderate damage if you get 
caught in it, so be careful.  It also has good horizontal range and can 
be used in the air too.  Their third jump, Belay isn't an offensive move 
at all.  Its like your trampoline in that its used to get you back onto 
the stage and not for attack.  You will get pricked for about 5% if 
you're below them though.  Remember that its one of the highest, if not 
the highest recovery jumps in the game.  As for the standard attacks, 
the Ice Climbers are nasty with their smashes since there's two of them.  
On the flipside, they can't juggle at all.  Game and Watch 1, Ice 
Climbers 0.  Anyways, the tried and true Ice Climber strategy works 
here.  Separate the two from each other, and single out the leader (you 
can hit the other one, but the damage doesn't count).  The best manuever 
for this is the Key.  Once you've keyed them, the key to victory (a 
great pun) lies in singling out the player controlled climber.  Beat the 
crap out of him, and if at all possible, knock him off the edge.  Nana 
will try to get back to Popo, but just Turtle or knock her out of the 
way when she gets close, then resume the beatdown on Popo.  You will 
either kill Popo, or get him off the edge, leaving him in a bad 
position-Belay doesn't work with no Nana, and the Squall Hammer won't 
give much vertical distance-toss a few sausages to mess up his jump.  
You can do the same with Nana, leaving one crappy climber to deal with.  
Fire works well if you can single out one of them, and if you get them 
in the air, Octopus them as they fall.  The Ice Climbers can't fight in 
the air, so beat the crap out of them with whatever you choose, and use 
a parachute around 80 percent for the kill.  Don't worry about getting 
juggled either.  Don't throw them when they're together, since the other 
will usually hit you out of the throw, but do throw if they are at high 
percentages.  Edge guarding is simple-follow the above if there's only 
one climber.  If there's both of them, sausage them, and let them Belay.  
The height is enough to get them above you-just Octopus them off into 
the sky.  They can edge guard well, so watch out for their breath, and 
ice shots-get frozen and you're screwed.  Their forwards smash is also 
nasty since they hit twice.  Just trampoline above them and get back to 
the middle of the arena.  They aren't a handful unless you lay off on 
the smashes and keep grounded when close.  

Vs. Samus-Another long range character, Samus is no problem with Game 
and Watch, as long as you know when to use Oil Panic.  Unless Samus gets 
in your face and shoots you before you can oil, the Charge Shot is of no 
concern.  Just oil it in, and when your bucket fills, save it for a 
fresh opponent-1 full charge and any other stuff is enough to kill 
someone in one hit at zero damage.  If playing keep away is your game 
(which should be as long as possible), Samus might try to shoot you with 
homing/regular missiles, which are easy to dodge at a long distance.  At 
shorter distances, they are a bit harder to dodge, so watch out, since 
they can cause damage pretty quickly.  Computer and some human Sami like 
to toss bombs while you are chasing them to cover their back-just don't 
worry about them since they are very weak.  Your last concern of Samus' 
moves is the Screw attack-this alone makes fighting Samus in the air a 
major pain, and it'll screw you up (pun intended), after a few attacks.  
Samus has decent smash attacks, but yours are better.  Watch out for the 
Forward smash, since it can damage you, even if uncharged.  The up smash 
serves mainly to rack up damage, like the original, but it can still 
kill you if you get hit at a high enough percent.  The downwards smash 
is painful, but it takes a while to come out, and you can always block 
it.  The computers also love to throw a lot, so watch out for that, 
because if you are tossed enough times, the damage adds up.  If its 
possible, approach Samus on the ground, jumping over any projectiles(oil 
a charge shot though), and being wary of the Screw attack when you get 
near Samus.  Use the briefcase to start your attack-use a manhole or two 
to soften her up, and use an octopus for more damage.  Fire works well, 
since it has great range, and if you are too faraway for fire, a sausage 
or two isn't a bad idea.  Samus is a decent character in close range 
situations, but if you keep on the offense and on the ground, you will 
be sure to get a star KO.  In the air though, Samus is very cheap.  
Watch out for that Down+A meteor attack when she is above you (computers 
use this a lot), and especiall when over open air.  If you hit her, a 
screw attack is probably going to be the counter, so air dodge if you 
can.  Also watch out for air missiles when approaching.  Don't attack 
from behind in the air, since the backwards kick can nail you too.  
Attack from either below, or at an equal level when in the air.  Also 
watch out for bombs if you're juggling her around.  Edge guarding Samus 
can be somewhat more difficult than for other characters, since Samus 
can jump high, and can use the Grappling Beam to save herself.  Humans 
will also bomb in the air to move forwards and slow their fall.  Toss 
sausages, as long as she isn't close to the edge to ruin her jumps.  
Sometimes, humans will screw attack over and over again, hoping that you 
will unintentionally assist them with sausages(stop as soon as one 
hits), but if you stop, they will simply fall and die.  If Samus is 
below, move out of the way since the screw attack has priority.  Also be 
wary of the grappling beam that samus uses to save herself-you're 
probably gonna have to smash her off into the KO wall before she gets 
out of your hair.  Coming from above or to the sides, use Fire or 
Octopus appropriately (watch out again, for bombs from above).  Now, if 
you get knocked off the edge, a computer Samus won't be much of a 
problem, but humans can give you a nightmare or two.  As a Samus player, 
I can edge guard nicely against anyone.  From a distance, homing 
missiles can and will screw you over.  However, I always have a charge 
shot ready-I shoot the missile first to make them jump, and shoot the 
blast afterwards to trap them.  Anyways, the missiles can mess you up if 
you're too faraway to trampoline without a second jump.  Watch out for 
those, and the occasional charge shot.  If the edge is sloped, a bomb 
can roll off the ledge, but if you are hit, just trampoline again.  
Also, watch out for that damned meteor attack from more aggressive 
players-one hit and you're dead.  If you have a trampoline to spare, an 
air dodge can foil Samus' plans.  Plan your comeback defensively, and 
when you get back on, get back to the middle of the stage ASAP.  Samus 
isn't a problem, just watch out for her air superiority and humans' edge 
guarding tactics.

Vs. Jigglypuff-This is an easy battle no matter how you see it, unless 
you're playing an expert Jigglypuff player (which is very rare).  Like 
the original, it is still crap and easy to kill too.  Your only concerns 
with special moves is the rest (humans only), rollout (human more than 
CPU), and Pound (only if you like to use Helmet a lot).  Anyways, for 
almost all human players, their trump card is to use the drill kick 
attack from the air, followed by Rest.  This is the only real deadly 
tactic that it has, but it is cheap.  However, don't get yourself in 
this situation by not letting her attack from above.  If you are in 
imminent danger, shield, and move it upwards, and then roll out of the 
way if you can.  Otherwise, roll or run to the side and Fire away.  The 
rollout needs time to charge, and is only used at faraway distances-when 
she rolls your way, Fire it into a smore.  The pound is the stock move 
of her attacks, but its still weak, so use your stronger moves to 
counter it.  All you need to do is get up close and smash a few times to 
finish her off(a charged attack at 40 percent can kill).  Knock her 
around in the air or whatever, just play volleyball or baseball with 
Ness until you get the Star KO.  Again, if you're playing a human, watch 
out for that stupid combo and you'll be fine.  For edge guarding, 
sausage like mad, because Jigglypoo can use Pound and jumps to get some 
insane distance.  When she gets close, Octopus or Fire her off into the 
KO wall.  Also watch out for CPU's to grab when up close.  
Jigglystink/crap/trash/*insert suck-related word here* is not a problem 
at all, computer or human.  

Vs. Luigi-Fight Luigi like you would Mario.  The differences between 
Luigi and Mario are as follows...Luigi jumps higher, and falls slower.  
His fireballs travel in a straight line and die faster.  The super jump 
punch has no horizontal movement, and the cape is replaced by the dorky 
Green Missile, a.k.a the "Dick Move", a Skull-Bash like move.  Luigi is 
also lighter, so you won't have to smash him around as much as his 
horizontally challenged bro.  The Luigi Cyclone only hits once, is 
powerful, and has some horizontal movement and speed, so watch out for 
that at high percentages.  Since he's slower, you can do even better up 
close.  Smash away.  Edge guarding Luigi is different, however.  Sicne 
the Jump punch has no horizontal movement, don't expect to be attacked 
by it.  Luigi will use a mixture of the Green Missile and his second 
jump.  Beware of a misfired missile, since he flies damn far, and if you 
are hit, you're gonna get fried.  If you want to get rid of Luigi very 
easily, the key is to knock him downward, with a flipper or something.  
Up close, if you let up for too long, you might get flamed into the sky 
by his Super Jump Punch from the original, but remember that he has to 
touch you first.  As soon as you get 60 percent, the computer will start 
to throw you like mad, so keep him at a close distance, but don't get 
grabbed too often.  For more details, read over the Mario strategy 

Vs. Roy-Argh, its another swordsman.  Roy is like Link, but a tad 
slower, heavier, has longer reach, and has no projectiles (thank 
goodness).  Your main concern with Roy is trying to get close enough to 
attack without getting hit by his strong attacks.  Humans can be a pain 
in the butt with Roy's special moves because of his sword.  The charge B 
move usually will be a stock attack, even uncharged, since those crap 
hits will add up eventually, as well as mess up air attacks from the 
front.  Some Roy's like to be punks and let you come in and attack-only 
to use the counter and hit you back.  If a Roy is good enough, he can 
counter and damage you using only that.  However, very few people do it 
only, and if they miss, you can beat the crap out of them.  Also, if 
they get all counter happy, just grab them and toss them upwards and 
begin juggling.  The 4 hit sword combo won't give you too much woe as 
long as you keep your distance, and if you see it coming, jump over Roy, 
since each hit gets more powerful.  His comeback move can also be an 
offensive attack since it hits multiple times, so watch out for this in 
the air (it can be used like Mario's jump punch).  However, it does lose 
power as it goes up, so keep that in mind.  For starters, you will need 
to soften him up somehow.  Toss sausages from a distance, since his 
sword can't reach you, and if he comes at you, roll or jump out of the 
way.  Items are great for throwing also.  When you go in close to 
attack, don't attack from the front, as its Roy's strong area.  You're 
better off attacking from above, or from behind by using rolls and 
sidestep dodges.  His smashes are nasty and can kill you very easily, 
but they got recovery delays, so use that to your advantage.  When you 
get in close, don't smash right away, use a quick powerhit like Manhole 
or Flag to set him up for a juggle.  Juggle Roy like mad.  Use your 
Octopus when he's worked up and falling towards you for the Star KO.  If 
you can keep him in the air, you got an advantage, especially if you're 
above or below him.  Use all of your air attacks, and use the Parachute 
from below for the finish.  For edge guarding, toss sausages like mad, 
and roll away before he uses his comeback.  When he falls, Fire him off.  
Just repeat until he dies.  Roy can edge guard pretty good, and if you 
try to get offensive, he can counter you right back off, so watch out 
for that.  The charge B move can also knock you right back off, so try 
to get above and away from him when coming back if you can.  Roy is a 
hard character for G&W to beat, especially a skilled one.  You're going 
to have to keep him in the air, and lay on the sausage from a distance 
in order to beat him.  Juggles, items, and any projectiles are your 
friends here.  

Vs. Marth-Okay, you got a clone character to deal with.  However, Marth 
has his own differences that make him even more of a pain than Roy.  He 
isn't as strong, but he has the longest sword of all swordsmen, is the 
fastest one, and is lighter, so he is easier to knock away.  His moves 
work the same way, except the charge B doesn't charge as long, and his 
Dolphin Slash doesn't hit multiple times and loses power as it goes up.  
Slight differences aside, you're going to have to get Marth in the air 
like Roy.  He isn't a fatass though, so it should be easy once you get 
the chance.  One thing to watch out for when fighting Marth in the air 
from below is that his Down+A attack works like a meteor/spike and will 
send you straight down, so watch out for that.  His smashes aren't as 
powerful, but the added range makes them more dangerous.  For edge 
guarding and other related stuff, see the Roy strategy.

Vs. Falco-Oh boy, its Fox's evil twin.  Fighting this 
parrot/pigeon/whatever he is can be a serious pain, especially one on 
one against a computer.  Falco works like Fox, but he has his 
differences too. He falls faster, his attacks have more oomph on them, 
he runs slower, and his special moves are a bit different.  His up+B 
doesn't go as far, the blaster actually makes you flinch, his forward+B 
sends you straight down when hit in the air, and his reflector makes you 
go up rather than downwards.  Falco is a bit slower, but he's somewhat 
heavier than Fox, and he can still get you in those pesky Fox combos.  
CPU Falco is very smart, and will use weenie hits to wear you out or 
back you up, and then he will knock you off the edge and guard pretty 
well.  Falco can also juggle pretty good, but his falling speed makes it 
a bit harder for him.  As for fighting in the air, his down+A is a 
meteor attack, so beware of that, since its powerful too, and your 2-D 
butt will go down if hit at a high enough percentage.  Also of note is 
that his forward+B will do the same thing, so watch out when going out 
to attack him.  His blaster also makes him an effective edge guarder 
since it will wreck your second jump.  Go see the Fox strategy for more 

Vs. Dr. Mario-Dr. Mario is like Mario, except he's a bit slower, 
heavier, and has more power.  His Dr. Tornado sends you in a random 
direction, and the super jump punch can kill you at a high percentage, 
so watch out.  You can oil the Megavitamins, but its a bit harder since 
they bounce differently.  Fight him exactly like Mario, but keep his 
differences in mind.  (go see the Mario section)

Vs. Ganondorf-Ganon is like C. Falcon, but he is more different than the 
other clone characters.  He's much heavier (heavyweight), jumps lower, 
is slower, but has lots of power.  A skilled Ganondorf player can kick 
everyone's arse however he wants.  All of Ganon's special moves are 
souped up versions of C. Falcon's moves, though slightly slower and more 
powerful.  His smashes remain the same, but they are much stronger, and 
can kill you at 60 percent if you're not careful.  He doesn't have that 
punch combo like Falcon, but its replaced by a quick jab that will faze 
your attacks, and actually move you at reasonable percentages.  CPU 
Ganon likes two moves the most: Dark Dive (fake him out for a suicide), 
and the Gerudo Dragon (hurts and can kill at 100 percent).  Whenever you 
try to jump in on the CPU, it will most likely attempt Dark Dive, so 
when he misses, use this oppournity to get him in a quick manhole 
juggle.  If you're moderately far (sausage distance), he may attempt 
Gerudo Dragon, so be ready to move out of the way.  Jump up and Key him.  
Since he's so heavy, you're going to have to work him with power hits 
before you can start smashing, otherwise he can recover and beat the 
crap out of you.  Also watch out for his juggles (they aren't as bad as 
Falcon's, but annoying), and the forwards smash attack.  If you somehow 
get frozen or have your shield broken, you're screwed if Ganon decides 
to clock you with a Warlock Punch.  You can fight Ganon in the air if 
you like, but staying on the ground and making him miss is the easy way 
to go.  Once you get him off the edge, toss sausages and he won't be 
coming back since he's a horrible jumper.  For more details, see the C. 
Falcon strategy, just adjust for Ganon's added power and slowness.

Vs. Young Link-Another swordsman, but this one's easier since he barely 
has more range than you.  He's like Link, but he flies easier and is 
faster.  Avoid the projectiles, especially when advancing, since they 
are stronger than Link's, especially the bombs, which can setup combos 
for Y. Link.  His spin attack is weak in the air, but it hits multiple 
times if you get sucked in on the ground, so watch out.  However, the 
range isn't as large, so you can dodge it easier.  His smashes are 
weaker, but his forwards smash, especially the twohitter, is still 
powerful enough to kill you easily.  The hookshot has reduced range as 
well, so CPU and humans alike grab less often.  Your best strategy is to 
get in close with a Key or something, and then use a manhole to get him 
up in the air.  Octopus works well, and you can fight Young Link safely 
in the air since his sword isn't as big.  If you practice with Link 
first, then you'll be more or less prepped for Young Link (go see Link 
strategy).  His speed might be annoying at times though.

Vs. Mewtwo-Whee, its another long range character.  You're close range, 
but you have an ace up your sleeve with Oil Panic.  If he shoots those 
shadow balls, Oil them.  Toss a bucket filled with at least one charged 
ball, and its off to the sky for the psychic freak.  Computers like to 
use the confuse move when up close, so be on the guard for that.  The 
disable is rarely used since it only puts you to sleep like Jigglypuff's 
sing move.  If you're fighting a coward Mewtwo, it will teleport 
whenever you get close-toss sausages from a distance and make him shoot 
balls at you, or come up close.  Mewtwo is slow, so when he's up close, 
he's pretty easy to smash around, and when you get him up in the air, 
he's considerably lighter, so a Fire or Octopus in the air will finish 
him off faster than it would if you got him off the ground.  You can be 
offensive with Mewtwo since his attacks are pretty slow off the ground, 
but make sure you mix in powerhits like manhole or chair with your smash 
attacks to hit him before he tries a quick smash attack.  In the air, 
Mewtwo might try to flip you around with his tail-it will do damage if 
you're worked enough.  Also of note is his A move in the air-the damage 
adds up really quickly, so briefcase him before he touches you, or get 
him with Turtle.  Parachute in the air at 90 percent is a pretty 
successful finisher, so get it ready for a quick surprise.  His smashes 
also have more range than most of yours, so don't try to come directly 
at him on the ground, or you will just get sent back to your little 
portable console in no time.  His smashes are powerful, especially the 
forwards smash.  Also watch out for the downwards smash, since it will 
set you up for a kill.  His upwards throw is also powerful too.  Get in 
his face, and beat the stuffing out of him with a mix of smashes and 
powerhits, and this match is in the bag for you.  

Vs. Pichu-Its another clone-this time of Pikachu.  Pichu is faster, and 
its the lightest character in the game, so when you get the oppournity, 
smash to your heart's content.  Also of note is that his special moves 
as well as some of his regular moves damage himself.  Stay away and if 
he tosses sparks at you, oil them.  Make him use his special moves as 
much as possible to work up his damage.  All you need to do is move out 
of the way.  As the fastest character in the game, Pichu might give you 
headaches jumping/running around all of the time.  Don't give chase, and 
toss sausages at him.  Stay more or less stationary, and he'll 
eventually come to you.  If he tries the Skull Bash from faraway, roll, 
block, or if you got good reflexes, give him a concussion with Fire.  A 
charged smash at 50 percent will most likely kill Pichu, and a parachute 
at about 80 percent in the air will also net the Star KO.  Fight him 
like Pikachu, just add the extra speed and self-inflicted damge factor 
(see Pikachu strategy).

Vs. Mr. Game and Watch-I haven't had much experience with Human G&W's, 
so this will deal mainly with computers.  The first, and most used thing 
of the CPU is to get up close to you and use the bug spray over and over 
again to get your damage worked up.  After that, expect a Flag or 
Manhole to get you in the air.  After that, they usually try to 
Parachute to kill you.  Remember that you're fighting yourself, and you 
are pretty powerful with smashes and such, so don't get hit more often 
then you should.  The computers rarely use sausages or the Judgement 
Hammer, so don't get worked up over those two.  If you get caught in the 
bug spray, manhole until you connect.  G&W is light enough to fling in 
the air at low percentages-once he's up, Octopus or flag, then start 
using your powerful air moves.  If he jumps in on you, have an Octopus 
or Fire ready to slam him with.  Computers will also grab a lot if they 
get close, so expect throws also.  Rolling around will disrupt the 
computers, so do it every now and then.  There's no real way to say how 
to fight G&W, the best way is to practice against him yourself, and to 
scope him out if you can.  

7.Level Strategies-Level strategies work the same for almost all 
characters, but with G&W, adding some special twists to them can benefit 
your matches if you use them correctly.  Remember you are light, so stay 
near the center of the stage if at all possible, and grounded when at 
high percentages.  Some stages with close KO walls are your worst 
enemies if you're not careful, since you will often die at low 
percentages from attacks that wouldn't kill you on bigger stages.

On Icicle Mountain-This stage has a decent size, but it scrolls at 
varying speeds, ranging from no scrolling to very fast either up or 
down.  You have a good advantage in that your Trampoline sends you very 
high, so if things start getting hectic and fast, you can always 
trampoline to keep ahead of everybody.  Avoid the sides at all times.  
Computers especially like to smash you when you get near the KO wall for 
the cheap kill.  Stay in the middle, and get pests from above with Flag, 
or Octopus.  Freezies come fairly often on this stage-Grab one and hold 
it for a while.  When you see someone on the top tier or offscreen, toss 
it from below for the Freezie KO.  Grab what items you can-if its going 
fast, don't bother, but otherwise, do.  Motion sensor mines also are a 
nice surprise for someone trying to either quickly ascend or descend.  
Play defensive when at all possible.  If you can, toss someone to the 
side.  When the stage is about to start going down, jump up and use a 
parachute or the bug spray to get in a cheap lick, if not send them 
offscreen. Watch out for others to do the same to you.  Also of note is 
the slippery surfaces-the Ice Climbers have perfect traction here.  Your 
Trampoline will also break through the solid ice cubes that may block 
your ascent.

On Peach's Castle-This is a fairly large level, so you can play 
offensively here.  If you can, play territorial by camping on the ground 
on either side of the spire, Flagging or Octopusing any incoming 
opponents.  The colored switch blocks release items, so if you see a 
switch, press it.  The KO walls on the sides are somewhat far, so you 
can survive for a while if you're getting screwed.  DO NOT stand on the 
spire.  You're open to attacks from all directions.  Plus the upper KO 
wall is even closer, and you will die faster up there.  If fighting 
multiple opponents, let them beat the crap out of each other, and then 
jump in with Judgement.  Get a 9 and everyone's screwed!  You will 
immediately be declared cheap.  You can also play hit and run if you 
like.  Every once and in a while, a giant bullet bill will burrow into 
the stage.  Toss your opponent into the bullet for some damage points, 
and when it contacts the stage and starts flashing, do all you can to 
keep them in the vicinity-smash, throw, whatever.  When it explodes, 
they are most certainly dead.  Bumpers can help a lot, as can tossing 
Mr. Saturn or some other item to disrupt their escape jump.  Follow 
everything mentioned, and you'll be fine.  Also, you can use Red Game 
and Watch for the nice Camoflague Factor-stand directly next to the 
spire, and you will go unnoticed sometimes.

On Rainbow Ride-Its one of those large, interactive stages, so keep on 
your toes, especially when things start moving.  At the start of the 
stage, stay at the middle of the ship, close to the sloped wall on the 
right.  Sausage or Fire opponents to keep them away, and don't bother 
getting items unless they're close to you.  Most people will stay in one 
area and wait for someone to come.  Use your wait-and-hit strategies 
liberally.  When the ship moves, get off as fast as you can, and try to 
stay behind or above everyone else so you won't get spiked or hit back 
to where you can't get back on.  Also, don't stay too close to the left 
side, since the ground beneath you will dissappear as the stage moves, 
plus you can get smashed for cheap KO's easily.  Same goes for the right 
side-go too far, and there's no ground to save you if you are knocked 
away.  The KO wall above is also somewhat close, so don't get smashed 
upwards.  Abuse the briefcase when moving about to whack opponents and 
prevent them from hitting you back.  Before the stage scrolls down to 
the ship again, try to knock them upwards before it quickly goes down 
for a cheap KO.  Throwing items around is also recommended on this 
stage.  For the Camo Factor, pick Blue Game and Watch to blend in with 
the skies.  

On Kongo Jungle-Okay, the first thing to do is to not concentrate on the 
DK Rap in the background.  Make it your ally, and if someone hates it 
enough, the lyrics will disrupt their rythym.  Beware of the Klaptrap 
jumping out of the river when you are attempting a comeback, since it 
will mess up your recovery and probably kill you.  Stay on the middle of 
the bottom platform, or on the high platforms depending on where 
everyone else is.  The small rock platform on the right side is okay to 
catch a moment's breath, but opponents will come to you if you stay too 
long.  A motion sensor bomb planted on the middle of the platform is a 
nice little surprise too.  Sometimes a log will appear on the left side 
to aid your recovery, but its unreliable at best since you will overlook 
or miss it.  Don't rely on the barrel cannon below either, since you 
can't see it that well, and a klaptrap might be hiding inside it.  Stay 
down low, and use your flag or octopus for people above, and fire or 
manhole for people at your level.  Sausages also work well for edge 
guarding.  Toss items like crazy, since even large characters can get 
messed up by a renegade bomb at medium percentages.  If someone gets a 
hammer, you're gonna somehow have to outwit them with some craftiness or 
hope they drop HHH...
=====================More to come on this section======================

9.Credits-Here is where I give props to those directly/indirectly 
involved with this FAQ...submissions will get due credit too, so send 
them in.

GameFAQ's-For being kind enough to host this little old FAQ...

Myself-For becoming an ace with Mr. Game and Watch, and for writing this 
FAQ in hopes that people like you reading this now will use this as a 
definitive source for Mr. Game and Watch strategy

Anthony-For being a great Smash sparring partner, both on 64 and 
Cubeage.  I'll best you on one-on-one one day, but I still own 

Jordan-For buying the Gamecube and being an almost daily sparring 
partner with Dr. Mario and Tacky Mario.

Tron-The Link Master, and a good friend of mine

Hoss-The Ness Master

Vlade Divac-For being so darn crafty (this is totally random...)

Nintendo-for making Smash Bros. Melee

Legal Beef-This FAQ is made by me, Himura, and only I am allowed to put 
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