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                  >  Ganondorf FAQ         <
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By Larry Xiang,
< Version 1.0 > 
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  **  Legal Information      **
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This is my work, my FAQ. You do NOT have the permission to reproduce my FAQ 
under any circumstance except for your private, and personal use. This FAQ 
may only appear in four websites. That is, my personal 
website,,, and  I do not want to 
see it anywhere else. If you do, email me.  However, if you email me asking 
for permission to use this FAQ, or parts of it, I may or may not give you 
consent to do so. My FAQ is protected by law, and breaking that law would be 
a violation of copyright.    

Version History      ******

Version 1.0

Everything.  I first finished it on this date.

Version 1.09

I put in some more info about Ganondorf's moves, and I added some 
more websites to the legal section.


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 >>   Table of Contents  <<
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1. Introduction
2. The Great Evil King
3. How does he fight?
   A. Introduction
   B. Basic Moves
   c. Special Moves
   D. Other Moves
4. Stage Strategies
5. The Items
6. Important Notes and moves--DO NOT MISS
7. Improving your game--DO NOT MISS
   A. Tips
   B. Exercises
8. FAQ
9. Conclusion
10. Contact Information, and Credits
11. Legal Information

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 >>  Introduction  <<#################################################
 >>                <<

Welcome, everyone, this is my FAQ on Ganondorf.  It is safe to say,that
Ganondorf is the strongest, if not, second strongest character. Ganondorf
also has one of the best aerial games of all characters. This 
guide will cover all you need to know about Ganondorf, and his moves.
It will also cover facts and strategies involved with items, and stages, 
and give pointers on improving your game. I am, unfortunally, not a SSBM 
master, so if I was very wrong on a certain point, or stated something
not true, you can tell me.
I will NOT include basic info, like the SSBM system, walking, and other 
basic things. I will NOT be covering the different modes including
Classic, adventure, and all star.  I will also skip the event matches,
home run contest, break the target, and the multi-man melee. Yes, it does 
seem like I'm throwing a lot of information out of this FAQ, but if you 
want further FAQs on the above mentioned subjects, visit

spookisfat's cruel melee guide,
SSkeeto's homerun contest guide,
Mario 64 Master's Break the targets FAQ,
DMHawkmoon's Event Match/Melee Mode FAQ, and
Nintendorks' FAQ/Move list.

If you want to contact me, my email is  However
I check my mail every 5 days, even every 7 days once school starts. 
But, as long as your email is "proper", I will reply to it.

Go to "Contact and Credits" to check what a proper email is.

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 >>  The Great Evil King  <<#########################################
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Who is Ganondorf?  Why, he is the villian of The Legend of Zelda Series.
He is always seeking after the Triforce, which grants the wish of 
those who lay their hands on it.  However, the triforce is not 
usually assembled, so it is broken into three parts: power, wisdom,
and Courage. 
To unlock Ganondorf, simply beat event 29.  I will not give any 
strategies for that event, because if you got that far, you should 
have enough skill, and if you don't, use the FAQs I mentioned earlier. 
Ganondorf posseses the triforce of Power, which is no surprise,
considering how strong he is in Super Smash Brothers Melee.  He has 
a vast arsenal of strong moves, most of which deals knockback. 
So, his Pro's are, 
Many KO moves
A great spike (down B, explained later)
A fair chance of recovery (explained later)
And many more, to be noted later


Slow speed

Ganondorf is a great and powerful character.  From my
personal experience of 1.5 years playing Super Smash Brothers
Melee, I found Ganondorf to be the most effient, and best 

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 >>  How does he fight?   <<###############################
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Ganondorf has a great arsenal of moves, as I have mentioned
earlier.  For this next part, I will be using certain words 
who's meanings may stand unclear. So, here are my definitions,
not necessarily correct, but here they are.

Bounce= Moves that give great knockback, which means that the
        opponent is hit far away.

Strength= A move that has a lot of strength will dish out a lot
          of damage.

Tempo= the speed of the move. This also includes the time period 
       after the attack is executed.

Scope= The range that the attack has. 

Priority= If two players hit each other at the exact same time, who
          will win the move? The one who used a move of greater 

*= The rating that a move gets. 5 is the max

/= Represents 1/2.  So */= 1 1/2.

    Part B, basic moves 

Neutral A
Strength= 7%
Just a regular punch.  It also electrifies your opponent, but
I'm not sure if that helps too much in stunning them.  It comes 
out really fast, and if you feel there is no time for a smash,
feel free to use this.  It can be used defensively when you want
your opponents a distance away from you.  It can also hit 
mulitiple times, and you can occasionally pin an opponent.  

Walking A
Strength= 12%
Simply walk, than press A.  This, I find, is a great attack. It's
got good tempo, decent strength, and can set up for the next move 
to roll in.  It also has great scope.

Dash A
Strength= 14%
Run forward, and press A to make Ganondorf shoulder the opponent.
It's a good move, but facing experts, or multipal CPUs, there is 
a rare chance you'll get to finish this move.  However, I gave it
some more rating because it has great priority, and when fighting 
mulitiple opponents, it might be helpful.

Down A
Strength= 12%
Ganondorf sweep kicks the ground when you hold down on the control 
stick.  This is a great move.  The opponent lands right in front of
you, providing a chance for you to execute another attack.

Up A
Strength= 27%
This is one of Ganondorf's useless attacks.  Ganondorf puts up his 
leg, and brings it down again with a huge explosion.  The delay is 
What I'm worried about.  This move takes a long time to execute, and
isn't apt in serious battles.  But, I believe it is stronger than 
the Warlock Punch, mainly because of its bounce.  While it can KO a
lightweight on a small stage at 30%, the warlock punch can't.  But
tell me if you think I'm wrong.

Side Smash
Uncharged= 22%, Charged= 30% 
Wow, what a great smash.  I am assuming you know what a smash is. If
you don't, go to Data --> Archieves --> How to play.  This smash has 
great range, and great bounce.  When you use this smash, count on 
your opponent getting KO'd on the top boundary of the stage, since 
this attack takes your enemy 78 degrees up.  With this attack, you 
can smash on.  There is a good chance it will connect.

Down Smash
Uncharged= 20%, Charged= 28%
In this smash, Ganondorf kicks forward, than backward.  The kick 
forward will not smash your opponent far, but the backward kick is 
what you need to smash the opponent.  This move is not too great.
The results after executing this move are unpredictable since it has 
two parts for it.  However, if you're lucky, your opponent will get
caught in the first kick, and be transferred along the ground to the 
second part of the smash.  You also might want to try it when enemies
surround you all both sides. 

Up Smash
Uncharged= 40%, Charged= 53%
If only the first kick connects, Uncharged= 22%, Charged= 30%
This move has two parts, and two different possibilities. 
Ganondorf will kick both legs into the air, one leg at a time. If your
opponent is above you, he/she will most likely get caught up in the
two part attack.  That is when both legs hit.  That smash will send
the opponent 90 degrees into the air.  The other form of this smash 
takes place usually when the opponent is directly in front of you.  
He/she will get hit once, and fly at 45 degrees.  I cannot argue 
which form is better, since it's the same attack.  But, the form 
where your opponent is hit once will not occur as often as the other
form because this smash has very little scope in front.  There is an
advantage this attack has on certain stages, which I will explain 

Grab, Throw in Front
Strength= 9%
This attack is not apt for comboing on stage, because if your opponent
is skilled enough, he/she will most likely tech(explained later),
and it will be too late to attack again.  However, if you throw your 
opponent off the stage while you're close to the edge, with your
opponent having 10-30%, you will mostly likely score a KO after 
executing Down B(explained later).

Grab, Throw Back
Strength= 9%
The spiking combo will not readily work with the back throw if your
opponent has low percentages.  This is because when you do throw your
opponent, he/she will have recovered by the time you turn around, 
jump, and use down B.  So, I have not found any great uses for this 
attack, but if have, tell me.

Grab, throw Down
Strength= 7%
This is my favorite throw.  When your opponent is at lower percentages,
you can follow up the down throw with the sweep kick, and maybe the 
down smash.  When your opponent is at higher percentages, you can
follow the down throw with an up smash for the KO.

Grab, Throw up
Strength= 7%
Another good throw.  What I like to do is attempt some kind of aerial 
attack after the throw is performed, like aerial up kick.  Sometimes 
you will get the chance to up smash after the throw.  Robert Perez
says that you can also do a chain grab with this move.  This works on  
fast falling opponents like Fox and Falco.  Just throw them up, and 
quickly catch them again.  This can be done at lower percentages, like
%30.  For those reasons, I brought its rating up a little.

Aerial Neutral
Strength= 12%, or 24%
Ganondorf kicks twice when he is in the air.  But, I'm not too clear
on the percentages.  If anyone knows if the second kick does, or does
not have greater strength than the first kick, contact me.  
Nothing is too special about this attack.  I don't use it often 
though, because Ganondorf has much better aerial attacks than this.
Though it may seem like this attack hurts a lot, it rarely, if ever,
connects both kicks.  Not only that, it doesn't provide a lot of 
bounce either.

Aerial Down
Strength= 22%
Ganondorf kicks his feet down to spike the opponent.  It is argued 
that this is the strongest spike in the game.  I believe it is, but
it isn't all that great.  This attack is very difficult to time. 
It lacks good tempo, and is only good against those CPUs that wait
on the ground for you to perform this attack.  Humans will either 
jump up and attack, seeing that it takes a long time for this move 
to come out, or dodge.  Advanced CPUs will dodge most of the time.
However, against characters with a lot of priority, like Marth, it is 
bound to fail.  Nonetheless, it's power and bounce is irresistable.
Use it when your opponents least expects it.

Aerial Up
Strength= 12%
Ganondorf does a backflip in air, covering a 180 degree arc.  There
is nothing too special about this move, but it connects most of the
time.  Bounce is minor, but sometimes it can KO your opponents.

Aerial Front
Strength= 17%
This is a great attack.  There is a slight delay before the actuall 
punch comes out, but it is quite easy to time it so the attack 
comes out at the right time.  This punch also has a great knockback,
so KOs come easy at the edge when your opponent is high.  

Aerial Back
Strength= 16%
Ganondorf will swing his fist behind him, and attack the person 
behind.  It comes out a lot faster than the previously mentioned 
move, but also has less knockback.

  Part C, Special Moves
Warlock Punch
Strength= 30%
Most beginners might be attracted to this charged punch, but experts
will almost never use it.  There is just too little chance of this
attack connecting.  It can be used, and started in air.  That would 
increase the chance of it actually connecting, but not by much.  It 
has a lot of bounce, but experts would laugh if you use this move.
However, despite all the disavantages of the Warlock Punch, it can 
still work against CPUs.  I've had level 9's getting punched numerous

Wizard's Foot
Strength= 15%
This is a beautiful move.  It is a good way to finish combo's, 
it has very good priority, and it can spike.  When you are in 
mid-air, use this attack, and it will knock your foes straight down,
which means that with enough skill, you can KO a foe at 20%.  The
only thing perventing this move from getting 5 stars is the 
horribly long waiting time after this attack is executed.    

Gerudo Punch
Strength= 17%
Ganondorf swings his fist causing his whole body to follow.  It is 
an average attack, because it can be stopped, or avoided easily 
despite its speed.  However, if you succeed, combo possibilities
are created.  But, if you fail, there will be a horribly long period
in which you fall to the ground, and slowly get up.  This does NOT 
count as a recovery jump.  You can do this attack in mid-air, but
after that the computer treats it like you used the third jump.

Warlock Grab
Strength= 17%
This is a nice move.  Ganondorf jumps up very quickly, and grabs 
the opponent, inflicting damage once the encounter is over.  This
attack has fairly good priority.  It can even stop Kirby's stone 
attack.  A combo I discovered the computers use is Gerudo Punch,
followed by a warlock grab.  You can use that combo as well.

  Part D, Other Moves

To jump, press "up" on the control joystick, or press the x, or
y button.  For me, I use the control stick, but there is little,
or no difference between the two.

When hanging on the edge,

A/B= 10% 
Ganondorf comes up and attacks the opponent.  I've used this most 

L/R= Comes up, and rolls along. Great for evasive needs.

X/Y= From the edge, he jumps up higher than his first jump.

There are still A LOT of techniques left, but that will be saved for
number six on the table of contents.

 >>                       <<
 >>  Stage Strategies     <<
 >>                       <<

In this section, I will give a basic description of the stage, 
and give a few strategies.  I won't use ACSII art, though, since
I'm horrible at that.

Icicle Mountain

Size= Strolling

There is one thing you would want to take advantage of in this 
stage.  Notice how easily people can get KOed off the sides?
Yeah, NEVER forget that while you're in this stage.  Take advantage
of those KO boundaries.  However, unfortunally, most of Ganondorf's
smashes propel the opponent UP, not to the side.  But, we do have
his aerial front A, and, we have the Wizard's Foot.  Most players 
would prefer to throw the opponent off, but Ganondorf doesn't have 
throws that are extremely strong.

In this stage, there are 4 different strolling options.  There is 
complete stop, where nothing is moving; there is slowly moving up;
there is slowly moving down; and there is moving up very fast. 
The strolling option you have to be careful with that last option.
Ganondorf surpasses Bowser in terms of jumping, but is still no good.
You'll find, though, it won't be too difficult to keep up with the pace
as long as you focus half on your foes, and half on the stage.

Princess Peach's Castle

Size= medium-small

From first look, this stage may appear to be quite large, especially 
when those buttons are pushed, and those platforms appear.  However,
this stage is divided by a tall tower.  Most of the time, you won't 
be fighting on the tower, so this stage has been neatly cut in half.
There are no hazards you might want to know about except the banzai 
bill, or whatever it's called.  That thing is truely strong.  It can
instantly KO anyone.  The strange behavior with CPUs is that they stay
near the edge when they sense a banzai bill approaching.  So, natually,
you would want to plunge you foes into the explosion of the banzai 
bill.  However, I have not yet attempted any of this, but I'm guessing 
some kind of throw is necessary.  But even than, it would be quite 
difficult to drag your opponents into the explosion.

This stage has a relatively small KO boundary at the bottem, so spike

Rainbow Cruise

Size= Strolling

You start out on a medium sized boat.  There isn't anything special 
about this boat except that the KO boundary is very close on the 
right side.  After some time of duking it out, the ship drops, and
it is time to move on.  Here is a place where you must worry about 
spikers, since there is little solid ground around.  After that, the 
stage walks you along a big platform.  Here, the concept is same with 
Icicle Mountain.  You must knock your opponents off the two sides.
The last sequence of your journey is a sudden drop, where countless 
times the CPU and I have died.  But don't worry, an arrow will notify
you.  The strategy I use to get past this part, is to stand on the 
tan-colored blocks, and wait until one falls.  It will fall slow enough
to accomodate the speed of the stage.  By taking this path, you will
have avoided the mess which is taking place on the white platforms.

Kongo Jungle

Size= small-medium

The KO boundaries on both sides seem extremely close.  Just keep 
that in mind.  It may be faster to score a KO off the sides rather
than star KOing it above.  On the right, there is a small platform. 
I usually avoid this place when using Ganondorf.  It's very small, and
it brings you even closer to the right KO boundary, which means, 
one bad move, stuck in one good combo, and it's good bye.  There is 
nothing else note-worthy, except that there are multi-platforms, and 
the DK rap in the background.  Many may disagree, but I sort of like 
the DK rap.  However, it has nothing to do with gameplay, so moving 

Jungle Japes

Size= medium

There is only one major thing you would want to know:  The bottom
KO boundary is the CLOSEST in all stages that have a bottom boundary.
That mean you can no longer use Wizard's Foot as a spike, because if
you do, you'll suicide.  The klap trap also comes along occasionally,
even though it seems like often with all the KOs that klap trap is 
scoring.  The klap trap looks like a blue crocodile, and it's bite is
a one hit KO.  You can actually jump in the water, and come out again
perfectly safe, but it's not worth it with Ganondorf.  Even with 
characters like Kirby, it doesn't provide any kind of ambush.  So, stay 
in that middle platform, Below it.  Hopefully you can up smash some 
opponents up above.

Great Bay

Size= medium-medium large

Several things to note here.  The Right KO boundary is VERY close, and
it is extremely easy to get KO'ed there.  Make use of that advantage.
There is a turtle who shifts positions, dives in the water, and 
submerges again.  I don't usually fight there, though.  Then, there is 
that annoying Tingle.  He's nothing but exasperation.  With CPUs, they 
will attack you if you still on the balloon.  With humans, they will 
also get you.  There have been times when my opponent had +120% in 
damage, and I launched a good smash.  But, they hit the balloon, and 
bounced back, still alive with +140%.  

The water.  Obviously, none of our smashers took swimming lessons, so 
treat the water like thin air.  Here comes the greatest thing you could
know about this stage.  You see that there are two platforms on both
sides?  Those places are KO heaven.  Get down there, and get to a 
place where the main platform and the lower one overlappes.  That is 
where any attack projecting someone up, or diagonally up, will 
instantly KO the opponent.  Here is what happens; an attack sends the 
opponent soaring up.  But, they hit the main platform, and they bounce 
into the water at spiked speeds.  So never forget that.  You could be 
the victim, but you could be the smasher as well.


Size= Extra Extra Large

It may seem that with this incredible size, KO chances are reduced to
a minimum.  That is not true.  All you have to do is make use of the
side KO Boundaries.  Those lines are actually quite close.
Nothing else much is to be said about this place, except I usually fight
Where Player one starts out, which is on that nice piece of flat ground
and a combo-connected platform up above.

In the center of the stage, there is a tunnel and a platform.  Very 
similar to Peach's Castle, it divides the stage in half.  But what's 
more important is the tunnel.  Some players can pin their opponents 
against the platform, but Ganondorf has no moves fast enough.  However,
once I was able to squeeze 5 Neutral A's before the CPU broke free. 
There is a platform below the tunnel.  That is the place to stay is you
have +150%.  Sometimes, I can endure until 350% with Ganondorf down 
there.  Simply crouch and use your Down A.  

Flat Zone

Size= Extra Small

What a chaotic stage.  There are weapons falling from the sky which will
project you up, and if high enough, you will be KOed.  Also a guy 
will come around, and dump some oil on the ground.  It's nothing special,
but it is extra slippery.  The weapons that fall inflict 10% damage, so 
try to avoid, because you could easily be comboed after getting hit by
the weapons.  A monkey will come around occasionally to restore some
lost platforms.  No signifigance there.

The thing you really need to know, is that the KO boundary is EXTREMELY
close on all sides except bottom.  Even Ganondorf can be quicky be put
to oblivion at 70%.  But, not to fear, Ganondorf has a LOT of 
knockback moves, so it doesn't always have to be a smash to dispose of
the enemy.  It could also be any aerial attack, or even the walk-->A. 
Just don't stay in one place, and when you need to move, use wizard's
foot, or jump.

Yoshi's Story

Size= Small

This is a plain stage with three platforms.  Shy guy will come around 
and speculate on the match.  Ignore them.  Here is also a good place
to start using your wizard's foot.  The KO boundaries seem to be
not too far, nor too close.  You can use up smash if there are people
on one of the platforms above you. 

Yoshi's Island

Size= Medium

Do not confuse this with Yoshi's story.  It's much different.  There 
will be yellow blocks that spin when you hit them.  The ones above 
ground are of no signifigance, like Tingle's balloon.  However, the
three blocks on ground floor need to be watched at all times.  
Countless times have my foes plunged into the earth after overlooking 
those blocks.  You, too, can fall.  One way I see the CPU Ganondorf 
fall is by using the Gerudo punch (side B).  The easy solution would
be to avoid that attack whenever you're close to those blocks.  
Not only that, the KO boundary is rather close along the bottom.
Actually, the boundary lines are close everwhere, in all directions. 
However, this is no disadvantage.  Most of ganondorf's smashs will 
Project the enemy up, and since the KO boundary line up is close, 
you can smash away.  

To the right, there will be a little hill.  At first, I thought that
that hill would be the Ideal KO place.  In a way, it is, since it 
brings you closer to the Upper KO boundary .  However, for attacks
that project the opponent 45 degrees and less, the foe will simply
skid along, and may not be KOed at all.  Of coarse, this is still no
concern considering the vast arsenal of candidate moves to use on this
stage.  Once again, smash away.


Size= small

Besides looking pretty, and hosting good music, there is nothing 
noteworthy here.  There are platforms that move up and down very

The boundary lines are "normal".  Not too close, not too far.  
Just use normal tactics, and don't forget to spike.

Green Greens

Size= Medium

There are a few things to note here.  There is a tree in the 
background that will blow wind to one side.  That does nothing
bad except to annoy you.  Sometimes the tree will spawn apples.
Some apples heal you, some you can use as projectiles which 
inflict 11% with Ganondorf's throw.  Some apples are explosive.
This stage is composed of three main platforms, which are divided
by two towers of yellow blocks.  Some blocks have a picture of a 
bomb on them.  Be careful of those blocks.  They inflict 22%
damage, but doesn't have as much bounce as a normal bomb-omb.
The KO boundary lines are slight closer on the right and left, but
that difference is minor.


Size= Medium-large

The biggest factor here would be the awnings.  Awnings come around
every once in a while to spray bullets over the stage.  You will
rarely get hit, but if you do, no big deal.  Some awnings come closer
and you can jump on them.  That wouldn't be of any use, except to 
temporily hide.  When they go, jump off, or be star KOed.  
The StarFox has it's own gun below the stage.  You can get there 
easily, and I doubt anyone would follow.  However, the Starfox's 
gun will come alive occasionally, and that is sure to kill you.
The Left KO boundary line seems to be the closest.  


Size= Medium

This stage can be divided into four parts: Upper left, lower left,
upper right, and lower right.  With the tilt of the wings, combat 
can sometimes be really difficult.  For example, it is not so easy 
anymore to smash and expect it to land.  You can drop from the upper
platforms into the lower ones by crouching.  That can set up for 
tricks, like dropping, and then immediately using up-aerial attack.
Once you are on the lower platforms, it is easy to up smash dumb CPUs
that drop through without thinking.

The starfox goes through different phases.  It goes from a sunset
scene, to a dark cave.  Once in the dark cave, the side KO boundaries
are temporarily shut off.  It has annoyed me sometimes, and saved my 
life other times.  Your foe will go flying from the ship, but strike 
a rock, and bounce right back.  Also when you go through that cave, the
Starfox seems brighter, and may offend your eyes.  Try to ignore that 
As for the KO boundary lines, they seem a bit further than the usual.


Size= Medium small

You will notice that there are "strings" that connect the platform to 
the main platform.  There is also another set of adhesives on the main
floor.  Ignore them.  If you cut them, the stadium is cut in half, and
the platforms are useless.  This may create a greater atmosphere for 
KOing, but it is not worth it, considering the adhesives restore itself
very quickly.  Usually, I stay on the main platform at the bottom.  But 
the lava rises occasionally, so to be safe, make sure the top platform is
unoccupied.  Make sure you avoid the lava.  It won't KO you, but it will
hurt a lot.  

Brinstar Depths

Size= Medium

This is a chaotic rotating stage.  Make sure you keep your eyes on the
big reptile in the background (Kraid).  When it appears, it will soon 
slash at the stage, rotating it.  Don't take any risks.  Stay on the
ground parallell to the lava.  There is no real strategies in this place.
I don't think you can grab any edges at all because there are none.  
The KO boundary lines are average, though most will die at the bottom.


Size= Medium large

One thing to note is the cars.  Whether I was beginner, or advanced, I
always got hit by those cars.  Of coarse, a warning is given every time
a car is about to approach.  So heed those warnings, and don't even fight
on the road.  Instead, move your fights to the two purple platforms, and
the blue roof house.  
Another thing to note is that the KO boundary lines are greatest at the 
If you do it just right, you can sidestep dodge the cars.  However, that
is a risk not worth taking.


Size= Large

The thing you need to notice is the two gaps between the buildings.  Since
Ganondorf does not know the wall jump, he can be KOed there.  So if you
don't pay full attention to the screen, you will make a move, than realize
that you've fallen into the pit.

UFO's will come around occasionally.  If you are at the other side of the
stage when this happens, the camera will zoom out, and it will be difficult 
to track down your character in this huge stage.  The UFO itself is very
slippery, and combat is impractical there.  
The KO boundary line is closer than average to the right.

Mute City

Size= Small

A moving stage, but not strolling.  There will be passing cars.  If they
hit you, don't worry it's only 10% with minimum knockback.  Still, it 
would be better to stay safe rather than sorry.  Another hazard that will
hurt you is the track.  While your main plaform is moving, jumping off 
will result in 18%, and projection direction of UP.  
Recovering in this stage is difficult.  There are little, if not none 
edges to grab.  

A fun thing to try is to hurt the cars.  If you do a powerful attack, or 
use a powerful item like a bomb-omb when a car passes, the car will stop, 
and emit smoke.

Big Blue

Size= Medium

The safest place to stay would be on the platforms that you pass.  Staying
below on the cars are dangerous because when a slow character like 
Ganondorf gets knocked onto the track, it's almost over.  The track 
behaves like the river in Jungle Japes, but runs a lot faster.  The cars
here are bumpy, making it very hard to land your attacks.  So, the two
options are aerial attacks, or the platforms.  Also note that the side
KO boundaries are really close.  

I don't really like this stage.  Ganondorf will just have to jump around
and use aerial attacks.  The other thing about this track is that you can 
use your third jump, land on the track, and if your reflexes are good 
enough, jump back onto the cars.

Pokemon Stadium

Size= Medium to medium small

Ahhh, now this is a very plain stage, good for serious combat. Until....
it transforms into some really chaotic stages.  The order is
Default--> element stage--> default--> element stage.  The order 
goes like that.  The different stages are fire, rock, water, and grass.
Nothing else needs to said except that the KO boundaries are all 
average.  The element stages are complex, but the strategies remain the

Poke Floats

Size= Strolling

This stage is composed of floating pokemon, as the title suggests.  This
is a great place to use the wizard's foot to spike people.  
There are just a few places you need to be careful of.  The first place 
is when you see that duck.  When fighting on its head, the camera will 
start to move down, and you will be star- KOed.  So, don't let that 
happen, and only involve yourself 40% to combat, and 60% to the stage.
There are other tricky spots too, like the big tree, and the place where 
you meet chancy(egg mother), and golem(head with flexing arms) , or 
whatever.  You should know which places to give extra attention to the stage. 
So when do you know to move on?  Well, stay in front of the combat. 
For example, if everyone else is fighting on squirtle's head, you
should jump on onix.  There are exceptions, though, like when getting
to the purple gas pokemon.  Sometimes you will fall faster than the 
camera, and be KOed.  So, when you feel that you will sure fall through
the bottom KO boundary, than use up B.  But most importantly, pay 
attention to the stage.

Mushroom Kingdom

Size= Medium large

In this stage, your percentages will rise, and you won't get KOed
until the percentage is really high.  Next to temple, you can survive  
longest on this stage than on any other stage.  This is because of the
two layers of red blocks making a roof over the main platform.  This
is not good news for Ganondorf, because if you remember, most of his
attacks project the enemy in an upward direction.  

However, the sides of this stage are just like the sides of Icicle
Mountain.  The side KO boundaries are extrememly close, and Ganondorf
can easily KO a middleweight with 30% with the Wizard's Foot when the 
foe is near the edge.  As usual, keep that in mind.  

Mushroom Kingdom II

Size= Small

Just one thing that you need to know.  The side KO boundaries are very
close.  Don't forget that.  It is the key to winning on this stage.
Other small things to note is the birdo and the magic carpet.  But, 
those things are very minor, and won't affect your gameplay too much.
There are also two pits in this stage.  Of coarse, that is where you
use the wizard's foot, but sometimes you will die if you use it too 
close to the ground.  Try using it from a higher place.


Size= Medium small

That is the average stage.  The KO boundaries are average, and take 
advantage of your up smash, which can reach opponents on the two 
lower platforms.  I heard somewhere that gravity goes lenient 
sometimes, and everyone's falling speed will slow.  However, I have
not discovered any change in gravity.

Final Destination

Size= Medium

Just a flat piece of ground.  The KO boundaries are slightly farther
on all sides.  Or maybe it's average.  But, anyway, this is the 
average stage, so use your normal tactics, and fight away.

Dream Land N64

Size= Medium

An average stage.  The tree still blows wind, but that can only
cause slight exasperation.  It shouldn't affect gameplay.  
The side KO boundaries seem a bit farther.

Yoshi's Story Past

Size= Medium to large

The two lower platforms are tilted, and so is the main plaform.  But
the bad thing about the two lower platforms, is that you can't up 
smash any opponents there anymore.  However, the main factor that 
makes this stage different from the others are the clouds.  Do 
NOT fight on the clouds, because they will disappear VERY quickly, 
with little warning.  If your last move happened to have a long 
recovery, than you will fall through the bottom KO boundary.  With 
the clouds, the side KO boundaries increase tremendously, making it 
annoying sometimes when you were supposed to KO someone, but 
didn't.  To the right, there should be two clouds.  I call the 
farther cloud, suicide cloud.  You can get there, but without 
someone else's help, you won't get back.  Avoid the clouds totally,
and focus on those star KOs.

Kongo Jungle Past

Size= Medium

The only thing that bothers me here is the light.  It is dark, but
unlike Jungle Japes, you will have a hard time seeing you and 
your foes.  Other than that, there is a barrel, but like the other
Kongo Jungle, don't trust it.

 >>                       <<
 >>     The Items         <<###################################
 >>                       <<



Well, these things restore your health.  Certain foods restore more
health than others.  But, since Ganondorf is a slow character, I 
wouldn't get this if you know someone else will reach it first.  
It's good, but not that good.

Maxim Tomato

THIS is good.  It is worth going for even if it means losing health. 
This tomato will restore 50% of your health.

Heart Container

WOW, this is the best recovery item.  Get it when you see it.  It 
will recover 100% of your health.

Ray Gun

A mediocre item.  It fires 16 shots, and gives mininmum knockback.
Not only that, it's slow.  But when you throw it, it inflicts 12%.

Fire Flower

For about 6.8 seconds, this flower will continually spew out fire.
Sometimes you can get people pinned with this.  Unlike Bowser's
fire breath, this item pushes the opponent away from you. 
Throwing it causes 9% damage.

Super Scope

With rapid fire, the opponent can suffer a total of 26%.  Throwing
it inflicts another 14% for a total of 40%.  That's what I 
usually do.  You can charge it up, and it will fire two shots: 
28%, and 21%.  The first shot has huge knockback, but both shots
have little chance of connecting.

Star Rod

Throwing it inflicts 15%, but throwing it down causes 18%.  Both ways,
the opponent will fly at almost 0 degrees, meaning his/her path of
flight is parallell to the ground.  Great knockback when thrown.  The
star rod also spews out stars when the controller is pointed slightly
in one direction.  It can spawn a total of 16 stars.  The star rod is
great for edge-guarding.  A fully charged smash is 36%.

Lip's stick

This thing is great.  Whenever an opponent is hit, they will grow a 
flower out of their head which drains their percentages.  For example,
a throw inflicts 12%, but the flower pumps out another 18% for a 
total of 30%.  A fully charged smash can deal 56% total.

Beam Sword

The beam sword does 14% when thrown, and 20% when used as a smash.  
But it does seem like this sword has beautiful scope.

Home Run Bat

The throw deals 21%, and INCREDIBLE knockback.  The smash is a one hit
KO.  This is a miracle weapon.  Now if only it had more scope.....


This item swings really quickly, making it possible to inflict 65% in
10 seconds.  The throw is 9%.  There is no strong bounce, so this is
another mediocre item.


You MUST get this item.  It has great range, and superb bounce.  It 
inflicts 22% with each hit, and KOs middleweights at 70%.  But, persuit
is difficult while holding this item.  You only get one jump.

Headless Hammer

Sometimes, you pick up a regular hammer, and the head falls off.  That's
bad.  Try to run away.  BUT, when you pick up the fallen head, and throw
it, it inflicts 35% with MAXIMUM knockback.
Handle= no star
Head= ****/

Green Shell

Throwing this item inflicts 25% damage on the opponent, and gives beautiful
knockback.  Be careful, though, since most CPUs can powershield it back to 

Red Shell

Throwing it inflicks 16% of damage.  The rolling shell causes 9% with each 
hit.  When you throw this, it will roll around, targeting the nearest 
person.  Yes, it does betray you.  But, sometimes it's helpful against 


If your foe is hit by this flipper, 9% damage will be added to him/her.
Touching it after that will inflict 1%, but KO worthy knockback.  
The only time this becomes a threat is when it is placed so that it 
blocks the edge, and when you approach it at an angle which can spike


If your foe is hit by this ice cube, 24% will be inflicted.  The foe 
will also be frozen for 5.5 seconds to allow you to do whatever you
want.  This is a good edge guarding tool, because if your opponent
is hit, and there is no ground beneath, the frozen foe will fall to 
his/her doom.  The freezie also has decent bounce.


The pink creature will inflict 10% when first thrown.  Next time it 
will be 11%, than 10%, than 12%, and so on(I believe that is the 
pattern).  It has mininim bounce.


The pokeball causes 15% when thrown, but the pokemon itself is what
you're looking forward to.  Some are useless, but others will help
you score 3 KOs, or build up +110% on your foes.  Sometimes, you
can knock a pokemon away.  They are, Cryrill, Chancy, and marill.
There may be more.
This is one the items that CPUs LOVE.  They will back out of a fight,
and track down this item wherever it is.
Rating varies. However, I recommend you to get the pokeball regardless
of who it may be.  It's just worth it.


This bomb dishes out 34% with one throw.  However, CPUs can easily 
powershield it right back to you.  So, don't pick one up, and 
instead let the bob-omb go to your foes, and blow them up.  Bob-ombs
have MAX bounce.

Motion Sensor Bomb

Throwing it causes 14% upon your opponent.  A green light will shine
from the ground.  If you come near it, it will explode, adding 28%
to anyone affected by the explosion.  This is a GREAT item to use
against CPUs, because they totally ignore the exsistance of the motion
sensor bomb.  Roll over one if you want to detonate it without getting
hurt.  In time mode, if you step on one, and get KOed, you will lose two
points, even if self-destruct is set on -1.

Super Mushroom

This mushroom will increase your size.  With bigger size, you have the
obvious advantages of weight, and strength.

Poison Mushroom

This mushroom is purplish in color, and has a slight frown.  Don't get
the mushroom if you don't know which one it is, because if you get this
mushroom, your size will decrease, and you will have to play "run away"
for 8 seconds.  Sometimes the CPUs will dodge this item.  Than, you will
be sure that this is the wrong mushroom.
/(half a star)


It is a bouncing star.  Take it, and you will enjoy invincibility for
9 seconds.  This item isn't too useful because the CPUs will run away
from you, and Ganondorf isn't really good at persuing others.


With this, you can glide like Peach!!! but.....that is not really a great
advantage.  Gliding will most definally slow you down in air, and make 
you a fine target for your foes.  Throwing the parasol is useless. 
Smashing with it gets out 24% from your opponents.  That's not even as good as 
Ganondorf's Forward Smash!

Warp star

Oh, yeah!  THIS is a great weapon.  You can't even shield from it, and CPUs
always gets hit by this powerful star.  It does 22%, but the thing that is 
even more important is the knockback.  GREAT knockback.  You can also control
its direction with the control stick.  

Metal Box

Once you hit this green box, you will enjoy being a man covered with metal for
11.9 seconds.  With this, your weight increases greatly, but so does your 
falling speed.  So, when you grab this, get in the fray, but stay away from
the edges.

Bunny Hood

With this mask on, Ganondorf's speed increases by about 60%, and jumping 
ability increases 40%.  The effect wears off after 12.5 seconds.  This is a 
very useful item for someone slow, like Ganondorf.  But don't forget to time
your attacks. 

Screw attack

When you see a foe not too far from you, throw this powerful frizzbee at them.
It will inflict 23% damage, but the really good quality about this item is 
that your victim will not be able to move after hit!  They will go up a short
distance, than come down spinning.  It is a perfect chance to follow up with
a smash.  But don't throw it if your opponent is too close to you, because
you will get caught up in the spin, and not be able to combo them.
The other use of this is edge-guarding.  Like the freezie, throw it when your 
foe has no ground beneath him, and he will plunge into the bottom KO boundary.

Barrel Cannon

If this barrel cannon is thrown at you, don't worry.  You won't get hurt.  
Just make sure the top is facing the approapriate direction, and simply 
press A to blast out of it.  It does hurt your opponents if you are inside,
but I do not know by how much.

Cloaking Device

For about 10 seconds you will enjoy invisibility, and invincibility.  Sound
appeasing?  It is, in a way.  However, you can still get KOed, but your
percentage will not rise.  And the invisibility is useless.  Against humans,
you probably have a name tag.  Against CPUs, they know where you are better
than you know where you are.  The CPUs will love this item.  They will grab
it every time.

 >>                       <<
 >>    Important Notes    <<##############################################
 >>    And Tips           <<

Sometimes, I will explain things in the next chapter, chapter 7.  These are
just some interesting, or important things to know about.

The roll

Press either the L or the R button, than press a direction(right ,or left).  
Then, you have just rolled.  There are countless reasons for rolling, 
which will be explained later.


This is similar to the roll, but instead of pressing right, or left, press
down.  Ganondorf will step away from the 2-D stage into the background for
a short while.  However, it is long enough to avoid even the Onette cars.
However, I don't use this move very often, so I would appreciate it if 
someone else knows a practical common use for the sidestep.

The C-Stick

In training mode, the C-Stick is for adjusting the camera.  However, in 
Vs. mode, you will do an uncharged smash in the direction you pressed the 
C-Stick.  Just out of habit, I don't use it.  But, I would probably save
about 6 frames each time I did use it.  

The Airdodge

In the air, press R/L.  You can even control the direction!  This is a very
useful evasive move in the air.  Try it, get used to it.  When using this 
move, you will also automatically L-cancel when landing(explained later).

Light Shield

To use the shield, press R/L on the ground.  There are three types of 
1. A normal shield, 
2. Light Shield.  I recommend this one because it lasts MUCH longer than the 
regular shield, and it's quite strong.
3. Power shield.  This thing required CPU reflexes.  You just have to shield
immediately before a projectile hits you.  The projectile will bounce back to
the original owner, and you've saved your butt.  The CPU do it all the time, 
but for humans it's much more difficult.


Not long ago, somebody/something invented tiers.  I don't know too much about
it, but it is a list of playable characters arranged from best to worst.  The
arrangement is said to be based on statistics, pros, and cons.
There are those who stubbornly, and persistantly deny its existance.
There are also die-hard tier fans.
I am neither.  As I have said, I don't know too much about it, and how EXACTLY
it works, so I am neutral right now.  The tier list goes something like,
Sheik, Marth, Peach, Fox,........If you want the whole list, check out the 
SSBM message boards.
Anyway, this is a Ganondorf FAQ, and I poured out 6 hours a day into this 
thing, so do you think I'll betray Ganondorf, and use someone else? NO.  I 
chose Ganondorf because I have most expierence with him, and I like how he 
fights.  I like him overall.  That is how you should base your disicians.
On Experience, and Passion.


When you do get hit by an attack, you will go flying, and end up on the 
ground, and recover SLOWLY.  If you press L/R right before you hit the 
ground, there will be some white sparks, and Ganondorf will be up and 
running way quicker.

L- Cancel

I haven't learned this technique for too long, but basically, you press L/R
after doing an aerial attack.  You can either air dodge, or do this.  
Either way, the horrible lag time after Ganondorf finishes his aerial moves 
will be removed.

The Wizard's Foot

Ahh, what a great move!  But, it does have some disadvantages.  One, you 
should be careful not to die when using this attack.  Watch your opponent
intently as he/she returns to the stage.  At the precise time, jump out
(once) and immediately use this move.  Whether or not the foot connects
with the opponent's head, keep your eye on Ganondorf.  Try to jump up again
right after using the wizard's foot.  Many times I have failed to recover
after spiking someone.
The other thing is the horribly long time you must wait after this attack 
executed.  Just take note of that, and don't use it too often above the 


To fastfall, press down after Ganondorf reaches the climax of his jump.
But, this may only be useful in the Home Run contest.

Ganondorf's ULTIMATE Recovery.

The wizard's foot shines again.  If you are at a certain height, you can,
when knocked out far, 
Mid air jump--> Wizard's Foot--> Mid air Jump--> Up B, warlock grab.
This is THE COOLEST feature.  Sometimes it makes Ganondorf's recovery 
better than Capton Falcon's.

 >>                       <<
 >>     How to Improve    <<##########################################
 >>     Your Game         <<

This is no easy thing to do.  It requires time, mostly, knowledge, and

+                 + 
+  Part A, Tips   + 
+                 + 

The Spike

This is the first tip I'll give you.  Spike!  Use the wizard's foot, and 
spike away.  Spiking is much better than KOing with a smash, because the
enemy can die at very low percentages with Ganondorf's powerful spike.
I doubt even Falco's "#1 spike" has much power, yet effiency as the 
wizard's foot.  You need not send your opponent very far.  Just far enough
to use the wizard's foot on them.

Start Rolling

Rolling is the best dodging technique there is.  It puts you out of danger,
and right behind your ex-attacker, setting up requirements for a smash. 
That is what you should learn first.  Roll behind, than use kind of attack.
Another thing you can do with rolling is transportation by means of rolls.
Yes, I do that sometimes because it's fast, and you know you're safe.  
There is no such thing as an abused roll because anybody who is good at 
SSBM will abuse the roll.

Don't get hit

Play it cautiously.  Don't just run into a fray and expect you to hurt 
everyone else more than they hurt you.  You should try to stay untouched
more than you try to smash everyone out of the rink.  Ganondorf does not
have as much escapee skills as Kirby does, but he still has the roll, 
air dodge, and the shield.  
Rarely, if ever, have I gotten the shield stupidity bonus.  It is a bonus
rewarded to you if your shield breaks.  Simply use the light shield.
It's faster, and it lasts longer.
The air dodge is another attack worth abusing.  If an opponent is close 
to you in air, you can choose the attack, or dodge.  Most of the time,
I base my decisions on the ground.  If there is another opponent on the
ground waiting, or a good item in sight, I would air dodge a certain 
direction, than run to the item, or away from the foe waiting.
CPUs never air dodge to a certain direction.  But you should.  It will
eventually become obvious which direction to dodge once you air dodge 

Know your stage

This is important.  To "know" a stage, you must play on it often, and
discovery its layout, and everything else about it.  Don't let a single
detail escape you.  Also, keep in mind how far the KO boundaries are.
You may want to base your attacks on that information.


A useful thing to do when your percentage is high, is to go to a safe 
place, crouch, and attack.  Crouching will reduce the distance you fly
when you are hit.  Ganondorf also has a good crouching attack.
However, I use this technique occasionally, and mostly in Temple.  But,
it is a good detail to know about.


Use those smash attacks!  Those are attacks that inflict a lot of damage,
and can send your enemies far.  They are abusable, but at higher-expert
levels, they should no longer be abused.  But while you are still 
building your skill, feel free to abuse the smashes.


All of your attacks that inflict damage can, and will debilitate.  
Debilitate is just a fancy word for weaken, or "power lost".  For example,
Go to training mode, and use an attack on someone.  Now use the same 
attack again.  The percentage that was inflicted should not have been as 
great as the first attack.  I don't know too much on this subject, but 
some attacks decrease by 1%, 2%, and other attacks debilitate by 5%.
This is also true with items like lip's stick, beam sword, and star rod.

Recovery Quickly

You can recovery quickly by Teching, or using the L-cancel.  I can now 
naturally tech.  Everytime my Ganondorf gets blasted away, I tech before
hitting the ground.  L-cancel has not yet become second for me, but I'm 
working on it.

Getting back to the stage

The first key to recovering well(yes, this is called "recover" as well)
is to use your wizard's foot when the situation shows itself worthy.  
The previous chapter should have talked about using the wizard's foot 
during recovery.
The second trick to recovery is to come from either below, or above.  When
you are knocked out far, someone will be edgeguarding you.  Don't just 
ignore them, and jump back to the stage naturally.  Maybe you can if you're
a beginner, but when you're an expert, you will meet master edge-guarders.
So, let's say you had the chance to come from above.  Either land on a 
platform, or get past them.  If you landed on a platform, get moving!  
They will soon use their Up smash, or an aerial attack.  Landing past them
is a lot harder since Ganondorf wasn't born with jumping skills.  But if
did land past them, roll to the opposite direction your opponents are facing, 
and continue combat.
Most of the time, you should be at about the same height level as your 
edge-guarder when recovering.  This is when you should strive to grab the 
edge.  Why grab the edge?  Because the choices from there are a lot safer.
You can press A/B, and come up attacking your opponent, or roll up with L/R,
or jump up with X/Y.  So no matter what, try to get on the edge. 
The last thing to take note of is Ganondorf's great Up-B.  With this up-B,
you can warlock grab any edge-guarder waiting.  It is an attack with fine
priority, and it works! 

Edge Guard

Previously, we talked about recovering.  Now, we need to consider 
edge-guarding.  There are two ways to edge-guard.  One way is to stay on 
the ground where you are, and hope that your opponent is stupid enough 
to jump right to you.  That is the easy way, but it doesn't always happen. 
So, you must try the other way, which is to greet your opponent while 
they're still recovering.  A few times I have suceeded using Ganondorf's 
aerial side-A.  Another way is the classic Wizard's Foot.
But be careful, if your opponent uses a recovery attack with lots of 
priority, you may get hurt, and your opponent gets back to the edge.  
However, the Wizard's Foot has decent priority.  Of coarse, there are other
creative ways to edge guard, like jumping below them, and using the Warlock
grab(up-B).  If you do use the warlock grab, and it is sucessful, you get to
reuse it again to get back to the stage.
If your opponent grabbed the edge, you could say you failed.  So, sidestep,or
roll in case they attack, or persue if they jump, or roll, and continue 

Juggle and Combo

Juggling is when your opponent is in the air, and you jump up, and attack.  
To combo, try to hit your opponent with 2, or more attacks.  Juggling is
not too easy with Ganondorf since his aerial attacks don't send the 
opponent up.  But, it is still considered juggling when you meet your 
opponent in the air, and send him/her farther up into the air, and meet 
them again, and send them into the air again until your victim is star KOed.

Every character has some great combos.  To discover them, go to training mode,
and try a certain move, and follow that move up with a different move.  Now,
test it in VS matches.  If even a level 9 is not able to escape from that set 
of moves, you've discovered a combo.  Most of Ganondorf's combos contain two 
moves, but they can grow.  However, comboing can be stopped when an item gets 
in the way, or if the stage changes.  I didn't test any of my combos yet, so 
don't email me asking for them.  However, if you wish, you may donate one.

Know the CPU

The CPU has a lot of characteristics, and is VERY predictable.  The good 
ones power shield like crazy.  No CPU abuses smashed, but some of them 
abuse rolls. They run to items like pokeballs, and cloaking device.  And 
then, there is the individual characteristic, like, Kirby uses his 
B-attack often, Samus likes the grappling beam, and a whole lot more.  I 
am not going to explain each character, because it's much easier if you 
just discovered it yourself.  Fight your enemy often to know about them.  

Be unpredictable

There is two reasons for this.  First, an attack will debilitate if used
more than once consecutively, as I have mentioned earlier.  To fight
effiently, don't get married to any one, or two attacks.

Once you get the hang of the game, you will know all there is needed about 
the CPU.  Knowing the CPU will most definally help you fight better.  So, 
you don't want your enemy to know you.  If he/she does, the disadvantage lies 
with you.  Sometimes it takes just one match to find out how you fight.  So
keep those moves varied.  


+                 + 
+  Part B         + 
+  Exercises      + 


I usually divide all players into 6 catagories: Pacifist, trainee, 
Smasher 1, smasher 2, expert, and Expert 2.  Now I will give fighting 
suggestions for each group.  However, my suggestions are definally not 
perfect.  It is time that blooms your skills.  Now, I recommend you to 
go to  I have 
some further challenges (or trials as I call them) waiting for you there.


Well, if you've gone up to event 29, and beat it, you shouldn't be a 
pacifist.  But, even if you still are, I'll tell you one thing: take it 
easy, and fight 1 v 1 with your opponent at lev 1.  That should be easy


1. Go to training mode.  Now set it to Ganondorf v. Bowser.  Start the 
   timer when "GO!" appears.  Try to use the spike, and KO bowser in less
   than 30 seconds.

2. Go the classic, and set the difficulty level to Easy.  Now beat it with 
   only two stock.

3. Go the Adventure, set it on easy, and beat it with three stock.

4. Go to Vs. Mode, and set it to 3 stock.  The CPU at level 6.  Finish 

5. Keep playing those stock matches.  When you feel comfortable, change 
   it to 4:00 time mode.

6. Defeat a level 9 1 on 1.

Smasher 1

1. Beat Classic on Normal with 3 stock, no continue.

2. Beat Adventure on Normal with 4 stock, no Continue.

3. Practice that spike!  Go to training mode, and set your opponent to 
   Bowser.  Set your stage to Great Bay.  Now defeat him in less than 11 
   seconds!  Sound hard?  Not with a spike.  No items

4. Make a 16 person tournament with you in it.  The CPUs are level 9s.  
   Finish First.

5. You should now be able to win VS mode stock and time battles with 
   level 9 CPUs.  This is a good practice.  Just keep on fighting them, 
   and keep on coming out first.

6. Set items to medium, and set it to team.  Marth(lev 9) is in a team with
   Fox(lev 5).  The mode is 8 stock in Temple.  Just come out first, and
   keep practicing.

Smasher 2

1. Beat event 1-50 with Ganondorf.  You may use someone else for event 51.

2. You should have all-star by now.  Beat it on normal with Ganondorf. No

3. Beat Classic on hard with no continues, and 4 stock.

4. Set your handicap to 6, and bowser's handicap to 9.  Bowser is at level 
   9.  No item, 2 stock in Great Bay.  Try to beat his both stocks under

5. You should have Final Destination by now.  Go there, with two level 9's
   on a team.  Marth, and Fox.  No friendly fire.  6 stock.  Try to beat 
   both of them.  Ganondorf has no teammate.

Expert 1, and 2

Uhhh, well, I'm baraly an expert, and if you really are this good, you 
shouldn't be reading this.


 >>                       <<
 >>    FAQ                <<#######################################
 >>                       <<

This is the Frequently Asked Questions.  Naturally, I will only post 
FREQUENTLY asked questions, or ones I thing are important.  I don't 
want to update this every time a new question pops up, but I will tell
you the answer first in email.

Q: How do you unlock Ganondorf:

A: Finish Event 29.


 >>                       <<
 >>    Conclusion         <<
 >>                       <<

Well everybody, thank you sooo much for reading this FAQ.  If you decide to
choose Ganondorf as your best character, GREAT, you won't be disappointed.
If you chose someone else, hope you can master that character as well.
Either way, thank you for visiting this FAQ!
Alright, there's a great chance I'll continue to write FAQs, so I'll still 
be around helping you guys.
Ok, good night everyone.

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 >>   Contact Information <<
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Ok, my email is stated above, but if you want it again, it's

Email me only if you have any suggestions, or useful information.  I don't 
want you to email me for any other reason unless it's really important.


The credits

First, I'd like to thank you for reading.

HAL lab for making making this great game.

CJayC for hosting this wonderful site, GameFAQs.

Robert Perez for sending in some tips.

Gina Pickett for telling me something unknown about Down B.

Zyre, Cyper, and CyricZ for setting great examples of how an FAQ should look

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This is my work, my FAQ. You do NOT have the permission to reproduce my FAQ 
under any circumstance except for your private, and personal use. This FAQ 
may only appear in four websites. That is, my personal 
website,,, and  I do not want to 
see it anywhere else. If you do, email me.  However, if you email me asking 
for permission to use this FAQ, or parts of it, I may or may not give you 
consent to do so. My FAQ is protected by law, and breaking that law would be 
a violation of copyright.    

Copyright 2003 Larry Xiang

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