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Pichu Guide for Super Smash Bros. Melee
By Bkm1234567890 (e-mail all things that could help this guide to
bkm1234567890@ aol.com)
Version 0.5
Last Updated: Thursday, July 1, 2004

Table of Contents:

i. A history of my guide writing
ii. Improvements?
iii. Updates
I. Why use Pichu?
II. How do I get Pichu?
III. Move List
IV. Stage Guide
V. Classic Mode
VI. Adventure Mode
VII. All-Star Mode
VIII. Credits
IX. Copyright Stuff

i. A history of my guide writing (what history?)

Well...I'm Bkm1234567890, and and this is my second guide. My first one was
another SSBM guide for Pichu's older self, Pikachu. All who have read
it...prepare for deja vu, since I've made this very similar to Pikachu's guide.
In fact...originally that guide was going to be a Pikachu and Pichu guide all
in one, and it still has a remnant or two of that in it. The reason I've made
this guide is because there's no really good character guide for Pichu at
GameFAQs. This irritated me, so I decided to make what you're reading right
now. Is that a good thing? I sure hope so. But now I'm rambling. So I'll shut
up and move on to the good stuff.

ii. Improvements?

If you see a strategy that makes you think, "How did this guy get his own
FAQ?", then I'd like to see you try better. And then I'd like you to e-mail
your attempts to me so I can add it to this guide. Plus you get credit for it
down in the credits. Good deal if you ask me.

iii. Updates

1.0 - I made the guide. Got through All-Star mode. Other 1-P modes should be up
before long.

I. Why use Pichu?

Pichu is probably THE most overlooked character in SSBM. Between being the
lightest character in the game, and the fact that some its stronger attacks
hurt itself, I can see why. However...mastering Pichu will allow you to laugh
in the faces of all who doubt your skills. And if that's not incentive to use
it...then what is?

II. How do I get Pichu?

Well, Pichu's a secret character, so you gotta do (ug) work to get it. You've
got 2 options. You can either play 200 Vs. matches, or you can clear Event 37
(Legendary Pokemon). After doing either, Pichu will challenge you. Beat the
patheticness known as the CPU Pichu, and it's yours! Mwahahahahahahahaha!!!

III. Move List

This part has all of Pichu's moves, what they do, and how I suggest you use
them. I had a key in my Pikachu guide, but I think you can figure it out for
yourself. Oh, and as for the names...they're hardly official. They're just what
I call them.

Left/Right: Walk (N/A%)

Pichu walks. It's pretty fast even while walking. It's better at running,

Smash Left/Right: Run (N/A%)

See Pichu. See Pichu run. See Pichu run circles around slower characters. As
you can tell from that thrilling story, Pichu's pretty quick. Not too many can
outrun it with ease.

X, Y, or Up: Jump (N/A%)

There are FAR worse jumpers. I'll give Pichu that much.

Down: Crouch (N/A%)

Never saw much point in this.Oh well. At least Pichu gets a good nap out of it.

A: Headbutt (1-2%) (0% to Pichu)

It's 2% max for this move. If that doesn't scream 'don't use me', go get your
hearing checked.

Forward + A: Side Kick (6-7%) (0% to Pichu)

Not as bad as Headbutt. Still, walking is a bad idea for Pichu unless you're
far away from the action.

Dash + A: Running Headbutt (6-7%) (0% to Pichu)

If you don't mind taking a risk, this isn't too bad for playing the hit 'n run
game. Just watch out for a quick counterattack, because it will take a
splitsecond for Pichu to regain control.

Up + A: Upwards Tail Whip (3-4%) (0% to Pichu)

This probably might have some use on heavier characters. But not on Pichu.
Unless your opponent is idiotic to the point where they don't notice you using
this (or if you're using a Cloaking Device), stay away from it.

Down + A: Downwards Tail Whip (3-4%) (0% to Pichu)

Actually, this isn't so bad if you're being pursued by another lightweight,
since it does knock away lighter opponents slightly, giving you time to escape.
For heavier opponents though, use more powerful attacks.

Smash + Foward + A: Spark (14% uncharged, 21% fully charged) (2% to Pichu)

See that 2% to Pichu? that's why I'm not too keen on this move for Pichu,
because any % you can save is a good idea. It's good for knocking others away
or to knock away opponents like Bowser (if you somehow end up that close),
otherwise, limit your use of Spark.

Smash + Up + A: Super Headbutt (14% uncharged, 20% fully charged) (0% to Pichu)

Good juggling move if your opponent isn't very skilled in the ways of air
attacks. That's what it should be primarily used for, though.

Smash + Down + A: Super Tail Whip (13% uncharged, 17% fully charged) (0% to

Nice at knocking slower enemies away while doing okay damage. My personal
favorite of Pichu's smashes.

Note: You can substitute the A for Z for Pichu's air attack. The Z editions do
slightly more damage. However, I think this counts as a missed throw. So beware
if you're going for a high score.

Jump + A: Rolling Spin (9-12%) (0% to Pichu)

Eh, could be worse. Nothing wrong with it as an air move...but you probably
shouldn't just be hanging out in midair as Pichu.

Jump + Forward + A: Electric Drill (1-5%) (1-4% to Pichu)

Let me put it simply...DON'T USE THIS ATTACK. Pichu has better air attacks.
Just isn't a good idea.

Jump + Back + A: Spinning Attack (7-9%) (0% to Pichu)

Not as much damage as Rolling Spin, but the knocking away is nice. While Pichu
may have better air attacks, this is the one I personally find myself using
most often.

Jump + Up + A: Sky Headbutt (3-4%) (0% to Pichu)

The other air attack I like. Sure, that damage is...practically non-existant,
but it does knock opponents away a bit, even at lower damages. It's certainly
no Electric Drill.

Jump + Down + A: Electric Dive (9-12% damage) (2% to Pichu)

Basically, anything this move does, Rolling Spin can do better without the 2%
to Pichu.

B: Thunder Jolt (5-7%) (1% to Pichu)

Useful if you're away from a melee, but you're still facing oncoming traffic
(the other character kind, of course). An occasional 1% is certainly better
than getting smashed by someone else. In the air, it'll start as a tiny spark,
then when it reaches the ground it acts normally.Also, note how when it reaches
the edge, instead of going over it, it goes around that edge instead. Not an
overly great characteristic...but worth bringing up.

Forward + B: Skull Bash (4% uncharged, 39% fully charged) (1% to Pichu)

No, that 39% is NOT a typo. The problem is that it takes Pichu forever to fully
charge this. This is still arguably Pichu's best damage dealing move, provided
you can connect with it. You can even use it on edgeguarders if you're close
enough to the edge when you use it. One of Pichu's better moves without a doubt.

Up + B: Agility (0%) (1 or 4% to Pichu)

Now, this move is just a good a move as Pikachu's Quick Attack...when it comes
to comebacking ability. However, it can't do the light damage Quick Attack does
(which would help offset the damage to Pichu). Pichu does 1% to itself if you
only use the first part, but if you use the second part (by tapping another
direct on the control stick), it does 3%. Oh well. 4% beats a KO or SD any day.

Down + B: Thunder (11-13% normally) (3% to Pichu)

Now, this is not an overly great attack under normal circumstances. However,
Pichu is only damaged if the actual attack hits it. There are two ways of
avoiding this: get a running start, jump, and use it, or use it while under a
platform. That way you get the damage without...getting the damage. Also,
unlike Pikachu's Thunder, Pichu's version is capable of knocking an opponent
straight up, as well as doing up to 21% instead of 13%. With some practice,
this can be one of the game's best juggling moves...without costing you a
single %.

Z: Grab (0%) (0% to Pichu)

A good surprise move, but with such short range, throws should probably be
avoided for the most part.

A while grabbing: Static (1-2%) (1% to Pichu)

If you're gonna throw, throw. There's no need to knock Pichu's damage % any

Forward while grabbing: Shock Throw (7-9%) (1% to Pichu)

Basically this exists to mock my thoughts on Static. Don't use it: Pichu's
other throws work just as well without the 1% to itself.

Backward while grabbing: Submission (7-9%) (0% to Pichu)

Almost identical to Shock Throw resultwise...but it doesn't hurt Pichu, and it
knocks opponents a little further away. Nice.

Up while grabbing: Headbutt Knock (3-5%) (0% to Pichu)

Now, there's one thing about this you need to know, something so subtle that
you barely notice it: this throw hits twice, basically doubling what I said in
parentheses. My personal fav throw, since it provides combo opportunities.

Down while throwing: Body Slam (3-5%) (0% to Pichu)

Like Headbutt Knock, this hits twice. However, it doesn't knock opponents away.
So be wary of this throw.

L, R, or hold Z: Shield

Pichu puts up a shield to defend itself from all attacks. However, both time
and other attacks drain the shield's power. If it breaks, Pichu is exposed for
all to do whatever mayhem they want. And considering Pichu's the lighest
character in the game...let's just not go there, shall we? There are two
different shields: one made by L or R takes almost no time to set up, but one
made by holding Z defends better. While not too bad, it's the other things like
this that you need to learn about...

Left or right while being Shielded: Rolling Dodge

A VERY good move to learn for Pichu. Not only will rolling behind the enemy
usually make them miss, but you'll most likely be in prime position for Spark
or even Thunder.

Down while being Shielded: Sidestep

Useful if you need a quick dodge from something like a forward smash or dash
attack. For some characters you can even attack them while they're momentarily
recovering from their missed attacks.

L or R while in air: Air Dodge

Good for dodging aerial attacks. Whod've thought?

Up on D-Pad: Taunt

Pichu's actually unique in that it has a different taunt depending on it's
direction. If you'r facing the left, Pichu will jump for joy while saying
'Pichu!' If you're facing the right...Pichu will roll on the floor while saying
'Pichu!' Sickeningly cute if you ask me. Then again...you didn't.

IV. Stage List

Here's my suggestions on what you should do where.

Icicle Mountain

Basically the anti-Pichu stage. It's easy to fly off the sides, and many of
Pichu's power moves can't be used properly for one reason or another here. If
you must play here, try the hit and run technique, Pichu can pull it off

Princess Peach's Castle

A pretty decent stage. If you've perfected the jumping Thunder technique, you
shouldn't have any problems you wouldn't have anywhere else.

Rainbow Cruise

This stage was made for hit and run. Thunder looks tempting at the beginning,
but half the time platforms further up prevent it from working. Do what you can
on the ship, and while you're on those evil platforms that prevent Thunder at
the start, hit and run.

Kongo Jungle

As you could tell if you read my Pikachu guide, I really, REALLY can't stand
the DK Rap. Anyway, this is a fairly small stage, so hit and run is out. Try
and lure the fighting to the top of the side platforms, then get the one right
below it and Thunder them all like there's no tomorrow. If they don't fall for
it, you'll have to make use of Pichu's clearout abiliites.

Jungle Japes

This is a stage practically tailor made for Pichu. The overhead platform in the
middle aids Thunder a LOT, and you can hit and run if you see fit. My one
problem is the lack of sides to stop a potential missed Skull Bash. But that
can be overlooked.

Great Bay

This stage is either your best friend or your worst enemy, depending on whether
the turtle is there or not. With the turtle, the size is big but not
intimidatingly huge, which allows for all kinds of options. Without it, it's
too small to do much but dodge and clearout. And make sure you pay attention to
the turtle while you're on it: we wouldn't want Pichu sleeping with all those
weird things from the Zelda series, now would we?


The biggest stage in the game, you can do pretty much what you want and how you
want to do it. However, keep to the lower part when you get high on damage,
since you can survive at MUCH higher damages than usual down there.

Yoshi's Story

A basic stage, sort of like a mini-Battlefield. However, there are two
differences. First, there are cloud platforms on each side that move around, so
sometimes you can land on them if you don't want to overuse Agility or you're
just too far off to make it. Second, Fly Guys sometimes fly around (whod've
thought?) carrying food. One good attack will make them drop it. Other than
that, it's a basic small stage, so you'll need to clear out, although Thunder
can work thanks to the overhead platforms.

Yoshi's Island

Here's another stage Pichu shouldn't hang around too often. The blocks over the
middle flip with one attack, making you fall into a bottomless hole. Also, it
doesn't take much to fly off, so Pichu won't last long unless you're an expert
at dodging.

Green Greens

Above all else, keep as close to the middle as possible. The platforms for
Thunder are there, and if you get caught up in an explosion of bomb
blocks...you can kiss your pre-evolution of Pikachu good-bye. Of course, this
does shrink the stage for Pichu, therefore limiting what you can and can't do.
So go out occasionally just to throw the enemy off guard, and keep yourself

Fountain of Dreams

Another Battlefield wannabe.This time, the platforms to either side of the
field lower themselves and disappear, making everything awfully direct. This is
also a rather small stage, making it hard to hit and run. You'd think it
wouldn't be bad for Pichu...but there are far better stages for it...


...Like this one. It's big, which keeps your vital supply of options open. You
can even Skull Bash to your heart's content towards the right side. A good
stage if you've perfected the jumping Thunder technique.


The Star Fox stages were kind to Pichu. Although it IS smaller than Corneria,
it's not small enough to affect your decision-making, plus there's platforms
for some heavy duty Thundering. You might sometimes feel like you have a lack
of breathing room, but this won't happen too often.

Flat Zone
(to unlock, unlock Mr. Game and Watch, then defeat a 1-P mode with him)

In a way, this is both better and worse for Pichu than it is for Pikachu at the
same time. Pichu's helped by the overhead platforms, but it's cramped and VERY
easy to get KOd on. Along with Yoshi's Island and Icicle Mountain, a stage
Pichu shouldn't touch with a 50 mile foot pole.


This would be your run of the mill small stage...then there's the acid that
sometimes rises, shrinking the stage even further. Because of this, you'll
probably be switching from hit and run to hoping Pichu's clearout attacks will
keep all the enemies in check until the acid goes down. Although for some
reason...I've never had too much trouble here. I have no idea why. Nothing in
Pichu's favor. Maybe practicing would be a good idea.

Brinstar Depths
(unlock by playing 50 Vs. matches)

This is where Pichu's B attacks really shine. At least one should be usable at
all times. Thunder Jolt's ability to go around platforms is especially
effective at times. Agility's ability to change directions can also give you an
extra edge when it comes to comebacks. Overall, a good stage for Pichu,
provided you can dodge enough attacks to make up for all the damage you give


WIth all the platforms, you'd think Thundering away at the bottom would be a
good idea. But the cars that speed by down there make this a pretty bad idea.
You can still Thunder away in a few select locations though. Also, watch out
for the awnings near the middle: sometimes they fall down, and give you one
less place to Thunder. Although considering this is another good hit and run
stage...why would you want to?

(unlock by playing 100 Vs. matches)

Pichu's homestage in All-Star mode (in all likelihood because it's similar to
Pikachu's original home in SSB, Saffron City), this is overall a good stage for
Pichu. Hit and run, Skull Bash, and even if the jumping Thunder technique
hasn't won you over, you can still let out your electricity when the UFOs
appear.You've got plenty of options...use them and you'll do great here.

Mute City

Stay off the actual track whenever possible. The race cars will sometimes go
past where you are, and that just isn't good. Since it's also a small stage
most of the time, you can't do everything you'd want to. Very annoying overall.

Big Blue
(unlock by playing 150 Vs. matches)

This is overall a good, solid stage for Pichu, if you can avoid Thunder and
Skull Bash in most places. Hit and run is a good idea, since you'll be doing a
lot of the latter here. Try to lure heavier opponents down low: when you get
low enough, you'll go sharply to the left, and Pichu can recover from this a
lot better than many others in case you mess up

Pokemon Stadium

After all that traveling around, I guess Pichu would appreciate the occasional
return to its homeland. In its normal form, this is an okay stage, since you've
got platforms for Thunder, and it's big enough for hit and run. However,
sometimes it'll transform into other forms. Then you'll get more
platforms...but too many to use the Thunder trick properly. Instead, try
Thunder Jolting and clearouts until you can get the normal stage again.
Overall, Pichu's true home stage is so-so.

Poke Floats
(unlock by playing 200 Vs. matches)

This is another stage that's either your best friend or your worst nightmare,
depending on your general style with Pichu. If you like hit and run, this is
your dream stage, since everyone will be moving around a lot, therefore letting
you get your hits in. However, if you prefer moves like Thunder and Skull
Bash...those moves are too risky with the constantly changing environment, so
you'll have to switch to a hit and run strategy here. Lighten up...it's just
one stage.

Mushroom Kingdom

I never did like this stage as far it came to actual battling. Anyways, the
power moves aren't recommended here, because there's nothing to stop you for
Skull Bash, and the overlead platforms crumble if you use Thunder often. A good
tactic at lower damages is to hang around the edge and throw those who go after
you, because there isn't much area left after you're in the 'magnifying glass'.

Mushroom Kingdom II
(unlock by acquiring the Birdo trophy)

Not too much to say, really. It helps if you've perfected the jumping Thunder
technique. Otherwise, it's a good stage to use your clearouts on.

(unlock by completing All-Star mode with any character)

Well, this is very similar to the Fountain of Dreams, although it is a tad
bigger. You MIGHT be able to hit and run here, depending on your skill with it.
Otherwise, do what you would normally do on the Fountain of Dreams.

Final Destination
(unlock by completing Event 51)

This is a great stage...IF you've perfected the jumping Thunder technique. Due
to the straightforwardness of the stage, it's not a good idea to hit and run.
Just use training mode to master jumping Thunder, and you'll master this
stage...about as well as Pichu can master it.

Dream Land (past)
(unlock by completing Target Test with all 25 characters)

Okay, by now they're just abusing the basic layout of this stage. Play like you
would Fountain of Dreams or Battlefield.

Yoshi's Island (past)
(unlock by hitting Sandbag far enough with one character in the Home Run
Contest, it's somewhere between 1200 and 1500 ft.)

The clouds can make this a decent hit and run stage...until they disappear from
you standing on them too long. Once they're gone, revert to using Thunder under
the platforms, or using Pichu's clearout moves.

Kongo Jungle (past)

Like many stages, this is either very good or very bad for Pichu, depending on
where the fighting is. If it's up top on one of the non-moving platforms, you
can do pretty much whatever you want to. But if it's staying low, you'll have
to either Thunder Jolt from a distance, or hit and run.

V. Classic Mode

You've got the skills, and you know how to use them where. Now let's start
making it pay off.

Rounds 1, 4, and 7: 1 on 1 match

A generic one on one match against a random character. Do what you'd do against
that character, and you'll be just fine.

Round 2: 2 on 2 match

You're given a random CPU controlled character to aid in your fight with 2
opponents. Try to stay as little involved in the fighting as possible, but
don't flat out avoid it: 2 CPU players against 1 CPU player is NOT good odds.

Round 3: Break the Targets

Go check out the Break the Targets section to learn about this one.

Round 5: 3 on 1 match

You've got the aid of two random partners. The catch? You've gotta face another
character that's been having too many Super Mushrooms. Like the 2 on 2, you
need to stay out of the battle without flat out shirking it. However...since
this time the numbers are on your side, you can probably keep away from the
action longer this time.

Round 6: Snag Trophies

30,000 points for getting 3 trophies into the container ain't bad, so try to
get them them all. Of course, if you've already got all of them, and you mess
up, just jump off either side to save time, you won't lose a life. A good move
to knock them forward is the Side Kick, while the Running Headbutt is useful
for knocking them backwards.

Round 8: 1 on 10 battle

Pichu vs. 10 of a random opponent. Luckily, the handicap has been lowerd a bit
for the others. What does all this mean? Clearouts are your best friend,
particually the down smash.It may take more times on higher difficulties, but
this shouldn't last overly long.

Round 9: Race to the Finish

Wow. Pichu's time for this is only 41 seconds, just 2 more than Captain Falcon
himself. That right there gives you a hint about how good Pichu's ability is to
get around. Anyway, there's a lot of doors here, and going in front of any of
them ends the stage. So why go farther? You get more points and lottery coins
for reaching later doors: the last one gives you 80,000 points and 5 coins.
Anyways, reaching that final door IS possible, but it takes some practice due
to Agility. Be sure to take the lower path, since while it does contain the
only bottomless pit of the stage, it's the easiest one to get past.

Round 10: 1 on 1 match

The next to the last battle, here you're pitted against a random character on
the Battlefield...who's metal for the whole match. Hopefully you'll face
another light (I use the term loosely here) character, one you can throw off
the stage at fairly low damage %. Because once they're off the main
platform...there's a good shot they ain't coming back.

Final Round: Master Hand

Here we go...Pichu vs. Master Hand. Pichu has a fairly big problem here: its
lack of powerful aerial moves. While you CAN up smash sometimes, it's a
horrible idea to rely just on it. Instead, mix up your air attacks, and
dodge/guard when possible. Also, there's a treat for those who got through the
other matches quickly enough on Normal difficulty or higher: once you've taken
off about half of Master Hand's HP, its slightly more...insane twin, Crazy
Hand, appears. While you only have to beat Master Hand to win, besting Crazy
Hand as well gives you a nice bonus. Personally though, I'd save that for
another character: by that difficulty you'll probably have enough difficulty
just taking out Master Hand.

VI. Adventure Mode

Time to show Pichu what side-scrolling platform games are like.

Stage 1-1: Mushroom Kingdom

Here, you've gotta walk to the right while avoiding any Goombas or Koopas you
see. Items drop all over the place, but try to grab just ones that help you
accomplish your no-damage goals (like a Cloaking Device or Heart Container).
Eventaully, you'll run across a platform with a picture of a mushroom on it.
Here, you've gotta face a 10 on 1 battle against Yoshi. He isn't hard though,
Pichu's clearout moves work just fine. Once you're done lowering the Yoshi
population, keep going right until you reach the flag at the end. Because
that's...well...the end.

Stage 1-2: Vs. Peach and Mario OR Luigi

Chances are you'll fight Mario here. But if the seconds number was 2 (like
5:12.45), you'll fight Luigi instead. You'll know who you're fighting ahead of
time, since if you're fighting Luigi, you'll see a little cutscene showing
that. Oddly enough, when I went through Adventure mode to write this part of
guide, I actually faced Luigi without even trying. But I've been been going on
too much about that. So let's move onto the battle. Since you're outnumbered,
clearout moves are a good choice here. Also, when a certain explosive item
exclusive to this stage appears, Peach and the Mario brother go to the other
side and stand there like idiots. So that's a great time to inflict damage.

Stage 2-1: Kongo Jungle (Vs. Tiny Donkey Kong)

The handicap's set pretty darn low for the DKs. Which makes them easy targets
overall. Shouldn't be too hard, just give them everything you've got. Although
that isn't always necessary.

Stage 2-2: Vs. Giant Donkey Kong

Apparently Hal REALLY like Giant Donkey Kongs, considering he was in the
original SSB as well. Anyway, at the very beginning, go to the leftmost edge of
the center platform (without showing Pichu's animation of trying not to fall
off). The, once DK's there, grab him and use your back throw. Then do
everything you can to keep him down there. He'll stay down before long. Not
very hard...but then again, it's only the second stage.

Stage 3-1: Underground Maze

The goal here is to find the Triforce. The problem? It's not in a set location.
In fact, it's in one of 6 locations. The other five contain Master Swords,which
have you fight Link. Thing is...neither stage ending nor Link fighting begins
unless you're on the ground. So if you run into one, but want the other, stay
airborne until you're a safe distance from it. Why fight the Links? Well,
fighting them all gives you a pretty sweet bonus at the end. Something to think
about at lower difficulties. Outside of that...watch out for all the freaky
Zelda enemies while you're scurrying about...they can (and will) be pretty
nasty if you're not careful.

Stage 3-2: Vs. Zelda

No choice here, you've got to fight her to move on. It's just a regular battle
against Zelda: do what you'd do against her on the Temple stage, and you'll do

Stage: 4-1: Brinstar (Vs. Samus)

Regular Samus batte in Brinstar. Do what you'd normally do in this situation.
It's not like Samus is suddenly going to do a Spin Attack or anything.

Stage 4-2: Escape from Brinstar

You've beat up Samus, so now the planet's going to blow up. No, I don't get it
either. Oh well. Pichu's double jump should get you through until the very
end...then use Agility. You can clear this with about 15 seconds left without
really rushing. Now, if you DO mess up, you CAN advance without completing
this: but if you don't clear it, you lose a life. Which is overall a very bad

Stage 5-1: Green Greens (Vs. Kirby)

It's a classic 1 on 1 against Kirby on the Green Greens stage. If I have to
tell you what to do by now...I'm gonig to be very sad.

Stage 5-2: Vs. 15 Kirbys

Like any match of this kind, the Kirbys' handicaps are lower. Something else of
note is that each Kirby already has a different ability copied. Don't let that
stop you though. Go right ahead and beat the snot out of them. You get a reward
for clearing this in under 30 seconds...

Stage 5-3: Vs. Giant Kirby (must beat 5-2 in under 30 seconds)

You've fought one Kirby, you've fought many Kirbys. So facing a giant Kirby
isn't exactly a big surprise in my book. Now, this more of a low difficulty
thing, so just go and beat the tar out of Giant Kirby. If you can even get to
this guy on a higher difficulty...I salute you. Also, note that this is the
only 3 part stage in all of Adventure Mode. Stupid self-promoting Hal...

Stage 6-1: Corneria (Vs. Fox)

You vs. Fox, or the the Corneria stage, blah blah blah...not much else to say.
Nothing special about this match. Nothing at all. Just do what you'd normally

Stage 6-2: Vs. Fox OR Falco

There's a little cutscene involving the rest of the Star Fox team before this,
which lets you know who you're facing. The character that isn't in it is who
you face. Also note you can't face Falco until you've unlocked him. Now, the
actual fight info. Arwings are shooting lasers left and right, so dodge them as
best you can. On the plus side, Fox/Falco is just as affected by them as you
are, so try to lure the lasers over to Fox. Once he's got enough % on him, just
knock him off the left edge. Just try not to have the same happen to you.

Stage 7: Pokemon Stadium (Vs. 12 Pikachu/Jigglypuff/Pichu)

A brief pit stop home, here you'll be fighting 12 Pikachu/Pichu/Jigglypuff (all
should be accessible by this point, since you've likely already cleared Classic
or Adventure with another character, and if you haven't unlocked Pichu...).
More Pikachu than anything, but the other two will show up occasionally.
Something else that should be pointed out is that the only items that appear
here are Poke Balls. So use them whenever you can. And here's a rant: this is
the first series to have only one part in a stage. Considering Pokemon's been
one of Nintendo's biggest moneymakers in recent years, that's kind of a slap in
the face that it got put in the same category as Earthbound and Ice Climber,
both of which were just one hit wonders in the US (for those who don't know,
there was a prequel to Earthbound for the NES in Japan, hence, why I say in the
US). The ONLY possible logic I can possibly see for this is that Pokemon is the
newest franchise to have playable characters in SSBM. But that's no excuse for
that. (rant over) Whew...what a weird place to have a rant.

Stage 8-1: Big Blue

Here, you've gotta get across the actual Big Blue track while avoiding all of
the F-Zero Racers. Pichu can clear this on just 3 passes, if you run as much as
possible, and are in the following locations at each pass:

1-Standing by the wall after the very first drop in the stage
2-On the floating platform right before the first bottomless pit
3-Either on or shortly after the two floating platforms above nothing

If you don't get hit, and you don't have to use Agility, you'll get the
Switzerland award. In fact, this is probably the easiest way to get that award.

Stage 8-2: Vs. Captain Falcon

The ever-popular 1 on 1 on the other 1's home stage. No real explanation needed.

Stage 9: Onett (Vs. 3 Nesses)

The only item here is Mr. Saturn, so this is a good place to get all the Mr.
Saturn related bonuses. Other than that, just do what you'd normally do if you
were on the Onett stage and all the others decided to gang up on you.

Stage 10: Icicle Mountain (Vs. 2 Ice Climbers)

For about the first 40 seconds, you'll have to dodge the Ice Climber enemies
while the screen is constantly scrolling up. Eventually, two pairs of Ice
Climbers appear, whom you must beat. Knock them off the side if you can, it's
much easier that way. Also note that this is the final stage with any kind of
platform ties. Just a FYI.

Stage 11-1:  Battlefield (Vs. 15 Fighting Wire Frames)

As usual, the frames have sad handicaps. So just clearout, clearout, clearout.
Fun times.

Stage 11-2: Vs. Metal Mario (or Vs. Metal Mario AND Metal Luigi)

If you've unlocked Luigi, you'll fight both Metal brothers. If you haven't,
you'l just fight Metal Mario. Anyways, knock them off the sides ASAP. With all
that weight, they'll sink like stones. And we aren't even in water.

Stage 12-1 (or Stage 12, depending on well you've done): Final Destination (Vs.

It's you. Versus Bowser. On the Final Destination stage. If you're on Very Easy
or Easy difficulty, just take your time to do this. But if you're on Normal
difficulty and have beaten the previous stages pretty quickly, beat Bowser as
fast as you can, you'll be treated to an extra...

Stage 12-2: Vs. Giga Bowser

Ugh. NOT a good stage be Pichu. Giga Bowser's an easy target, but you can't run
and hide when you're one large platform. The fact Giga Bowser takes up half the
stage doen't help that either. Plus, his moves have extra side effects that
regular Bowser doesn't have (like ice or shadow). Just try your best, and give
him all you've got: it's the final stage, and you've got no reason to stockpile
lives. So doing so now is just a waste of time. If you can eliminate Giga
Bowser, you get a HUGE bonus. So it's worth your time beating him. Congrats if
you beat him...you've earned it.

VII. All-Star Mode

Pichu versus random opponents. Yay.

The following is a straight rip-off from my Piakchu guide, because the same
applies for Pichu:

There's actually no true strategy for this one: except for the last match
(which is against 25 Mr. Game & Watches), the opponents are in a random order.
Do your best. Also, don't grab any of the Heart Containers until you're at
least at 100%, and try to save one for the encounter with the Mr. Game & Watch
team on the harder modes.
One extra word of advice for Pichu, and that's to try to stay away from moves
that damage Pichu. Because the higher damage you are, the easier you lose a
life. And you only have one life in All-Star mode. Self-explanatory.

VIII. Credits

To myself, for making the wonderful piece of literature you're reading now.
(hey, give me my moment of insanity, people)

To Nintendo, for making the device known as Gamecube, which has drained many
hours of my life due to games like SSBM.

To Hal Laboratories, for helping make SSBM, my personal fav game of all-time.

To my mom, who went out and bought the wonder gift of SSBM for me.

To all the character guides for SSBM on Game FAQs (particularly my Pikachu
one): for inspiring me to make a 2nd guide.

IX. Copyright Stuff

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