Luigi by Magus17 / Windu

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                       /    /                __            __
                      /    /                /_/           /_/
                     /    /       __  __   __   _______   __
                    /    /____   / / / /  / /  / __   /  / /
                   /_________/  /_____/  /_/  /___   /  /_/
                                                 /  /
                                             ___/  /
               ,~  ,,, `~,
             ,`  ;`   `;  `~,
            /   |  L ,~~~~~~,`,
           /    `,~``  .     |\
           |   ,`  ,    `~,, \||
           |  /   /      ,~~  \|   ,,~``~,
           |  \ ,/  .. ,~~~,  ``\ / /``/ |
            \   \ -`  /     \,`\|, /   `~,
             \,, \ ___|     `  || \ \___/ `,
             |    |    \___/ ,~``  \       |,
     _~```~,  \   \,____ ,~`|  /    \,~~``~~|
    /|____\ \  `~,,_,    \__/ / ____/``````/
   |,,,,\   `,   ,~` ``~,,___/-`    \     /
   ``||   ,~`\,~`     `,  `,,`|      \  ,/
     \, ,`   /      ,~``,  \  |    _,~``
      |__,~``    ,~`    \  |  |_,~`
         `,   _,,       |  ,  |,
           `~` / `-,__,-` / \ |,|
              /           |_|  /
       ,~--,-`|        __     |          ASCII: XiF
      /   /   |    ,~``  `~,,/
      |   |   \,_  |         \,
      /   |      `~`           \
      |   `,     ,,,_          |
      `,    `,,~`    `~,,      `,
        `~~~`           |        `,
       _____            /     _,---|
      /     \           |   ,`       \
     /       \          `~,`          \
    |        |            |    ,~`````,
     ,~````~,             `__,`,,,~~~`
      ,$  $,

Super Smash Brothers: Melee
Luigi FAQ
Written by: Magus17 [Joshua Garcia];
            Teh Windu [I'm Not Gonna Insert My Name Here];

But if you want to contact Windu, you'd be better off trying to find him on the
SSBM GameFAQs message boards on on MSN (exxrox) or AIM (MaceWindu06), as his
email is always spammed with unmentionables. :o

"[Windu,] you own too much"

Version 2.0, April 17, 2004
Happy Smashing

***Table of Contents***

We would put a little (*)  beside each one that's finished, but that's messy.
And we're finished with everything (gasp)

Also note that if you want to get to something fast, copy the number/letter
code next to the title (Copying the "01." would bring you to the intro), hit
Control+F and paste it, to get there instantly.

             [01.   Intro]

             [02.   Miscellaneous Terms]

             [03.   It's me, Luigi]

             [04.   Unlocking Luigi]
                   {04A.  Adventure Mode}
                   {04B.  The vs. Matches}

             [05.   Standard Techniques]
                    {05A.  Shielding/Power Shielding}
                    {05B.  Rolling}
                    {05C.  Spot Dodging}
                    {05D.  Air Dodging}
                    {05E.  Teching}

             [06.   Advanced Techniques}
                    {06A.  Dash Dancing}
                    {06B.  Dash Grab Canceling}
                    {06C.  Crouch Canceling}
                    {06D.  L-Canceling}
                    {06E.  Short Hopping}
                    {06F.  Wavedashing}

             [07.   Move/Strategies] <--- This is where the bulk of the FAQ
                    {07A.  Tilt Moves}                    begins concerning
                    {07B.  Smash Moves}                  play against other
                    {07C.  Aerial Moves}                             humans
                    {07D.  Throws}
                    {07E.  Special Moves}
                    {07F.  Other}
                    {07G.  The Taunt}

             [08.   Notes for the Players]
                    {08A.  Beginners}
                    {08B.  Intermediates}
                    {08C.  Tournament Players}

             [09.   VS. Mode Character Strategies] <--- This section is ordered
   //first row\\    {09A.  Doctor Mario}                   by the rows that are
                    {09B.  Mario}                          in on the character-
                    {09C.  Luigi}                             selection screen.
                    {09D.  Bowser}
                    {09E.  Peach}
                    {09F.  Yoshi}
                    {09G.  Donkey Kong}
                    {09H.  Captain Falcon}
                    {09I.  Gannondorf}

   //second row\\   {09J.  Falco}
                    {09K.  Fox}
                    {09L.  Ness}
                    {09M.  Ice Climbers}
                    {09N.  Kirby}
                    {09O.  Samus}
                    {09P.  Zelda}
                    {09Q.  Sheik}
                    {09R.  Link}
                    {09S.  Young Link}

   //third row\\    {09T.  Pichu}
                    {09U.  Pikachu}
                    {09V.  Jigglypuff}
                    {09W.  Mewtwo}
                    {09X.  Mr. Game & Watch}
                    {09Y.  Marth}
                    {09Z.  Roy}

             [10.   1 Player (Very Hard) Strategies] <--- For all of your one-
                    {10A.  Classic}                         player mode needs!
                    {10B.  Adventure}
                    {10C.  All-Star}

             [11.   Event Matches]
                    {11A. First 30}
                    {11B. Last 21}

             [12.   Break the Targets Strategies]
                    {12A.  Beginner}
                    {12B.  Intermediate}
                    {12C.  World Record}

             [13.   Home Run Contest Strategies]
                    {13A.  Beginner}
                    {13B.  Easy}
                    {13C.  Medium}
                    {13D.  Advanced}
                    {13E.  Hard}
                    {13F.  Intense}
                    {13G.  World Record}

             [14.   Multi-Man Melee]
                    {14A.  10 Man Melee}
                    {14B.  100 Man Melee}
                    {14C.  3 Minute Melee}
                    {14D.  15 Minute Melee}
                    {14E.  Endless Melee}
                    {14F.  Cruel Melee}

             [15.   Items]
                    {15A.  Miscellaneous Information}
                    {15B.  Using Items Effectively}
                    {15C.  Items (Generally) Banned in Tournaments}

             [16.   The End]
                    {16A.  Thanks}
                    {16B.  Copyright Information}

Please note that this guide contains full "spoilers" on just about every aspect
of Super Smash Bros. Melee. That means that all of the hidden characters,
stages, and bonuses (not including trophies) are included in here.

Proceed with caution.

                                    [01.] Introduction to Luigi

Luigi has been one of my favorite game characters since the start, way back in
the days of the Super Nintendo.  So finally, I decided to write a guide about
him when I noticed that the other FAQ's lacked his finer points of play.  In
the right hands Luigi can be deadly, and I'm here to help you find that killer

In this guide you'll find pretty much anything you will ever need to know
about Luigi.  I will cover all of his special techniques, his attacks (not to
mention when and where to use them), and also the 1-player and Stadium modes of
play.  This won't just be an average FAQ; it will have character strategies,
and a wealth of other information..  Nothing will be left unsaid, so let's
close this intro up already!

One more thing, if you ever need any help on anything about Luigi, or have any
comments/suggestions, feel free to email me at my above mentioned email
address.  Anything that you feel should be in here, email me about it and I'll
be sure to include it in here.

Enough talk, let's get started!

               [02.] Miscellaneous Terms Used Through the Guide

Some words you may find in this guide may seem weird, but they all have a
special meaning.  Here is a quick rundown of them.

1.   Nair: Neutral Aerial Attack (not a sex kick)
2.   Fair: Forward Aerial Attack
3.   Uair: Up Aerial Attack
4.   Bair: Backward Aerial Attack
5.   Dair: Down Aerial Attack

6.   DI (directional influence): Basically, this term describes when your
     opponent can "move" out of your attacks by tilting the control stick.  One
     such example is the up throw - it normally sends opponents up, but if they
     DI right then they will move to the right after you release them.

7.   CC'ing:  Crouch Canceling
8.   CCC'ing: Crouch Cancel Countering

9.   Priority: Priority refers to the ability of an attack to "cancel out" or
     go through another attack.  Some attacks (Jigglypuff's FORWARD+B POUND)
     can go through a lot of attacks, even if it looks like you hit them.
     The higher the priority, the more attacks it goes through.

10.  Lag: Lag is how much delay there is after (or before) an attack.  An
     attack with high lag is slow.  Use Bowser's forward smash, and compare it
     to his Whirling Fortress (Up B).  The forward smash gets you punished with
     it's windup, and if you miss, it takes a long time to recover from it
     also.  The 'Fortress comes out almost instantly, and ends and lets you
     attack right away.

                                           [03.] It's me, Luigi

Luigi is an easily recognizable figure, wearing blue overalls, a green shirt
with a matching hat.  He is tall and thin, unlike his short and fat brother,
Mario.  Luigi has an incredible jump, along with insane power that will
definitely keep foes at bay.  But who exactly is Luigi?

Well, he is Mario's brother for starters.  He has always played second fiddle,
and has never had his own game, unlike Mario; who had various ones.  But,
Luigi's Mansion came out, which finally gave Luigi a chance to shine.
Hopefully more Luigi based games will come out, because I can't get enough of
the green machine.

Now, why would one choose to play as Luigi?  Well, as stated above; in the
right hands he could be deadly.  Once you mastered some of the advanced
techniques, he could easily keep anyone at bay, (except maybe a well played
Sheik).  With Wavedashing he has insane range and speed, and can be
Like any other character though, he has his weaknesses.  He has an almost
non-existent vertical recovery, and can be sent flying easily.  However, these
are easily canceled out by good dodging and recovering skills.  His weaknesses
are minor, yet you need to know how to prevent them.  Don't worry; more on this
will come in the "meat" of the FAQ.

If you don't like the dodging and then attacking strategy, try someone like Fox
or Pikachu (seriously there).  Both of their up smash attacks are deadly, and
you can spam their B moves from a distance.  Well anyways, if you're reading
this guide you're probably already chose to play as him; so now on to the
useful stuff!

                                          [04.] Unlocking Luigi

You can unlock Luigi in two ways.  One involves Adventure Mode, and the other
vs. matches.  It's up to you which one you want to do to unlock him.  I suggest
using the vs. matches, because after 1000 of them, you will have all the
characters and the time consuming Food Trophy.

=== {04A.} Adventure Mode ===

To unlock Luigi in Adventure Mode, you must finish the first stage with a time
that has 2 in the seconds counter.  You have to cross the finish line when
there is a 2 in this spot: xx:x2:xx.  When you do this, you will witness a
funny cut scene where Luigi will jump on Mario's head; taking his place in the

You must then beat the match in under 30 seconds; (you will get the Luigi K.O.
bonus in the process =P), and then proceed to finish the rest of Adventure
Mode.  You can use any character to do this, and after the Adventure is
finished, Luigi will challenge you.  Beat him, and you just unlocked the
Green Machine!

=== {04B.} The vs. Matches ===

Ah, the alternative and not so commonly used method to unlock Luigi.  To unlock
him with this method, you must complete 800 vs. matches, either against your
friends or the computer (from now on going to be referred as the CPU).  This
may seem like a lot, but I have a genius method to do this. ;)

Note you must have at least two controllers to do this.  Go into vs. mode, and
make it a one stock 1 vs. 1 match.  Go to any small stage, Dream Land works
nice, and then just KO the nonmoving user right at the start.  It will only
take a couple of seconds to finish the match.  All you have to do now is
repeat for another 800 matches.

For example, make Ness and Zelda the two players.  Go to the Pokemon Stadium
Stage.  At the start have Ness jump over to Zelda and smash her.  Then drop
down from the ledge and do another smash attack.  Zelda will die and it will
have only taken you about four seconds.
Now, you might be saying to yourself; "This guy is crazy, 800 matches for one
character?"  Well, in the process you will also unlock:

 --|-- Characters --|--                --|-- Stages  --|--
Jigglypuff........50 matches          Brinstar Depths..50 matches
Dr. Mario.........100 matches         Fourside.........100 matches
Pichu.............200 matches         Big Blue.........150 matches
Falco.............300 matches         Poke Floats......200 matches
Marth.............400 matches                          
Young Link........500 matches         
Ganondorf.........600 matches           --|-- Trophies --|--
Mewtwo............700 matches          Maximum Tomato....10 matches
Roy...............900 matches          Heart Container...100 matches
Mr. Game & Watch..1000 matches         Food..............1000 matches
                                       Landmaster Tanks..1000 KO's

As you can see, in the process of unlocking Luigi this way, you will also
unlock various other characters and stages.  It's up to you to decide, but I
prefer this method.

                                      [05.] Standard Techniques

Here are the standard techniques, all of which Luigi can perform.  They can
help you out a lot, so mastering them is very useful.

=== {05A.} Shielding/Power Shielding ===

Ah, one of the simplest yet useful techniques you could use.  To put up your
shield, hold R or L, you will know it is there because it is a bubble type
thing.  Be wary though, because the shield gradually gets smaller and if it
breaks, you will be left stunned; and open for a smash attack.

Shielding is a very basic move that can be used to guard against any type of
attack and projectile.  Another way to put up a shield is to tap and hold Z,
which will put up a bigger but weaker shield.  These are only good to defend
against someone spamming you in a melee, i.e. Fox's B move.

Timing is crucial on shielding, and if you time it just right when someone
attacks you, you will put up a power shield.  This is categorized by a white
puff coming out of your shield when someone attacks you.  Also, if you do this
on something thrown at you; you will deflect it back.  This is very hard to
do as the timing must be exact.

Also, if you press A while holding up your shield, you will perform a shield
grab.  This is good when you block an attack, you so can quickly grab them and
throw them away.  It comes out unbelievably quick, so get used to this at close
range fighting.  Also note that you can jump while shielding, an effective way
to guard and then quickly attack.

Mostly shielding is only going to be used to shield the attacks and
projectiles.  Hopefully, this next tactic will help you dodge those incoming

=== {05B.} Rolling ===

To do a roll, press left or right while you have a shield up.  Luigi happens
to have a very quick roll, which sets you up perfectly for a down or forward
smash attack.  When someone is bringing an onslaught of attacks it is a good
idea to shield, and then roll behind him.  Immediately you should do a smash

Note that when you are facing someone who is good, they will anticipate this
coming, so change up the way you roll to catch them off guard.  Also, you
want to watch out for over rolling.  This is when you roll too much, and roll
into waiting smash attacks (you do have a very small recovery time from this).
So my words of advice is to only roll with Luigi when you need to defend and
then attack, because if not it could lead to your death.

=== {05B.} Spot Dodging ===

A Spot Dodge can be performed when you hold/tap L or R and tap down at the same
time.  With Luigi, it will look like you are moving to the side.  With this
move you can dodge any smash attack (when timed right) or any projectile thrown
at you.

It's especially good for dodging charged Super Scope shots; for you don't want
to shield it (it will almost break your shield).

This is a move you want to master.  You can say dodge a forward smash attack
and then release your own. It's that simple.  It's like rolling, just without
the roll.

=== {05C.} Air Dodging ===

An Air Dodge is when you press R or L to dodge in the air.  You can also do
this in any direction.  Another thing to do is when recovering, you can air
dodge back onto the ledge, without having the use Luigi's Up B, (that is, as
long as you are close enough to it).

The air dodge is useful to dodge projectiles or attacks that are thrown at you.
If someone throws a beam sword at you, then you can dodge out of the way,
then go pick it up and throw it back at them.  It works really well.
Also, you can dodge attacks this way, but it's not recommended when you are
high up in the air, and are facing a fast faller.  Because after you air dodge,
you can't do anything else.  The fast faller would reach the ground before you
and smash you up.  If you are facing someone who falls fast, (like Fox or
Captain Falcon), then try to neutralize their attack with a neutral A aerial.

Air Dodging is very useful in both dodging attacks/projectiles and in recovery.
Get used to this one, chances are you'll be using it a lot.

=== {05D.} Teching ===

Ah, an awesome thing you can do with the L button.  When you get hit hard,
Luigi will be literally spinning over and over in the air.  When you land, it
will take a lot of time to get up.  This can be avoided by teching.  What you
do is before you hit the ground, hit L.  This will make Luigi do a handstand.

You can then hit right or left to roll, which goes slightly farther than the
normal roll.

The tech will reduce recovery time by a lot, and you can then roll out of the
way of your opponent or behind them for a smash.  Once you get the rolling part
down, teching becomes a must to get out of harms way.  All in all it's very
useful, practice this one.  The timing will take a while, but once you get it
the rewards will be great.

*All of the standard and fairly easy techniques are now through, and please
note that more on Luigi's smash attacks and other moves will be in other
sections of this guide.  I was vague with what to do after them, but if you
read the moves section, then you will know what attacks to do in the best
situations.  I will incorporate strategies for these techs in the moves
section, so don't fret.  

On to the Advanced Techniques!

                                      [06.] Advanced Techniques

Well, here are all of Luigi's advanced techniques.  These are also worth
mastering, especially Wavedashing.  Go to training mode to practice them. Trust
me, they are all great, and some can turn around matches.

=== {06A.} Dash Dancing ===

Well, Dash Dancing's main purpose is to quickly change to way you are going.
What you do is start the dash sequence, and then dash the other way, and then
back again.  So basically, keep tapping left then right, so on and so forth.

While doing this, you will notice Luigi running in two different directions,
and also a standing Luigi (all bunched together).  With this, you can quickly
go in any direction you want.

If you don't Dash Dance and want to quickly change your direction, you will
notice some lag while Luigi turns around and that he will also run slower.
Against good players, lag equals bad, so you want to reduce it as much as
possible.  This is what Dash Dancing is for.

Dash Dancing is worth mastering, and can be used for mind games also.  When
your opponent his pondering what the hell you are doing, that's your chance to
smash them.  They'll also never know which way you're going, so you can Dash
Dance backwards and then Wavedash forwards for an attack.

=== {O6B.} Dash Grab Canceling ===

This technique is particularly useful when you can't Wavedash and are in close
range of the energy.  You may notice that when Luigi does a dashing grab, he
has a lot of lag if he misses.  This is where Dash Grab Canceling comes into

What you want to do is dash, and then before you grab someone hit up and Z at
the same time.  You will do Luigi's standing throw, which has virtually no
lag time.  It will also come out much quicker than the dash grab, so your
opponent has a less chance to counter attack.

Wavedashing into a grab is quicker (it also does the standing animation), yet
this is really useful and very easy to do.  Also, if you are close enough so
you don't have to Wavedash, then this is the prime choice for a throw.

=== {06C.} Crouch Canceling ===

Did you ever notice that when you get smashed while crouching, you don't fly as
far?  This is exactly what this technique is.  What you have to do is
anticipate an attack coming, and if there's no chance of countering, you have
to crouch.  You will then get hit, but you won't fly as far.

This one you can't really practice, but once you can anticipate someone's
attacks, you can easily do this.  It works great, but you need precise timing
to do this, (don't worry; this will come with more time playing the game).
Don't do this on Peach's down smash though, (certain other characters too),
otherwise you will get hurt more, and fly farther.

Another thing you can do with this is to crouch while you are dashing to stop
completely (Dash Canceling).  So while you are running, tap downward to stop
your dash.  It sets you up perfectly for a down smash (or tilt) attack with
Luigi.  Since his smashes are so powerful, make it a habit to crouch out of
you dashes, then attack.

One last thing to do is if you crouch cancel an attack at low damages,
quickly do a down tilt.  This is known as crouch cancel countering and can
set you up for a more powerful attack; such as a forward smash.  Make a habit
out of this too.

=== {06D.} L-Canceling ===

If you played with other characters before Luigi, you may notice that they take
a while to recover out of an aerial attack.  This is what l-canceling is for.

It reduces lag on all aerial moves; which helps you effectively string
together combos and to get away quicker after a missed attack.

To do an l-cancel, you have to hit L or R before you hit the ground after an
aerial attack.  Luigi's moves don't have a lot of lag time, so L-canceling is
not vital to his game.  It is, however, useful when you perform a very low
aerial, so you can recover quicker if you miss.

To practice the l-cancel you'll want to choose Link and use his dair.  When
you land you should notice Link taking a lot of time to pull his sword out
of the ground.  Now try it with l-canceling.  The lag will be almost
nonexistent which is why this technique is so good.

Even though l-canceling is not vital to Luigi's game, it is useful to know/be
able to pull off.  If you do a very low sex kick and miss, you might get
punished if you don't l-cancel.  Practice this in your spare time; it's not
as important to Luigi as it is to say, Marth.

=== {06E.} Short Hopping ===

If you jump with the control stick, you want to stop now and jump with X or Y,
preferably X, because Short Hopping is very hard with the control stick.  To do
a short hop, you must quickly tap X or Y, or lightly press up on the control

Short Hopping allows you to perform low aerial attacks, which you can string
together to make more efficient combos.  Even though Luigi has a big normal
jump, his short hop is relatively low, which allows you to combo effectively,
or drive your opponent off the edge easily.

Practice these out of running and standing still, since you need to be able to
do it out of reflex.  Once you can do these out of a dash/stand still
consistently, you can move on to this next technique.

*Note that you can also use this to grab the edge of the stage so the opponent
can't get back (edgehogging), but doing this with Wavedashing is much quicker.
Don't worry about doing this; the Wavedash is a lot better.

=== {06F.} Wavedashing ===

Finally, the mother of all of Luigi's techniques, and what's more; he's the
best at it.  Now you've probably been wondering throughout the guide thus
far, "What the hell is a Wavedash?"  Well, here's all about it.

Basically, a Wavedash is when you literally slide across the screen without
moving.  As you may have noticed if you played with Luigi before, that he has
little traction and slides if you try to turn around while dashing.  Well, it's
his almost nonexistent traction that makes him great at this.

As for how to do a Wavedash; you must have nimble fingers; yet you can work
even slow ones into reflex with some practice.  What you want to do is to
jump, and then immediately air dodge down and at an angle.  You will see Luigi
sliding far across the screen and can go across 1/3 of the Final Destination
with this.  Note that when you do this, you should NOT see Luigi jumping; you
should see more like a white poof of smoke and then Luigi sliding.

Now you're probably wondering, what is the point of sliding across the screen?
Well, you can use it to edgehog, align attacks/perform attacks, and dodge/move
away from attacks.

First things first, here's how to edgehog using Wavedashing.  Since Luigi
slides really far, you can be about 2 1/2 to 3 inches away from the edge; make
sure you back is facing it.  Then perform a Wavedash and you will slide off the
stage and grab onto the ledge.  When your opponent tries to get back, they
won't be able to grab the ledge, so this may possibly lead to early damage
KO's.  Make sure not to do this against characters that have an Up B attack
that damage from any point in the attack; such as Fox and Roy.

*Obviously, if your opponent can reach the stages without grabbing the ledge,
don't do this, but if not; go for it.

Now since Luigi can Wavedash so far, aligning attacks can be difficult, yet
this can be easily avoided.  Say you want to Wavedash backward just a tad bit.
What you want to do is jump and then air dodge a bit later than normal.
This will make it look like a triangle; thus being called Triangle Jumping.
To align attack when you only need to move a little back this is useful, but it
is slower than a Wavedash.  It has its' uses though, and is always good to get
off a quick smash.

Ah, doing Wavedashes into attacks.  What you want to do is from far away, or
somewhat close to the opponent, Wavedash, and while sliding quickly do a down
smash attack.  Luigi's legs will have increased range, for you are doing it
while moving.  You can also do up smashes out of this, but it's not nearly as
effective as the down smash.  Once they're in the air, proceed to juggle them
(keeping an opponent in the air so they can't recover).  A good way to juggle
is to do uairs until they have high damage and then finish them off with a
forward A chop.  If you are a tournament level player, you don't need to worry
about juggling, yet if you are not, go right ahead and do so.

Another thing you can do is to Wavedash into throws.  Since the animation time
while actually dashing takes longer than a standing still one, the Wavedash
throw combo is the way to go.  You will be moving and doing the standstill
grab animation at the same time.  It comes out unbelievably quick, and then
do a backward throw for optimum efficiency.  It may also surprise the opponent,
because they might shield for a smash attack. *You can grab someone while
their shield is up.

You've probably noticed that during a roll, you go right through the opponent.
The same applies for Wavedashing, but remember that they can still hit you.
So to dodge an attack, you have to see it coming, and quickly Wavedash out of
the way.  You can then Wavedash back and smash them.  Other things you can
dodge are projectiles, just Wavedash out of harms way and then grab the item
and chuck it back at them.  That's pretty much it for evading.  You can
quickly Wavedash out of danger than go in for attacks.  Nice. ;)

                             [07.] Movelist/In-depth Strategies

Here is the all of Luigi's moves and various strategies for using them.  The
strategies will include scenarios and other various ways to use them, along
with a description of how to use them.  The amount of damage it does will also
be shown; along with pretty much everything else you need to worry about at
this point.  Also, remember that the damage a move does goes down each time you
use it, until you die. Onward!

=== {07A.} Tilt Moves ===

First off, you need to know what a tilt is.  Basically, a tilt is when you tilt
the control stick halfway in the direction you want to do an attack in, and hit
A.  The manual calls them "strong attacks".

        Forward Tilt: Roundhouse to Lower~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage Dealt: 10%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Priority: Medium~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Well, the Roundhouse attack is when Luigi kicks out, starting off high and
ending low, all the while spinning 360.  Many people also say not to use this
one, but there are a few tricks to learn about this one.

Before you try this next combo, note that it works easily on a group of two
fighting people, but you can still do it on one person.  It will be a bit
harder, but well worth it.

Well, here's a quite simple one.  What you want to do is to walk forward, and
perform the roundhouse kick on your opponent.  You'll notice that they will
not get knocked back far.  Now, while still tilting forward, perform more of
these attacks.  When the damage gets to high, they will get knocked back some
bit, so Wavedash and finish them off with a smash.  This can cause anywhere
from 27% to 50% damage if you get three or more hits in.

Well, if you opponent DI's, which they probably will, you then have a few
choices to make.  You can then either grab and throw them, or finish off the
combo with a smash.  Either way, you're sure to get a couple hits in, and at
10 damage each, its well worth it.

Another very quick combo is to Wavedash in, and do the forward tilt.  Then hit
Z to grab them.  Quickly tap A while holding them to get an extra hit in then
throw them back.  Wavedash to them, and finish it off with a down smash.  You
can also use this with a forward smash; just add it in where the throw is.
The throw is much more effective, however.

As with the neutral A combo, you should do this when you opponent has around
0% to 20% damage.  You can easily put them up to 50 or 60% with this, as long
as they don't see it coming.  If your opponent is playing with a big character
(that they can't use well), definitely use this one.

On a side note, this move can cancel out projectiles thrown at you.  If you
time it right, there should be a blue circle around the item and it should be
neutralized.  Also, attacks like 's fireballs can be canceled this way.  BUT,
why would you cancel out the item thrown at you when you can catch it, (when
timed right), with A?

        Up Tilt: Uppercut~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage: 9%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Priority: Medium~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

To do the uppercut attack, you must tilt up and hit A.  Luigi will then club
his fist over his head, knocking away anyone in front (close to you), or above
you.  It's a fairly weak attack, but there are one or two combos for it.

When your opponent has low damage, 0% to 20%, quickly do the uppercut and then
follow it up with an Up B.  You should do about 34% damage to the opponent, and
they will be set up for a juggle.  Or, you can do the uppercut and then quickly
throw them back.  Then Wavedash back and smash them.  Those work quickly and

This next combo here will just about never work, but what the hell; you should
still know about it.  Basically, do the same thing as the continuous forward
A's into a group, except on one person.  Just keeping doing uppercuts and the
damage should rack up quickly, although your opponent will probably meteor
smash (aerial down A), or move out of it.  When that happens, do a smash or
throw move for about 30% damage on your opponent, if you get two up A's and a
smash off.  Not too shabby.

Although there are some combos for this move, it should be avoided, and only
used to launch you opponent up when they have high damage and the first stated
combo.  A not to useful move, but like the other tilts, it can be used as
something your opponent wouldn't expect.

        Back Tilt: Backward Roundhouse to Lower~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage Dealt: 10%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Priority: Medium~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This is Luigi's only tilt move that can protect his back.  He does the same
thing as the forward tilt, except he turns around and then kicks.  It does
about 10% damage, and knocks your opponent away a little.

A little tip here is when someone is coming up from behind you, do this tilt,
and then Wavedash backwards.  This will knock your opponent back and then you
move away from a possible onslaught.  Another thing is to do the tilt when
someone is advancing on you, and then do a short hopped bair to knock them

You can also combo this in a group, (continuous ones), but it's impossible to
do a Super Punch out of.  You would have to move forward for this, and your
opponent wouldn't let you do that.

        Down Tilt: Crouching Kick~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage Dealt: 9%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Priority: Low~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Here's a move that can help you out in certain situations, basically when your
opponent is hanging on the ledge.  What Luigi will do is crouch down, cover
his head with his hands, and kick out a little.

The only time your going to want to use this is when your opponent is trying to
get cute with you, and stays one the ledge after you knock him off.

*Note that this will only work when your opponent is NOT flashing.  When they
aren't flashing and are hanging from the ledge, do the down tilt.  This will
knock them of the ledge and up.  Then, jump and do a forward A to knock him
back. Proceed to edgeguard from thereon.

Well, there's a nifty trick for when your opponent is expecting you to attack
them on the ledge.  Another edgeguarding trick is to let them grab the ledge,
and if you have an item, jump over them and throw it down.  They won't be able
to guard it and will get knocked off. You can then charge up a smash for when
they get back on the stage.

Onward to the smash attacks, and if the combos don't work, then you're probably
already an intermediate player.  Most of the tilts are good only for beginner
play, while intermediate play requires more smashes and aerial attacks, except
for a quick tilt to kill attacks coming in fast.  You may find that it is
faster than a smash in most cases.

=== {07B.} Smash Moves ===

Note that the smashes can be performed uncharged with the C-Stick, used best
when you need that quick smash.

        Forward Smash: Power Punch~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage Dealt (Uncharged): 13%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage Dealt (Full Charge): 17%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Priority: Medium-High~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The first of four smash attacks, this one is only useful in certain situations.
Basically, Luigi will draw his arm into his body, and then release for an
attack that will send your opponent forward and upward.

Of all Luigi's smash attacks, this one is his least useful.  It has a short
range and can only hit someone that is directly in front of you.  It can also
be used to cancel out other players smash attacks, which is always good, for
you can then follow up with a down smash attack.  It can also cancel out
projectiles, but the forward tilt is more useful.

This move can be used to start combos, yet you'll need to attack then Wavedash
forward and short hop a fair, (drive them off the edge with this) and edgeguard
from there.

If your opponent techs to roll behind you, the Wavedash backwards and do the
combo from there.  You need to know where your opponent is going to roll (if he
does), so you can react accordingly and knock them out.

The Power Punch is basically your standard combo starter/KO move.  Although it
has little range, in hand to hand combat this has a high priority over most
uncharged smashes.  Use it sparingly though, his down smash and up smash are
much more effective killers.

*If you are facing a fast faller, this will be your main ground KO move, for
they will fall much too quick to be easily KO'd off the top.

        Up Smash: Head Butt~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage Dealt (Uncharged): 17%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage Dealt (Full Charge): 23%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Priority: Medium-High~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ah, one of Luigi's great KO moves, the Head Butt.  It's quick, (it can hit
most meteor smash attacks before they hit you), and does a fair amount of

The Head Butt is basically the same as his Uppercut attack; except there will
be blue sparkles around Luigi's fist, and will send your opponent up and
backward, instead of just up.

This can be used as both a combo finisher and combo starter, as long as you
stay on the ground.  Since it can hit opponents before their aerial attacks
hit you, you can juggle them while staying on the ground (Wavedash into

Being a combo starter, it can be used for a juggle; or you can do this.  Do
the Up Smash, then Wavedash/Roll back and throw your opponent up.

*If they have low damage, 0% to 45%, then roll, and Wavedash at higher
percentages. You can then either do an Up A aerial, or do a down smash.  Follow
on from there.

If your opponent techs out of this one, do the same thing as above, Wavedash
the other way so you can finish the combo.  As stated before, you have to see
what their going to do, so you can react and then kill them.

It will rack up the damage quickly, and can easily put your opponent in the
high 50's for damage.  You can then Wavedash out of danger, or do the dash A,
Up B combo to finish them off. ;)

As for being a combo ender, use this when your opponent has 80 or so damage
to send them off the top of the screen, except for fast fallers (you can send
them off the side with a forward smash).

This is one of Luigi's main KO ground attacks, and when used effectively can
get you some low damage KO's, depending on the stage.  When you do a combo
that involves juggling or Wavedashing then smashing, this (or a down smash)
is the finisher you want.

        Back Smash: Backward Power Punch~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage Dealt (Uncharged): 13%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage Dealt (Full Charge): 17%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Priority: Medium-High~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This, along with Luigi's down smash, are the only smash attacks that can
protect his back.  The animation is the same, only Luigi turns around before
poking the opponent.

This can also cancel out projectiles, just like the forward smash; only the
ones flying at you from behind.  It also has enough priority to cancel out
someone's smash attack, so keep that in mind.

The same general combos apply for this move and the forward smash.  Just smash
someone that's behind you, Wavedash, short hop a fair (drive them off the
ledge with this), and edgeguard from there.

If your opponent techs behind you after the smash attack Wavedash backward and
do another smash attack.  It's all about knowing what your opponent will do,
and reacting accordingly to pull this one off.

The Backward Power Punch can also start combos and KO opponents, but you have
the down smash to cover your back, which is a much better attack.  But, you
always want to mix things up, so keep this one in store for your friends and
foes alike.

        Down Smash: Leg Sweep~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage Dealt (Uncharged): 17%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage Dealt (Full Charge): 23%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Priority: High~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Leg Sweep is the ideal move for Luigi to KO people with.  What he does is
sweep his legs under him, which sends his opponents flying straight up.  What
makes it so useful is that Luigi can charge this up while Wavedashing, both
extending the sweeps range and power.

This move has a few combo starters; mainly you want to use it to set up for a
juggle.  You can throw after using this attack, but since Luigi can't grab
people in the air, you will have to wait for them to recover, which will leave
you open (not good).

Being a juggle starter, this is one hell of a move.  Since it will send your
opponent straight up, you can easily juggle them with Up A aerials, or stay on
the ground and use Up/Down Smashes.  This can also be a good KO combo, yet
your opponent can easily get out of this one, with a bit of DI.

Another KO tactic with the down smash is to Wavedash, and charge the move while
sliding.  Then, release it when you get close to your opponent, who hopefully
has a high damage percent.  If so, then this should be an easy KO for you.
All in all, this is Luigi's best smash attack, and probably the most useful of
all them.  Preferably you should stick to the air with short hops, but when it
comes to fighting on the ground, this is the way to end (and possibly start).

=== {07C.} Aerial Moves ===

        Neutral Aerial (hold): Sex Kick~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage Dealt: 15%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Priority: Very high~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A sex kick is a move where your character sticks his foot out and leaves it
there for a while.  It will hit from anywhere on your body, so even if your
opponent touches your head it will still hurt them.  This is a great move and
should be used often.

So, during this attack, Luigi will stick his foot out for about a second.  It
will out prioritize most aerial attacks, so keep that in mind.  It's a great
move to recover from juggles with, much like the Luigi Tornado.  Also, when
connected with, it will send the opponent flying almost straight up.

This, as you can well imagine sets up great for juggles, especially when your
opponent has over 50% damage.  Do the sex kick to knock them up, and then fast
fall (this is pretty much the only attack that's necessary for them).  You can
then jump up again and use a fair or dair to send them off the sides.

You can also use the sex kick to neutralize one of your opponent's aerial
attacks (remember to fast fall to get down quicker), and then when you land,
Wavedash out of harms way.

This move is great to fall down with, as it will out prioritize many aerial
attacks.  If you're facing a fast faller, then use two in quick succession to
completely stop their attack.  If someone your facing is aerial happy, the sex
kick is the way to go.

        Forward Aerial: Chop Attack~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage Dealt: 12%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Priority: High~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

One of Luigi's more powerful air attacks, the chop is a great move to short hop
with, or use with full jumps (to drive your opponent off the ledge).  Luigi
will make a fist while in air, and then deliver a powerful chop on his
opponent, making them fly a moderate distance.  Also, it will send them a
little up and far, making a small half circle at low damages.

This move is great to short hop because in one short hop you can fist both the
forward A and neutral A dealing a lot of damage.  You can then juggle your
opponent, or better yet, keep using chops until your opponent is off the ledge.

It sets up for some early edgeguarding, which is always a good thing.
Another combo you can do is to use the chop in a short hop, then jump again and
use another.  Land, then jump up and go for his down A.  This should get them
to the end of the stage, depending on how close you are to it.  If there not
at the end, just add in a Wavedash when you land, and then throw them off of

One other combo is to do a chop when your opponent has no damage, then roll
behind them when you land.  (If they tech, then you have to Wavedash).  You can
then throw them backwards, then Wavedash that, and add in a short hop bair at
the end.  Combos are endless out of this one, really.

Anyways, if you want a quick kill, when your edgeguarding, do a single jump off
the platform.  You can then either add in a forward or dair to knock them back
further.  To recover, simply double jump backwards and Up B the ledge.

As you can see, many combos that come out of the Chop Attack involve
Wavedashing and then a smash attack.  It's really effective, for once their in
the air, you can drive them off the ledge with a mixture of aerials, and then
edgeguard. Nice.

        Up Aerial: Flip Kick~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage Dealt: 13%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Priority: Medium-low~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Flip Kick is interesting, as it can send your opponent in various ways,
depending on where they were hit.  Also, it you tap up A, then you will jump
before the attack, which is bad; so you'll want to tilt up for this.  Luigi
will jump up and spin around, all the while kicking his legs out, knocking
foes in various directions.

Now, this move can be used for juggles when done correctly, although it won't
do as good a job as the sex kick.  Anyways, note that where the opponent last
hit your feet is where they will be sent flying, so if you hit them while your
feet were up and right, they will go that way too.

To juggle with this, you want to start off with a smash that's sends them
straight up, or a sex kick.  Then, single jump and do the Flip Kick.  Float to
the direction there heading, jump again and do another Flip Kick, (or a back
or fair).  It's good as a beginning juggle, and then you can smash them back
up and repeat.

Also, this move can kill at damages over 100% and when your opponent is
moderately high up.  So, you can finish off juggles with this for a kill (as
long as your opponent is high up).  For fast fallers though, you want a bit
more damage on them, preferably around 120%.

Pretty much that's it.  Juggling is what the move is good for, and for the
possible KO at the end of the juggle.

        Back Aerial: Backward Kick~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage Dealt: 11%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Priority: High~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This is Luigi's only air move that can protect his back in the air, and is very
useful when used along with a backward Wavedash.  Luigi will kick out both legs
behind him while doing this attack; knocking anyone he hits back a fair

This is also a good edgeguarding move, as you can jump backwards off the ledge,
and knock someone back with this.  You can then jump and grab the ledge;
edgehogging him so he dies.

Anyways, if someone is coming up from behind you, a good choice is to short hop
one of these (at low damage 0% to 20% you can fit in two on your opponent in
one short hop), and then just keep Wavedashing and doing them.  It's a lot like
driving them off the edge with the chops, yet you'll be doing it backwards this

As said above, Wavedashing into one of these is a good choice.  If your
opponent is far away then you can Wavedash to them and get a good hit in.  It
can also set up for a juggle if you're quick with the Flip Kick.

Luigi's an aerial beast.  You can use these short hopped bairs just about at
any time, setting up opportunities for yourself.  You can also do one of these
into a throw.  A great move; it protects Luigi's back and has a lot of power.

        Down Aerial: Spin Kick~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage Dealt: 16%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Priority: High~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This is one hell of a finishing move.  When not connected as a spike, it sends
your opponent flying either left or right, and at a high trajectory (a bit
higher than the bair).  When doing this move, Luigi will spin around, hitting
anything near.  It can also be called a Meteor Smash attack, and if you kill
someone with it you will get the Meteor Smash bonus.

Well, first off I should tell you how to spike and what a spike is.  Basically,
a spike is a move that sends your opponent flying almost straight down, and
that they can't really recover from.  To get the spike with Luigi's spin kick,
they have to be touching Luigi's thighs.  When done right, they will rocket
downwards, with pretty much no chance of recover.

This spike is great if you can hit with it all the time, especially over gaps
because it has almost no recovery time in the air.  So, when your opponent is
coming back to the stage, you'll want to jump out, Spin Kick, and then double
jump back to the ledge.

Also, this move is a dangerous killer even when you don't get the spike.  At
around 75% to 80% damage it can potentially KO pretty much any character.  For
this move, you'll want to finish off juggles (if your opponent is low), or to
end combos.

Short hopping these helps a lot, but you can also go for the attack from above
your opponent.  It's also effective this way, for it out prioritizes a lot of
smash attacks.  Mostly, this is a combo ender, not a starter.  What's good
about Luigi is that you start combos on the ground and end in the air.  He has
great aspects of both aerial and ground games.

=== {07D.} Throws ===

*Grabs have no priority.

        Grab Attack: Head Butt~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage Dealt: 3%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Basically, this move is only meant to deal extra damage to your opponent before
you throw them.  All you have to do is press A, and Luigi will perform a head
butt on his opponent.  Then, throw them before they get out of your grasp.
Just a small note on the head butts, for about every 15% damage your opponent
gains, you can do one more attack on them.  So, when they have 0% to 15% you
can perform one, 15% to 30% you can perform two, and so on.

These should always be used when you have someone in your clutches; more damage
is very good, obviously. =P

        Forward Throw: Spin Throw~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage Dealt: 8%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This is a fairly standard throw that makes your opponent fly in front of you a
little.  Luigi will grab the other player, spin around once, and launch them
forward.  Not the most useful of throws, this one has some tricks to it.

This throw can be used in a combo to get off a quick 23% to 25% damage,
depending on which way you follow it up.  What you do is throw your opponent
forward, then Wavedash toward your opponent and do either an up or down smash.

The latter will net you around 25% and they both set up for some early juggles.
Another brilliant combo with this move is a forward throw, then follow your
opponent's movements with a Wavedash, and finish it off with a fair and sex
kick all in one short hop.  It will take a while to learn, but this combo is
great to use.  You can also purposely miss the fair, but hit with the sex kick.

This throw is really useful, and can be chained together if you follow your
opponent's movements, but only for two or so throws because it sends them too
This is one of the more useful throws, hell; all of Luigi's throws are great.

        Up Throw: Upward Chuck~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage Dealt: 7%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Upward Chuck is a move that sets up great for juggling and works well as a
combo starter.  When you do this move, Luigi will throw his opponent up and
behind him a little.

This move can start combos at both high and low percentages.  It doesn't really
matter at what damage you do this to your opponent, you just have to make sure
you follow him after the throw.  Basically, it's an upward throw, (possible
Wavedash here), down smash, (another possible Wavedash here) backward throw.

At low percents, you can do this easily without moving, unless of course your
opponent techs out of the way.  It's a simple combo really, one that can be
used often to rack up the damage.  Make sure that you follow then with a
Wavedash, and then it should work fine and give about 30 or so damage.

Also, juggles will work great out of this because of the way it launches them
up.  To start the juggle, you're going to want to throw them up, and then do a
bair.  Then, jump again and do another bair.  You can then fast fall, and chop
them off the edge.  Not too shabby.

Basically any kind of juggle/combo can be made after this.  Substitute smashes
for short hop aerials; just mess around with it.  Those are some very basic
combos to start you off, keep making up moves as you go along so you don't get

        Back Throw: Backward Spin Throw~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage Dealt: 10%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This is probably Luigi's best and most powerful throw.  It has great knock
back, and does a cool 10% damage.  Luigi will spin the opponent around many
times, and then launch them at a high trajectory.  This move is a killer, and
can also be used for combos.

Also, as a side note, if you are crowded by many players you can use this throw
to knock some of them away.  It won't be much, but it will at least get them
off of your backs for a little.

well, this move has great potential to be a killer, as long as you throw them
off the side of the ledge closest to you.  Because of its great knock back, you
can easily get a KO off the side at around 100% damage.  Also, if you're
playing on a stage with close walls, such as Mushroom Kingdom, then it can
easily KO with almost no damage.

As for combos, they fall along the same lines of the forward throw.  What you
basically want to do is throw them back, and then Wavedash backwards into a
down smash attack.  You can then throw him, (after he lands and possibly
techs), or smash him again and try to juggle him.  You can also do a backward
throw, then a Wavedash backwards and two bairs.

As stated with the above mentioned throws, these don't have specific combos.
As long as you can Wavedash, you can easily pull of a throw, smash, throw
combo.  These combos in the throws section are more like guidelines.  You want
to try to start off with the throw and then smash, and then follow up with
something your opponent would never expect.

This move should be used as a secondary KO move, as long as you're fighting on
the ground.  As long as you're near the edge, go for that shield grab and give
your opponent a toss.  My favorite of all the throws and can lead into an
endless combination of combos.  All in all, a great move; use it a lot.

        Down Throw: Throw Down: Grab with Z, Tilt Down~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage Dealt: 7%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This move is a lot like Luigi's upward throw; it does the same damage and
launches the opponent and pretty much the same angle.  Luigi will take his
opponent and throw them into the floor, making them bounce both up and
backwards.  So, the same combos are possible.

Anyways, since it sends them the same way, you can mix up the up and down throw
so you always get max damage.  Remember, moves damage will continually go down
until you get killed.

This move can start combos at both high and low percentages.  It doesn't really
matter at what damage you do this to your opponent, you just have to make sure
you follow him after the throw.  Basically, it's a downward throw, (possible
Wavedash here), down smash, (another possible Wavedash here) backward throw.

At low percents, you can do this easily without moving, unless of course your
opponent techs out of the way.  It's a simple combo really, one that can be
used often to rack up the damage.  Make sure that you follow them with a
Wavedash, and then it should work fine and give about 30 or so damage.

juggles fall along the same lines as with the up throw.  Do a down throw, then
a couple of aerials and a fair off the ledge.  Or, you could keep racking up
the damage with uairs after the throw, and finish them off with a dair.

Like the upward throw, this is a great move for juggles and should be used
often.  A great move, and a potential killer if your opponent cannot DI well.

=== {07D.} Special Moves ===

        Neutral B: Green Fireball~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage Dealt: 6%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Priority: Low~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This is probably Luigi's most useless move, the Fireball offers no combos to
follow up with, and only briefly stuns your opponent, (it's less then a second
of stun time).  Luigi will pop out his hand, releasing a fireball that will
only travel horizontally, never going any higher or lower.  Also, the fireball
will travel a tiny bit farther than a Wavedash attack, so keep that in mind.
Anyways, this move is only good to spam (use a lot) when you want to play keep
away (in a large melee group).  If you want to do this, then stand back from
a group of fighting people, and just launch fireballs at your opponents.  It
will add some extra damage, but can be deemed as cheap, making others want to
KO you.

        Forward B: Luigi Rocket~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage Dealt (Uncharged): 9%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage Dealt (Full Charge): 26%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage Dealt (Misfire): 25%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Priority: Low, high if misfired~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This, along with Luigi's Super Jump Punch, are his means of recovery.  Luigi
will crouch down and then launch like a rocket after you release B, going a
fair distance.  Also, 12.5% of the time (?), it will misfire, going twice as
far and dealing 25% damage.  It will also have much more knockback.

Basically, this is used for recovery.  But, it can kill someone who has high
percentages.  Or, if you want to play keep away, just charge one up away from
the group and smack them with it.  Cheap I know, and your opponents will
probably want to attack you after doing it a lot; you were warned.

You must first know that if you get hit down and at an angle you're pretty much
 dead because Luigi's recovery isn't very good.  When you get hit, use
uncharged rockets until you near the stage.  Then use your midair jump (you
need to save it to make his recovery better) and then an Up B if needed.  Or,
if you can make it, an angled air dodge will help you catch the ledge.

If you misfire at any time while recovering, good for you, because it should
send you back to the stage, and you will get over the head of your edgeguarder.

        Up B: (Super) Jump Punch~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage Dealt (No Ping): 1%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage Dealt (Ping): 25%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Priority: None~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This is one of Luigi's KO special moves, yet should be avoided at an
intermediate level of play.  Anyways, since if you play against beginners a lot
(and you're one yourself), then you can easily take the opportunity of this
move.  Basically, Luigi will launch himself straight up with his fist extended,
delivering a crushing blow if connected right.

Well, first you have to know how to connect with it.  You basically want to be
inside your opponent, so Luigi's fist will go on fire and a Ping will be heard.
This can KO your opponent at anywhere from 65% to 70% on normal fallers and
floaty characters and above 80% on fast fallers.  If you're not inside your
opponent you will only do 1% damage and be left open for attack, which is
why you should avoided jumping and doing this.

Well, as for the combos, they were already listed in the other moves.
Basically, you only want to use the Super Jump Punch as a beginner, as your
opponents won't be able to shield it that well, as for intermediates, you
should stay away from it.

Anyways, some simple combos for this are the three neutral A's and then Up B,
or the dash A and then Up B.  Also, one final combo that could possibly work is
the Up Tilt and then the Super Jump Punch.  They are all effective at
beginning play; you won't want to use this move often inters, except for
recovery.  Inters, you can always to the down B then Up B combo, which works
well at any level of play, more of this in the Luigi Tornado strategies.

Also, this move can be used for recovery, often when you want to catch the
ledge (if you can't with an air dodge).  You need to be right under the ledge
however, because this move does NOT go horizontally at all.

That's about it for the Super Jump Punch, use it for recovery and the possible
Ping hit if you're playing someone who can't shield it.  It can be shielded/
avoided, so keep that in mind.  Anyways, it's a great move for beginners if
they can hit with the Ping consistently.  *Note that from now on, when I say Up
B, it will mean a hit with the Ping.

        Back B: Backward Luigi Rocket~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage Dealt (Uncharged): 9%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage Dealt (Full Charge): 26%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage Dealt (Misfire): 25%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Priority: Low, high if misfired~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Basically, this is the same as the Luigi Rocket, except you'll turn around
before doing this.  Luigi will crouch down and then launch like a rocket when
you release B.  He will misfire 12.5% of the time (?), going twice as far and
dealing 25% damage.  It will also have much more knockback.

This should be used for recovery when you are facing the opposite way of the
edge.  You will quickly turn around and then launch your attack.  You can use
forward rockets from thereon.

Once again, you should use uncharged rockets until you get close to the ledge,
then charge one up and aim for the ledge.  When you hit it, quickly do an Up B
attack to grab the ledge.  Then press A to attack or R to roll up onto the

Or you can try to hit your edgeguarder with the missile, but they could hit you
with a smash before you hit them.  This is not advised; always try to hang
from the ledge.

You can also spam this on a group, although you will have to be not facing them
to do one backwards.  This will probably get your opponents angry, so it
shouldn't be spammed.  If you spam it, they may go for you, which is bad if
you're playing keep away.

        Down B: Luigi Tornado~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage Dealt: 19%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Priority: High~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Luigi Tornado, an all around great special move.  It can stop opponent's
juggles, set up for a Super Jump Punch and disperse groups around you.  What
Luigi will do is spin around, finishing by throwing both his hands out, hitting
anyone near him.

Well, first off is the infamous Down B to Up B combo.  Make sure that while
doing this do NOT move into your opponent, you want to stay on the side of him
(the tornado will do 16% damage).  So after the tornado, do a quick Up B
attack, and you've just tacked on a good 41% damage, not too bad.

Now, you might be wondering when you get to use this combo.  Well, if you want
to get out of an opponents juggle, use this move to break it up, (before the
aerial hits you).  Then, immediately follow up with some aerials to keep the
opponent in the air.

Another time to use this move is to disperse a group of people around you.
Since it sends them all flying at different directions, this gives you a good
time to recover, and possibly start and onslaught of your own.

*Note, if your opponents are hitting you from both sides with constant weak
attacks, you don't want to do this move.  Instead, try shielding and rolling
out of the way.  The startup time for this move is a little bit, so someone
can easily interrupt it, which is why you roll out of the above mention

Anyways, some simple combos will include using this move, then go for a
Wavedash/roll and then a good smash.  This move is especially good coming down,
so keep this combo in mind while playing.  It is only a combo starter, so just
add more attacks till you drive them off the edge, then go for the edgeguard.
All in all, this move is very versatile, yet you don't want to overuse it,
because then you might become predictable.  So, when your about to get hit in
the air, go for it; it will set up your opponent for a good combo, and save
your own skin. ;)

=== {07E.} Other ===

This will be where we will list other attacks that don't fit any other

        Neutral A Combo: Jab, Jab, Bump~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage dealt for A: 3%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage dealt for A, A: 5%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage dealt for A, A, A: 10%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Priority: Medium~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This here is Luigi's most basic move, and should only be used in special
circumstances.  What it basically is, is Luigi giving a quick left, right jab
combo, and following it up with a good bump.  Many people may say not to use
this move often, but I say nay.

This move has basically one purpose, to start a quick combo that can cause
anywhere from 32 to 35 damage; and set up perfectly for a combo.  What you want
to do is hit A quickly three times in a row, doing the full combo attack. Then
quickly hit up B, to do Luigi's Super Jump Punch.  It should connect, and
cause your opponent to fly up a little; where you proceed to juggle him.

Your opponent can DI out of this combo.  You will notice this happening when
your hits are barely connecting.  If this happens, do NOT hit up B, as you will
only hit for one point of damage and be open for attack.

Instead, you should follow up with any smash, or a tilt forward A.  If you did
either the down or up smash attack, follow that up with another up smash, so
the opponent will go a bit higher.  You can then Wavedash back, or try to
juggle your opponent.  Hey, it a quick way to put about 35 damage on your
opponent anyway.  If you did the forward tilt or forward smash attack, you
should follow up with a throw.  It's a bit weaker than the down and up smashes,
but if it sends your opponent off the stage your free to edgeguard. ;)

Well that's all the combos out of this combo attack.  Good luck with it and use
it sparingly, so your opponent won't expect it.  Make sure to do it when they
have moderately low damage, from 0% to 20%, otherwise your combo will move them
away, so you can't do Luigi's up B.  A good idea is to use it after you kill
them, or at the beginning of the match.

On a side note, just the neutral A can cancel out weak attacks that come your
way.  Practice the countering because after a while you should be able to
counter, then smash for some quick damage.

        Dash Attack: Berserker Punches~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage Dealt: 11%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Priority: None~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ah, I quite simple move that involves the up B combo attack.  Well first off,
while doing this attack Luigi will run towards the opponent and clobber them
with wild swings from his arms.  This move gets opponents caught up in the
attack, making it the perfect setup for an up B.

Well, this move has a large damage range that you can use.  You don't want it
to knock the opponent away, you want it to ensnare them, so only do this dash
A, up B combo from 0% to 60% damage.  On the latter, you can send characters
that fall normally off the top for a KO, but for fast fallers it won't quite
hit them out.

Using DI to get out of this one is easy, so as long as you're quick you can
get off Luigi's flaming punch.  It will cause 36% damage max, and can either
kill your opponent or set them up for a good aerial attack.

Another interesting thing to do is do the dash A while holding an item.  You
will do the attack while standing still!  After the attack is over you can 
throw the item at the opponent.  It's interesting, and good to rack up damage.

        Ledge Attack~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage (Under 100%): 8%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage (Over 100%): 10%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Priority: Medium~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The ledge attack is a useful move for when you grab the ledge from recovering.
Simply hit A while hanging from the ledge, and Luigi will kick out both his 
feet which will knock back an edgeguarding opponent a little bit, allowing you
to get up.

When you have 0-99% damage this attack will come out quick, which makes it
harder for someone to smash you.  At damages over 100% though, it will take a
while for you to come up, but you will be invincible for a little bit.  Once
you're on the stage, however your opponent can hit you.

All in all, this move just lets you get a bit of breathing room.  Once you 
knock back your opponent, follow it up with a quick smash or tilt if you can.

        Ledge Roll~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage: None~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When your hanging on a ledge, you also have to choice to roll back onto the
stage.  It will be a fairly long roll, and is good to get past edgeguarding
opponents.  At 0-99% it will be a very quick roll, but at over 100% damage it
take a while for you to roll, but it will still be the same distance.  When
your over 100% I would suggest a ledge attack, because the opponent can
Wavedash backwards and then smash you when your invincibility wears off.

        Ledge Jump~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage: None~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Priority: None~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

If you press X or Y while hanging on the ledge (you can do it with up on the
joystick also) then you will perform a ledge jump.  This doesn't have many
uses however.

If you're edgehogging, and you see your opponent will get back onto the stage,
jump and do a bair.  Since this will knock them back, you can roll back onto
the ledge and charge up a smash for when they get back.  You can also use it
to air catch items that spawn near the ledge.  That's pretty much it, it's not
a very useful move.

        Ledge Hop~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage: 12%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Priority: High~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This is a very useful ledge move, and should replace the standard ledge attack
when possible.  To do one, simply tap down while hanging from a ledge, and
quickly short hop and hit forward A.  It will be a fair from the ledge!

Uses for this is to knock your opponent far away, and possibly KO them, all
while hanging from the ledge.  Sometimes, you can just Wavedash onto the ledge,
just to do this move.  It's basically a fair from the ledge, so it's uses are
pretty much the same.  After doing one, you can stay on the ledge to do another
if your opponent doesn't know how to guard it.

So, this is your attacking move from the ledge.  Use it after recovery to
quickly knock away opponent's and get a lot of breathing room.  A great move;
in fact, it's the best ledge attack you could do, so go crazy with it.

=== {07F.} The Taunt ===

        D-Pad Up: Dirt Kick~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Damage Dealt: 1%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Priority: None~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ah, Luigi's taunt, a move you'll want to do after you KO an opponent.  What's
more, it deals damage to your opponent, allowing you to get the Poser Power
bonus (only Luigi can do this).  Luigi will kick his foot into the ground,
picking up some dirt along the way.  It's short, and won't leave you open when
 your opponent comes back off the revival platform.

You can kill an opponent with this, but only while they are hanging from the
ledge.  Even at 999% damage, this taunt won't kill anyway if they're standing
next to you.  Even on the ledge it will take upwards of 500% damage to KO the
opponent, only if they're expecting it.

When you hit someone hanging from the ledge with the taunt, they will fly
straight down.  They can recover, but most of the time they will be too busy
wondering what just happened.  Anyways, trying to kill with this move is not
recommended, only if you want to fool around and make your friends angry,
because you know, you killed them with your taunt. >_>

                                    [08.] Notes for the Players

Here are just some notes on what techniques you should be focusing on and what
types of moves you'll want to do.  As you get better, your friends will too;
thus, they learn ways to block your combos (most noticeable in Up B combos).
Anyway, these notes should help you improve your play, as well as tell you what
you want to be focusing on in a match.

=== {08A.} Beginners ===

First off, you know you're a beginner when you, well, just begun playing Super
Smash Bros. and cannot do many advanced techniques.  That's what practice is
for. >_>

Well, for all you beginners just starting to play as Luigi, you are going to
want to start practicing Wavedashing, along with Short Hops.  You don't have
to over worry yourself about these yet, as in all the combos listed above you
can simply dash to finish it off.  Practice these though; just you don't have
to perfect them yet.

Also, you should be focusing more towards teching and rolling, as they are good
forever.  Teching, as always will be a must, as is rolling for now (to execute
quick smashes).  Spot Dodging you should also become accustomed too, as well
as juggling from the ground and the air.  Also, start to edgehog, (a short hop
to hang onto the ledge will work for now) and focus a lot on aerial finishers.
You should practice those things for now; they will help you later as you get

Also, you can focus on whatever moves you want know, especially the Up B
combos.  Chances are your opponents won't know that you can easily block them
with a shield, and that most of those combos (involving Up B), can be easily
moved out of.  The tilt combos also will work well on groups for now, as long
as they don't see it coming.

Right now your going to want to focus on developing a play style with Luigi,
whether you like to stay on the ground or in the air, he is great at both of
them.  Also, throws are good to incorporate into your play.  I would say focus
on his aerial game, because he is best there, but it's whatever you like.

That's it for the beginner's notes, you that's what you should/should not have
to worry about right now.  Practice the Wavedashing and short hops in your
spare time, for when you get better they're a must for Luigi.

=== {07B.} Intermediates ===

You know you're an intermediate player when you can do the advanced tactics
consistently and in battle, and know a lot of strategies and can use them

Well, once your opponents begin blocking your tilt combos, you are going to
want to use them less often, and if possible, not at all.  The tilt combos
(even the Up B ones) were more pointed towards beginners, as they can be easily
blocked and moved out of.  The only Up B combo you should use is the Down B
into Up B, as it should still work; especially on fast fallers.  Basically,
omit the tilts from your play, the occasional ones might help, but don't rely
on them.

What do want to focus on are more Wavedashing combos and short hops.  These
become very important to Luigi's style of play, and it's impossible to get
better without them.  All of the smash combos are great, and you know want to
focus more on aerial juggling.  Wavedash around a lot, as you shouldn't need
to dash anymore.  Short Hop aerials also become more important so you aren't
left open in the air.  The roll should still be used in close combat, and the
Spot Dodge a lot more often.  Also, focus on edgehogging a lot; it will help
you win matches.

Basically, you want to expand on your beginning style of play, except using a
lot more advanced techniques and a lot less tilts.  Throws also become good
combo starter and the shield grab should be used often.  It still doesn't
matter, however, if you want to play from the ground or from the air, just if
you want to stick to the ground use a lot more throws and short hops for
aerial game.

That's it, once you feel you are good enough enter some local tournaments.
After you can place well in those consistently, they you want to try to get
into some more well known tourneys, and also you want to play better people.
The only way you can get better now is by placing well at tournaments, so go
enter some!

=== {07C.} Tournament Players ===

Once you started going to tournaments (not the ones at the game store) you will
notice what things work and what things don't.  In order to place well, you
will have to be able to effectively use mind games as well as other advanced

Tilts: Don't use them at all.  Most tournaments have items off so you won't
have to worry about them.  If they do have the items on, then you can catch
the ones thrown at you if you can do it well enough.  Otherwise a good forward
tilt will cancel it out.

Fast falling is vital because you don't want to be left open in the air if you
use a normal jump.  In this case, fast fall right when you're done with that
attack so you won't get hit on the way down (hopefully) and so you can string
aerial attacks better.

CC'ing will help you stay alive longer, just don't do it against a Peach,
Pikachu or Pichu (because their down smashes are very powerful against you
while your crouching).  Since Luigi is a floaty character, CC'ing will help
you stay alive longer against all types of attacks.

Wavedashing still serves as your main way to get around and l-cancels should
be used when you do a very low aerial attack.  Keep in mind a Wavedash and a
throw works great to set up combos.

One final thing you will need is mind games.  You can't learn how to do these
by reading something; they are acquired with a lot of play.  Basically mind
games are changing up attack patterns, or doing something your opponent
wouldn't expect; such as attacking in the same way twice or dashing forward
and then Wavedash backward.  You want to psyche your opponent out and make
yourself impossible to read.  Be unpredictable, do something your opponent
would never expect.  As you get better, mind games become very important
especially against counter characters or better players.

Well, at tournaments you will learn a lot.  Keep those things in mind and
remember to have fun.  Winning the pot isn't all there is to it.  You will
make new friends and you can even adapt someone else's play style.  You will
also want to "ditto" someone with your Luigi to see what they do and learn
from it.  Dittoing means having a match against someone where you both are the
same character.

                             [09.] VS Mode Character Strategies

=== {09A.} Doctor Mario ===

First off, Doc's super sheet move completely ruins your recovery, so whenever
you get hit off you better sweet spot the ledge, otherwise your rocket will
get sent in the other direction; and you will die.

The sex kick will stop most of Doc's aerials, but you also need to watch out
for Doc's sex kick. His is unique, because instead of losing power the longer
it's out; it will gain power which can stop all of your aerials.  Also his
shffl'ed (short hopped fast falled l-canceled) bair is pretty good.  Another
thing to watch out for is his short hopped pill, which will leave you open for
attack because it stuns you.  Also, all of Doc's throws are excellent, but you
be more worried about his down throw to up smash and his backwards throw more
than anything.  You need to tech roll out of his down throw to avoid the down
smash, and the backwards throw will only be used to kill you, or set up for
some early edgeguarding.

To attack Doc you're going to want to send him off the side.  His recovery is
horrible, so take advantage of that.  Backward throws and forward smashes all
work fine.  Doc is a bit heavy, so killing him off the top is pretty hard.
He is also slow, so you can easily dance around him with Wavedashing.
C-stick the forward smash out of the Wavedash because if you don't it will
stop your movement.  The fair is also a good move to use on him, along with
your bair.

=== {09B.} Mario ===
Although Mario and Doctor Mario are clones, they both play differently.  You
have to watch out for two things while recovering here, one being Mario's
cape and two being his fairs' spike.  If you get hit with the fair while
recovering, immediately jump to meteor cancel it (that is, if you have a
jump).  If not, then your pretty much dead.

Mario's sex kick loses power while it's out, so it's not much of a problem if
it has been sticking out for a while.  Watch out for the shffl'ed bairs and
fairs as they can be devastating if you get caught in a string of them.
(When you get hit, tech roll out of it so they can't string them on you).
There might also be an occasional fireball thrown in the mix to stun you, but
it's not a big thing to worry about.  Also Mario's backwards throw is pretty
powerful, but not something you need to constantly worry about; it will
probably be his secondary KO move.
Mario is lighter than Doc and has a better recovery, so sending him off the
top is a good choice here.  You can also send him off the side, but that
makes him hard to edgeguard (his cape helps his recovery, so your attack will
miss if your hit with it).  So don't use aerials to edgeguard, you should
instead charge up a smash.  Your fair, bair and dair also work great here
along with Wavedashing and using smashes.  Any smashes work fine, along fairs
to combo him off the edge (short hop a fair, then midair jump and use another
fast fall and then repeat).

=== {09C.} Luigi ===

If you read this guide (well the moves list/strategies and notes sections)
then you will know Luigi's weaknesses.  Exploit them while your facing someone
in a ditto.

=== {09D.} Bowser ===

Now, when you see Bowser you might think of a big, slow, powerful lump.  On
the contrary, Bowser can move quickly through the air with shffl's and on the
ground with his 'Fortress.

You must also know that Bowser's 'Fortress has insane priority and will cut
up every one of your moves.  It has little lag and moves quickly so your best
bet is to jump over it (use your floatiness) while he's doing it on the
ground and quickly use an aerial to strike.  While he's recovering, smashes
are the best way to go.  Watch out for the shffl'ed fairs as they have insane
priority.  Don't let the other player use mind games on you to get the
forward smash in, as it will pretty much kill you.  Remember that lag on that
move, and take advantage of it after it's done.  That will also be his main
edgeguarding tactic, so watch out.  Also remember the up smash can hit you
from the sides.  Another one of his KO moves will the 'Klaw to back throw.  The
'Klaw can grab you in the air, so if your trying to evade him don't go jumping
around all over the place, instead roll or wavedash away.

Since Bowser is so big, short hops aren't that great to use against him,
because he will easily counter with his forward tilt.  Instead, use full
jumps and a bair to gain the upper hand.  From there you can use more bairs
to knock Bowser off the edge.  If you can get a quick smash in, go for it;
just make sure the other player doesn't have a smash waiting.  Any one of
Bowser's smashes, will eat you up and spit you out.
Be careful while facing a Bowser, especially if it's a good one.  Don't rush
in and attack because it will get you punished.  Fight precisely and watch
out for the 'Fortresses.

=== {09E.} Peach ===

When recovering, you must remember that turnip spamming is a Peach's best
friend.  In fact, expect a whole bunch of turnips throughout the match.  If
it's a no items match she could also pull a Beam Sword, Mr. Saturn and a
Bob-bomb.  Also watch out for the "Grandpa" or Death Turnip which will pretty
much kill you and does 38% damage.  Besides that, if you get hit with a
turnip while recovering, you will be sent down and back; basically your dead.

Against a Peach, never crouch cancel.  Her down smash is devestating enough,
but can do up to 88% damage on you when you crouch cancel.  Right off the
bat, the Peach player has a big advantage over you.  Her down smash also eats
through most attacks; it has insane priority and incredible knockback.  Also,
the up smash can hit you from the sides, so wait for the attack to finish to
begin attacking.  Float canceled fairs and nairs you need to watch out for
also.  Use your own sex kicks to stop them.  The Peach player will also
Turnip spam, so be prepared to dodge/catch them the whole match.  Also, her
forward throw is surprisingly powerful at high percents, and will send you down
and at an angle.  This will be the only throw that will be used by her, so
don't let yourself get grabbed at high damages, otherwise your dead.

Aerials are pretty much the way to go against Peach.  The down smash will eat
through any one of your smashes/tilts so they aren't an option.  You also
want to keep from crouch canceling at all costs, so sticking to the air will
help you avoid that.  Sex kicks, fair and dairs will help you drive Peach off
the edge.  She has an awesome recovery, so try to take advantage of it while
she is floating back to the stage.  Use dairs or fairs to disrupt her
recovery, as long as she is not too high up.

=== {09F.} Yoshi ===

Yoshi has a unique second jump, he's near invulnerable while using it.  This
makes him hard to edgeguard against, so you will have to charge up smashes
from the edge.  Besides that, while recovering you need to watch out for the
fairs' spike, eggs, and the down tilt/smash.  The fair can be meteor canceled
so it's not that big a problem if you have another jump.  The eggs will stunt
your recovery, but you really have to watch out for the down tilt.  It will
send you down and at an angle, which means your dead.

From afar the Yoshi player will probably throw eggs at you.  Up close you
should watch out for the down tilt, especially when your near the ledge
because it will pseudo spike you (send's you at a big angle and far).  Double
Jump Canceled down aerials will also be used often.  A double jump cancel is
using an aerial to stop your second jumps momentum, (Luigi can't do it).  The
down aerial can easily put over 40% damage on you so only use short hops.
Yoshi's bair can also set up for juggles so try to disrupt them with a sex
kick or down B.

To attack you can use down/up smashes, or some short hopped fairs/dairs.
Crouch cancel often because the down tilt is dangerous, especially since it's
a pseudo spike.  You can also add in a fireball in the mix to stun him.
Follow that up with a wavedash grab/smash while they're stunned (it's short,
take advantage of it).  Yoshi is pretty heavy, so kills off the side are the
best option.  He does has an awesome second jump, but if you smack him off
the side after he double jumped, he's not coming back because he has no third
jump.  Take advantage of that when possible.  Remember, don't jump out to
attack him (while he's recovering) because he's invulnerable during it.
Instead, charge up a forward smash.

=== {09G.} Donkey Kong ===

DK has three spikes, all of which you need to watch out for.  Since you
recovery slowly, it makes you an easy target to hit.  Also, none of his
spikes are meteor cancelable; so watch out for them.

Your opponent will probably use a bunch of shffl'ed aerials, mostly the bair
and dair.  A combo they might use is to hit you with a dair, and since you
get sent up, hit you with another one to spike you down.  You have to tech
roll here, otherwise he can repeat it again and again.  The occasional smash
attack will be thrown in, and spikes will definitely be used; that is if he
isn't charging his Giant Punch.  That move is deadly fully charged, and when
you're hit off stage he will charge one up.  At that point you have to fight
very carefully until he releases it, hopefully you can dodge it.

Throws aren't very effective against DK because he is so heavy.  Smashes are
a good choice but your going to want to stick to the air.  Short hopped dairs
are good, especially while DK is recovering.  His Spinning Kong has good
priority, but you can hit him if you get him from the top.  Fairs also work
well.  Pretty much any aerial will work, and mix it up by wavedashing a lot.
DK may not look it, but he can be pretty fast when used right.  You can use
an up throw to set up for a dair if you want, but it's hard to get close
enough to grab.

=== {09H.} Captain Falcon ===

Falcon's main edgeguarding tactic is the knee, or the Falcon Punch.  The knee
is deadly when sweet spotted and will probably kill you if he connects with
it.   Also, note that if he misses the knee, he will probably grab the ledge
(he needs to jump back on the stage), so recover quickly after that.  The
Falcon Punch is also very powerful, but if he misses you can attack him while
he's lagging.  His down aerial also spikes, but you can easily meteor cancel
it, making it less a threat.

Falcon will attack mostly with shffl'ed aerials and the occasional down
smash.  His other smash attacks are powerful, but have a lot of wind down
lag, so you can shield it and grab him or go for the quick smash.  Falcon is
also very quick, so if your facing someone good they can probably make a
protective wall of shffl's.  Another thing, fear the knee (his forward a).
If you mess up just once, you'll probably get a shffl'ed knee right in the
face.  He has some set ups for it though, Raptor Boost (forward B) to knee
or a throw to a knee.  Watch out for those.

To match Falcon's speed you're gonna have to wavedash as your main movement.
Smash after the wavedashes, and try to stay grounded so you don't get hit
with a knee.  Your a harder target to hit while on the ground, so keep it
that way.  You can also throw in some random aerials to mix it up, that way
you don't get too predictable.  Go with the sex kick or fair there, pretty
much Luigi's best aerials.  Throws off the side also work great here, since
Falcon is a fast faller.  For this fight, I'd say be 25% aerial, and 75%
ground, so you can avoid Falcon's most dangerous move.

=== {09I.} Ganondorf ===

Ganondorf has pretty much the same play style as Falcon, a whole bunch of
shffl's and the occasional down smash.  Ganon moves much slower than Falcon,
but he can move very quickly with sffl's.  Anyways, his down b spikes, from
any part of his body.  So if you get hit with this, your dead; there's not
anything you can do about it.  His down a spike is meteor cancelable, however
the Ganon player would probably go for the down B spike.  He might also use
the Warlock Punch to edge guard, which will kill you at very low percents, so
watch out.

Like Falcon, Ganon will probably use a lot of shffl's to make up for his slow
movement.  You don't have to worry about a knee, but all his other shffl's
are very powerful.  Like with DK, he can ensnare you in a bunch of dairs, but
you can cancel them with a jump.  He also has a dangerous combo at the edge,
a down throw spike combo.  You can meteor cancel this, but the timing has to
be exact.  His down smash is also exceptionally powerful when he hits you
with the back swing.  In fact, most of the knockback of that move comes from
there.  His other smashes are very slow and laggy, so they can easily be
You can fight Ganon from the air or ground, just mix it up so you don't get
predictable.  With Wavedashing you can easily out match his speed, so use it
to your advantage.  Throws also work great here, and you can start juggles
with a down throw/sex kick combo.  Follow that up with a fair and drive him
off the ledge.  Ganon's down aerial will out prioritize all of your moves, so
don't try to juggle him with up smashes.  Juggles should be aerial only here,
and use the sex kick often.  A forward throw can also set up for a short
hopped fair, or you can Wavedash and then do a forward smash.

=== {09J.} Falco ===

While recovering, watch out for Falco's spike.  It is the best spike in the
entire game, and will send you down at any point in the attack.  If you're
simply touched by it over a pit, your dead.  Another edgeguarding tactic will
be the blaster to cut throw your missile and stop it.  This is devestating on
your recovery, because it's already not that good.

Falco, much like Doc, has a very good approaching tactic, probably one of the
best in the game.  It's the infamous short hop blaster, SHB for short.  It
stuns you for a little bit, allowing Falco to use one and then attack because
it has almost no lag.  He can use many of these to advance on you, or even to
back away.  If you get hit with one at close range, a smash is going to follow.
If you can spot dodge well enough you can avoid these, but many of them will
come in succession.
Other Falco tactics include Wavedashing to forward smash (his most powerful
one).  Also, the up smash to uair is very dangerous because you are so
floaty.  It can kill at low percents, that is, if both of the hits of the
uair hits.  If not, then your safe.  He will use his shine (reflector shield)
to send you up and then spike you down, which is dangerous near the ledge.
The reflector can reflect items back at you, much like Doc's cape.  Note that
you can Wavedash out of a shine (Waveshining) so he will use this to string
together combos more effectively.

To attack you want to use backward throws and aerials.  Falco is the fastest
faller in the game, and also has a horrible recovery  which works good for
you.  Also, the sex kick will neutralize all of Falco's aerials except his
spike, so you can basically stunt his aerial game that way.  Aerials are the
best way to go against this space animal, along with some down smashes.  A
sex kick to fair is a great combo at any but very high percents.  You can
also use a couple of down smashes in a row to quickly rack up damage (he
falls fast, so he gets caught in it).  End that little combo with an up smash
and follow that up with an aerial of your choice.  Use your bair to stop
Falco's up B move while he is recovering, then fast fall and use a sex kick.

=== {09K.] Fox ===

Fox's shine spike completely ruins your recovery, and if you're facing a Fox
who can shine spike well, you're never getting back.  His reflector shield
will send you at a 45 degree angle downwards, which ruins your recovery.  If
you get hit with the shine, your pretty much dead so try to change up your
recovery to avoid it.

Unlike Falco, Fox's most powerful smash is his up smash, and it can kill you
at around 70% damage.  This move is very powerful, and Fox can easily combo
it out of a dash attack.  Once you're in the air he will probably use the
uair, which like Falco's, is very powerful if it connects with both hits.
His down throw should always be tech rolled out of, because it you don't he
can follow it up with a down tilt/smash or a shine.  He can also use his dair
into a shine, so try to shield grab him out of it.  The Fox player will also
probably spam his blaster, making you rush him.  If you're forced to, jump
over his blaster shots and use a sex kick.  He can also short hop the
blasters for chip damage.  Expect a bunch of shffl'ed aerials, and the up
smash/air as finishers (and also the shine spike).

Use sex kicks, and often.  They rip through every one of Fox's aerials, as
long as you get it out before his.  This will stunt his aerial game, so use
it to break up juggles.  The down B can also be used, and you can follow it
up with an up B if your quick.  Down smashes work great at low percents, as
you can easily get four off before he goes too high.  When that happens,
use an up smash or fair.  Throws also work great and the down throw can be
combo'ed into a down smash at low percents.  Otherwise, use shield grabs and
go for the back throw.  While he's recovering, use his bair to stop his Fire
Fox, you can then fast fall and use a sex kick, which sets up for a fair.
Wavedashing and down/up smashing are good choices, and the up smash can out-
prioritize Fox's dair.  Other than those things, use short hopped aerials,
mainly fairs and sex kicks.

=== {09L.} Ness ===

Ness has some different ways to edgeguard you, his spike, PK Thunder and PK
Fire to forward smash combo.  His spike is very powerful, but can be meteor
canceled, good for you.  His PK Thunder can stop your missile, but leaves
Ness very open.  If he misses, make sure to punish him while he's vulnerable.
He can also use his PK Fire to stop you near the edge.  That will be followed
up with a forward smash, so watch out for it.

Like Yoshi, Ness can also double jump cancel aerials.  He do this to his
fairs to advanced on you.  His fair has insane priority, so the only thing
you can do is try to shield it and grab him.  His bair is also very powerful
when sweet spotted, so watch out for it.  He will shffl this, and it also has
incredible priority, so go for the shield grab.  His forward smash is very
powerful, but has a lot of lag afterwards.  If he misses it, punish him.  He
will probably never use his other smashes, because they flat out suck.  Ness
also has insane combo ability, with an up throw to up tilt to DJC'ed (double
jump canceled) uairs.  Don't get caught up in this juggle, use either a sex
kick or down B once he starts the uairs.

You can fight Ness from the ground or air, whichever you want.  He has some
good aerials, so sticking to the ground isn't a bad idea.  His vertical
recovery is horrid, so try to smash him off the side.  Then, when he gets
close to the stage, jump into his PK Thunder.  This will pretty much kill him
and is good to use as long as you get back.  If you don't opt to do this then
watch out for the missile coming at you.  Aerials don't really work here, but
the fair is good to knock him off the edge.  Backwards throws also aren't a
bad idea.

=== {09M.} Ice Climbers ===

The Ice Climbers are all about de-synching (making it so they don't do the
same attacks, movements, etc.) and when you're recovering it's no exception.
Their main tactic's will be their spike, and their Blizzard spike combo.  The
fair spike's, but can be meteor canceled.  They will also de-synch and have
Nana use Blizzard while Popo spikes you.  This can be hard to avoid, so try
not to catch the ledge if you see it coming.

The Ice Climber's have an incredible grab game and can even "infinite" you
while you're in their grasp. This involves Nana doing repeated down tilts
and you can only escape at around 50 and 100%.  They also have grab smashes
and an up throw spike combo.  Their aerial game isn't so bad either, so
expect a lot of shffl'ed fairs and nairs.  The Climbers Wavedash is pretty
long, and since they have powerful smashes Wavedashing to smashes will be
seen a lot.  Expect a lot of de-synching from them, as Popo and Nana will
often be doing different attacks to chain combos together.

Definitely watch out for their grabs as they are really good.  Short hopped
aerials work well as long as you get the hit in.  Sex kick's will neutralize
all of their aerials and use fairs to drive them off the ledge.  Another
thing, try to seperate the Climbers.  If you can kill Nana, then Popo is an
easy target.  His recovery by himself flat out sucks so take advantage of it.
Use any strong attacks to seperate them, and then go wild on that one
Climber.  Once she's dead, you can pretty much revert back to a normal
playing style.  Don't get too aggressive or you liable to make bad mistakes.
Other than that, use quick smashes and then Wavedash backwards so you don't
get grabbed.

=== {09N.} Kirby ===

Kirby may not be one of the best characters any more, but he sure has a lot
of spikes!  He Final Cutter, dair, and forward/backward throw all spike
(except the throw's kill Kirby also).  His Final Cutter will only spike on
the way down so watch out for it, and the dair can bounce you off the edge
and spike you (it can't be canceled).  His throws can easily be DI'ed out of,
which will send Kirby plummeting to his death.

Kirby is very weak but has an amazing crouch cancel.  Anyways, expect a lot
of CCC'ing from him, mostly with down tilts and smashes.  His other smashes
aren't that great.  Aside from crouch canceling everything he will use an
array of shff's, pretty much any ones.

Kirby is really light and weak so you can use whatever you want here.
Smahes or aerials it doesn't really matter.  Aerials are a bit better though
because of Kirby CC'ing everything.  Just do the normal things, Wavedash to
smashes and short hop aerials.  When Kirby is recovering, jump and use a dair
to finish him off.

=== {09O.} Samus ===

While recovering, you need to watch out for two things.  One being Samus'
dair, and the other being her up tilt.  The dair will spike but can be meteor
canceled, but the up tilt can't be.  The Samus player will probably go for
the latter.

While fighting Samus, you have to worry about two things.  Her missiles and
her actual attacks.  They will missile cancel often (using a missile before
touching the ground), so be ready to dodge a lot of missiles (the spot dodge
will work).  The other being Samus' actual attacks.  Her down smash is godly,
and her sex kick rivals yours.  Her other aerials are really good also,
excluding the fair.  Expect a lot of shffl's, and they will pretty much
always follow a missile.  She won't use throws or roll at all, and if she
DOES throw it will be a down throw followed by a tilt.  Her throw is very
laggy though, so take advantage if she misses.

Since you will constantly be dodging missiles, an aerial approach is good.
This way, you can short hop over the missile and attack.  Expect the Samus'
to use a sex kick often, as it has as much power as yours.  Thus, you should
be using a lot of sex kicks.  A random fair or dair will also work.  Samus'
down smash is godly so only use smashes if you know she doens't have one
coming.  Like you, Samus is very floaty so KO's off the top are the best
(she also has near infinite horizontal recovery).  Don't try to attack while
she's coming back as the bombs will only hurt you.  Instead, charge a smash
to hit her after she climbs back on the ledge.

=== {09P.} Zelda ===

Zelda's bairs and fairs while sweet spotted are very powerful.  Thus, while
you're recovering she will try to hit you with them.  Mostly it will be ledge
hop backwards and then a bair.  She can jump really far out because her up B
reaches so far, so be on constant guard while recovering.

Zelda is mostly a mix of shffl'ed aerials (save the uairs) and down smashes
and tilts.  Her down smash comes out very quickly so be on constant guard for
it, but it doesn't have that much priority.  Her down tilt will be used often
to set up for combos, so expect a lot of down tilt to fair/bair combos.
Other than that it will be a lot of fair and bair spammage, so make sure you
don't get hit with the sweet spot.

KO's off the top are the best choice because she has a great recovery.  That
makes up/down smashes your prime choice of attack.  Up throws can set up for
the uair, which you can juggle her with.  Aerials aren't that good a choice
because of Zelda's insane aerials.  Stick to the ground with Wavedashes and
smashes, and only use the uair when you know you can get the juggle off.
While she's recovering charge up a smash because she's invulnerable during
Farore's Wind.

=== {09Q.} Sheik ===

Sheik will use aerial needles or just plain needles to stop your recovery.
They are very tiny and rip through your missile, stopping it completely.
Your only hope really now is that you have another jump or are close to the
edge so you can use your Up B to get back.  If Sheik doesn't go for the
needles, her fair sends you at a downward angle pretty much killing you if
you have moderate to high damage.

Sheik has incredible aerials and you bet she will be using them for the
duration of the match.  Her fair is devestating near the edge and she can
juggle you with the uair.  She also has a sex kick with fairly high priority.
Her bair isn't half bad also.  Other than that she has amazing tilts and can
combo you to high percents with them.  Her forward tilt can ensnare you and
then an up tilt will follow to send you up.  A fair will then be used.  Not
only that, but her down throw can set up for he down smash which is awesome.
An aerial will come after the down smash, so watch out for it.

Use Wavedashing to your advantage but note that Sheik can get around fairly
quick.  Your smashes are good, but only if she isn't using one herself (it
has more priority than anything you've got).  Your aerials are the best
choice, with the bair being the one most used.  It works especially well
against a Sheik so use them to create your own protective wall.  Your sex
kick will work to stop her's but only if you get them out right before her's.
Your fair will only work when she isn't using an aerial, so keep that in
mind.  Throws will work good, but it's hard to get inside grab range.  So
basically try to stick aerial here.  While edge guarding, charge a smash
because like Zelda, she's invulnerable during her vanish.

=== {09R.} Link ===

When you're coming back, Link will have a spike waiting for you, one that
can't be meteor canceled.  It's his down tilt, and if you get hit with it
you'll die.  To avoid this, air dodge back onto the ledge and quickly roll or
attack back on.  Don't do a ledge hop attack, it will only get you spiked.

Link's boomarang is an incredible set up move, so he'll being using it often.
What makes it worse though, is that it comes back so you'll need to dodge it
twice.  Mainly he'll use the boomarang to stun you, and then attack while you
can't move.  His bombs may also be used as set ups, but not nearly as often
as the boomarang.  His up tilt will set you up for an uair juggle, so use a
sex kick/down B to stop it.  His other main attacks will be shffl'ed fairs,
bairs and sex kicks.  The second hit of his fair has most of the knock back
and the same goes with the bair.  The sex kick is basically used to stop
attacks or set up for a juggle.  You may also want to watch out for Link's Up
B.  Its got great range, fairly good priority, and can be used as pseudo
spike when you are not in position for him to use a down tilt.  You won't see
throws at all, and if he does attempt a grab on you, make sure to punish him
with a charged smash attack.

Link is really slow, so dancing around him with Wavedashes should be no
problem.  Since you won't see many ground attacks from Link, smashes are your
friend.  His recovery isn't really that good either and he's pretty heavy, so
KO's off the side are the best option.  Backward throws work well to set up
for some early edge guarding.  Aerials are also a good choice but you need to
watch out for the range on his fair.  Your sex kick will neutralize his other
aerials however.  The down throw can also set up for some early juggling, but
Link can disrupt it with a dropped bomb if he's allowed.  When Link comes
back, he'll most likely grab the side with his hookshot, so charge a smash
for when he gets back up.

=== {09S.} Young Link ===

You have two spikes to worry about here.  One is his down tilt spike and the
other is his fire spike (his dair).  To avoid the down tilt spike, air dodge
back onto the stage when you get close.  As with Link, don't ledge hop
because you will get spiked.  The fire spike requires precise timing to pull
off and you won't see much.

Young Link's boomarang is also a great set up move.  Be prepared to dodge
these the entire match, and also the attack after one is thrown.  Note that
you will need to dodge the boomarang twice.  He won't only use the 'rang as
a set up though, sometimes he might pull a bomb and throw it at you.  Other
than those set ups, Young Link is all about shffl's and up tilts.  The up
tilt will be used as a set up mainly, so he can juggle you with uairs. In his
fair/bair the second hit has the knockback, so try not to get hit with it.  His
sex kick is fairly standard, nothing that you can't cancel out.  Throws you
won't see at all, but punish him if he misses one.  He may also use his up B
move has it will send you upwards (sets up for juggles) and has about average
range and good priority.

Young Link is basically a shorter, quicker version of Link.  He has a lot
less power however, so he won't be knocking you out until high percents.
You can still dance around him with Wavedashes and smashes are still good.
Aerials work well also, just watch out for the range (although not that big)
on his fair.  Sex kicks will out prioritize anything Young Link has, so you
can use them often,  along with fairs when needed.  He's fairly light and has
a subpar recovery, so you can KO him where ever you want to.  Throws work
well to get him off the sides, and up smashes to send him off the top.  Like
Link, he'll use his hookshot to get back, so have a smash ready for when he

=== {09T.} Pichu ===

Pichu doesn't have a spike, so while your recovering he'll probably use a smash
attack an aerial.  His forward smash has good range, so get onto the ledge and
roll/attack onto it quickly.  His aerials don't have much range so it's not to
big a deal to worry about.

Pichu has a good assortment of aerials and tilts to keep you off guard.  He
will shffl all of his aerials except for the fair and dair.  They all have
very little range and power however.  On the ground the forward tilt will be
their main choice.  It has insane priority and pretty good range, so it will
be used as his main ground countering move.  The up tilt can start juggles
and possibly set you up for a pseudo spike.  His sex kick is fairly standard,
but has little range.  The up smash/tilt to Thunder is a KO move at higher
percents.  An up throw can also set you up for this, so be prepared to DI out
of the way.  Not only that, he may throw in a forward smash, which you cannot
spot dodge.  Instead, shield it or Wavedash out of the way.

Pichu is very light and easily outranged (except on his forward tilt).  Your
sex kick will neutralize many of his aerials and set up for a fair at low
percents.  A back throw to repetitive bairs works well at low percents.
Wavedashing to smashes works great also, and your forward smash will work
well here.  The up/down smash are still great as KO moves.  The uair can
juggle Pichu nearly to death if you can do it well enough, and then finish
him off with a dair.  While he's recovering, charge a smash because you can
get hurt doing his quick attack.

=== {09U.} Pikachu ===

While recovering, you need to watch out for Pikachu's pseudo spike.  If his
uair hits with the tip, then you're gonna be sent down and at a steep angle.
To avoid this, try coming in low and catch the edge.  If needed, use an up B,
but make sure you don't over shoot the edge.

Pikachu has the most powerful up smash in the game, so you can expect that
will be his main killing move.  Not only that, at low to mid percents he has
the up smash to Thunder combo, which is very powerful.  He can also do this
with any upward moving attack (up tilt, up throw and down smash) so watch
out.  His forward smash has an insane range and is also very powerful with a
lot of priority and a disjointed hitbox.  His down smash also has a ton of
priority and power.  His aerials are also pretty good, and he will use all of
them except the dair.  They are  powerful, but don't have that much priority.
He also will use a neutral b to set up for aerials/smashes so watch out for

Since Pikachu is great on the ground, I'd suggest staying aerial.  Your sex
kick can neutralize all of Pika's aerials except the uair, which will only be
used as an edgeguarder.  Pikachu a great recovery, but still go for KO's off
the side.  You don't want to be inside his smash range, otherwise you will
die at low percents.  Fairs and bairs do the job to knock him off the side,
and edgeguard with a dair.  Throws also serve it's purpose as combo starters
or killers.  The down throw sets up for a smash and the up throw for an
aerial.  Don't focus on juggles, rather short combos to go for the quick

=== {09V.} Jigglypuff ===

Jigglypuff has one great edgeguarding game.  She will jump out and use
repeated bairs on you until you're so far out you can't get back.  She will
then get back using upward pounds (tilting her forward b move upward).  This
is devestating on your recovery, so try to avoid her the best you can.

Jiggs has an insane aerial game, so you bet she will take advantage of it.
Her main tatic is called the Wall of Pain.  It involves her doing repeated
bairs to hit you, and then using her mobility to move out of your hitting
range.  Not only that, she can combo her dair into rest, which usually means
your death.  If she misses however, your free to charge a smash attack or hit
her with an up B (she falls asleep after it).  Her uair can juggle you until
high percents also.  Her ground game is almost non existent but both her
forward and up throws are powerful.  Her forward smash is also a good
finisher if she doesn't use any of her other options.

For this fight you're defiantly going to want to stay on the ground.  Jiggs
aerial mobility and power is something you can't overtake.  So that means
you're gonna have to use Wavedashes and smashes often.  Jiggly is really
light and floaty, so KO's off the top are the best (she also has near
infinite recovery using upward pounds).  The means down/up smashes are your
friend.  An up throw will work well to set up for a quick aerial.  Other
than that setup stay grounded.  While she's coming back wait until after her
pound ends to attack (it has a lot of priority).

=== {09W.} Mewtwo ===

Mewtwo has two things you need to watch out for, his spike and his Shadow
Ball.  Try to avoid the Shadow Ball the best you can, because fully charged
it is very powerful.  Try coming in low if he throws it high, or high if he
throws it low.  Mewtwo also has a spike which he can get you from pretty much
anywhere.  Definitely watch out for this, so try to be random while coming

Mewtwo has a pretty good aerial and throwing game.  His nair and fair are
both very good and the nair has pretty good priority.  The fair is a meteor
smash that is also pretty powerful.  His bair also has incredible range, but
not that much power.  It will mainly be used for adding on the damage.
Mewtwo has subpar smashes but the down smash is pretty good.  On the ground
he relies more on throws than anything.  All of his throws are very powerful,
more so because you are so floaty.  His up tilt will set up for aerials.
Other than he will use teleport to quickly move around you.  If you let up
your guard for but a moment, you'll be eating a charged Shadow Ball, so
always be ready for it.

Because of Mewtwo's range and power in the air, I'd suggest sticking to the
ground here.  He has incredible range on his bair, so even jumping can make
you get hit with hit if you're not careful.  If you go aerial, use the sex
kick so you can out prioritize him.  You want to quickly move in and out of
Mewtwo's grab range.  So Wavedash, smash and then Wavedash quickly back out
of his range.  Don't get too predictable, so throw some grabs in (good set
ups for smashes/aerials) or some aerials.  Mewtwo is light, but has a great
recovery, so KO choice is up to you.  While edgeguarding, try to anticipate
where he will teleport, and do a smash attack there.

=== {09X.} Mr. Game and Watch ===

Game and Watch's main killing move is his nair, so he'll be using it while
you're recovering.  So, be unpredictable while coming back and try to catch
the ledge to avoid being hit.  Then come up with a ledge hop.  He will also
use his sausages to try to hit you with the pan.  If he connects, you'll be
sent down and at an angle, so try coming in high if you see him flipping

Game and Watch has some defensive maneuvers you must be aware of.  His crouch
cancel goes so low that you can't grab him while crouching.  Also, his shield
is too small so a lot of your attacks will go through it.  Instead he will
spot dodge and Wavedash to defend.  His fair set ups for combos and his nair
is his killing move.  His bair he can also space so you can't counter it,
even if you shield it.  His uair is good for some juggling, but can't be
l-canceled so attack him while he's lagging from it.  His down tilt is really
powerful and his up tilt can set up for some juggles/KO's.  You'll either be
seeing up tilt to nair or to uair (at lower percents).  One last combo of
his, down throw to forward B!  If it hits you with the J9 Hammer you're dead,
and what's worse it can't be stopped.

For this fight you want to stay around 50/50.  Game and Watch has a weak
ground game so you can take advantage of it with smashes.  If he's off guard,
you can go for the throw, but if he CC's it your gonna be punished.  Any
aerial is good here, as they are all pretty powerful.  When you see his bair
put out, use a sex kick as his bair has lots of priority.  Other than that
you can use a uair/up smash to juggle him or a dair/fair to knock him off the
ledge.  Try to attack and then get out of his range because he has a good
aerial range.  While he's recovering, you can jump and intercept his up B
with a dair for the kill.

=== {09Y.} Marth ===

Note:  All of Marth's attacks are more powerful when hit with the tip.  This
increases the move's overall knockback and damage.  Keep that in mind.
While recovering, you need to watch out for two things.  Marth's spike, and
his down tilt.  His spike is very powerful and can't be meteor canceled.  You
need to be unpredictable while recovering, but you can't stay on the ledge
for too long.  If you do, the you'll be eating a sweet spotted down tilt,
which will spike you.  Thusly, get back onto the stage right after you grab
the ledge.

Marth has a bunch off attacks that he can use against you, all with great
range, priority and power.  He has a fair to dair combo that near the ledge
is deadly.  His nair/bair also have very good range and power, and can both
protect his back.  His uair can also juggle you to high percents, but isn't
that effective of a killing move.  Not only that, on the ground he has
amazing smashes/tilts.  His forward smash will kill you at medium percents
when sweet spotted, and his down smash is a KO'er and sets up for juggles at
low percents.  All of his tilts have there uses, with the up tilt setting up
for juggles and the forward tilt to give him space.  His throws set up for
shffl'd combos so try not to get grabbed (although Marth has a huge grab

Since pretty much all of Marth's attacks are awesome, you will have to wait
until he messes up or take advantage of his move's lag times (although
short).  This means you have to spot dodge his tilts/smashes and then attack
in the small lag window.  Try to stick a fireball here and there to keep him
off balance, stay out of his range, stun him, and rack up a little damage.
Marth out ranges you in the air, so the only way to get one in is to be
sporatic.  You have to constantly keep the Marth off balance if you want to
win.  Put mind games to use here, and make your moves count where needed.
Get him in juggles, or try to fake him out with Wavedashing.  All the strong
attacks work here, but you have an edge on the ground.  Try to KO him off the
side because his recovery isn't to good.    While he's coming back, charge up
a smash for when he returns.

=== {09Z.} Roy ===

Note:  All of Roy's attacks are more powerful when hit with the middle of the
blade.  This increases the move's overall knockback and damage.  Keep that
in mind.

While recovering, you have to worry about one thing, and that's the Fire
Blade.  Once your set off the stage, he will start charging one of those,
because he has no spike.  It's very powerful, even not fully charged.  If
your hit with one that has some sort of charge (a fairly big one), you're
dead.  So try to overshoot the platform or roll really quickly onto it.

Roy's aerial game is pretty much non existent, so it's pretty much ground
attacks for him.  All of his smashes are very powerful, except the up smash
which you won't see much.  His down tilt can set up for a forward smash,
and his forward tilt is just good to knock you back a bit.  His down smash
is also very powerful, but he can't really follow it up, except with a smash
when you land.  He also has throw set ups, mainly the forward throw to
forward smash.  Other things to note are his Fire Blade, which even uncharged
is very good.  It has a ton of priority and power.  You also may see a random
counter, which can kill you at high damages (it does 1.5 times the damage of
your attack), so watch out for it.

Since Roy has almost no aerial game, aerials are the way to go.  He's very
powerful on the ground, so you can make this an aerial battle.  Use your
most powerful ones, dairs and fairs to knock him off stage.  You can easily
juggle him if you can knock him upwards.  Since you wan't to stick low to the
ground, short hopped bairs are a good choice.  Fit in some smashes when Roy
misses an attack or plain messes up.  While he's coming back, you can charge
a smash for when he comes back onto the stage.

                          [10.] 1-Player (Very Hard) Strategies

=== {10A.} Classic ===

Just a note, take your time on this because if you make it to Master Hand and
take half his life away in under 10 minutes, you will have to fight Crazy Hand.
Just take your time on some of the longer matches, such as the 3 vs. 1 or the
1 vs. 8 battle.  Sometimes you can evade most of the match during a 1 vs. 1
fight because the stage is so big.  Either way, take your time.  You do not
want to fight Crazy Hand.

* * * * * * *
* 1 vs. 1:  *
* * * * * * *

This is your standard 1 vs. 1 fight.  Since the character you fight is random,
there are no specific strats for it.  Dodge effectively and use the strongest
attacks you can.  Use items to your advantage and also the stage (small stage
means throw off the side for easy KO, big stage run around a lot).  You don't
want to lose a life on these fight's so keep that in mind.

* * * * * * *
* 2 vs. 2:  *
* * * * * * *

Here you are paired with a CPU to fight two other computers.  Since your ally
will die pretty quickly, a lot of the times you need to fight two of them
yourself.  This can be hard so just do whatever it takes.  Use down B's to
disperse them and then try to single on out.  Once you have one opponent left,
then treat the other like a 1 vs. 1 fight.  Again, items are your friends and
stages can help you a lot.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
* Break the Targets:  *
* * * * * * * * * * * *

Refer to the Break the Targets Strategies section [12.] for this stage.

* * * * * * *
* 1 vs. 1:  *
* * * * * * *

Refer to the above mentioned strategy (1 vs. 1) to fight this stage.

* * * * * * * * * * *
* 3 vs. 1 (Giant):  *
* * * * * * * * * * *

Depending on the stage, you can do one of two things.  Evade the entire match
and hope that your two CPU allies will kill the Giant opponent, or fight.  I
suggest fighting as it is much easier than waiting around for it to die.  If
you can get in close enough, up B's will work.  Other than that, use full jumps
and attack with a bunch of dairs or fairs.  It's hard to get in range, so 
smashes and throws aren't that useful.  Just keep on the aerial assault, and
you can hopefully find a nice item to help you.  It will take the CPU a couple
hundred damage to die, so just keep at it (you can use smashes while it's

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
* Collect the Trophies: *
* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Wavedash to quickly get to the falling trophies, and use an up tilt to knock it
up (gives you time to get other targets), and a forward tilt to knock them in
the basket.  If you get all three trophies and the on in the Race to the Finish
stage, you can get the Collector Bonus.

* * * * * * *
* 1 vs. 1:  *
* * * * * * *

Refer to the above mentioned strategy (1 vs. 1) to fight this stage.

* * * * * * *
* 1 vs. 8:  *
* * * * * * *

This is one of the hardest matches.  You have to face 8 of the same CPU's, and
they all take a lot of damage to finish off.  Just choose a good spot and start
charging smash attacks, either a forward or down smash because of it's range.
Whenever the CPU's get close, release the smash.  Once they're in the air,
charge up smashes for when they come back down.  When the group is dead, repeat
on the next batch of them.  It's a long fight, so be prepared to lose a lot of
lives on this one.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
* Race to the Finish: *
* * * * * * * * * * * *

Take the middle path, as it's the best one for Luigi.  Use air dodges to reach
the platforms in the beginning and missiles to reach the ones near the end.  If
you reach the end you get 80,000 points and 5 coins.

* * * * * * * * * * *
* 1 vs. 1 (Metal):  *
* * * * * * * * * * *

Here you will fight a random opponent that is metal.  This fight can be hard
because the CPU will take a lot of damage to kill.  Just use above mentioned
strategies to win the fight, but be prepared for a long match.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
* Master/Crazy Hand:  *
* * * * * * * * * * * *

Master Hand has 360 HP, so this will be yet another long battle.  His attacks
will also kill easier, so keep that in mind.  To dodge his attacks, simply
double jump and use an air dodge before he hits you.  Do this whenever you see
Master Hand setting up for an attack.

To actually kill the Hand, jump and use a bunch of uairs and fairs.  Then, when
you near the ground, jump again and do some more aerials.  You can fit 5 or so
aerials in one double jump, so use it to your advantage.  Once your done
attacking, quickly jump into the air to evade his attacks.  Just repeat a lot
of and Master Hand will be dead before you know it.  Just to be safe, try to
have at least two lives for this fight, possibly three if you can manage.

=== {10B.} Adventure ===

Just note that you want to take your time on every level possible (the ones
that you have to traverse a level, not nessecarily fight in) because if you
finish in under 18 minutes, then you have to fight Giga Bowser, so take your

* * * * * * * * * * *
* Mushroom Kingdom: *
* ----------------- *
* Stage One:        *
* * * * * * * * * * *

For this level you shouldn't bother with fighting the Goombas and Koopas.  If
you have just a little bit of damage on you and they hit you, then you're
pretty much dead.  So just keep avoiding them until you reach a round platform.
There, you will have to fight a bunch of Yoshis.  Use a bunch of up smashes on
them to send them off the top.  If possible, you can also find a good item to
use to kill them.  Once you're done fighting, you'll probably have a lot of
damage, so just avoid the rest of the enemies and go through the gate.

* * * * * * * *
* Stage Two:  *
* * * * * * * *

Here you will either have to fight Mario and Peach, or Luigi and Peach.  Just
keep attacking and don't run away.  This will usually result in you getting
killed.  Another thing not to do is get stuck on the walls, because then the
CPU's will quickly rack the damage up on you.  Use sex kicks when you're in
the air so you don't get attacked.  Try to single one CPU out and then just
attack from there.  Once on of them is gone, just use an assortment of smashes
to finish off the other.

* * * * * * * * *
* Kongo Jungle: *
* ------------- *
* Stage One:    *
* * * * * * * * *

Here you will have to fight two tiny DK's.  It's not really that hard, just
use some smashes and they're sent flying.  While they're coming back, use a
dair to finish them off.  Down smashes work well because you can hit both of
then with one attack.  If all else fails, find a strong item to take them

* * * * * * * *
* Stage Two:  *
* * * * * * * *

Here you will fight a giant DK.  All you need to do is find a strong item to
knock him onto a ledge.  Because of his size, he will get knocked into the
river and die, or the Klap Trap will get him.  If you can't find a good item,
just use a bunch of aerials straight from the start.

* * * * * * * * * * *
* Underground Maze: *
* ----------------  *
* Stage One:        *
* * * * * * * * * * *

This is a really easy level.  All you need to do is find the triforce piece and
enter that arena.  Since you want to do as little fighting as possible, avoid
the arenas with a sword by double jumping and then using forward B to get over
them.  When you fall down the shafts, drift right and use a forward B to avoid
the fight.

* * * * * * * *
* Stage Two:  *
* * * * * * * *

You have to fight Zelda here, on the Hyrule Temple stage.  It is really big, so
you can basically run away the whole match.  KO her off the top because of the 
stages huge size.  If you want to make sure you don't die, go into the bottom
left corner of the stage and fight there.  The damage percents will rise, and
you can easily get a KO with a backwards throw or a forward smash (to the

* * * * * * * *
* Brinstar:   *
* ----------- *
* Stage One:  *
* * * * * * * *

Here just use double jumps and up B's to land on the platform.  To save time,
you can use an air dodge to get onto some of the lower platforms. To finish the
stage, go on the platform all the way in the top and middle.  Also note that
you can't hang onto the platforms sides, so always land in the middle of it.

* * * * * * * *
* Stage Two:  *
* * * * * * * *

Here you will fight a Samus.  Just use the same tactics to fight Zelda and
you've got it.  KO's off the top are the best choice because Samus is floaty,
and note that the yellow acid can kill you if you have high enough damage

* * * * * * * * *
* Green Greens: *
* ------------- *
* Stage One:    *
* * * * * * * * *

Here you will fight a Kirby.  Use tatics mentioned above to easily take him
down.  Dairs and down smashes work fine, and a throw off the left most platform
will usually kill him.

* * * * * * * *
* Stage Two:  *
* * * * * * * *

Here's where you will fight 14 Kirbys, all who have a copied ability.  Use
fairs and dairs to kill them easily.  Since you fight a lot of them at one
time, it will be wise to use a down B to disperse them when they all get close
to you.  They will also use their stone move a lot, so evade it and then throw
them up (you can grab them out of their stone form).  You can also stay under
the two platforms and use smashes (although it will take a while this way).
Also, if you beat it in under 30 seconds you will have to fight a giant Kirby,
so try to avoid this.

* * * * * * *
* Corneria: *
* --------- *
* Stage One *
* * * * * * *

Here you will fight a Fox, who is pretty easily beaten.  He will run away from
you, so just Wavedash up to him and use an aerial, preferably a dair.  Just
keep repeating this and the match will be over quickly.

* * * * * * * *
* Stage Two:  *
* * * * * * * *

Now you will have to fight either a Fox or Falco, and the time is sped up, so
blasters will come from the ships constantly.  Be aggresive, and try to get the
match over with quick.  The blasters really hurt but they can also kill the
CPU.  Just use quick smashes off the side to deal with him, and hope that you
can get lucky enough to have the ships kill him.

Pokemon Stadium:  This is the hardest level in Adventure Mode.  You have to
fight a bunch of Pikachus (the may be some Pichus and Jigglypuffs also).  So
you need to use Wavedashing and air catching to your advantage here.  Wavedash
around, (avoiding all the enemies) and then when you see a Pokeball, go to it
and air catch it.  Then promptly throw it down.  Then, find another Pokeball
and repeat.  This match will take a while, and expect to lose a couple of
lives.  Good luck with it!

* * * * * * * * * * * *
* F-Zero Grand Prix:  *
* ------------------- *
* Stage One:          *
* * * * * * * * * * * *

This is easy.  Just dash through the level and when you see the ! above your
head, get onto a platform and quick.  Car's will be flying down the track then,
and can kill you if you get hit.  So take your time, and be safe by getting on
a platform right when you see that mark.

* * * * * * * *
* Stage Two:  *
* * * * * * * *

Here you will fight Captain Falcon.  He is also really easy so refer to above
strats to kill him.  A brief note, if he uses his Raptor Boost (forward B) near
the edge, jump above him and he will plummet to his doom.  Other than that just
use strong attacks and you'll be fine.

* * * * * * * *
* Onnet:      *
* ----------- *
* Stage One:  *
* * * * * * * *

Here you will fight 3 Ness CPU's.  If you fight in the middle of the stage, the
cars will come by and the CPU's are likely to get hit.  You can just shield the
cars.  Other than that, just charge smashes that they will walk straight into.
To finish them off, go to the top right side of the stage and use up smashes.
Or, you can risk going to one of the sides and backwards throwing them to their
death.  It's all a matter of preference really.

* * * * * * * * * * *
* Icicle Mountain:  *
* ----------------- *
* Stage One:        *
* * * * * * * * * * *

For the first part of this match you will have to climb up the mountain.  Just
double jump and air dodge upwards to easily reach the top.  On your way up,
make sure to grab a Freezie item for the battle, and to avoid all of the Polar
Bears and Topis.  Once you reach the top you'll find two Ice Climbers waiting
for you.  Throw the freezie you picked up at one of them and then smash the
other.  Get close to the sides and use a throw to kill them.  Most of the time
they can't keep up with the stage, so they may suicide.

* * * * * * * * *
* Battlefield:  *
* ------------- *
* Stage One:    *
* * * * * * * * *

Here you will fight a bunch of wireframes.  Just use multiple down B's for an
easy fight.  Use it on one of the platforms and fall down into the frames for
an easy kill.  If you don't want to do that, then just use some dairs to finish
them off.

* * * * * * * *
* Stage Two:  *
* * * * * * * *

You will have to fight a metal Luigi and Mario here.  The fight can
get pretty hard, but it's nothing too difficult.  Just use some smashes to
damage them up (around 50% or so) and then throw them off the side.  Because of
their weight, they will fall quickly and die.  Also note that the metal Luigi
never uses up B to recover, so he is an easy kill.  It's hard to get the throw
off, so try to seperate them (smash one off the platform) then quickly throw
the other one off.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
* Final Destination:  *
* ------------------- *
* Stage One:          *
* * * * * * * * * * * *

This is the final match and I hope you have some lives left. Also,
you should have taken your time, because you don't want to fight Giga Bowser.
Anyways, Bowser will take a lot of damage to kill, so keep that in mind.  Use
a lot of aerials for this fight because you don't want to get into Bowsers
smash range.  You can use full jumps here, just fit as many aerials as possible
in one jump.  Use items to your advantage and expect to die at least once here.
He has near infinite  recovery, so get him off the stage and keep smashing him 
back out.  Once you've beaten him, congratulations, because you have just
beaten Very Hard Mode with Luigi!

=== {10C.} All-Star ===

Just a note, try to use the hearts as sparingly as possible.  Try to use one
after every 4 matches that way you have one left for the Game and Watch battle.
And also note that your damage carries over every match, so beating this will
be hard.  Basically, recover every 100 damage; so try to take a minimum of 25%
each battle.  Hard I know, but you'll need them for some of the end matches.

* * * * * * * * * * *
* 1 vs. 1 Battles:  *
* * * * * * * * * * *

These are just your general 1 vs 1 fights.  Try to take as little damage as
possible and evade as much as possible.  Remember, you need to fight four of
these so try to take no damage at all.  Use your smashes and aerials where
allowed, and try to get some KO's off the side of the stage (if it's small
enough).  Try to get the CPU in a juggle, as it is easy to do so.  Once they
have moderate damage, go for the kill (edgeguarding them is very easy).  If you
want, wait for a good item to appear (just like in all the other 1 player

* * * * * * * * * * *
* 1 vs. 2 Battles:  *
* * * * * * * * * * *

For these fights you're just going to have to abuse the AI.  First refrain from
using any B moves, and second, DI away from any annoying neutral A combos.  To
abuse the AI basically charge up smashes and wait for them to walk into them
(CPU's never dash).  So, when they are on a platform above you, charge an up
smash and wait for them to drop into it, and on flat ground, charge and down
smash and wait for them to walk into it.  If you want, you can find an item to

* * * * * * * * * * *
* 1 vs. 3 Battles:  *
* * * * * * * * * * *

Use the same general strategies as in the 1 vs. 2 strategy, just remember that
there are more CPU's to deal with this time.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* 1 vs. 25 Mr. Game and Watches:  *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hopefully you're in good shape for this fight (i.e. under 25% damage).  You'll
have to fight 25 Game and Watches here, and it can get pretty hard.  Use down
smashes and dairs to kill them the easiest.  You can stay near one of the sides
and use the dair to easily kill them (it's a very small stage), or go near one
of the top platforms and use repeated down smashes.  The latter is riskier
though, because you can easily get killed there.  If you want a quick fight go
up there, otherwise get near one of the sides and use the dairs, or a fair when
needed.  Just keep that up and the fight will be over in no time.  Congrats on
just beating All Star Very Hard with Luigi!

                                            [11.] Event Matches

This is one of my favorite things to do (except for Homerun Contest), I don't
know why but I do like these things.  As you may notice, only the event matches
where you can select your character; so don't email me saying I forgot some.
I didn't miss any, don't fret. =P

=== {11A. First 30 Event Matches} ===

* * * * * * * * * * * * *  *
* Event Match 3: Bomb-fest *
* * * * * * * * * * * * *  *

This is a very easy Event Match, and will also net you the Motion Sensor Bomb
trophy when you beat it.  Basically, your in a fight against Samus and Link,
both who seem to like attacking with bombs.  Also, the only items that can be
used are Bob-bombs, Motion Sensor Bombs, and Pokeballs containing Electrodes.
To win the match, you could either attack both the Samus and Link using a
variety of smash and aerial attacks, or you can use the bombs to your
advantage.  Just plant a Motion Sensor bomb somewhere and the computers will
walk right into it, or toss a Bob-bomb at someone.  Finally, you can pick up
Electrode when he turns black and chuck it at someone for an instant KO.  All
in all, it's a very easy event match that you can beat in less than 20 seconds
using a bunch of smashes and the bombs to your advantage.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* Event Match 4: Dino-wrangling *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Another very easy Event Match, this one will put you up against a very big
Yoshi on a relatively small platform.  You have three lives to take it down,
yet the Yoshi KO's itself sometimes.

If it doesn't KO itself, just use a barrage of aerials and smashes, along with
a couple of Up B's.  When the Yoshi has around 160% damage, smash it off the
side with a forward smash and it should kill itself.  I not just use a lot more
smashes.  If the Yoshi goes into an egg roll, just shield it, and the Yoshi
will fall of the ledge and die.  This one is not hard at all; you shouldn't die
on this one.  If the Yoshi kills itself at the start, you can get under 1
second on this one.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
* Event Match 6: Kirbys on Parade *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Wow, another incredibly easy event match.  This one will put you up against 3
tiny Kirbys that has 2 lives each, while you only have one.  What makes it
annoying though is that the Kirbys run away any time you get near them.
The key to winning the Event Match is to run towards the right at the
beginning.  Then, stop before you reach the Kirbys.  They will try to run to
the left side, so grab one and throw it backwards and it will die.  Then, run
to the left side and repeat.  Keep going back and forth, throwing all the
Kirbys until there all dead.  Just a note, they rarely attack, and since there
tiny it really posts no threat to you.  This you should be able to do in less
than 30 seconds, it's really easy; just annoying when the Kirbys run away.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* Event Match 7: Pokemon Battles  *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This Event Match is also pretty easy.  You are fighting a Pikachu one vs. one
with two lives each.  The catch is you can't hit the Pikachu, and can only hurt
it with the Pokemon from the Pokeballs.  But, the Pikachu will die fairly
quickly from any Pokemon so don't worry.

The only real tips I can give you hear are to dash or Wavedash towards the
Pokeballs on the ground, and to midair catch the ones on the two platforms
(using Z while you jump to catch them).  Also, make sure to throw all the
Pokeballs near the Pikachu, so the Pokemon's attacks will hurt it.  It's
possible to do this one in less than 30 seconds.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* Event Match 8: Hot Date on Brinstar *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This is another very easy Event match.  You will be facing Samus one vs. one in
a three stock match.  The catch, you always start with 102% damage and Samus

Even with the amount of damage on you, it's still very possible to do this one
without getting killed.  A good forward chop and then up smash attack
(charged), works wonders on Samus.  Also, you can also meteor smash her and
then wait with a smash attack when she returns.

All in all, this is a very easy Event Match, and can be won in under 45
seconds.  Just stick to the air, and then finish her off with a smash attack.
Piece of cake.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* Event Match 9: Hide 'n' Sheik *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This Event Match is a bit tougher than the other ones, because only the Sheik
KO's count.  You're up against two Zelda's, everyone with one stock.  If you KO
a Zelda, then one will reappear; so you'll want to rack up damage on the Zeldas
and then KO the Sheiks.

At the start, the two Zelda's will most likely transform into Sheik.  You then
want to dash forward, and begin to smash the hell out of the Sheiks.  Focus on
one first, and keep juggling her until she either transforms or dies.  Aerial
finishers are a good choice, so use a variety of down and fairs.  Another good
KO choice is a charged Up smash attack.

If you don't get the KO before the Sheik dies, then barrage the Zeldas with
smashes until they reach about 40% damage.  Then, use forward tilt A's and
other weak moves until they have around 80% damage.  All you have to do then
is wait for them to transform and then up smash them for the KO.  You can do
this one in less than 30 seconds also, but it may take around 45.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* Event Match 10: All-Star Match 1  *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Surprisingly, this match is very easy.  You have two lives to face Mario,
Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Peach, and Bowser, all in a one vs. one match.  Your damage
carries over and so does your lives, so you have to be careful.  The computers
are really stupid here though, you can literally charge up a full smash before
they hit you.

To beat Mario, you can easily hit him with the Super Jump Punch.  Or, you can
charge up smash attack on him.  He really won't attack so you can just go in,
charge up a smash, quick juggle, and then finish him with an Up B.

Donkey Kong is a little different though.  Here, you want to KO him off of the
side of the stage, because the ceiling is very big.  So, you can just smash him
around a lot, and throw him off for a quick and easy KO.

For Yoshi you can do the same thing as DK.  Just charge up some smashes and
then throw him off the stage.  Or, you can hit him with a Up B for a quick KO
when he's around 80% damage.

For Peach just use a lot of Up smashes and then juggle her with some fairs.

You can then finish her off with an Up B , or a meteor smash in the air.  Or
when she has around 80% damage, throw her off the left side of the stage.
Finally, for Bowser just do the same things that you did for everyone else,
charge up smashes and finish him off with an Up B or a throw (off the right
side preferably).  Bowser will rarely attack, so you can easily get off the Up
B; because he's so big.

Really, the intelligence of the computers in this match is like that of a fly.
You really can charge up a full smash right next to them, or walk in and get
off an Up B.  It is not hard at all, and you should only get hit once or twice.
It will take about 1:30 to do, it's just time consuming, not hard.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* Event Match 11: King of the Mountain  *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This Event Match is a bit tougher than the other ones, but only if you're going
for KO's.  You will be up against a pair of Ice Climbers on a team against
you; and you have only one life.  When you kill an Ice Climber, they just
reappear, so kill them only if you want a high score.  You also have to survive
for 1 minute and 2 seconds.

If you don't want any KO's then you can keep jumping upwards and away from the
Ice Climbers.  Also, note that they suicide a lot, because they can't keep up
with the stage.  If you find yourself unable to keep up, use an air dodge
upwards to reach the next platform instead of an Up B (because you might miss
the platform and fall, dying in the process).

If you going for KO's, then throws off the side and aerials are the best
choices.  I prefer the aerial approach, because getting a throw off the side
can be hard when the stage is moving up.  Overall, they are easily killed, yet
they seem to suicide all the time, making your effort fruitless. All in all,
this one isn't that tough, unless you're looking for some kills.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* Event Match 12: Seconds, Anyone?  *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

All in all, this Event Match is pretty easy, if you have the right strategy.
Basically, you have to kill a Captain Falcon in less than seven seconds, where
you both start with 100% damage.

As for how to beat it, simply walk up to Falcon and do an Up B.  If it connects
right, then it's an instant KO.  Falcon won't really try anything if you're
quick about it, and can get the KO in about 3 seconds.

*If you can't do this, then try a short hopped forward A, then jump off the
ledge and meteor smash Falcon, he should be dead then.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* Event Match 14: Trophy Tussle 1 *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In this Event Match, you will face off against three random computers, all who
aren't that smart.  Also, you will be on a giant Goomba, which is good for
Wavedashing if you want to (because of its low traction).  You have 2 lives to
beat 3 CPU's (computers) that also have 2 lives each.

To beat this Event Match, you can basically use a barrage of aerials and down
and upward smashes.  The stage is also pretty wide, so KO's off the top are the
best choice.  Since the CPU's are so bad, you can easily get off the Up B
without any problems to finish them off.

Just go crazy with a bunch of smashes and finish them off with an Up B.  When
you win you'll get a Goomba trophy, not bad.  It shouldn't take you long; you
can beat it in under a minute and a half.  Have fun mauling the low level

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* Event Match 15: Girl Power  *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In this match, you will fight against Samus, Peach, and Zelda/Sheik.  You will
all have two lives, but you will be tiny and the CPU's giants.  Although the
competition may seem intimidating, it's not all that hard.

This match is a bit harder, as your Up B move becomes less effective and the
computers actually start to attack, although they mainly use weak ones with the
occasional smash/spike when you're at high percents.

The only way you can get off an Up B here is to do a dash attack and then
follow up with the Super Jump Punch.  This will kill easily at the top
platform, but will require high damage percents on ground level.  Anyways, you
should use various aerials and smashes, mainly focusing on the forward airs and
down/up smashes.  Throws aren't that useful, unless you're going for a KO off
the side, but top ones are much easier.

Basically, all you need is another barrage of attacks, just like the preceding
Event Match.  Also, advanced techniques you won't need to rely on.  Smashes and
aerials will do, and finish off with an Up B if possible (if not, a down smash
will do).  You can beat this in under a minute and a half.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* Event Match 20: All-Star Match 2  *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This Event Match can be a bit tougher, if you don't know what you're doing.
You have two lives (damage carries over) to defeat Samus, Link, Zelda/Sheik,
Captain Falcon, and Fox.  This one can, however, give you trouble if you're
not careful.

The Samus' AI is not all too great.  She will only attack at various points,
with pretty weak attacks.  An easy way to beat her with low damage is to
quickly put 55% damage on her using a couple smashes and then an up throw.
Then, finish her off with a Up B while standing on the top platform.

To get the best of Link, basically use the same strategy as you did for Samus.
Use smashes and some aerials to get him to around 60% damage, and simply stand
on the bottom platform.  Then, do a backwards throw (so he hits the middle),
and he's dead.  Link will also use little attacks, yet more smashes and his A,
A, A combo often.

Zelda is a bit more aggressive then the last two CPU's.  She will use some weak
ground attacks, but also use more aerials.  Sheik will use more tilt/smash
attacks, and her needles.  Anyways, right from the start you are going to want
to juggle Zelda.  Since the stage is so big, it can be hard, but possible.
Just follow her with jumps and Wavedashes so you can continue the juggle.
Also, keep in mind that the ceiling is really big, so the Up B will only kill
at over 100% damage.  Or, you can throw her off the far left for an easy KO;
otherwise you want to smash her off the top with an up/down smash.

Captain Falcon can put some damage on you, so be wary.  What he mostly does is
his Forward B move (to send you up), and then his Up B to put on the damage.
It seems that after his Forward B he will follow up with an Up B, so use your
DI to move out of the way.  To kill him, you can just use a bunch of down
smashes, all hitting him before he hits the floor.  He shouldn't move at all,
allowing you to do this.  To finish him off, use an fair, or a throw off the
side.  *Watch out for the moving floor as it will hurt you, and the moving
cars, as they will hurt you too.

Your last opponent is Fox.  You should still have two lives left (possibly with
high damage), or one life left (hopefully with low damage).  Fox will mainly
use his forward smash, his down tilt and his A, A, A combo on you, with his
Fire Fox (Up B) to get back.  He isn't too hard, but his smashes pack a punch,
so watch out.  Anyways, you should take this fight to the far right of the
stage, preferably under the little wing.  Under here you can repeatedly smash
him and use dairs with Fox going very far.  Then, when he has a lot of damage,
throw him or forward smash him off the side.  *Fox falls fast, so the vertical
KO is the best option.

Well, this Event Match isn't extremely hard, but can be if you don't know what
you're doing.  It shouldn't take you too long to do, and you can finish is just
under two minutes if you're quick.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* Event Match 21: Ice Breaker *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

For this match, you have to KO both of the Nana's (the Ice Climber with the
pink outfit).  If you KO even one Popo (blue outfit), you lose.  You also have
one minute to do this.  This isn't hard, yet annoying.

Now, the Ice Climbers will constantly jump up and down, never attacking you.
There's one pair on the left and one on the right side of the stage.  What you
want to do is to quickly down smash the first pair (on the left), until they
have about 50 damage.  Then, grab the Nana and throw her backward.  Quickly
jump backwards and do a fair attack.  If the Nana gets back, then smash her off
and she's dead.  Repeat this process for other pair of Ice Climbers.

All in all, this Event Match is more frustrating than hard.  It may take you a
few tries, but otherwise it's very easy.  You can do it in less than 30 seconds
if you're quick.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* Event Match 22: Super Mario 128 *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In this match you will fight 128 tiny Mario's, who all take one weak hit to KO.
The thing is though that the damage adds up, and at the end you have a chance
of dying.  With my trick, however, it will be easy.

To start off the match, do a down smash to get rid of the Mario's.  Then, just
keep using up tilts when they fall close to you (they all float right towards
you).  This will also hit any Mario's that happen to be in front of you.  If
you get surrounded, either do a Down B or down smash to clear them out.

Basically, this is just a test of endurance.  Using the continuous Up tilts
will make it so you easily win this match.  You can beat it in less than 1:15
if you clear out all of the Mario's quickly.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* Event Match 23: Slippy's Invention  *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This is probably the first "hard" Event Match that you will have.  What you
have to do is face off against a Fox and Falco, with both of them being
invisible.  You have two lives and so do they.

As for strategies, there really aren't any, as juggling is near impossible and
you can't see your opponents.  The only thing I could suggest is that you wedge
yourself in a corner and keep unleashing down smashes when you see an
"invisible" figure coming at you (you can see them a little).  Just keep
hitting them with smashes and eventually they'll die.  It can be hard because
they can creep up behind you, so that's why you want to be in a corner.

This is basically a match that can go two ways, either you get owned or you
win.  Just use tons of smashes and you should be fine.  You can get off an Up
B, but they both fall fast so it's not as effective.  Also, on a good run
expect to beat this in under a minute.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* Event Match 24: The Yoshi Herd  *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This match isn't exactly hard, but it can be pressed for time if you are not
quick.  You have one live to KO 29 Yoshi's, along with a Giant Yoshi.  This may
seem like a lot, yet they are easily killed.  Also, the Yoshi's will both
attack and run away a lot.

As for strategies, you basically want to jump to the nearest Yoshi and give him
either a forward, down, or neutral aerial.  These will all kill them in one
hit.  Also, if the Yoshis start to attack you a lot, you can always use a smash
attack to kill them all.  As for the Giant Yoshi, you can easily kill him once
he reaches around 50% damage.  So for him, just use some smashes and then an
fair to finish him off.

This one can be pressed for time as the Yoshi's seem to want to run away
towards the end of the match.  It's not that hard, it may, however, take you a
couple tries to finish it.  Anyways, you can do it in less than a minute and a
half if you're quick.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* Event Match 26: Trophy Tussle 2 *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This Event Match can turn crazy, as the fighting here is huge.  You will fight
3 randomly selected CPU's, with everyone (including yourself) at 2 lives.  You
will also fight on a giant Entei, so KO's off the left edge and vertically are
the best choice.

Basically, there will be one acclaimed "edgeguarder" and the other two
computers will attack you.  For this fight you want to use a barrage of
smashes, aerials and throws, pretty much any powerful KO moves.  The Super Jump
Punch will not work here, so don't try it.  Expect to die at least once on this
one.  Also, you want to try to single one CPU out, so they all don't overwhelm
you.  Try to stay near the left ledge too, so you can use dairs to KO them, or
a quick backward throw.

Basically, all the CPU's will go after you, so if you get knocked off the side,
you are pretty much gone, unless you get lucky.  Whenever you feel surrounded,
do a down B move and quickly Wavedash out of the fray.  You can easily get out
of the way because the Entei is so big.
Good luck with this one, and although it's overly hard, it can and will go
crazy.  If it gets too much, or the CPU set you have is too hard, just reset
and you'll get a new set of them.  You can beat this one in less than a minute
and a half, and will also get the Entei trophy upon winning.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* Event Match 28: Puffballs Unite!  *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Let me start by saying, that this Event Match is incredibly hard with Luigi, as
he does NOT have a good KO move for the 14 Kirby's you will face.  The Kirby's
also all have a copied power from someone, so keep that in mind.

Well, this match is damn near impossible with Luigi, and I don't suggest you
try it.  If you do, then use Up B's to clear out about two Kirby's a hit.  They
gang up on you though, so it makes it very hard to survive to do this.

I say use Mario's Up B move to complete this one.  The Event Match is insanely
hard with to do with Luigi, so you have been warned.  If you use Mario, then
you can get under thirty seconds for this one.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* Event Match 30: All-Star Match 3  *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
In this match you will fight a Kirby, Pikachu, Ness and the Ice Climbers.  They
all have one life and you have two (damage carries over).  It's not that hard,
but some of the characters can give some trouble.  Well, first off the Up B
move will not work in these types of matches anymore.  With that being said,
the strategies for the characters will now be given.

The Kirby fight is pretty easy.  The Kirby will use more aerials than anything
else, and also his down B (stone) move often.  You can easily juggle Kirby, but
while doing so he will probably use his stone move.  Just air dodge out of the
way, and then throw him while he's still in stone form.  Just keep doing this
until he has a high damage and can be smashed off screen.  You want to focus on
aerials in this fight, and finish him off with a good forward smash.

Pikachu is a bit tougher, and can put some big damage on you if you're not
carefully.  He will abuse his forward smash, which has pretty good range, so
you have to watch out.  In this match you can use either smashes or aerials,
but aerials are more preferred so you don't get hit with a forward smash.  When
Pikachu is recovering then follow him with a Wavedash and then up smash him.

Follow that up with a dair.  Then, just proceed to juggle Pikachu and finish
the match with any smash of your choice.

Ness is easily juggled for starters.  He will focus more on his special moves
than anything and also the tilt moves.  You can lure him in-between the houses
and wait for a car to come by (just dodge until one comes) and then he might
get hit for some big damage on knock back.  When he uses PK Flash (big green
thing) then just jump towards him and give him a good fair.  Ness isn't that
hard to beat, although you may die in this fight.  Just juggle him, and throw
him off the left side of the screen (when you are close to it).

The Ice Climbers are probably the easiest fight in this Event Match.  You
probably won't ever need to attack, because they can't keep up with their
moving stage.  So, just jump up when the screen moves, and after your double
jump air dodge onto the next platform.  For a quick kill throw Popo off the
left or right side of the screen, or do two forward A's (aerial) when he's
close to the side.

This Event Match is not all that hard, it's a bit tough but nothing you can't
handle.  Expect to lose one life on this match, and to beat it in less than two

=== {11B.} Last 21 Events ===

Congratulations on beating the first 30 Event Matches.  After you finish this
one, you should get a message saying you beat the first thirty.  To get to the
next 21, then you will need to unlock most of the other characters, so get to
doing that before we move on.

*Off course, if you unlocked Luigi doing the vs. matches, you only need 200
more matches until you have them all. O_O

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* Event Match 31: Mario Bros. Madness *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In this Event Match, you will fight a timed match (2 minutes) against a Mario
and Luigi.  This one is really easy, but contrary to popular belief, you have
to get more bonus points then your opponents.

If your going for KO's on this one, then simply stand near the left and right
sides of the stage (right under the farthest brick) and just backwards throw
your opponent to death.  You can easily rack up the kills this way.

Here's how to easily win: at the start of the match KO both the Luigi and the
Mario.  Then just play keep away from the Mario Brothers.  They will often
suicide making them lose bonus points.  Also, while you're dashing out of the
way pick up the items you see and then throw them away.  If you get 10
different items, you will get a couple thousand bonus points (for the Item Hog

This is the way I beat the match.  Get two kills and then just evade for the
rest of the match and pick up items along the way.  If you were going for KO's
than you can easily get over 10 with the method stated above.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  *
* Event Match 35: Time for a Checkup *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  *

This Event Match can be really frustrating, as the computers here are very
good.  You will face off against a Doctor Mario and Peach, with everyone set at
one life.  Your stage will also be really small to, so keep that in mind.

The attacks that the CPU's will mostly use are their forward B's and aerials.
Peach seems to spam her forward B (big butt bump thing), and Doc will
constantly use his cape to turn you around.  Also, when recovering the cape
will turn your missile around and you will most likely die.  Also, they use a
bunch of smashes and aerials while you're in the air.

At the start of the match, you definitely want to focus on killing Doc, as he
is the hardest one here.  You are basically going to have to roll then down
smash, and repeat all over again.  Short hopped aerials also work as it can
knock Peach out of your way.  Peach is definitely a nuisance here and she will
get in your way when you are trying to KO Doc.  Dodge a lot then smash to take
him out, after that it's a piece of cake.

When you manage to kill Doctor Mario, you're probably going to have a lot of
damage.  Do not despair, as Peach is easily dispatched.  Simply use a lot of
aerials and a throw/smash to hit her off the screen.  Watch out for her forward
B though, at high percentages this is a killer.

All in all, this Event Match is the hardest one thus far (except Event Match
28).  It can get really frustrating when you can't do it, but that's why you
can pause and hit Z to reset the match.  Take out Doc first, because Peach is
easy to KO with high damages.  You can beat this one in less than 40 seconds.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* Event Match 37: Legendary Pokemon *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This Event Match is really easy, even more so if you can Wavedash.  You will be
up against three giant Wire Frames, and a Jigglypuff.  Everyone will have two
lives, and the only way you can easily KO the Wire Frames is with the

Jigglypuff will try to nab the Pokeballs before you do, so this is where
Wavedashing and Mid-Air Catching come into play.  When you see a Pokeball,
quickly Wavedash under the platform it appeared on, jump and press Z to mid-air
catch it before the Jigglypuff can get to it.  The Pokeball will always
contain a legendary Pokemon, or a Wobuffet.

As for strategies, basically let the Pokemon do the damage for you.  Also, at
the start of the match you can continually down smash the giant Wire Frames
(they won't go anywhere) and then grab the first Pokeball when it appears.
Since most of the opponents will be caught up in the Pokemon's attack, you can
easily grab and throw the rest of the Pokeballs.  *Sometimes, the Pokemon won't
kill the CPU's, but rather put them up to around 400% damage.  When/if that
happens, an uncharged smash will easily kill anyone.

This Event Match is really easy once you get your first Pokeball.  Since it
takes some time to KO everyone, it may take up to a minute to finish this one.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* Event Match 38: Super Mario Bros. 2 *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This Event Match is incredibly easy, mostly because of the level it is on.  You
will fight against a Mario, Luigi, and Peach; everyone with two lives.

To easily win this match, go to the left or right side of the stage and use a
down B (to disperse the three CPU's).  Then grab one of them and backwards
throw them off the side.  When one is dead, jump to the other side of the
screen and repeat.  Note that when you jump across the middle pit, Mario and
Luigi may suicide making this whole process even easier.  If you want to, you
don't have to go to the other side, but it makes the match easier if you do.

Well that's it.  You can exploit the level to quickly and easily win this
match.  Expect to beat it in less than 30 seconds if everything goes right
(which it usually will).

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* Event Match 40: All-Star Match 4  *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This All-Star Match is a lot like the other three.  You will have two lives
(damage carries over) to defeat Marth, Luigi, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo and Mr. Game &
Watch.  This match can put up a decent challenge if you don't watch your damage
percentage.  If it gets high early on, just restart the match.

Your first challenger will be Marth.  This fight is pretty easy, and you can
win with only taking a hit or so.  Marth will use more weak attacks than
anything, so it's not a big problem.  Anyways, the Marth is easily juggled as
long as you can follow him with a Wavedash.  When on the flat part of the
Temple, roll behind Marth and shield grab him.  Then throw him backwards.

Drive him to the ledge (easily done with fairs), and throw him off it to win.
Your next opponent will be Luigi.  He will focus a lot on the missiles, and
also note that if he falls in the pit he will never use his Up B to get back
(easy win for you).  To easily win, jump backwards at the start of the match
and go near the edge of the stage, until you see yourself in a bubble.  Simply
grab/shield grab Luigi when he comes towards you, and throw him backwards.

Jigglypuff is pretty much another easy win.  She seems to use her down A aerial
a lot, along with some smash attacks.  Also note that you can't grab the
Squirtle (the beginning platform) so if you fall off and don't have a second
jump, your dead.  But, Jigglypuff is easily juggled, and the moves she uses are
pretty weak.  Juggle her with up/fairs to quickly rack up the damage.  Finish
her off with a dair.

Mewtwo is probably the hardest opponent here.  It will actually attack you,
mainly using tilts and the neutral A combo.  Since Mewtwo attacks, you might
think it'll be a hard match.  Not necessarily though.  Just drive it off the
ledge, and it will float back to the ledge, only using a double jump if needed.
Then jump towards the Mewtwo and give it a fair.  When it comes back, repeat
until its dead.

Mr. Game & Watch is another easy match.  Simply Wavedash backwards at the
beginning, and grab him when he comes near.  Throw him backwards for a quick

Well, that's the match.  Not too hard, but if you're not careful you might have
to repeat this one a couple of times.  It can easily be won in less than a
minute and a half, not too shabby.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* Event Match 42: Trouble King 2  *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
In this match you will face a huge Bowser, with both of you having 2 lives.
When I say huge, I mean huge; he takes up about the whole Poke Floats stage
(the one with all the Pokemon, you fought Jigglypuff here in Event Match 40.
This is a really easy match, and can be finished in around ten seconds.  Just
roll right at the beginning of the match and wait for the Bowser to drop down.
Then grab him and don't do anything!  When he gets free, he will die (you can't
grab the ledge).  Repeat and you just won the match in about ten seconds.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* Event Match 44: Mewtwo Strikes! *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In this match, you have to fight a Zelda and a Mewtwo.  There is a catch
though, the Zelda will be really hard and the Mewtwo will only appear after 15
seconds.  Also, if you KO the Zelda you lose; so don't.

For the first 15 seconds of the match, evade Zelda.  Wavedash across the stage,
go through platforms; anything will work.  You don't want to take a lot of
damage; I'd say 20% is the limit.  Once Mewtwo appears quickly start to use a
barrage of attacks on it, making sure not to hit Zelda.  A smash will do fine
to finish Mewtwo off, but I suggest edgehogging if possible.  Also, sometimes
the Mewtwo will suicide which is always good.

Well, this Event Match can be really hard if you can't evade well.  But, by
doing it your evasion skills will increase, which is not bad at all.  Just keep
trying it, attack Mewtwo with anything you got.  You can do this in under 45
seconds, under 30 if Mewtwo suicides.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* Event Match 46: Fire Emblem Pride *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In this Match, you will fight against a Marth and Roy, who are both on a team
against you.  You all have three lives and will be fighting on the Hyrule
Temple stage.  It's not hard per se, yet can be time consuming.

As for how the CPU's will attack, they will basically both use neutral A's,
forward and up smashes, and some throws.  They don't hit hard exactly, but
where you will be fighting their forward smashes can kill quite easily.

To easily defeat Marth and Roy you must first go to the far left side of the
stage.  Then unleash some smashes when the two get near (aerials work good
also, make sure you short hop them).  Basically, you want to use some powerful
moves when you can and evade when needed.  When you knock them off the stage
(you should go for two in one hit), then charge a down smash.  When/if they get
back, release the smash and repeat if necessary.  When they come back, do the
same thing again.  Smash, evade, edgeguard, and then kill.

Also, if you want to make sure you stay alive, then you can bring it down to
the bottom of the temple, right on the bricks before the grass.  If you fight
here, you want to face left so you have an easier time KO'ing the two.
Sometimes it will take them upwards of 300% damage to kill you, and since
you'll only be smashing them left it won't take as long.

This match is about endurance and patience.  Attack when the time is right, and
evade when needed.  Juggling is possible, and you can also try to lure say
Marth, away from Roy, so you can deal with him one on one.  It will take about
two and a half minutes to do this one.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* Event Match 47: Trophy Tussle 3 *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This is another free for all Event Match and the last one where you can earn a
trophy (Majora's Mask).  You will fight 3 randomly chosen CPU's, everyone with
two lives.  Also, you will be fighting on Majora's Mask which is a pretty cool
stage.  Well, since you never know what combination of CPU's you're going to
get, I can only give you some general tips.  First off, you should go to the
bottom left or bottom right corner of the stage to fight (the easiest place to
get KO's).  Once there, wait for the fray to come, and use a down B to disperse
the group.  Next, repeatedly use down smashes, while using sex kicks to knock
away the fray.  When the whole group of computers has enough damage (around
100% or so), jump out of the fray and do a meteor smash, which should kill some
of the computers.  From there it's just a matter of repeating the process. This
Event Match can be very hard, depending on the set of CPU's you get.  If it
seems too hard, go to level select screen and choose it again for a different
set of CPU's.  This will take a few tries, but you will get a cool trophy upon
winning.  You can beat this in less than a minute.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* Event Match 48: Pikachu and Pichu *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In this match you will fight an immortal Pikachu, and to Pichu's.  The Pichu's
will have one life each, you will have two and the Pikachu will always come
back.  So, focus mainly on attacking the two Pichu's.

The whole family of Pokemon here will use their thunder bolt (big stream of
lighting) attack often and also there shock that moves along the ground.  The
Pikachu will protect the Pichu's, you have to move quickly (use Wavedashing).
Well, since the Pichu's/Pikachu use so many of those thunder bolt's your only
real way to attack is from the ground, or at least until you get them into the
air.  Use Wavedashes and then down smashes to knock them into the air.  Then,
use some fairs or meteor smashes to knock them further.  Pikachu should be
included in this group, but you want your more powerful moves to hit the
Pichu's.  It will take a while to kill the Pichu's (around 150%), but you have
two lives to do it.  The Pikachu hits hard and fast with some smashes so be on

This Event Match is one of the harder ones and can be really frustrating.
Wavedashing makes this a whole lot easier, because the Pichu's tend to stay
behind the Pikachu so they don't get hit.  Once you get them off the ledge
though, it's a piece of cake. You can do this in just under a minute.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* Event Match 49: All-Star Match Deluxe *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In this Event Match you will have to fight Dr. Mario, Falco, Pichu, Young Link,
Roy and Ganondorf.  You will have two lives (damage carries over) to defeat all
of them.  Being the last All-Star Match, this one is definitely the hardest.

Dr. Mario is easy to beat, mainly because of the level you're playing on.  So,
just wait till he comes towards you, roll behind him (you should be one his
right), then roll left (you should be on his left now).  Then grab him and
throw him backwards off the stage.

Falco is a bit tougher than Doc.  He seems to use a lot of grabs and tilts, and
also his spike (aerial down A).  You definitely do not want to get spiked over
the edge, because if you do you're dead.  Anyways, use up smashes to get him
into the air and then hit him with aerials.  When he comes close to you, use a
sex kick as it will out prioritize most of his aerials.  If you have him in a
juggle, you will have to jump over the wing in the middle of the stage to
proceed with it (when you have to do that, jump in with a sex kick).  Once he
has enough damage, give him a chop to finish him.

Pichu is pretty easy, mostly because she does her missile attack so much.  When
she does roll behind the missile and give her a smash.  Stick to the ground for
this one, Pichu is small so it makes it hard to juggle her.  So, you basically
want to wait for Pichu to use the missile and then smash.  If you don't want to
do that, then simply smash her, Wavedash, smash again and repeat.  Once she has
around 70%, and uncharged up smash will kill her.

Young Link can be tough to beat.  He seems to use his aerial down A often and
also his boomerang.  Not only that, but he used smashes and the up tilt a lot.
You need to be quick in this match.  From the start jump and do a sex kick.
Then midair jump and do another.  Now, fast fall and land before Young Link.
You want to give him a forward tilt so he will drop down on the right ledge.
Land to the right of him and then abuse the forward smash.  It's easy from
there on.  If that doesn't work, make sure to get him to the bottom right ledge
and either throw him backwards (hard to do), or just keep using forward smashes
until his dies.  Be quick though, Young Link will beat you if you aren't.

Next up is Roy, who you have to fight on the Hyrule Temple stage.  He uses a
lot of his tilts, along with his smashes.  You want to get him to the far left
side of the stage (on the top) and then battle him there.  Throws and some
quick aerials are the best choice.  You can easily roll behind his forward tilt
for a throw, or short hop some aerials for good damage.  Once he has high
damage forward smash him off the left edge.  You might lose a life here, but
Ganondorf should be easy.

Well Ganondorf is that hard to beat, mostly because he uses a lot of his slow B
moves and smashes.  He is also easily edgehogged so when you hit him off be
sure to grab the ledge (if he isn't going to make it back on the stage).  If he
uses his Up B, then you will want to move back a little and charge an up smash.
He can't do anything after the attack so it makes it easy to do this.  When he
uses his Warlock Punch (purple punch) then just roll behind him and charge a
smash.  The startup on that move is so much you can get almost a fully charged
smash out.  All in all, the CPU Ganondorf is pretty easy, mostly because of his
slow moves; but hey, you shouldn't be complaining.

Well that's about it, and you just beat your last All-Star Match.  It's easily
beat in less than two minutes, once you finally beat it.  It shouldn't be too
hard; it should only take you a couple tries to do.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* Event Match 50: Final Destination Match *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This is the second hardest Event Match there is.  You have one life to beat
both Master Hand and Crazy Hand.  They both have 300 health points too so
beating this one requires a little bit of skill.

Both Master and Crazy hand have a variety of moves at their disposal all of
which are slightly different.  The only different attacks really is that Crazy
Hand sometimes has seizures on the floor causing lots of damage, and he will
drop his bombs in a line.  Master Hand will shoot his missiles at you instead.
Well, how do you avoid all these attacks?  Good question.  What you have to do
is air dodge whenever an attack is coming near, whether it be a giant fist
trying to hit you, or on of the Hands crawling across the stage to get you;
everything can be air dodged and I advise you do that.  Get the timing down for
the moves because you will need it.

Generally, when you see an attack coming, double jump and then air dodge up
before it hits you.  It's a bit hard to dodge both the Hand's attacks at the
same time, but when you fight one on one against them its very easy.  Note that
if they grab hold of you, spin your control stick like a madman while tapping
A.  It should get you out of it fairly quick.

First I suggest you take out the Master Hand (one on the right).   When you
aren't dodging the Hand's attacks you have two options.  One is to stand near
the right edge and then jump, fair then bair, midair jump and then bair and sex
kick.  You need to full jump to do this, and since Luigi is a floaty character
it shouldn't be hard.  Once you land from this get ready to dodge an attack.

Or you can try this: be right under Master Hand and then jump do two uairs,
midair jump and so some more of them.  If you don't want to do those, then any
combination of 3-4 aerials in a double jump will work.  Just keep repeating
this and by the time Master Hand is gone then you should have around 75% damage
 or less (if not reset).  That may seem high, but trust me Crazy Hand will
almost never touch you.

Now since Crazy Hand is the only one left, dodging his attacks should be a
piece of cake.  You have time now to jump and air dodge without fear of getting
hit which is good.  So to finish off Crazy Hand, use the same tactics as for
the Master Hand.  Also, take advantage of him when he moves around his blue
lasers; stand under him and attack.  Keep dodging the attacks and DO NOT rush.
You have plenty of time and before you know it, Crazy Hand will be dead.

Yea, I may make it seem easy, but it's actually pretty hard.  The hard part of
course is killing one of the Hand's first (and having low or 75% damage).
That's the real battle, in my opinion.  Once you kill one of them, the other is
really easy (as you can see, they are only effective in a team).  You can beat
this in less than 2 minutes.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* Event Match 51: The Showdown  *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This is the hardest Event Match there is, and has caused many a player a lot of
frustration.  You have 3 lives to kill Giga Bowser, Mewtwo and Ganondorf; and
they all have 3 lives too.  This match is very frustrating, but I have some
tips to help you.

Know how the CPU's will attack.  When you knock Giga Bowser high up, he will
use his down B and will kill you if you're hit.  Another thing to know is that
Mewtwo will constantly use Shadow Balls (neutral B), and then Ganondorf will
use his Up B to further the damage and possibly kill you.  Sometimes though,
Mewtwo will suicide while charging one up near the ledge.

When you're knocked off, you are as good as dead because Giga Bowser takes up
the whole stage and will use neutral A's to keep you down there.  Your only
chance of getting back is a misfire.  That's basically how they will attack,
and note that Giga Bowser is not the problem here, it's Ganondorf and Mewtwo
(Giga Bowser was made a lot easier, trust me).

Know the strategy.  Generally, you can use many fairs on the Giga Bowser to
damage him up (you want him gone first).  The problem with this is that
Ganondorf will use his up B on you; so you can try this.  Jump, and then do a
down B.  This should ensnare everyone in your cyclone (Ganondorf and Mewtwo
both stay behind Bowser) and then do an Up B for a Ping hit.  Giga Bowser is a
huge target so hitting one shouldn't be a problem; this will also kill him at
around 120% damage.

So, you're main ways to attack will be either forward/dairs or the down B, up B
combo (which works a lot better because you can damage up the other two CPU's
in the process.

You want to make sure that you only lose a life after you kill Giga Bowser.

This way, you will always be one life ahead and will have a shot at beating
Ganon and Mewtwo (you only need one life).  Also, make sure that the other two
CPU's have at least one life gone each by the time Giga Bowser is completely

Whenever you have the chance, i.e. knocked Giga Bowser off the platform,
immediately start to damage Ganon and Mewtwo.  Even if you can only do 20-30%
damage, it will help a lot in the long run.  Giga Bowser can come back from any
where so there is no need to edgeguard him; which is why you want to hurt
Mewtwo and Ganon.

When you finally get rid of Giga Bowser, you want to use smashes on the other
two.  If you use aerials, there's a chance that Ganondorf will get you in his
Up B which is not good at all.  Roll whenever you need to and also Wavedash to
get some distance away from the other CPU's.  Also watch out for a fully
charged Shadow Ball.  If you get hit by this at high damages then you're dead.
If you think you have too much damage to fight Ganon and Mewtwo, try to stay
away from them until a good item comes, like a Super Scope or Warp Star.

The Super Scope fully charged will easily kill them and the same for the Warp
Star.  If you get a Bob-bomb throw it at them quickly for an easy KO.  Any item
will help here; just make sure you know that there will never be any recovery
items dropped.

Well, that's about all I can help you with this Event Match.  Many random
things can happen and such, but if you stick to those guidelines you should do
it.  Make sure that you always are a life ahead Giga Bowser (he has two, you
have three) and you should do fine.  Once you get rid of him, you can easily
use the items for a win.  Upon winning you will unlock the Final Destination
stage; (the one you just played on), which is one of the best!

*Also, if you beat this without dying once, you will get a special message that
says so.  Although Luigi isn't the best choice to do this (Jigglypuff is), it
would be a great achievement to do it as him.

Congratulations for beating all of the Event Matches.  You now have some cool
new characters, trophies and even a stage.  Great job, some of the Event
Matches can be hard, but it's cool to have beaten them all with one character.


                         [12.] Break the Targets Strategies

Well, not much to say here, except if you want a really good time then you will
have to fast fall and l-cancel.  Pretty much it, go break some targets!

World Record: 3.99 seconds

=== {12A.} Beginner ===

1-2. Dash, fast fall right, aerial down A
3. Land, neutral A
4-5. Double jump backwards, aerial back A when the targets converge
6-7. Drift left, aerial back A when you are about to hit the ground left of the
8. Jump, aerial back A
9. Midair jump, hang from ledge, ledge jump, midair jump, fireball
10. Land on the GameCube, double jump left and Up B the last target

Target Time: 8 to 7 seconds.

=== {12B.} Intermediate ===

1. Double jump right, fireball, fast fall
2-3. Aerial up A
4. Land, neutral A
5-7. Dashing A (while going left)
8. Dashing jump left, aerial forward A
9-10.Midair jump, Up B

Target Time: 5.1 to sub 5 seconds.

=== {12C.} World Record Strategy ===


1-2. Short hop backwards, aerial back A
3. Aerial back A again, drift right
4-5. Up B the two targets under the GameCube, hang from it
6. Wavedash onto the Gamecube, tap A while sliding
7. Dash off and jump immediately, aerial up A
8. Aerial down A, fast fall
9-10. Aerial back A as you near the ground

Target Time: 4 to 3.99 seconds.

                           [13.] Homerun Contest Strategies

Bat Drop/Down+A Combos: Face backwards. You can't be touching the Sandbag and
you have to be a step or two away from it. Now jump and drop the bat at the
peak of your jump. Wait a half-second after you drop the bat, then press down
+A to spike the Sandbag down. The combo does 35% damage max.

Bat Drop/Neutral+A Combo: Face and stand right next to the Sandbag. Jump and
drop the bat at the peak of your jump. Wait until the tips of Luigi's feet
almost touch the top of the Sandbag, then press A. The combo does 32% max.

World Record: 3848.5 feet

=== {13A.} Beginner ===

1. Grab the bat, dash toward the Sandbag
2. Smash up B (Ping)
3. Do 3 smash down A's (slight charges)
4. Double jump aerial down+A on the right side of the Sandbag
5. Tipper as the Sandbag bounces off the back wall.
6. Bull's Eye: 1250+ feet.

=== {13B.} Easy ===

1. Roll left, grab bat, and roll right
2. Do 4 bat drop/down+A
3. 2 Fireballs (neutral B)
4. Grab bat, walk back, tipper
5. Bull's Eye: 1850+ feet.

=== {13C.} Medium ===

1. Roll left, grab bat, and roll right
2. Smash down A
3. Do 5 bat drop/down+A
4. Grab bat, walk back, tipper
5. Bull's Eye: 2200+ feet.

=== {13D.} Advanced === (Credit: SN 1989)

1. Grab the bat
2. Do a down B to the right
3. Do 5 Bat drop/down+A
4. Grab bat, walk back, tipper
5. Bull's Eye: 2400+ feet.

=== {13E.} Hard ===

1. Grab the bat, dash toward the Sandbag
2. Do a double jump bat drop/neutral+A
3. Do 5 jjc down+A bat drops
4. Grab bat, walk back, tipper
5. Bull's Eye: 2800+ feet

=== {13F.} Intense === (Credit: Tatsuya)

1. Grab bat, double jump backwards, and do a bat drop/neutral+A
2. Do a single jump bat drop/down+A
3. Do 5 jjc down+A bat drops
4. Grab bat, walk back, tipper
5. Bull's Eye: 3,500+ feet.

=== {13G.} World Record === (Credit: PMAC)

1. Grab bat, Wavedash backwards, aerial up+A, bat drop/neutral+A
2. Do 6 jjc down+A bat drops
3. Down/Forward Tilt+A
4. Grab bat, walk back, tipper
5. Bull's Eye: 3,800+ feet.

                                      [14.] Multi Man Melee

Here are the strategies for Multi Man Melee.  Speed is needed for a lot of
them, and endurance for others.
Go kill some frames!

=== {14A.} 10 Man Melee ===

World Record 7.62 seconds

<Start on the right platform>
1-3. Down B as the first Wireframe appears while moving left to get the first
3.  Land on the bottom.
4-5. Jump back to the right platform and Down B the rightmost Wireframe while
moving left to get the one on the bottom.
6-7. Tilt Up A once you land on the bottom.
8-10. Double jump up and Down B the topmost Wireframe so the top of the move
hits him and so you do not land on the top platform.  Continue falling and the
Down B will destroy the final two.

=== {14B.} 100 Man Melee ===

The 100 Man Melee doesn't really have any strategies.  Use down B, tilt up A,
fairs and getting a fan usually helps.  Also, you could try just staying at the
bottom and using tilt up A's when the frames get close to you, if you don't a
fair will work.

=== {14C.} 3 Minute Melee ===
For the 3 Minute Melee, use down B, dairs, fairs, tilt up A's and a fan if
needed to kill the most frames.  A screw attack will also help, use it going up
to hit the frames and then a down B coming down to kill the most possible.

=== {14D.}15 Minute Melee ===

Use dairs, fairs, tilt up A' and the down B move to kill the most frames.  If
you get a screw attack, use it going up to hit the frames, and then the down B
coming down to kill the most possible frames.  If you can't find a screw
attack, then you can use a fan to kill the frames.  If you can't find either of
those, then use the above mentioned attacks.

=== (14E.} Endless Melee ===

For this one, get a fan and stand under the right side of the left platform,

and fan tilt forward A to kill the bottom frame and tilt up A all the others
that come at you.

=== {14F.} Cruel Melee ===

To effectively do the Cruel Melee, you must first know the herding strategies.

The (Edge Grabbing) Herding Strategy: You need to run to one edge and wait
until the frames get close to you, as with the jumping strategy. When they are
almost too close, jump off the stage while still facing it so that you can grab
the edge. The idea is to get all five frames onto the platform next to you. You
need to quickly drop under them and grab the edge. With some characters in the
right situation, only a single jump is needed to get all the frames correctly
positioned on the platform, but most of the time, at least two jumps are
needed. Sometimes the third jump or upward air dodge also need to be used to
buy a little extra time to get the frames in the right place.

If most of the frames are approaching you from straight across the main
platform, it is also possible to single jump to lure them onto the platform
above you then land on the stage and not have to grab the edge at all. This can
be tricky and isn't useful very often, but when it is, it's safer than actually
grabbing the edge.

Once you grab the edge, immediately press L or R to roll onto the stage, then
run and jump onto the opposite platform. The frames will follow you onto the
platform, just as with the triple strat. Once you can see that they are all
jumping, it's safe to drop through the platform to set up the next part of the

In both cases, the frames will then drop through the platform. Most of the
time, they will need to be near the center of the platform as they drop through
it, meaning that you need to be under the center of the platform to attract
them to that spot. I will get into that more in the individual character

There are lots of minor problems that can occur with these strats and you will
just have to learn to deal with them. One example of this is how several
characters have to roll to the outer edge of the main platform after dropping
through the small platform. If one of the frames is too close to the edge of
the small platform, they can hit you as they drop. To avoid this, you need to
be able to see that the frames are too close to the outer edge of the small
platform before they drop. Then just run across the main platform and jump
onto the opposite platform. They will follow you just as before, but end up
above you in a less threatening position.

The Actual Strategy: Luigi uses the standard edge grab strat. He doesn't have
a great individual strat, but it's very repetitive and is fairly easy to pull
off. When you drop through the platform, charge his smash up A attack. Release
it to hit them all as they drop. Just repeat this to KO them. It starts off
needing about 3 charged smash attacks to KO them all, but will take a few more
as you progress because it weakens.

                                                 [15.] Items

Here is some general information on items that you should/shouldn't use, and
other random things that will help improve your game (if you play matches with

=== {15A.} Miscellaneous Information ===

1.  Catching Items Thrown at You: There are two ways you can catch an item that
    is thrown at you.  One way is one the ground and the other is in the air.
    If you catching something thrown at you while you're on the ground, then
    press A right before it hits you (the timing is like that on a power
    shield, but not as strict).  To catch items while you are in the air, air
    dodge and then press A when the item nears you.  Then you can throw the
    item back down to whoever threw it at you.

2.  Air Catching Items: To air catch an item, you must jump and hit Z when you
    touch it.  This will work for a neutral item (one on a platform or floating
    down after it dropped).  Doing this allows you to snatch items from under
    your opponent's nose and can give you an edge if you get a good enough
    item.  Also, if you throw an item at an opponent, jump and air catch it
    after it hits so you can string an item throwing combo together.

3.  Dodging Items Used Against You: To dodge an item's attack, you should use
    the spot dodge for shooting weapons (Ray Gun, Star Rod etc.) and the air
    dodge for most of the others.  If you can easily catch items thrown at you,
    go ahead and do so.  If not, then use a forward tilt to cancel it out.  If
    they get a Pokemon, run away and hang from the edge or something.
    Basically, when they get an item, either dodge it, cancel it, or run away.

=== {15B.} Using Items Effectively ===

|     Food:         |These restore anywhere from about 3% to 8% damage on you.|
|                   |Most of the time, they come in Party Balls where large   |
|                   |amounts of it will come flying out.  When you see this   |
|                   |happen, Wavedash over and gobble it up.                  |
| Maximum Tomato:   |This will restore 50% damage on you. It's uncommon, and  |
|                   |can help you in a match when you're down by a life.  You |
|                   |should air catch this if you see it on a platform or     |
|                   |floating down, otherwise Wavedash over and pick it up.   |
| Heart Container:  |The best recovery item, this will restore a whopping 100%|
|                   |damage on you.  When you see one stop what you're doing  |
|                   |and go get it.  Air catches are great if you see it early|
|                   |enough, but make sure you get this.  It will turn the    |
|                   |tide of the match so make it a point to get this if one  |
|                   |appears (it's very rare though).                         |
|    Warp Star:     |When you grab a hold on to one of these, you will rocket |
|                   |to the sky and come crashing down creating an explosion. |
|                   |After you hit the ground you will bounce up so you can   |
|                   |use an aerial if you opponent dodges it (it can be easily|
|                   |air dodged when timed right).  You can also move these   |
|                   |left and right, but be careful where you move them when  |
|                   |you're near the ledge.  On an interesting note, if your  |
|                   |opponent has godly reflexes they can repel this with     |
|                   |Falco's/Fox's reflector shield (Down B).                 |
|    Ray Gun:       |This shoots blasts of energy at your enemy (it has 16    |
|                   |shots).  If they can't dodge well, keep firing these     |
|                   |shots for a near instant kill (they won't be able to get |
|                   |out of the blasts).  If you're facing a Falco/Fox or     |
|                   |Mario/Doctor Mario don't use this because they can easily|
|                   |reflect it.  This is a great weapon to kill someone with |
|                   |when you need one, so use it whenever you have one.  If  |
|                   |they can get out of your blasts, fire around 13 shots and|
|                   |then throw it.  When they pick it up, they probably won't|
|                   |know it will be shooting blanks in a couple of seconds,  |
|                   |which will leave them open for attack.                   |
|   Super Scope:    |This is a powerful gun that if you hit with a fully      |
|                   |charged laser, your opponent is dead (to charge up just  |
|                   |hold A).  It can easily be Spot Dodged, however (what you|
|                   |should do if someone is charging it up at you) and can be|
|                   |reflected by Fox, Mario etc.  A good way to get one      |
|                   |charged up is to jump into the air and start charging,   |
|                   |release when you hit the ground.  If the charged shot is |
|                   |too risky (it usually is) then tap A to get them caught  |
|                   |up in a stream of shots.  They can DI towards you though,|
|                   |so when you see them coming near that's your queue to    |
|                   |stop firing.                                             |
|   Fire Flower:    |This is one of the least useful items there is.  It can  |
|                   |fire for around 6 seconds and get your opponent caught up|
|                   |in the fire.  Use it when their up against a wall for    |
|                   |maximum effects.  Whatever you do, do NOT use this to    |
|                   |edgeguard because it will allow them to use their Up B   |
|                   |again, thus getting back.  Overall this item isn't too   |
|                   |great; it can be easily avoided and has some wind down   |
|                   |lag which is bad.                                        |
|   Lip's Stick:    |Now this is a great item.  Whenever you hit someone with |
|                   |it, they will sprout a flower on their head which will   |
|                   |deal them damage periodically.  The flower can grow      |
|                   |massive dealing large amounts of damage also if you hit  |
|                   |with it enough.  You should throw this, then catch it and|
|                   |repeat for damage to quickly rack up.                    |
|    Star Rod:      |This is a rod that shoots out 16 tiny stars (but around  |
|                   |4-5 when Sheik or Captain Falcon use it).  It is better  |
|                   |thrown then used because it sends your opponents at a low|
|                   |projectile and very far.  You can also repeatedly throw  |
|                   |this without much fear of it disappearing.  I'd say never|
|                   |attack with this item, throwing it is way too good to    |
|                   |give up.                                                 |
|   Beam Sword:     |The Beam Sword is a tiny purple sword that grows in      |
|                   |length when you use a smash attack with it.  It will grow|
|                   |pretty long and has a lot of power.  You can throw it if |
|                   |you want, but swinging is a better option because it has |
|                   |great range (along with some wind down lag) and has a ton|
|                   |of power.  This right here is a great KO weapon.         |
|   Home Run Bat:   |This is the infamous bat from Home Run Contest.  If you  |
|                   |hit someone with this (a smash attack) then they are     |
|                   |dead.  One on one it's hard to hit with, but is easier in|
|                   |a group.  I don't think anyone would get hit with this   |
|                   |(the startup lag is big), so you should throw it instead |
|                   |for some damage and a possible KO.  Throw it at someone  |
|                   |recovering for deadly effects (make sure not to give them|
|                   |back their Up B, though).                                |
|      Fan:         |This is your standard paper fan that attacks very quickly|
|                   |and is hard to DI out of.  When you snag one, go up to   |
|                   |your opponent and just neutral A the heck out of them for|
|                   |some good damage.  When your opponent DI's out of the    |
|                   |attack, quickly throw the fan at them.  I personally     |
|                   |throw this more than use it to attack, but the neutral   |
|                   |A's have gotten many a player caught up in a huge attack.|
|     Hammer:       |When one of these appears, go and grab it.  You will     |
|                   |barbarically swing it around and other players will run  |
|                   |in terror (it's a one hit kill when they have above 30%  |
|                   |damage).  The head of the hammer will fall off 25% of the|
|                   |time, leaving you vulnerable.  BUT, if you grab the head |
|                   |of the hammer and chuck it at someone, you have an       |
|                   |instant kill.  It's a great item and all, but if the head|
|                   |falls off your pretty much dead, and you can fall in pits|
|                   |without any chance to recover if it's still going.       |
|   Green Shell:    |This is a classical item that will deal a lot of damage  |
|                   |when thrown/kicked and also has a fairly high knockback. |
|                   |When thrown it will slide along the floor hitting        |
|                   |anything in its path and finally fall off the stage.  If |
|                   |you want to get the most use out of this shell, throw it |
|                   |down or up at someone, that way it won't go away when it |
|                   |lands.                                                   |
|   Red Shell:      |Similar to the green shell, the red shell will also slide|
|                   |along the stage, but will stay on one platform and will  |
|                   |home in on the nearest player; knocking them into the air|
|                   |and dealing some damage.  This item is rather annoying,  |
|                   |as characters with reflectors can knock it back at you   |
|                   |dealing more damage than usual.  Your best bet is to use |
|                   |high jumps or go to another platform to avoid this one.  |
|    Flipper:       |This may not seem like a great item, but when used right |
|                   |it is.  When you throw it, it will stay in the air for a |
|                   |short period of time.  It will knock anyone away who     |
|                   |touches it (including you) and then spins wildly.  A very|
|                   |good way to use this is to throw it off the edge, because|
|                   |anyone recovering will get spiked if they hit the bottom |
|                   |of it.                                                   |
|    Freezie:       |This is one of my favorite items in the game.  The       |
|                   |freezie will slide along the ground until it's either    |
|                   |picked up or falls off of the stage.  When you pick one  |
|                   |up throw it at someone to encase them in ice and pop them|
|                   |very high into the air.  Also, they will fall off of the |
|                   |stage if you throw it at them when they are near the     |
|                   |edge.  When whoever was hit with it comes back down,     |
|                   |smash the hell out of them to quickly rack up damage.    |
|   Mr. Saturn:     |This is an odd item that walks around the stage and hits |
|                   |anything in its path, possibly exploding bombs and other |
|                   |useful items.  When you throw it at someone it won't     |
|                   |really move them at all and only deal a little damage.   |
|                   |The trick here is to throw it at them while their shield |
|                   |is up, because it destroys the shield almost completely. |
|                   |If you get two good hits while their shield is up and    |
|                   |it's broken.  Once that happens you can use whatever     |
|                   |attack you want, I would suggest either an Up B or fully |
|                   |charged smash.                                           |
|    Pokeball:      |One of the best items there is, although it is complete  |
|                   |luck whether you will get a good Pokemon or not.  When   |
|                   |you pick up a Pokemon, always throw it downwards and next|
|                   |to your opponent.  Also, always help your Pokemon out.   |
|                   |Once you release one grab your opponent and throw him at |
|                   |your Pokemon so you will get the best results.  If you   |
|                   |get a crap Pokemon - like Wobuffet or Goldeen - don't    |
|                   |fret.  But when you get a useful one - Zapdos, Weezing or|
|                   |Entei, always try to knock your opponent over towards it.|
|                   |And if someone gets the Pokeball before you, run far away|
|                   |and battle on the opposite side of the stage so you don't|
|                   |get hurt or killed by the Pokemon.                       |
|                   |                                                         |
|                   |*Note that you can pick up and Electrode when it turns   |
|                   |black, but you must throw it immediately.                |
|     Bob-bomb:     |One of the best and most dangerous items out there.  When|
|                   |you throw it, it causes massive damage (usually a KO if  |
|                   |they have around 50% damage) but if it's left alone it   |
|                   |will walk around and then explode.  Don't throw it at    |
|                   |close quarters though, because you will get hit by the   |
|                   |explosion.  A safe way to throw it is to jump over them, |
|                   |throw it down and then perform an air dodge.  If you pick|
|                   |one up before it's about to explode then roll and you    |
|                   |won't get hit (this will also get you the Bob-bomb Squad |
|                   |Bonus).                                                  |
|   Motion Sensor   |This is one of the "stealthy" items in the game.  When   |
|       Bomb:       |you throw it, it will stick to whatever it hits (except  |
|                   |another character).  When you get close to it, it will   |
|                   |explode usually resulting in someone getting killed.  One|
|                   |way to use this effectively is to throw it at the other  |
|                   |side of the stage and (hopefully) let your opponent      |
|                   |forget about it.  You can then wait for them to walk into|
|                   |it, or throw them into it for great results.  Also try to|
|                   |throw one right on the ledge, that way anyone recovering |
|                   |will explode if they don't land on the stage.            |
|  Super Mushroom:  |This mushroom will make anyone grow to massive           |
|                   | proportions, gaining weight and power.  Your down smash |
|                   |will be doubly effective here because it will cover a lot|
|                   | of space.  Also it will be harder for the opponent to   |
|                   | kill you.  Basically, this gives you a stat boost for a |
|                   | while, a prime time to make a kill.                     |
|  Poison Mushroom: |This mushroom will make you very small, and also very    |
|                   |light.  Thus, if you get one of these you better run     |
|                   |because any smash attack is going to kill you.  This is  |
|                   |definitely not a good item and should be avoided (the    |
|                   |problem is it's hard to tell apart from the Super        |
|                   |Mushroom).  If you do pick one of these |up, Wavedash out|
|                   |of the way quick otherwise you're as good as dead.       |
|    Starman:       |This is one of the best items because it makes you       |
|                   |invincible.  It will bounce around the level until it    |
|                   |falls off or someone picks it up.  When you see one      |
|                   |immediately go and grab it.  When you have it, your      |
|                   |opponent will most likely run away.  So you should       |
|                   |Wavedash towards them, and then jump backwards and attack|
|                   |(they should try to jump back over you, its all in the   |
|                   |mind games).  Once you get that first hit, proceed to    |
|                   |pummel them for the time you're invincible.              |
|    Parasol:       |This item will slow your descent speed making it easier  |
|                   |to recover and also has decent power when swung as a     |
|                   |smash attack.  When you throw it upwards it will take a  |
|                   |while to come back down because it falls very slow.  It  |
|                   |has very little power when thrown so stick to swinging   |
|                   |this one.  Also, if you want to stop falling slow, hit   |
|                   |down and you will fold up the parasol and fall at normal |
|                   |speed.  Do this when you reach the stage otherwise you   |
|                   |will be a very easy target to hit.                       |
|  Screw Attack:    |While holding this item, your first two jumps will mimic |
|                   |Samus' Up B attack.  Basically you will turn in a yellow |
|                   |ball and damage anyone when you jump.  When you throw it |
|                   |at someone it will cause around 30% damage and will make |
|                   |them vulnerable to attack after they stop spinning.      |
|                   |Throwing this item is the best option.                   |
|                   |                                                         |
|                   |*Note that fast fallers will make a very small arc when  |
|                   |hit with this.  Throw it at someone recovering for an    |
|                   |easy kill if they are far from the stage.                |
|   Metal Box:      |When you hit one of these you will turn metal, making you|
|                   |heavier. Thusly, you won't fly as far but you will fall  |
|                   |very quick, making your recovery worse than it already   |
|                   |is.  I would let your opponent get this one because if   |
|                   |you get hit off your pretty much done for.  But if you   |
|                   |decided to get it, go to the center of the stage so you  |
|                   |have less chance of falling off it.                      |
|    Bunny Hood:    |When you pick up this item, you will have a pair bunny   |
|                   |ears on top of your head.  This item will make you jump  |
|                   |very high, run very quickly, and also you will fall      |
|                   |quickly.  It's hard to control with the unnaturally high |
|                   |jump and the insane speed but can help you play a keep   |
|                   |away game.  Dash canceling is necessary if you want to   |
|                   |use smashes because you will often run right past them.  |
|                   |This item isn't that useful but can help you keep away   |
|                   |from someone.                                            |
|  Cloaking Device: |When you pick this item up (it looks like a round blue   |
|                   |thing) you will turn almost invisible and won't take any |
|                   |damage when your hit.  You can still be killed while     |
|                   |wearing this, depending on how much damage you have.     |
|                   |Once you get used to wearing this item it's really useful|
|                   |to get a KO if you're quick enough.  Make sure you know  |
|                   |where you are while using this, because you have a chance|
|                   |of jumping off the stage if you're not careful.          |
|  Barrel Cannon:   |This is a rare item that has a white arrow painted on it.|
|                   |When thrown it will roll along the ground and suck in    |
|                   |anyone it hits.  They will then have to shoot themselves |
|                   |out of the cannon by pressing A.  If you get caught in   |
|                   |the barrel, then hit A when the arrow is facing the      |
|                   |direction you want to go.                                |
|  Party Ball:      |This is a round ball that opens to release a bunch of    |
|                   |different items.  If you throw it the ball will float    |
|                   |upwards and then release items (you can also hit it until|
|                   |it opens).  42% of the time it will contain a couple of  |
|                   |random items, 36% of the time it will release a whole    |
|                   |bunch of food, 12% of the time it will release five      |
|                   |bob-bombs at one time, and 10% of the time the ball      |
|                   |itself will explode.                                     |

=== {15C.} Items (Generally) Banned in Tournaments ===

1.   Food
2.   Maximum Tomato
3.   Heart Container
4.   Home Run Bat (maybe)
5.   Bob-bomb
6.   Super Mushroom
7.   Poison Mushroom
8.   Starman
9.   Cloaking Device
10.  Party Ball

*Note: It is ultimately the tournament holder's decision on whether items will
be turned on or off and which ones will be banned.  They could ban any item
they want just because they don't like it.  This list is a general basis of
what items will be turned off if items are allowed.  Some of these won't be
banned, but items like the food and Cloaking Device most likely will.

                                              [16.] The End

=== {16A.} Thanks ===

Magus17 would like to thank:

Windu: He formatted this entire FAQ for me.  He also gave the definition of
priority, and listed how much each attack had.  Not only that, but he helped me
in the Character Strategies section and sent me videos to help me write them.
He also gave me the motivation to finish writing this guide. He also fixed many
typos and helped make things sound better/explain them better. Without him, 
mine would never be complete.  Also, his mad definition-making skillz and 
understanding of the game improved and clarified and glorified the whole FAQ by
at least 73.92%.


XiF: He gave me the Intermediate and World Record Break the Target strategies, 
along with the world record time.  He also gave my FAQ the stamp of approval
so I could start writing in the first place.  Also, he started the Great SSBM
FAQ Plan, which inspired me to write a guide in the first place.  Not only
that, he made me write more character strats one night, and helped me with
them.  Not only that, but he made the ASCII Luigi picture along with the

Decadent One: He also gave me the consent to go ahead and write this guide.
Also, I would like to say that he owns with Bowser. >_>

thedan11: He gave me the Hard to World Record strategies for Home Run Contest,
and also was an inspiration for me to get better at HRC.  Not only that, he
helped me learn Luigi's bat drop combo's, so I can one day hit a great score.
Not only that, he was the first HRC pro I spoke with, and basically taught me
most of what I know today.

Sskeeto: He let me use his Beginner to Advanced strategies for Home Run
Contest, along with the descriptions on how to do Luigi's bat drops.  He also
wrote an awesome HRC guide, which happens to be at  Go there for
all your HRC needs.

Pmac135: He told me about the dashing attack while holding an item, and gave me
general strategies for All Star Very Hard mode.  He would like anyone who has
questions about Wavedashing or Stadium to contact him (his AIM is Lord Pmac).
Also, he is godly with Luigi, I would just like to note that. >_>

r1k: He gave me the 10 Man Melee strategies for Luigi, something I could've
never figured out on my own.  Not only that, he wrote a whole guide with videos
to show you how to complete the strats.  A link to it can be found here:  He also let me
use his copyright info, I just changed around the words, XD!

PYh189: For giving me general strategies on 100 man melee, 15 minute melee and
Endless Melee.  He told me what moves to use, and what items will help you get
faster times/kills.  Those helped out a whole lot.

Thieumccloud:  For giving me general strategies on 3 and 15 minute melee. He
also told me what moves/items I should use to get more kills.  It was a great
help, and helped me complete my guide.

spookisfat:  He let me use his general herding strategies and actual strategy
for Luigi's Cruel Melee.  He has a Cruel Melee guide on, and you
should definitely check it out if you want to start playing it.  It's a great
guide and a staple to any Cruel Melee player.

pictish freak: For helping me understand what defines a sex kick, and also
telling me not to use l-cancel as the same word for air dodge.  I had always
called l-canceling and air dodging the same thing, but he helped me realize how
wrong I was.

David Kirk:  Without him, I would've not been able to write up a strategy for
Mr. Game and Watch.  He gave me every piece of information in that strat, and I
thank him greatly for it.  I couldn't have finished this without him.

shdwrptr: For helping me in HRC with a bunch of different characters.  He
helped me learn bat drops, gave me strategies and also a bunch of motivation.

Conquer RON: For also helping me with a bunch of different characters in HRC.
Like shdw, he helped me learn different character's bat drops and gave me 
motivation and strats to use.

SurfingVaporeon: He told me that Mewtwo wasn't a heavy character, he is in fact

And thank you, the reader for reading this Luigi FAQ that I hope will help you

Teh Windu would like to thank:

Teh Windu: Without his awesomeness and experitse at everything that has to do
with gaming, formatting, and life in general, nothing in this world would be

Magus17: I...I guess I could say he gave me the bare bones of the FAQ for me to
awesomeate and spice up and upgrade and make readable and stuff...>_>

XiF: Although he didn't help me as much as Magus did (my right-hand man in the
makings of the FAQ), throughout the formatting he kept me focused while we
talked over AIM (or maybe he split my focus...>_>). Either way, he's a good guy
to know and along with Magus, a good friend over the 'Net.

Everyone involved in the "Great SSBM FAQ Plan": Qwester, Decandant One,
NintendoAddict, and CunningKitsune, along with all the rest of the gang have
been great. They're all really nice and friendly and if D1 is reading this, I
hope he gets AIM or MSN soon..

Teh YP: You don't know him, but he's my best friend. He's the one that owns the
game. I just play it every day.

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