Question from balamana

Asked: 5 years ago

I can't beat King Boo, I know how, but I can't do it, can you help?

Like I said, I know that you need to suck up the spikey ball and shoot it back at his stomach, but every time I do, he either runs up to the balls and spits fire, or it goes through his legs.

Accepted Answer

From: REFUGEEturbo18 5 years ago

When he crouches down before he spits fire) shot the spicky ball at his head.His hea will come off and king boo will be floatting around. Try to suck him in, but be careful bowsers head will be shotin' ice at you while your trying to suck in king boo.

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Wait until he crouches, you're supposed to hit him in the head,not the stomach.

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Wait until he crouches then let him have it

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sorry, if I spelled some wofs bad....I was in a rush.

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Again, sorry my key board dosn't work.

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