Question from bandit1960

Where do I find the uncle????????

the blackout just happened and professor just told me to find the ghost uncle. professor said he likes rooms with mirrors. I cheked the mirror room, mom's room, and the main room where when you go to the mansion thats the first room you end up in. Any suggestions?

bandit1960 provided additional details:

Thanx. I beat the game. Man king boo was a real pain. But anyhow, thank you. I was just about to quit. But the info you gave me helped me beat it.

Accepted Answer

Marke24601 answered:

He's in the 3rd room you entered in area 1, connected to to the anteroom.
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genis_sage777 answered:

He is in the room with the dressers, go up the stairs and go to the large door, and go ahead 3 rooms.
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