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Where can I find all of Mario's Items?

Can someone PLEASE tell me how to find ALL of his items?
I only found his letter and hat.
Please help!!

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Xaragon64DS answered:

Mario's Hat- Laundry Room, in the washing machine.
Letter- Courtyard, found in a birdhouse near where you find Toad in a shed.
Star- Observatory, look through the telescope and the room will fall apart, you will see the moon. Vacuum the yellow starbits and aim at the moon, if you hit it, a rainbow road will take you to a rock platform with a starman on it.
Mario's Glove- Projection Room, after defeating Slim Bankshot in the Billiards Room, defeat all the ghosts in the next room, a chest will appear with the glove inside it.
Mario's Boot- The Twin's Room, defeat the Twins and a chest will appear, containing the Boot.
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