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How do I beat the fat ghosts eating in the dining room?

I've made it to the dining room and I found the ghost eating, and I got the candles around him lit but I don't know how to suck him in. Can anyone help me?

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eskimobob1234 answered:

that ghost was kind of easy.his name is Mr. Luggs, by the way. since you already have the candles, you have to suck up the jelly thing on his plate. he will get mad, but then ghost waiters try to fill his plate again. suck them up(there are 2) and he will get REALLY MAD! he will spit fire at you, so you'll have to dodge him. when he tires out, suck him up. repeat until he is in the poltergust 3000( he is an optional ghost, so you don't have to, but you will get lots of money.)
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supersonicfan1 answered:

First you light the candles, then you suck up the waiters, then suck all of his food up, then dodge fire balls that he spits,last suck him up.
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hihi34567890123 answered:

first light all the candles on the table so that he is visible. then suck up his rice.two waiters will come to feed him more food defeat them. suck the remaning rice. the"food ghost" will get mad and spit fire balls at you,dodge them. when he gets tired defeat him. to get money and 1-2 boos!(Note: this is optional and you have to stun him.
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