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Hidden Mansion?

I heard that there is a

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Whoa, what the heck happened? I am so sorry for that. Either way, I heard that there is a "Hidden Mansion" in the game. I don't own the game to make it clear. Is the "Hidden Mansion" a myth? If it is not, then how to you unlock it?

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Awesometor answered:

Yes there definitely is. To obtain this mode you must save Mario from King Boo. Then it will give you a letter grade on how you did in that game. Then save,and go on the same file. When you meet E. Gadd,go through the training etc. you will get the option. Plus when you know you've beaten the game on that file a star will show at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

I hope this helped you and have a good mansioning or something.....
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Chrisawesomenes answered:

There is, in fact, a hidden mansion. You unlock it by beating the game.
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Zelda_Freek227 answered:

To get to the hidden mansion you must beat the game.
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disruptivename7 answered:

That is what I thought too, but when I finshed it, it gave me a letter grade, based on how much money I had gotten. You will see Professor E. Gadd at the end, and he will give you the option.
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MitchellFarted answered:

yes there is a "hidden Mansion" at the end after beating King Boo and rescuing Mario. Depending on how much money you collected, the "hidden Mansion" might differ in some ways (sry i havent done this yet myself, but im pretty sure due to other questions and anwsers on this site)

hope i helped
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thegamemaster8 answered:

The Hidden Mansion is Unlocked when you beat the Game the first Time, then replay the Game from the same Save File without erasing it. You do not need to meet any special requirements other than beating the Game.

When you replay the Game, E. Gadd will give you the option to go to the Mansion or the Hidden Mansion. When in the Hidden Mansion, a Star will appear next to the Game Boy Horror in the lower corner of the Screen.

The Hidden Mansion looks and plays like the original but differs a bit. Ghosts are a bit more agressive and faster, but Luigi's Poltergust 3000 has a bit more power making it easier for him to whittle down Ghosts' HP more quickly.

The Hidden Mansion is also perfect when trying to get a Big Pearl from Potrait Ghosts (Big Pearls appear when you suck away at least 90 HP from a Portarit Ghost without breaking your hold on it and give the Ghost's Portrait a Gold Frame in E. Gadd's Museum).
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