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When the power goes out wher do you find the old ghost?

After you suck up all the boos on the balcony

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romeo777 answered:

Uncle Grimmly is in the Wardrobe Room. Have your back at him for a while, and when he shows his heart, it's time to vacuum him. When you're done, a chest with the Breaker Room key will appear.
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SonicRobot3000 answered:

i agree with romeo777. He is right! you could also look it up in the faqs section area 3!
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DarkFuryBeast answered:

Uncle Grimmlys in the wardrobe room. I know, the first place you think of is the mirror room when Professor E. Gadd says (He likes rooms with mirrors). You can suck up all the ghosts on the way, but it takes a while. So if your just interested in beating the game, just ignore the ghosts. But if your trying to get an A rank, now is the best time to go golden mouse and blue ghost hunting. I've even heard that their are a few blue ghosts you can only get during the black out. As for sucking up Uncle Grimmly, just turn your back till he starts booing and his heart shows, then quickly stun him with the flash light and suck him up. He has a very short time where hes vulnerable, but hes still easy to get.
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