Question from nemomen101

Asked: 4 years ago

Where are the mouse holes?

I found one next to the laundry room but i cant find the other one.

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There is only one mouse hole in the game which is the one in the butler's room.

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There is only 1 mouse hole. he is right. accept his answer

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this may be one of my all time favorite games. The answer is yes there is one in the laundry room. If your talking about the golden mice that appear you put your flashlight on the ceiling and walk the other way and it should appear there is a list in the cheats section of where they are. There is one other which teniquely isnt a mouse hole but once you defeat the dog you go with your gameboy horror and take a picture of the doghouse hole and you go to the second area boss hope this helps :-D

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There is one in the butlers room but if you mean the cheese locations there is four

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