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difference between huanted mansion and the Hidden Mansion?

i want to know if there are any differences between the huanted mansion and the "hidden mansion" and what is the difference between the ranked hidden mansions (hidden mansion A, hidden mansion B hidden Mansion C ect.)?

MitchellFarted provided additional details:

I (FINALLY!) beat bowser/king boo, turns out, that my "hidden mansion" was in complete reverse! :O

MitchellFarted provided additional details:

umm... wat is PAL version?

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---Nintendo--- answered:

Oh, then you have the PAL version, so the major differences are:

- The mansion is morrored (which you already know)
- There are more ghosts
- Some boss fights are different (like Boolossus)
- Rooms are darker
- Most Boos have different HP
- 50 HP hearts no longer exist
- Blue ghosts and golden mice give you a silver diamond
- You need 45 Boos to fight the last boos insted of 40
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disruptivename7 answered:

I haven't finished it yet, but I believe that the hidden mansion is just Luigi's new Mansion without ghosts...I think. I DON'T KNOW! Maybe you should ask someone who finshed it.
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---Nintendo--- answered:

The only differences between the normal and the hidden mansion are that in the hidden mansion enemies deal more damage, the Poltergust is 1.5 times more powerful, you start with the first key and you will have a star next to the Gameboy Horror.

Now, the differences between the ranked mansions are that the better the rating, the biggest the mansion becomes, if you manage to get rank H, the mansion will turn into a tent.
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