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Asked: 2 years ago

Where can I find the key to the balcony and to whatever room just next door to the Safari room?

I need help. I cannot find the key to the balcony. And I've looked everywhere to find it. I found not a single room with a blue treasure box that's closed. What should I do?

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It's been a long time since I played this, but judging from the FAQ written by Alxs, you get the key from vacuuming up all the ghosts in the Wardrobe Room. It leads to the balcony, and if you just continue out there you'll soon find the other key you're looking for. I think.

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Which balcony are you talking about? The 2F Balcony doesn't need a key, and the 3F Balcony's key is in the Safari Room. And the Key to the Artist's Studio (the room next door to the Safari Room) is in the Cold Storage.

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