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What do I do in the butlers room?

I don't know what to do in the butlers room.

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Gravidef answered:

You need to have the Fire Element Medal. Use it to light the floating candelabra that floats up and down the upper part of the hall. Shivers the Butler will become visible; run to the Butler's Room (if you follow Shivers, he plays a trick and goes the other way first), and wait for him. When he arrives, suck him up! There's also a small mouse hole on the right wall. If you examine that with the Game Boy Horror, you can find a hidden room full of treasure!
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bpkevoIII answered:

First clear the laundry room and light shivers candles and before he gets to his room suck up all the ghost mice in his room and wait for him, you should catch him easyer examin the mouse hole when your done and be sure to have alot of fire element left because there are like 4 or 5 ice ghosts hiding in certian chests in the hidden room
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BlueLink57 answered:

When you find the key to the Fortune Teller Room, go there. The door on the right goes to the Mirror Room, clear it, you will be able to use Fire. Get some Fire. Go to the floating candles in the hallway and light them with your Fire. The carrier will be revealed as Shivers the Butler. He will run into the right path first, as a trick, go to the Laundry Room, and then to the Butler's Room. Shivers will eventually appear, and as he is tending to the Fire, suck him up. The mouse hole on the right leads to a Treasure Room and restock on Fire before you go there!
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