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How do I defeat bowser?

I keep throwing the spikes at him and it never does anything.
I've done it for an hour straight and I still haven't beaten him!

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Gamekidg7 answered:

Suck the balls and shoot them at his face when it's close to the ground. The head will pop up, and the king will come out. Start sucking him. If he escapes, do this again.
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DragonoidDelta answered:

You need to avoid his others attack (else than spike bomb) when he throw some take them with your vaccum, than shoot it him his face when he breath fire, if you hit him hie head will pop-out and King Boo leave he have 100 HP try to catch him, repeat the manoeuver until his dead... watch out sometime bowser head put itself upside down and bowser begins to run anyhow!
Good Luck it take practice to get him without be hit!
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drhaley37 answered:

Avoid his atacks in tell he thwors three balls. Then point your POLTER GUEST 3000 at one suck you know wehan you can blow the ball waen move a lettle bit then right before he blows fire at ya YOU SHOOT HIM!!!!!. Then king boo comes out him he weil have 500hp he first comes out start sucking him he loses hp fast just so you know he weil start draging all over the roof butt you fight back and wail all this is hapning bowser is shooting ice chunks at you start scwerming avoid him. Trust me this works i have used this stratge to win this game all 3 times. i hope this weil help
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antman31699 answered:

Suck in the balls he throws and push them back at him.
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