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Is KingBoo part of the 50 boos?

I've gotten 49 boos and i cant find the 50th boo.

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Gamekidg7 answered:

No, there are 50 boos. The king is NOT one of them. You know how after you beat the ghosts on the roof there will be a chest on the left chimney? Well there is a chimney on the right, Fall down in it. You will find yourself in a sealed room (its the one on the second floor with the door boarded up). Fight the ghosts by opening one of the chests. 5-7 ghosts will come. Beat them all. In the new chest is a key. In the others are either nothing or cash. (To get out of here, use the mirror.) The key will take you to 2 rooms. In one room, use fire to light the candles(there is fire in there as well as water) & get the ghosts. Before you go to the next room, get water. Use it on the bed. You find a portrait ghost there. After you beat it, go out of the room. There will be a loud thump. Go back in the room. The room should be flipped back to normal. Check these rooms. If all else fails, search every single room.
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---Nintendo--- answered:

King Boo is not one of the 50 Boos, there are 35 Boos hidden all around the mansion and 15 Boos that are part of Boolossus (the boss you fight in the balcony).
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emac2112 answered:

I think that there might be only 49 boos because I cant find it either
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emac2112 answered:

No, in the butlers room there is a mouse hole to the left of the stack of toliet paper it is the same thing as the doghouse you used to get to the second boss, you will need fire, after you beat all the ghosts in there the room will light up and a boo will appear.
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nolan0wnz answered:

yes he is one of the boo's because i've got a book saying "A direct hit will knock his head off and he can be sucked up like any of his 49 brothers that you've already delivered to the professor"
So heis.
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goppers answered:

No King Boo is not one of the 50 Boos because I've caught all 50 and got the gold diamond BEFORE I faced King Boo. So "---Nintendo---" and "Gamekidg7" are right.
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goppers answered:

By the way, there is a Boo in the room where you release them.
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lil_trevor8 answered:

King boo is not one of the boos. u must search every room again maybe but king boo is not part of the 50. goppers,emac, and gamekidg are correct.
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myers4325 answered:

Look, king boo isn't one of the 50. if he was, then how would you get the gold diamond from it. you'd just beat the game and not get it. if one of the boos got away to where you can't get it, and you beat an area, it goes back where it started. i've gotten the 50 boos and know he isn't one. so go check all the secret rooms and see if you missed one anywhere. you'll eventually find it.
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howkeeepsstelli answered:

NO it is not and I just caught the last boo.
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MexicanWalrus answered:

He isn't.

You'll find the 50th Boo if you just keep looking.

Hope you find it. :D
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Fs18 answered:

King Boo is part of the 50 Boos
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mechmaster400 answered:

No, he isn't. I ha to catch all 50 before I could even enter King Boo's room.
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