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The Ghouls [difference]?

Whats the differences of the ghosts on NTSC and PAL versions on the game [check the pics for why i asked this question, the ones with luigi seeing the first ghost in the game page1.]?

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Also check the other pages.

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Start from the last page.

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---Nintendo--- answered:

In the PAL version there are more normal ghosts, which are faster, bosses are harder and have different attacks, some Boos have more HP, you need 45 Boos to fight King Boo (rather than 40 like in the NTSC version) and money ghosts give you blue diamonds.
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MexicanWalrus answered:

Again, Nintendo's answer is spot on.

You should close this answer before too many people post on here.

Hope you found the answer you were looking for. :D
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russel99 answered:

The orange ones have 10 health, and the pink ones have 20.
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