Question from jesseds619

Asked: 3 years ago

How do I beat the ghost in the study?

i am in the study now I sucked up the annoying book and whenever I point my flashlight at him and he goes away what do I do?

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From: DARKX150 3 years ago

You have to wait for the right moment. turn your flashlight away from him. when you see him yawn turn your flashlight toward him then his heart will appear. ( like many other normal ghosts) use you vacuum (R button) and analog stick to take him down!

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Oh yah and good luck hunting ghosts! :)

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Simple, just face the opposite direction (The wall with the door you just came trough, duh) and wait till he yawns. As soon as he does turn around and stun him with your flashlight, then suck him up. If your too far away he'll vanish, but he'll return in a few seconds. If you can't suck him completely the first time just wait, he'll be back.

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To beat him, you must shine your light when he yawns and then he'll freeze. Then, you vaccum up his life until you suck him up.

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All you have to do is turn around and DON'T look at him. Soon, he's going to yawn. When he does, turn around, shine your flashlight on him, and start sucking!

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