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Different art for the Ghost Pictures?

I've beaten the game and I've gotten all picture frames gold, now I got some of the gold frames in the original mansion, and I got the rest(When I actually knew their was a copper to gold picture frame quest) in the hidden mansion. My question is some of the pictures which I think who's gold frames I unlock in the hidden mansion have their art changed. For instance the grannys picture is swirled and the Baby's pic has a different texture. Is this because I have got the gold frames in the hidden mansion or is it, because I got their gold frames the second time playing, also if I beat it again on the normal mansion will the pics change back to the original art texture?

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That's not what I'm asking vipsoccermaster, some of the paintings I have are disoriented or have a different texture the then the original. I'm asking how that happened.

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No you don't, I'm not talking about the frames I'm talking about the picture

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For the third Dang time, I'm not talking about the frames I'm well aware that if you get a gold you can't go back to silver, bronze, etc. I'm talking about the picture itself.

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Your telling me that the original paintings all have different textures?

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You get Gold frames if you manage to get the big pearl (by sucking up at least 90 health points in one vacuum suck). If you do not collect the big pearl and instead collect medium pearls, you would get a Silver frame. If you were only able to get small pearls, then you would get a Bronze frame. In bosses, the frame you get depends on how much health you have by the time you defeat the boss. If you have 1-59 points of health, you would get bronze. If you have 60-89 health points, you would get silver. If you have 90-100, you would get gold. Hope that helps.

And no, once you get silver, you cannot get bronze, once you get gold, you cannot get bronze or silver. You can get them, but they will not replace the ones you gotten already unless it's a better version of it. So if you get a Gold on one of the ghosts in the normal mansion, and get the Silver on the same ghost in the hidden mansion, you will get Silver, but the Gold will remain. If you get a Silver on one of the ghosts in the normal mansion, and get the Gold on the same ghost in the hidden mansion, the Gold will replace the Silver.

And it doesn't matter if you do it on normal or the hidden mansion, it's just easier to get gold in the hidden mansion, since the vacuum power is stronger. Hope that answers your question.

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I apologize. I understand the question now. It's still the same frame whether or not you do it in The Mansion or The Hidden Mansion. It's the same result for all frames. It never changes.

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Each picture has two versions. One for a gold frame, and one for the other two frames. If you get a gold frame, you get the gold frame picture. Like vipsoccermaster said, once you have the gold frame, you can't replace it. That means that once you have the gold frame picture, you will always have the gold frame picture.

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If you mean how some paintings look like they're drawn in different utensils or patterns, then that isn't caused by anything, they just all look different.

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