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Asked: 3 years ago

Speedy Spirit?

There is a website that says there is a Speedy Spirit hidden in the Butler's Room. I checked everywhere, but I didn't find one. By the way, I've played through the game tons of times....without catching that thing. Was it lying?

Additional details - 3 years ago

I already knew all that. But thanks, your answer is accepted!

Accepted Answer

From: Twilightmstr 3 years ago

It was lying...
here's where the speedy (blue) ghosts are:

- Billiard's Room: in the table with a chess
- Breaker Room: in the left table
- Cellar: in the left box
- Conservatory: in the piano seat
- Dining Room: in the left cabinet
- Hidden Room: in the right chest
- Kitchen: in the dishwasher
- Nana's Room: in the right sofa
- Nursery: in the cradle
- Rec Room: in the right bike
- Sealed Room: in the right chest
- Storage Room: in the right chair
- Study: in the chair behind the desk
- Twin's Room: in the bed
-Wardrobe Room: in the right wardrobe
(of course while the room still is dark)

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