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Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find Extra hearts?

Whenever I start my game I have low health. Is there somewhere you go to refill on hearts?

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From: Gravidef 5 years ago

You can usually find hearts in the vases that line the hallways in the Mansion-vacuum or knock on them to set them go. There are other locations that always have big hearts-one is the heart-shaped dresser in the Nursery. White Hanging Ghosts (Ceiling Surprises) always give one off when you suck them up, too. Hope that helps!

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Go to the first boss room and suck up the dresser. Leave the hallway and come back for more health.

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In Chauncy's room, (the baby) there is a 50hp heart in a cheast on the dresser in the nroth right courner.

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Actually, in addition to Chauncy's Room, rooms close to where Boss Battles are normally have 50 HP Hearts. You just gotta bang around. For example, in the Safari Room (the one before your battle with Boolossus), head to the far right part of the Room. A Chineses Box on an End Table holds one of the Big Hearts.

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There are 4 Big Hearts for 50 HP back, one on each floor.
On Floor 1, it's in one of the graves in Bogmire's Graveyard.
On Floor 2, it's in the Baby's bedroom, in the dresser in the back right-hand corner.
On Floor 3, it's in the Safari Room, in the chest-like purse in the close right-hand corner.
In the Basement, it's in the cellar, in the shelf in the middle.
There is none on the roof. Hope this helps you!

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