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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I get past (Nursery)?

How do I vacuum the baby in the nursery stage without dying?

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From: Gravidef 5 years ago

OK, this is the first boss! So, here's a strategy:

1. First, make the rocking horse in the corner rock.
2. Next, suck up the Teddy bears that he throws at you.
3. Suck up the beach ball next to the bed, and then expel it (use L) and hit the little guy.
4. After he shrinks you, the battle is on! First, dodge his rocking horses; you can see them coming.
5. Chauncey will then hurl beach balls at you. Dodge them, and pick up the one that's left behind. Expel it again, and smack the giant baby.
6. He'll be stunned; start draining his life then!
7. After he breaks free (and he will; it's impossible to do it in one), dodge his body slams.
8. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Hopefully this works! Good luck!

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Shoot him with the ball that stays and start your vacum.

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