FAQ/Walkthrough by TSawyers

Updated: 02/02/02 | Printable Version

Date: Monday, 7 January 5:51 (EST)

By: Thomas Sawyers <tesawyers@msn.com>


L U I G I ' S   M A N S I O N


Table of Contents

I: Updates
II: Introduction
III: Story
IV: Controls
V: Walkthrough 
VI: Bosses
VII: Items/Elements
VIII: Secrets/Tips
IX: Copyright and Contact Information


I: Updates

1-11-02: Well, it WAS my first guide, and there were plenty of 
mistakes. I fixed them...hopefully. You may run across a few more, but I 
have good intentions, so keep that in mind. I apologize for any 

1-12-02: I fixed some slight errors, and I'm working on a few new 

2-2-02: Some people let me in on a few errors, and I patched them up. I 
added some Blue Ghost Locations, and some Boo Strategies, as promised.  

II: Introduction

     Luigi, strangely enough, won a huge mansion via a contest he 
didn't even enter. He decided to throw a party there with his brother, 
Mario. Upon arrival, Mario is captured by ghosts and imprisoned within 
the mansion. Luigi arrives and discovers the news. Your job is to 
navigate throughout the mansion and capture ghosts for Prof. Elvin 
Gadd. Using your Polterghost 3000 (vacuum), you must suck them up and 
acquire keys, which are perfectly scattered throughout the mansion, to 
venture further into it. This is no easy task, however. There are 4 
floors, and plenty of traps. Are you up to the challenge?


III: Story

     One day, Luigi received an unexpected message: You've won a huge 
mansion! Naturally, he got very excited and called his Brother, Mario. 
"Mario, it's me, Luigi. I won myself a big mansion! Meet me there and 
we'll celebrate, what do you say?"
     Luigi tried to follow the map to his new mansion but the night was 
dark and he became hopelessly lost in an eerie forest along the way. 
Finally, he came upon a gloomy mansion on the edge of the woods. 
According to the map, this mansion seemed to be the one Luigi was 
looking for. As soon as Luigi set foot in the mansion, he started to 
feel nervous. Mario, who should have arrived first, was nowhere to be 
seen. Not only that, but there were ghosts in the mansion!
     Suddenly, a ghost lunged at Luigi! "Mario! Help meee!" that's when 
a strange old man with a vacuum cleaner on his back appeared out of 
nowhere! This strange fellow managed to rescue Luigi from the ghosts, 
then the two of them escaped...
     It just so happened that the man, Prof. Elvin Gadd, who lived ear 
the house, was researching his favorite subject, ghosts. Luigi told 
Prof. E. Gadd that his brother Mario was missing, so the professor 
decided to give Luigi two inventions that would help him search for his 
     Luigi's not exactly known for his bravery. Can he get rid of all 
the prank-loving ghosts and find Mario?


IV: Controls

Control Stick: 
- Move Luigi.
- Toggle throughout the Start Screen and Game Boy Horror menus.

A Button:  
- Examine objects.
- Open/Unlock a door.
- Display next message.
- Choose an option.
- Zoom (Floor Map mode).

B Button: 
- While in dark rooms, hold to turn off flashlight.
- Cancel.

X Button: 
- Search Mode (Luigi's Perspective).

Y Button:
- Floor Map.

Z Button:
- Item List.

L Button:
- Expel current element (Press harder for better effect; see Section 
VII for details).

R Button:
- Use the Vacuum Cleaner to suck things up (Press harder for better 

- Change direction of Flashlight and Vacuum Cleaner.

     There are two controller styles to use. If you're a beginner, it's 
best to stick with the default one. But once you get the hang of things 
you can use the Sidestep controller style to help you suck up ghosts a 
bit easier. It's helpful for ghost-catching, but it's a pain for pretty 
much everything else.


V: Walkthrough


     Avoid the cursed door and talk to Toad. Listen to his story and 
select "Leave it to me!". Do this every time. When you see a Toad, you 
see a saving point. It's important to save, and there's only two ways 
of doing it: By Toad, and by Boo Capture. Toads are a bit more 
reliable. Save, then go to the 2nd floor. Vacuum the chandelier and grab 
the cash. Money isn't important now, but it determines Luigi's reward 
for completing the game. Always try hard to earn money! Vacuum the 
remaining coins and re-enter the Parlor. After all, it's the only 
unlocked door!

     Search the room for money and then vacuum the purple candles. Get 
ready, your first battle draws near! After they finally shut up, use E 
Gadd's tactic and suck in the ghosts. Believe me, it works. There are 
three who need dealt with. Afterwards, grab the key, and the GB Horror 
will appear. Use this to pinpoint the door to which the key fits.


     This room has more ghosts in it. Get used to it, all dark rooms 
do. Check for change and exit left.

Wardrobe Room

     Defeat all ghosts in here EXCEPT the one in the leftmost cabinet. 
Check the right cabinet first. This ghost is a quick one. With some 
skill, you can stun him nearby and suck him in for a ton of money. Now 
clean the rest of the room and exit left. Save the game, and head back 
inside. Grab the key by the ceiling by using the Vacuum and C-Stick, 
then head to the newly-accessible door.

Hallway B

	This hallway has two fake doors, they're on the top wall, the 2nd 
and 3rd ones. There are easy ways to tell if a door is fake or real. One 
is to see if carpet leads to the doorway. If so, the door is real. 
However, there isn't always carpet. I just use the vacuum. Oddly 
enough, if the door DOESN'T move when it's aimed at it, it's fake. Take 
caution of this, if you try to enter a fake door, you'll knock 10 off 
your life, and lose coins as well. If anyone has any more ways to 
identify fake doors, please feel free to contact me.
     Enter the first door.


     In this room you'll know precisely what E. Gadd was talking about. 
You'll see a ghost, but it can't be sucked in, can it? Incorrect. This 
is a Portrait Ghost. It has a whopping 100HP, and reveals its heart 
only under certain conditions. I just stare at the wall and evade the 
incoming books. The ghost will eventually yawn--and reveal its heart. 
Now's your chance. Suck it in, no need to stun it. As it's being sucked 
in, pearls will appear. They are worth good money. On top of that, the 
pictures which E Gadd's machine will turn the ghosts into will turn out 
nicer if you collect larger pearls. Why? No clue. Just do it.
     The longer you keep the ghost at bay with the vacuum, the larger 
pearls it will begin to spew. If you get it to about 15HP or so, a huge 
pearl will pop out. Then the picture will be crystal-clear...perhaps.

Hallway B

     Enter the west-most door.

Master Bedroom

     Here's another Portrait Ghost. Raid the room of treasure, then 
suck the curtains to the left. "Ooh! Such a draft!" That's your cue. 
Suck her in. If you've noticed, a stupid poison mushroom will appear if 
you keep the ghost within the limits of the vacuum long enough. You 
can't do much about them, just pray that it won't hit you. If it does, 
you'll shrink for about 15-20 seconds, and lose a ton of coins. After 
the ghost is a goner, suck the ceiling fan for a long while. 
Eventually, money will pop out.

Hallway B 

     Enter the door with the baby in it. It zooms in on it, so it's 
kind of hard to miss. 


     Collect the coins by the horse, then the 50HP heart inside the 
cabinet. Suck the horse until the baby confronts you. Locate the ball, 
and suck it into the Vacuum. Hold R and aim at the baby. Release R and 
nail it. Check the Boss section for the remainder of the battle. ... Yes, 
there's more.
     After you've won, you'll see a chest. Collect the Pink Key and 
you'll return to E Gadd's Lab. From there, you'll watch the machine I 
told you about. Afterwards, you can go to the Gallery, Training, or 
Mansion. Choose either, but once you choose Mansion, come on back to 
the guide. Deal?


     Since you have the Pink Key, you can enter the Cursed Door. Do so, 
but not before saving.

Hallway B

     You'll be here a lot. Take a right, a left, then another left, 
followed by one more, and a final one just before you reach the second 
Cursed Door.      
Bathroom B

     You'll hate these ghosts, trust me. Avoid them until they are next 
to each other. When they are, suck them in at once. If you fail to, one 
could grab you. Shake the control stick to free yourself, and use the 
two seconds of pity they feel to capture them. Grab the key. Exit. 

Hallway B

     Enter the Ballroom.


     Guess what! Another breed of ghosts. Suck their masks off, then 
proceed to suck them up as normal. After they're all gone, another 
Portrait Ghost will appear. Stand on the rotating platform until the 
ghosts bow, and in turn reveal their heart. Suck it in, grab the key, 
and head up.

Storage Room

     Surprise, surprise, clean the room of ghosts, then press the 
switch on the bottom wall. Next, suck off the poster, then hit the next 
switch. Boo-time baby. You'll unleash 51 Boos. 50 of which need to be 
caught, and 1, the strongest of all, who is the boss of the game. Suit 
up, it's going to be a long ride.


     Retrace your steps. Re-enter all rooms you already have minus the 
Bathroom. Use the GB Horror to pinpoint the Boos. Sometimes you'll 
uncover a bomb, if so, run. Other times you'll uncover a Boo Ball. Suck 
it up and shoot it anywhere. Rarely, you'll uncover the Boo itself. 
They're not hard to capture; just simply hold R. They like to flee. If 
they do, go to the room to which they fled quickly. If it's locked, 
return to the area later. 
     Collect at least 5 Boos then enter the Washroom. It's just beneath 
the Bathroom.  

Washroom A

     Simply save and check the toilet and sink in here.           

Fortune-Teller's Room

     Don't do anything in here yet, unless you really want to. Just 
keep in mind that the Crystal Ball is actually a Fortune Teller. Bring 
her Mario's dropped items and she'll bring you important information. 
Exit right.

Mirror Room

     Boy, you'll love this room. There's a mirror. Imagine that. Ghosts 
appear in here, but there's a catch. You can only see their reflection. 
If one's coming from the top, check the bottom. The ghosts stir up a 
bit of dust when they appear, so that can help you find them too.
     Clear the room and catch the Boo. A tip: Boos are in rooms with 
ghosts or important things. There aren't any outside or by Toads. Open 
the chest and get the Fire Element. E. Gadd will give you the details. 

Fortune-Teller's Room

     Light the candles to get a key. Exit up.

Hallway B

     From here, go left until you reach the door at the end; 
conveniently located next to a few bats. Easily dealt with. Enter.

Laundry Room

     It's dark, there's spooky noises. You know the drill. Defeat the 
ghosts and open the washer. Tada! It's Mario's Hat! Raid the room of 
treasure, and exit down, being sure to avoid the fake door. 

Butler's Room
     There's not much to this room as of yet. Check the pail behind the 
candle for a gem. Catch some fire, and look around for money. Check 
near the toilet paper for a mouse hole. Search it and it will suck you 
inside to a hidden room.

Hidden Room
     It's hidden all right, and for good reason. It seems this is where 
the family heirlooms are kept. It's loaded with money! There are 
Elemental Ghosts lurking about in here within the chests, so listen up. 
Use the fire on them to stun them, THEN use the flashlight. Suck them 
all in to turn on the lights, lure a Boo into hiding, and gain you 
access to yet another chest.
     Keep in mind that there are other Elemental Ghosts in the game. 
Some yield fire, some water, and some ice. Use fire to stun ice, water 
to stun fire, and ice to stun water. Yes, there's ice, moron. ;) Exit 

Butler's Room

     Refill your fire gauge, and head back to the hallway, where I'm 
sure by now you've seen a ghost carrying a candle.   

Hallway B

     Light the candles floating about, then quickly return to the 
Butler Room; the area to which the retard will run out of panic. 

Butler's Room

     Back again, I know. Rid yourself of the mice running ramped around 
the room, then prepare to suck in the one being in the game who's more 
of a coward than Luigi. Pity. Do him in, then grab the key. Onward!


     This place is...different. Hit the instruments to activate them all, 
then walk to the piano. The pianist (a Portrait Ghost, BTW), will 
appear and play a melody. Guess correctly and she'll attack you with 
music sheets! Don't panic just yet! Suck them in, then suck her in. For 
future reference, searching for money and Boos in the ghost rooms 
should now be a habit, so I'm not going to remind you anymore. I'm not 
THAT dedicated. Grab the key, exit down.

Hallway B

     Head to the Dining Hall with your new key.

Dining Hall

     Inside lies another Portrait Ghost, Mr. Luggs (LOL). First suck 
off the table cloth, then light the candles on the table. Suck in   
Mr. Lugg's food, until the ghostly chefs bring him more. Suck them in, 
quickly, then continue to suck in the food. When he's out, you'll know 
it. The surprisingly irritating melody chimes in, and he'll shoot 
projectiles at you. Run in a random motion and he'll stop firing. Now 
stun him and suck him in. Try hard to do him in, he doesn't show his 
heart often. You'll win a chest, with......more money! Exit left.


     There's only one ghost in here, but he's Elemental. Eliminate the 
flying cooking utensils, then SUCK open the fridge. If you normally 
open it, you'll take damage. Defeat the ghost as described above, and 
you'll win the Water Element. Zing!
     But before you catch some water, catch some fire. Open the oven 
and light it for a shiny gem. Pretty. Now ignite the fire using water, 
and exit into the Boneyard.  


     This is just annoying. Water the plant, then water the soil 
itself. Lure the dog around a bit and a ghost (Mr. Bones) will pop out. 
Defeat him and a bone will pop out. While the doggie is distracted by 
it, suck him in, pronto. Search the dog box for a portal. Enter it. 
Welcome to the Graveyard.


     First off, snatch the gem inside the spouting. Then check the 
center tombstones. You'll summon three Mr. Bones'. Defeat them all, 
then grab the 50HP heart in the northwest tombstone. Why 50HP? There's 
a boss three feet from you! The Bogmire strategy is in the Boss 
Section. Tallyho! 
     Snatch the Green Key and warp back to E. Gadd. Watch the cinema of 
ghost-contraption again. Report to the Mansion, posthaste.


     Remember the cursed door on Hallway B? Go there. Open it to report 
to the Courtyard.


     This place isn't a hassle, really. Just check the area for items, 
and don't forget to check the Birdhouse. You'll need to give that item 
to Madam Clairvoya. Defeat the dangling ghosts that appear on tree 
limbs to light the area and win more money. Grab some water from the 
fountain. See that well over there? Climb in, I think you'll want to 
see what's going on inside...
     On your way out, defeat another dangling ghost, the damn things, 
and get a key. Enter the Rec Room, which is to the east of the Well, 
but not before saving via Toad, who seems to be in the one spot there 
is to hide.

Rec Room

     Another ghost is lifting weights in here. Punch the punching bag 
to fulfill Luigi's wishes, and hit the ghost with it. Repeat this twice 
more and you'll stun the ghost. Haha, what a loser. Get the money, but 
don't leave yet, there's one more thing you can do in here to get a 
secret key. Figure it out on your own, or if you're stuck very 
seriously, refer to the Secrets/Tips section. Exit down.
Hallway C

     If you have the secret key, use it here to your left. If not, 
better luck next time; you have to take the long way around the 
mansion. Go upstairs and put out the fire on the door. Tea Time.

Tea Room

     Defeat the ghosts while evading the china and use the pads on the 
ground to reach the treasure chest containing the ice element. Grab 
some from the ice on the next table over, then exit down. If you're 
quick, you can catch the golden mouse, too. It packs quite a chunk of 

Hallway C

     You'll more than likely hate this floor, so be on guard. It's 
somehow similar to the first floor as far as the locations of the bath 
and wash rooms. Enter the northwest-most door.

Bathroom B

     Pull back the curtains and when the ghost spots you, freeze her 
with your ice and then suck her dry. Check the sink, grab the key, exit 

Hallway C

     Navigate and reach the locked door, which is adjacent to the 
Conservatory, and located on 1F. In other words...the only darkened room 
on 1F.

Billiard's Room

     In here there's a Portrait Ghost playing pool. Leave him be, for 
now. Go to the Chess Table and vacuum it. A Money Ghost will come out. 
Suck him up if at all possible, then suck the balls after the ghost 
breaks them. Use the same strategy as you used on the two bosses. 
Repeat twice and it will stun the ghost. Grab the chest, exit right. 

Projection Room

     This is exactly like the Mirror Room, except twice as frustrating. 
Defeat multiple ghosts and obtain Mario's Glove. Another item to be 
sacrificed to the fortune-teller. Hot dang. Head back to the Fortune-
Teller's room and give her the Mario apparel, and of course, the 

Fortune-Teller's Room

     Just shine the flashlight on the ball and she'll share her 
knowledge. Exit up, head to the second floor hallway, and grab some 
fire along the way.

Hallway C

     From the entrance, make a left from Luigi's perspective, and enter 
the first door there. Welcome, friend, to Astral Hall. 

Astral Hall

     Check the area for cash and then do the ONE thing there is left to 
do in here. You guessed it, light the candles. Defeat the ghosts to be 
able to enter the Observatory. Try short-cutting my method and entering 
it anyway, and you'll find that it's not so easy to lift the curse in 


     I come here fairly often. It's a place to sort of hide from 
danger. Go to the edge of the platform and suck in a meteor. Fire it 
and......blow up the moon. Don't worry, it's only an illusion. Boos, no 
doubt. With the moon destroyed, a pathway is formed. Walk across it and 
grab the Star. This area always reminds me of Star Haven in Paper 
Mario. (N64)

Hallway C

     Enter the room across from Bathroom B.

Nana's Room

     I found this to be frustrating, as well as humorous. Knock the 
yarn balls off the table and shoot them at the Nana. Hit her three 
times to stun her. Watch her laser vision as well, though most grandmas 
have it anyway. If you miss, you have to start over by exiting and re-
entering. Check the bookshelf for a bit on granny's background if you 

Hallway C

     Head to Hallway A and enter the locked door. 

Twins' Room

     All you have to do is suck the toy planes on the ceiling. Use the 
same method as you did on the ceiling fans and you'll do fine. Once 
they appear, play their game. The trick to finding them is using the 
vacuum on the boxes. If they move then they have a ghost inside. Flush 
them both out and they'll challenge you to a battle. Details? Section 
     After you've won, and it's fairly easy, collect Mario's shoe from 
the chest. Take the two new items to Madam Clairvoya. 

Fortune-Teller's Room

     After she reads the star, you get to FINALLY suck the bucket of 
bones in your vacuum. Do so, and grab the key that appears. Grab some 
ice from the Tea Room, and find the newly-unlockable door on 3F.

Safari Room

     I detest this room immensely. You'd best prepare for the Elemental 
ghosts and the Banana ghosts, 'cause there's plenty of them in here. 
Defeat all of them and grab a heart that's by the right wall. Exit.

Hallway D

     All these doors are fake but one, and it's the second-to-last room 
you'll enter in this game, so don't worry about it. Enter the door at 
the end of the hallway. Brace yourself, you're about to face 15 Boos, 
and when Boos team up, it's not very pretty.


     Here they are, perhaps you should find some hearts if need be, 
because this is long and frustrating, but you've grown accustomed to 
that though, haven't you? 
     Defeat them, and grab the Blue Key. Attempt to enter the door, and 
you'll hate what happens. Thanks to lightning, there's been a blackout.

Hallway E

     Enter the last door on the bottom-right, and answer the phone. 
It's Toad, so you can do whatever you want, scare him, if it makes you 
happy. But tell him you're Luigi to learn some information.
     Answer the second call afterwards, to catch some info on Uncle 
Grimmly, an old ghost (hah) who only likes the darkest of rooms, and 
they need mirrors too. Well there's candles in the Mirror Room, so why 
not check the Wardrobe Room? 
     Be careful on your way down, there's plenty of Ghosts. Don't play 
the superhero, just avoid them, it's better that way. They won't end, 
but eventually, you will. 

Wardrobe Room

     Just stare into the camera until Uncle Grimmly shows his heart. 
You'd think it would take some more effort, seeing as though he's 
cautious, but nope. Suck him in to get the key. Return to Hallway B.

Hallway B

     Enter the bottom-rightmost door, and go down the steps. Enter the 

Breaker room

     Not a lot to do here, just flip the switch on the North wall and 
grab the key. Snag the Money Ghost from off the table, then head back 
to a Toad to save. Enter the door across from the Breaker Room.


     Now you can play superhero again. Check the barrels for ghosts, 
there will be 3. Suck the dust off the floor, and locate the Reverse-
Gravity Pads. They'll make your trips through here a lot easier. Grab 
the key, and head to the Telephone room again.

Telephone Room 

     One chest in here has treasure, the other two have skeletons. 
Defeat them to turn the lights on. Head upward.

Clockwork Room

     This is just dumb. Activate three of the clocks (southwestern 
table, northeastern wall, northwestern wall), and the tin soldiers will 
attack you. Suck their handles off of their backs to attack them. It's 
dumb because the others feel it's funny to interfere. Suck them all in 
to gain entry to the Roof.


     Grab some fire here, and suck all the ghosts in. Then suck in a 
few Elemental Ghosts. A chest containing a key will appear as a reward. 
To exit, go fall through the right chimney.

Sealed Room

     Yup, this is the room you couldn't enter on floor 2F. It was 
sealed, and you can see why...wait, not yet you can't. The big chest on 
the right holds the ghosts, so get it last. Check EVERYTHING in here, 
it's bound to have something in it. Defeat the ghosts to get a key. 
Exit by using the mirror trick. If you haven't heard of it yet, just 
check a mirror with the Search. 


     Go to the locked door on 2F.

Sitting Room

     Grab some fire, and light the candles. Extinguish the Elemental 
Ghosts. Grab some water next. Exit right. 

Guest Room

     This room is upside-down. Stun the ghost by squirting her with 
water three times. Suck her in, and avoid the dolls. Exit the room, 
then re-enter. Grab the treasure, and warp to the Foyer via using the 
mirror trick. Head to the room adjacent to the Telephone Room, on 
hallway E.


     This room has a lot of armor. Hence the name. Check the armor FROM 
THE SIDE to see what happens. If its arm falls, it's ghostbusting time. 
If not, nothing happens. After you've checked all the armor, check the 
chests. That's it, grab the key. There's a mirror on the north wall 
too, if you care.

Ceramics Studio

     You might not think it would be, but this is real simple. Grab 
some ice, and play the Ghost's game. It's not tough at all, if you have 
even the slowest reflexes, you should win easily. Avoid projectiles, 
and suck him in to win a second victory against the ghost. Check all 
the pots, there's money in them. 


     Warp to Foyer from here.


     Head to the Cellar from here.


     Exit left.

Hallway F

     Enter the top-left door.

Pipe Room 

     Easy room. Defeat the ghosts and grab some ice. Freeze the toxic 
waste and walk across it to turn the water off. Grab the new key.

Hallway F

     Enter the bottom-left door this time.

Cold Storage

     This can be tricky because of the frozen floors, but it's still 
not too bad. Melt the ice in the corner, and battle the Ghost. Avoid 
his attacks and counter using fire on him. Melt the ice and suck him 
out of existence. Head now to Hallway D.

Hallway D

     Enter the one remaining locked door on 3F. 

The Artist's Studio       

     Upon entering, you'll notice paintings of all the ghosts you love 
to hate. The last Portrait Ghost will go down swinging, that's for 
sure. He'll send one wave of ghosts at a time. If you can, try to stun 
all three at once, then suck the three in, it saves you time and HP. 
After you suck all of them in, go for the source of the problem, the 
artist. Once he's sucked in, you've caught all 23 Portrait Ghosts! Grab 
the Boo and head back to Hallway F.

Hallway F

     Open the door at the end of the hallway. 

Hallway G

     At the end of this hall awaits King Boo. He has some backup, and 
is much tougher than standard Boos. What now? You can't just leave, not 
if you want to save Mario! Enter the cursed door.

Secret Alter

     Grab the jewel from the chandelier, and approach King Boo. He'll 
explain how Luigi needs to share Mario's fate...but you won't let that 
happen, will you? Section VI for the lowdown.


Section VI: Bosses

Chauncey: This isn't hard at all. Chauncey will toss rocking horses at 
you, then fling balls identical to the one by his crib. Grab the third 
ball and fire it at the baby. This stuns it. Vacuuming time. Repeat 
this process to capture it. 

Bogmire: This is irritating. You need to suck up the black shadows in 
your vacuum and fire them to hit the purple shadow (Bogmire), while 
making an attempt to avoid the shadows. After you hit Bogmire, suck it 
while it's recovering. Repeat this process to capture it. 

The Twins: This is ridiculously easy. One boy is in a car driving in 
mad circles, and the other is in a plane flying in mad circles. The 
only difference is that one honks at you to move, and the other one 
drops bombs. Go for the car first. Once he's sucked in, the other is 
easily dealt with. Capture them both successfully to win Mario's Shoe.

Boolossus: Finally, a formidable boss! When the Boos form together, 
their size and speed go through the roof! Suck Boolossus to your 
vacuum, and carry him over to the statue's point to pop him. After this 
happens, grab some ice from the statue, and sling an icicle at the Boos 
to freeze them. One by one, suck them in like this. Once they reform, 
re-pop them again. It's harder than it sounds, as the Boos' power 
weakens, they become more desperate, and run or attack you constantly. 
Defeat Boolossus to add 15 Boos to your collection.

King Boo & Bowser: Just as no Mario game can go without Bowser, neither 
can a Luigi one (This can also be proven by playing Mario is Missing 
for the SNES and PC). King Boo teams up with Bowser here, but, Bowser's 
dead! A ghost is a ghost, but the ghost of Mario's long-time rival, 
aren't we pushing it a bit?
     To beat King boo, run from Bowser until he launches three spiked 
bombs at you. Fire one at him when he lowers his head to attack. Stand 
clear, it's a big blast. King Boo will at last emerge. Suck him in 
(while avoiding Bowser's attacks) as you would any Boo. Repeat this to 
clear the game. King Boo has 500HP. That's 500 more than I was hoping. 


VII: Items/Elements

Keys: There are several keys scattered throughout the Mansion. You must 
complete puzzles and meet objectives to obtain them all. You can check 
the keys you have and the remaining locked doors by using the map.

Colored Keys: There are 4 Big Keys throughout the game. One is awarded 
each time you beat a boss (with the exception of the "The Twins" 
battle). They are used on the cursed doors throughout the mansion. 

Fire Element Medallion: This enables you to use the Fire Element. It 
can be used to light candles and other objects, and to defeat certain 
ghosts. It can be obtained by sucking a fiery ghost from a fiery 

Water Element Medallion: This enables you to put out fire, water 
plants, and defeat certain ghosts. It can be obtained by sucking a 
watery ghost from a watery object.

Ice Element medallion: This enables you to freeze water, and defeat 
certain ghosts. It can be obtained by sucking in an icy ghost from an 
icy object.

Money: There is SO much money in the mansion it's unbelievable. Money 
can be found in chests by meeting an objective, or in hidden places 
like vases, chandeliers, ceiling fans, or cabinets. It can also be 
obtained by sucking in extremely fast blue ghosts, or Golden Mice. The 
blue ghosts can be found in the following locations:

-Wardrobe Room 
-Hidden Room 
-Dining Room
-Storage Room
-Rec Room 
-Nana's Room 
-Billiards Room
-The Twin's Room 
-Breaker Room
-Sealed Room 

Golden Mice can sometimes be found in the following rooms or hallways: 

-Tea Room
-Dining Room
-Safari Room
-Fortune-Teller's Room
-Hallway (2+)
-Sealed room
-Tea Room

Mario's Dropped Items: No one seems to know how, but Mario's items have 
been scattered throughout the mansion. Here is a list of the items and 
their locations:

Mario's Hat
-Found: Laundry Room
-Obtained: By checking the washer

Mario's Letter
-Found: Courtyard
-Obtained: By checking the mailbox

Mario's Glove 
-Found: Projection Room
-Obtained: By successfully clearing the room of ghosts

Mario's Shoe
-Found: Twins' Room
-Ontained: By successfully defeating the Twins

Mario's Star
Found: Observatory
Obtained: By blowing up the illusionary moon

     When you get items, take them to Madam Clairvoya, and she will 
give you important information about Mario. Don't care about Mario's 
whereabouts? You still need to collect his items, because Madam 
Clarivoya is a Portrait Ghost.  


VIII: Secrets/Tips 

The Art of Mirroring: The art of mirroring is easy, just find any 
mirror in the mansion, except for the one in the mirror room, and 
search it using X. It will warp you to Foyer every time. Take note that 
this doesn't work during the blackout period of the game.

Gardener: Luigi wasn't cut out for this job, either, but what the heck. 
The plants outside the mansion (e.g.: Balcony) will spew out treasure 
when you water them. This works wonders on the plants on the Balcony. 
Try it, I guarantee you'll like the results. 

Rendezvous: When you first reach the Boneyard, water the plant by Mr. 
Bones' grave before fighting Bogmire. Water it again after fighting 
Bogmire, and before fighting Boolossus. Water it one final time after 
fighting Boolossus, and before fighting Bowser, to win a shiny little 

Just Rewards: There are two GOLD GEMS in the game, one of which can be 
found by capturing all 50 Boos. Boos do not appear in rooms with Toads, 
hallways, or outside, with the exception of Boolossus. When Boos 
appear, just approach them and hold R. It's not near as hard as regular 
ghosts. If a Boo flies through a wall, you need to quickly go to the 
room on the other side of the wall, before it hides again. If the room 
is locked, or you don't make it in time, the Boo will return to the 
area in due time. Boos are easily caught in lighted areas, but in 
hallways, they are extremely tough: their HP goes down about 1 every 
second. The darkness strengthens their power I guess. They din't stay 
in hallways for long, so lure them in to lighted rooms, and suck them 

Capturing Two Ghosts with One Stun: If you encounter more than one 
ghost at a time, there's a vital technique that can be used. Try to 
lure as many ghosts together as possible, then stun them all at once. 
When they are stunned rotate the Control Stick to reel them in. If 
there is too many, though, you may not be able to capture them all.

Key Cache: There is a secret key in the game, and it's found in the Rec 
Room. As I previously mentioned, you must do something in that room. 
Just simply run on the treadmill for a few seconds and it will pop out. 
The key isn't required, but it helps you to get from F1 to F2 a lot 

Second Wind: You can return to any spot that has a 50HP heart and grab 
another one. It takes a while to reappear, though. This comes in handy 
when you are in need of health and you can't seem to find any. 


IX: Copyright and Contact Information
If you have any further questions, or see an error/improvement that 
could be fixed/made, feel free to email me at tesawyers@msn.com.

(c) Thomas Sawyers, Jan. 9th, 2002