FAQ/Walkthrough by GeminiSky

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Luigi's Mansion Perfect Guide

This FAQ/walkthrough written by Rob Saty, copyright 2002, all rights
Version 1.0
Platform: Nintendo Gamecube

Warning: This FAQ written by someone who LOVES the Mario games!

Unlike most FAQ's, this one will tell you everything you need to know
about this game.  You can trust me because I've beaten the game over
fifteen times and I still play it today.  Forgive me for any mistakes
that I make as this is the first FAQ I've ever written.  So whether you
want the info on the game or you just need a good walkthrough to use,
it's all here.

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          1. TABLE OF CONTENTS

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1.	Table of Contents
2.	Story
3.	The Basics
4.	Info
-	About the Mansion
-	Characters
-	Enemies
-	Tips and Hints
-	Items
-	Gold Mouse Locations
5.	Walkthrough
6.	After the Game...
7.	A Little Q&A
8.	Outro

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      One day, while taking a nap, Luigi is awoken by the annoying
"MAIL CALL!" from the local paratroopa postman.

      "Mario... could you get that?" Luigi says lazily.  He was still
sore from his last Super Smash Brothers brawl against DK.

      But there was no answer.  Then Luigi remembered that Mario was
invited to Princess Peach's castle for a cake.  The thing was that
Mario hadn't come back for a while.  Luigi had an idea of what they
were doing so he just kept out of their business.  Besides, Yoshi said
he would go check on him.

      Luigi slowly crawls out of bed and goes outside to get the mail.
As he's looking through the bills and Mario's fan mail, he notices a
letter addressed to him.  Could it be? An actual letter to Luigi?

      "Ha!  Take that Mario!" Luigi boasts aloud.

      Luigi opens the letter and reads it only to be surprised out of
his shoes.

      "Hello there!  This is a letter from Lye R. from the hit T.V.
show 'Who Wants to Be a Mansionaire?'  Congratulations Mr. Luigi Mario!
You've won yourself a nice, new mansion!!!!!  Here are the details
inside and a map of the directions to get to the mansion.  Better
hurry!  And please no exorcists allowed."

      "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!!!!!!!!" Luigi screams at the
top of his lungs.  "I have a MANSION!!!!  Mamamia!  This is great!"

      Luigi is so happy that he forgets that he never entered a

      At that very instant, Mario strolls through the door.

      "Ok, Luigi, I can explain why I've been gone so long," Mario says
taking a deep breath.  "You see, when I got to Peach's castle, the
princess was nowhere to be seen.  It turns out that Bowser had
kidnapped her again.  He stole all the 120 power stars and put them in
paintings.  I had to get every single power star back and save the
princess.  Then she baked......a............ca......... Why are you jumping
around like

      "Mario, guess what?" Luigi says enthusiastically.  "I won a

      So the Mario bros. work out a plan to meet at the mansion to
celebrate.  Luigi packs his bags and heads off to the mansion (which is
located in Forever Forest).  Of course, while looking for the mansion,
Luigi gets lost in the forest.  After being delayed a couple of hours,
Luigi comes across an old, spooky, run-down mansion.  According to his
map, it's the mansion that he won in the contest.

      "Phew, I finally made it," Luigi says while wiping his brow.
"Hmmmm.  This doesn't look exactly like the picture.  Oh well, nothing
a little fixing up can't handle.  I'll have Princess Peach do the
interior decorating."

      Luigi finally notices how creepy this place is.  Longing for the
presence of his older brother, who should have made it to the mansion
before Luigi, he slowly walks up the creaky steps.  With trembling
hands, he slowly opens the door and turns on his flashlight.  He calls
out for his brother.  "Mario?  Hey, Mario!  No answer.  Mario is
nowhere to be seen...

The rest of the story is explained in the game.

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3. The Basics

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L Trigger = Expels element out of vacuum; fire, water, ice
R Trigger = Makes vacuum suck up things like ghosts and money
Z Button = Brings up items and portrait ghosts list
Control Stick = Moves Luigi
D-Pad = Changes the Gameboy Horror screen display
Start Button = Pauses Game
C Stick = Controls direction of flashlight and vacuum
B Button = Press down to turn off flashlight
A Button = Action button; open doors, examine things; call out Mario's
Y Button = View map of area
X Button = First-person mode (search mode)

Game Screen

Now I will explain the features on the game screen.  All of them are on
the bottom.
To the very left of the screen is a heart icon.  When Luigi is at full
health the icon will have a 100 beside it.  Every time Luigi takes
damage, the icon gets smaller and the number decreases.  Once the
number reaches 0, you guessed it, Luigi dies.
To the right of the heart icon is the boo counter.  You will not have
this at the beginning of the game.  Once you release the 50 boos, then
it will appear.  All it does is display the number of boos that you
Now moving right from that is the element meter.  This meter shows you
what element you have and how much of it.  The more of the element you
expel the farther it goes down.  Once it is empty you must refill it.
And to the right of the element meter is the Gameboy Horror.  This
displays how many coins, bills, and gold bars you have.  On the top of
it is a little blue light.  This is the Boo Radar.  When you are close
to a boo, it will flash yellow.  And when you are right beside a boo,
it will flash red.


Luigi will have a helpful map of the entire mansion.  Use it well.
Every time you get a key your map will come up automatically revealing
the door that the key fits to.  Every time you complete a room it
changes to that area's color.  If you are wondering what the colors
represent, yellow is for Area 1, green is for Area 2, blue is for Area
3, and pink is for Area 4.

In the Lab

A list will come up with the following options:

Mansion: Select this option if you want to go to the mansion and kick
some ghost-ass!

Training:  Select this option to go to a special room in the lab to
practice catching ghosts.  The professor will tell you all you need to

Gallery:  Select this option to go to the professor's gallery to look
at all the paintings.  The professor will also tell you about the
Gameboy Horror.  To leave, just knock on the angel statue and then talk
to the professor.

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About the Mansion...

This is a very mysterious mansion.  And it ain't going to be no Super
Mario World ghost-house.  This place is bigger and badder.  There are
over fifty rooms for you to explore each packed with perplexing puzzles
and terrifying ghouls.  The mansion has four areas each with a boss.
Each floor in the mansion is kind of like a level.  That means there
are five levels in this game: the basement, the first floor (1F), the
second floor (2F), the third floor (3F), and the roof.  The mansion is
littered with money totaling in at over 100,000,000g!  It also has
other secrets for you to find out.


Luigi: The younger of the Mario Brothers, Luigi is always trying to
make something of himself.  He's somewhat of a wimp though.  Armed with
only a flashlight and vacuum, he must save his brother from the awful

Professor Elvin Gadd:  A nutty professor who saves Luigi from the
ghosts.  He created the Poltergust 3000; the vacuum that Luigi welds,
and the Ghost Portraificationizer; a machine that turns ghosts into
paintings.  Prof. E. Gadd has been catching and researching ghosts ever
since he was 20.

Mario:  Of course Mario is going to be in this game.  He was supposed
to meet Luigi at the mansion but he never showed.  So it's up to Luigi
to find him.

Toad:  This little guy can be seen throughout the mansion.  Whenever
you see him, talk to him and he will let you save your progress.



Normal Ghosts: These ghosts don't pose much of a threat and simply
flashing them with the flashlight can expose their hearts.  These
ghosts will slug you or pound the ground to hurt you.  Health ranges
from 10 to 30.

Advanced Ghosts:  These ghosts are more advanced.  They can still be
stunned by flashing them.  Some of them will grab on to you to deal
damage or throw bananas at you.  Others hang on the ceiling and drop
bombs.  To get masked ghosts, just suck off their masks and then flash
them.  Health ranges from 0 to 40.

Boos: These ghosts hide in already lit rooms.  Use your Gameboy
Horror's boo radar to find them.  There are 50 of them each with
different names.  To catch them, just suck them up.  After catching all
50, you get a huge, gold diamond worth a cool 20,000,000g!  Health
ranges from 30 to 300.

Money Ghosts:  These ghosts look like normal ghosts except they are
blue.  When searching a room, every now and then a money ghost will pop
out of a closet or shelf to scare the hell out of poor Luigi!  Make
sure to flash them and suck them up as fast as you can before they
disappear forever.  If you do capture one, it will leave behind lots of
money and sometimes a gem!  Health is 10.

Element Ghosts:  These ghosts have an element protecting their heart.
To catch them, hit them with an opposing element; ice for water, water
for fire, fire for ice.  After the element covering their heart is
disposed of they become normal ghosts and you can catch them as you
would a normal ghost.

Portrait Ghosts:  These ghosts are like sub-bosses.  They require you
to solve a puzzle to show their hearts.  There are 23 portrait ghosts
in all.  These are the ghosts that E. Gadd wants to turn into
portraits.  Pretty psycho, huh?  Also, when sucking up a portrait
ghost, it will drop mushrooms and pearls.  The longer you hang on to it
the bigger the pearls.  This determines if the frame of the portrait
will be bronze, silver, or gold.  Health is 100.

Boss Ghosts: These are some tough ghosts.  There is one at the end of
each area of the mansion totaling up to 4.  They are Chauncey the Baby,
Bogmire, Boolossus, and King Boo.  Each boss has special attacks, it's
own battling arena, and makes you do special tasks to expose their
hearts.  After sucking them up, you return to the lab to clean out the
vacuum.  Health ranges from 100 to 500.

Books, bears, dishes, and mini ghosts

Books, bears, dolls, and dishes will be hurled at you to deal some
damage.  To get rid of them just suck them up.

Mini ghosts include mice, bats, puffballs, acid puffballs, and
exploding puffballs.  Just suck them up to get rid of them.  With
exploding puffballs, douse them with water and they will disappear.

Fake Doors

These doors exist in the mansion and look like any other door.  When
opened they slam Luigi against the wall.  There are three ways to tell
if a door is fake.  Fake doors don't show up on your map.  Real doors
when vacuumed will shake unlike fake doors.  And you can shoot a fake
door with fire and it will disappear.


There are three elements: fire, water, and ice.  These exist as mini
ghosts and hang around things of their own element for example, water
elements hang around water faucets.   Once obtaining certain medals,
these elements will appear to Luigi and he can suck them up to gain
that element and expel it from his vacuum.

Tips and Hints

1. Check everything in the mansion.  This includes vases, droors,
chandeliers, fans, tables, closets, cabinets, cupboards, lights,
baskets, chests, dressers, anything.  You'll find money, hearts, and
even ghosts.

2. Getting as much money, gold bars, pearls, diamonds, and gems as
possible is worth it.  At the end of the game, the amount of money you
have determines your score.  It also determines something else but you
can wait and see.

3. Water every plant you see.  They give you money, gems, and diamonds.
One plant gives you a huge gold diamond worth 20,000,000g!

4. Water the diamond plant.  This plant is located in the Boneyard just
outside the Kitchen.  When you first go out to the Boneyard it will be
just a seed.  Water it and it will become a sprout.  Now after you beat
the boss, Bogmire, go and water it again.  It will become a huge
flower.  Leave it for now.  After you beat the boss, Boolossus, go back
and water it again.  Its pod will open exploding money out and a gold

5. Save often!  This will maximize your chances of doing really well in
the game and you can correct your mistakes.  Always save before
fighting a boss.

6. If you are trying to catch a boo and it disappears from the room, go
in the halls or check the other rooms.  It's around somewhere.  If you
can't seem to find it just go and save and then quit.  Then when you
start the game up again, the boo will be in its original room.  Also,
be careful when trying to capture a boo as they will sometimes throw
bombs or balls at you.

7. Suck up money ghosts and gold mice.  They give you a lot of money.
Gold mice are usually random, as they will appear in certain places for
no reason.  Other times you'll find a piece of cheese on the ground.
Go into search mode (X) and then press A on it.  This will cause a gold
mouse to appear.  But remember that if the lights are on in the room
the gold mouse will not appear.

8. There is a special shortcut in Luigi's Mansion.  When you see a
mirror, approach it and go into search mode.  Then press A and you will
teleport back to the Foyer.  This works with any mirror in the mansion.
Cool, huh?


Mansion Key

One of the most important items in Luigi's Mansion is the keys that you
find.  After clearing a room or solving a puzzle, a key will appear.
Take the key to unlock the next room.

Boss keys are special keys that you get after defeating a boss to
unlock the doors with the energy fences over them.  Like right when you
start the game in the Foyer, there will be a door in front of you with
a kind of glowing fence over it.  After opening a fenced door, you will
have access to a new area in the mansion.

Coins, bills, gems, diamonds, gold bars, and pearls

All these items exist in the mansion for some unknown reason.
Collecting them is well worth your time, trust me.  To see all the
money you have collected during the game, simply during gameplay press
the Z button and an item list will appear.

Poisonous Mushrooms

Usually in previous Mario games, mushrooms would "super size" you.  But
the mushrooms in Luigi's Mansion are totally opposite.  When searching
a room or fighting a portrait ghost, a black and purple mushroom will
appear and bounce around the room.  DO NOT touch it!  If you do, you
will get hurt, lose money, and instead of growing, you will shrink.
While in this shrunken state, Luigi will not be able to use his vacuum
and remain like this for about thirty seconds.


In the mansion you will find red hearts.  These guys will raise your
health.  To obtain them, you should search closets or shelves or you
can get them from sucking up two or more ghosts at a time.  Hearts come
in three sizes.  Small size hearts raise 10 health.  Medium hearts
raise 20 health.  And large size hearts raise 50 health.

Mario's Items

Throughout the mansion are the dropped items of Mario.  There are five
in all: his Hat, his Letter, his Star, his Glove, and his Shoe.  Toad
asks you to find them for him.  Maybe if you could find a fortuneteller
and show her Mario's Items, you could get some clues to where Mario is.


After completing a puzzle, a chest will appear.  Green chests contain
money or keys.  Other colored chests contain something special.

Warp Pads

Not really items but you will find them in some rooms.  They are red
and blue pads and when stepped on they will warp Luigi to the ceiling
of that room where he can walk around and search high things.  To get
down, step on another warp pad on the ceiling.

Gold Mouse Locations

Gold Mice are mini ghosts and appear either randomly or live in a piece
of cheese.  They are just like money ghosts in that after being
vacuumed up they leave behind whole loads of money.  So make sure you
get them all.  Okay, now I will tell you where to find all of the Gold

The first gold mouse is in the Study.  It is in a piece of cheese under
the desk.
The second gold mouse is in the hall in Area 2 on the first floor.  It
appears randomly.
The third mouse is in the Dining Room.  It is under the table to the
north in a piece of cheese.
The fourth mouse is in a piece of cheese under the table in the Tea
The fifth mouse is also in the Tea Room except that it appears
The sixth mouse is in the south hall in Area 3 on the second floor.  It
appears randomly.
The seventh mouse is in the Fortune Teller Room behind the chair.  It
is in a piece of cheese.
The eighth mouse is in the Kitchen.  It appears randomly.
The ninth mouse is the Sealed Room.  It also appears randomly.
The tenth mouse is in the Safari Room by the boxes and the chair.  It
is in a piece of cheese.

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= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Okay, finally, we made it to the walkthrough.  Well, this walkthrough
is going to be like no other.  I will tell you where to get every piece
of treasure, how to solve every single puzzle, and how to beat every
single boss.  Now to explain how to find treasure in rooms I will be
using directions (north, south, east, and west).  When you walk into a
room north is to the top of the screen and south is to the bottom and
...well you get my drift.    When I ask you to search things it means to
have Luigi walk up to something and then press A.  Also, whenever you
rid a room of ghosts, the lights will come on and a chest will appear.
A boo will move into that room too.  So don't forget to catch those
boo's!  Okay, here we go.

Okay, right now you are in the Foyer and it is pretty dark.  DO NOT
move north into the circular carpet or a chandelier will fall on you!
Instead move east or west up the staircase.  When you get to the top
there are two doors.  Check both of them to find that they are locked.
A cut scene appears and a ghost drops a key down at the bottom of the
Foyer.  Go down to where the ghost dropped the key while watching out
for the chandelier, and pick it up.  A map will come up and show you
where to use the key.  Go up the staircase and use the key on the door
just north of Luigi.

This cut scene shows Luigi shakily exploring the room when a normal
ghost appears in front of him and scares him half to death!  Just
before it gets Luigi, a strange force stops it.  It turns out that a
strange old man with a vacuum strapped on his back is sucking away at
the ghost.  He chases it around the room and then the ghost retaliates
by slugging the old guy and then disappearing.  The old man introduces
himself as Professor E. Gadd and tells Luigi about the mansion.  Then
all of the sudden three normal ghosts appear and the Professor and
Luigi run away.

All right, Luigi starts out in Prof. E. Gadd's lab.  Now if you are
just starting, I suggest that you go to training.  Learning to use the
flashlight and vacuum together is pretty challenging and takes a while
to get used to.  If you want to go to the gallery then go ahead.  But
you probably don't have any portraits right now.  If you want to leave
the gallery, then just search the angel statues and talk to the
professor.  If you are ready to go to the mansion now, then select
mansion.  Luigi will slowly walk towards the mansion as Prof. Gadd
waves bye to him.


Area 1


Now you are in the Foyer again but this time you have the vacuum in
your possession.  Talk to Toad to the west and agree to help him.  Then
the lights will come on and he will let you save your game.  Always
remember where Toad is.  Now that the lights are on the chandelier will
not fall.  Search the dresser just beside Toad for any money.  There is
also a light over the fenced off door that may contain money.  Do not
touch the door or it will hurt you.  There is a mirror to the east with
a blanket over it.  To look at it just suck off the blanket.  Every
time you use the mirror shortcut you will be transported to this
mirror.  Now walk up either staircase and once you get to the top suck
on the chandelier.  A whole load of money will fall.  To the north is
the door you went in before.  On either side are coins.  Make sure to
get them.  There is nothing in the vases.  Now enter the door.

Search the dresser to the east for some goodies.  There are coins on
the table more towards the west and to the northwest is a cabinet full
of coins.  To the right of the cabinet is another cabinet with candles
on it.  Search the cabinet to get a ton of money.  Also check the light
on the ceiling.  Then suck the candles out.  A cut scene starts and the
portraits on the wall will start threatening Luigi and some normal
ghosts will immediately attack him.  Once you dispose of them the
lights will turn on and a chest will appear.  Inside it is a key to the
door in the northeast corner.

Immediately after entering this room the doors will be fenced off!
Suck up all the normal and advanced ghosts and the lights will turn on.
Search all the droors and the lights.  Then head to the door to the

Before you search anything suck up all the ghosts first.  Be careful
because there are advanced ghosts in here.  If you flash them and you
are too far away, they will disappear before you can vacuum them up.
Get right up next to them and then flash them.  After sucking them all
up the room will be dark still.  Go to the cabinet to the east and open
it.  A money ghost will pop out.  Flash it as fast as you can before it
flies away.  Vacuum it up and get all the money it leaves behind.  Then
search the cabinet just left of it.  Money will spray out.  To the left
of this cabinet is yet another cabinet.  This time a normal ghost pops
out.  Suck it up and the lights will come on and a key will appear over
the dress rack.  Suck it up.  Don't forget the light on the ceiling.
Now go through the door to the west.

You'll go on a balcony where you meet Toad.  Talk to him and he will
let you save your game.  Notice the plants around?  Remember them for
when you get the Water Medal.  Also notice the broken window to the
south.  We'll get to that later.

Now go back to the Foyer and go through the next door.  You'll find
yourself in a dark hall.  Pick up all the coins but do not open the
door that they lead you to.  It's a fake door.  If you open it, it will
smash Luigi against the wall causing him to take damage and lose coins.
Instead, go to the eastern-most door.

All right, we come to our first portrait ghost.  See the chair rocking
by itself?  A ghost named Neville is on it reading a book.  But first
go to the desk to the northeast.  Suck up all the flying books.  There
should be two.  Now that that hazard is gone go around the desk by the
chair.  Search the chair.  A money ghost should pop out.  Suck it up
and get the money.  Next, suck on the desk.  Money should spray out
from the books on the desk.  Now go into search mode and look under the
chair.  There should be a piece of cheese.  Go into search mode and
press A on it and a golden mouse will pop out.  Suck up the mouse to
get money and obtain a gem!  Now you've probably noticed by now that
when you look at Neville he disappears and when you turn your back on
him he reappears.  Have your back to him.  After a sec. he should yawn
exposing his heart.  Immediately turn and start sucking.  Remember:
Neville has 100 HP (health points).  Pickup all the pearls he drops and
avoid any poisonous mushrooms.  Also, keep in mind that the longer you
hold on to him the bigger the pearls he drops.  After sucking him up, a
chest will appear.  Open it to reveal a key.  Now leave the room and
continue to the door that the map points to.

In this room is yet another portrait ghost.  Search the dresser to the
west for some goodies.  Search the bigger dressers to the east for even
more money.  Notice the plant to the northwest corner of the room?
Remember it so that you can water it once you get the Water Medal.
Look up on the ceiling and you should see a fan.  Start sucking.
Nothing will come out at first but after about ten seconds some money
should spray out.  Now this portrait ghost, Lydia, requires you to do
something different to expose her heart.  Remember that broken window
you saw from the Balcony just outside the Wardrobe Room?  Go to the
curtains to the north on the east side and use your vacuum to pull the
curtains to the east exposing the broken window.  Wind will flow
through messing up Lydia's prized hair.  Her heart will appear.  This
is your cue to suck her up.  After doing so a chest will appear
containing a key.  After obtaining the key leave the room.

Once entering the hall you will here a baby cry from a room.  Enter it.
Okay, you are about to face a boss ghost.  Even though this boss is
easy I suggest you save.  Anyway, back in the room, if you are low on
health search the dresser to the east for a large heart.  Search the
shelves and tables for any money.  There is a rocking horse to the
southwest with money around it.  If you suck on the horse for a while
Chauncey the Baby will get on the rocking horse and ask Luigi if he
wants to play.  Accept his question and then he will start throwing
bears at you!

I heard from someone that while the baby is chasing Luigi and you run
around it 20 times non-stop, you will have infinite health when you
face Chauncey!  I tried it and it didn't work but hey, it might for

Anyway, suck up the bears as they fly at you to make life easier.  Now
while avoiding Chauncey, look around on the floor for a ball.  Suck it
up and it will get caught in your vacuum nozzle.  Keep holding the L
trigger to keep the ball in the nozzle.  Now turn and aim and let go of
the L trigger to shoot the ball and hit Chauncey.  This will really
piss him off.  He will start whining and shrink Luigi.  Prepare for
your first boss battle...

Boss Area 1: Chauncey the Baby HP: 100 Difficulty: Easy
Luigi will find himself in Chauncey's cradle.  But this time Chauncey
is HUGE!  He begins by sending rocking horses at Luigi.  Move back and
forth to dodge them.  After that he will make four balls bounce around
the arena.  One of the balls will be left behind.  Suck up the ball and
then shoot it at Chauncey.  This will stun him momentarily.  Now start
sucking him up.  Chauncey is very strong and will drag Luigi across the
arena.  Be aggressive and pull the opposite direction he is going.
Don't worry if he gets away from your vacuum the first time.  You are
lucky if you can get his HP to 20 before he gets away.  After that he
will bounce around the arena.  It is fairly easy to dodge this attack.
Just wait for him to throw more balls at you and suck him up again.
Once his entire HP is gone you will be victorious.  You beat the
game!!!!!!  Just kidding.

After defeating Chauncey, Luigi will be back in the room and a chest
will appear.  Open it to get a boss key!  The professor will contact
you to go back to the Lab.  You've finished Area 1.

Area 2
You start out in the Foyer again.  Head north to the fenced off door.
The fence will disappear.  Open the door by using the boss key.

You will find yourself in a hall.  Now if you want to get a money ghost
then head east all the way down the hall until you come to a door.
Enter it.  You will be standing in front of a staircase.  Go down it.
Suck on the light above the stairs for money.  When you get to the
bottom of the stairs you will see two doors.  Go through the one to the

Look to the west for a table and search it.  If a money ghost doesn't
pop out then search the barrels above it.  Suck up the money ghost and

Now go back up the stairs and through the door.  Go west through the
hall then north then west again.  Search the door that you come to and
you will get a message from someone.  It will say, "Erm...um, occupied!"
Then go through the door just above it, not the fenced-off door!

Be careful, there are advanced ghosts in here.  Once you suck them up,
a key will appear on the windowsill to the west.  Then the professor
will contact you and give you a little belated advice.  Suck the key
down and leave.  Go to the door it fits in.  Be careful on your way to
the Ballroom because there are now advanced ghosts littering the

In here you will find some advanced ghosts.  After disposing of them a
couple will appear and dance.  They are the Floating Whirlindas,
portrait ghosts.  To catch them, get on the very edge of the rotating
platform with your back facing them.  They will appear and every now
and then they will falter, exposing their hearts.  When this happens,
quickly turn around and start sucking.  This may be harder as there are
two of them and they may pull different directions.  Once they are
disposed of a chest will appear.  Open it to get a key.  Suck on the
chandeliers for some dough.  Now go to the door in the northeast

I would save before doing this room.  Anyway, while dodging the normal
ghost, search the chair to the east for a money ghost.  Then take care
of the normal and advanced ghosts.  The lights will turn on but nothing
will happen.  Search the bucket to get some money.  Then notice the
mirror hanging on the wall to the north.  See the red button?  Now go
to the south wall and press it.  The wall to the west will slowly slide
away revealing a secret room.  Suck off the poster to the north to
reveal another red button.  Push it.

After pushing the button the trap door in the ground will open and
there will be a pause.  Then fifty boos will fly out of the trap door.
They would of attacked Luigi except he has the Poltergust 3000 and they
get scared and fly away.  You also get a brief glimpse of King Boo.

Then the professor will contact you to come back to the Lab.

The Professor will brief you on how to catch boo's and where to find
them.  Then you will end up in the Foyer again.  Go up either staircase
and through the first door you entered at the beginning of the game.
Use your Boo Radar to find the boo.  After you catch it, get the boo's
from the Anteroom and the Wardrobe Room.  Then go in the hall where you
got your first portrait ghosts and catch the boo's from the Study and
the Master Bedroom.  By now you should have five boo's.  The professor
contacts you and suggests that you go to the Washroom to clean up.
Before you do so go to the Nursery and get your sixth boo.  The
Washroom is right beside the Bathroom 1F and gave you that message.

You will see Toad crying in the corner.  Talk to him and select the
option "Don't worry about it."  He will be happy again and the lights
will turn on.  Suck on the light above for some money.  Then search the
toilet.  A key will fly out.  Grab it then go to the Fortune Teller's

Immediately after entering this room go into search mode and get the
mouse out of the piece of cheese.  Search the droors to the east and
west for money.  Don't worry about the crystal ball for now.  Go
through the door to the east.

After you enter this room, a fence will cover the door locking you in.
There is a huge mirror to the north of this room.  The advanced ghosts
that attack you are invisible!  You have to use the mirror to see them.
After sucking up the ghosts, a chest will appear.  Open the chest to
reveal the Fire Medal.  With this medal in Luigi's possession, he can
expel fire from his vacuum.  Now go to the pillars with the embers on
them and an element will come out.  Suck it up to gain fire.  Now
notice the candles around the room.  Set them aflame and the fence over
the door will disappear.  Leave.

There are more candles spread about the room.  Set them on fire and a
key will appear.  Suck it down.  Now go to the crystal ball and shine
your light on it until you hear a chime.  A fortuneteller will appear.
Her name is Madam Clairvoya.  Ask her who she is and she will tell
Luigi about herself and what Mario's Items are for.  Now leave this

Now head west down the hall and then north.  You will see a floating
candle.  Light it and Shivers the Butler will appear.  For some strange
reason he resembles Count Dracula.  Weird.  Anyway, he will freak out
and start floating away down the hall.  Follow him into the Laundry
Room and then into the Butler's Room.

Shivers will then sit down to talk to himself.  His heart will show
indicating for you to vacuum him up.  Once that is done a chest with a
key will appear.  Search the cabinet to the northwest for a load of
money.  Then go to the very southwest where you will see a bucket.
Search it to get a blue gem!  Check the tables and the light.  First
make sure you have fire with you.  Now go to the northeast.  Go into
search mode and look down to find a mouse hole.  Press A on it and a
mist will appear.  Go out of search mode and the mist will suck you in.

You will find yourself in a secret room!  First suck up the yellow
bats.  Now some ice-elemental ghosts will be in the following chests:
the middle one, the west one, the east one, and the west one on the
back wall.  If I'm wrong, sue me.  The rest of the chests are loaded
with money.  One of them will have red, blue, and green gems in it
(after sucking up all the elemental ghosts)!  Suck on the chandelier
too.  Okay, now you can leave.

There is door to the north right in front of Luigi.  Don't open it.
It's fake.  Just let it be.  A barrage of normal and advanced ghosts
will attack you.  After getting them search the shelves to the
northeast for money.  Then search the washing machine.  Mario's Hat
will fly out.  Now you can either take this to Madam Clairvoya or you
can keep it and wait until you get all five of Mario's Items and then
take them to her.  Your choice.  Moving on, take the key to the next

We come to my favorite room.  You will notice many instruments set up
around the room.  Search them to make them play.  After they are all
playing you should recognize this familiar music.  Now go to the piano
and Melody Pianissama will appear.  She is impressed with Luigi's gift
with music (ha, ha) and then she will play a tune.  She will randomly
give you one of two sets of answers.  If one of the answers is "water"
then choose that.  If another one is "Super Mario Bros. 3" then choose
that.  After that she will go crazy and shoot razor-sharp music sheets
at you!  Suck them up and she will start crying exposing her heart.
Suck her up.  A chest will appear with a key.  Search the dresser to
the northeast for money.  Then you can leave.

Now you are in the Dining Room.  Search the cabinet for money.  Then
search the other cabinet for a money ghost.  Right underneath the table
is a piece of cheese with a golden mouse.  Now go over to the portrait
ghost, Mr. Luggs.  He, as usual, is stuffing his mouth.  Light the
candles beside him.  Now start sucking up the food he is eating.  Some
advanced ghosts will come in to give him more food.  Suck up both of
them and then resume to sucking up the food.  Once it is all gone he
will get pissed off and burp fireballs at you.  Keep dodging his
fireballs and after a while he will get tired out and lay on the table.
His heart will appear.  You know what to do.  A chest will appear and
spray out a ton of money including a silver diamond!  Now go through
the west door.

First notice the burning door to the northwest.  Now what are you going
to do?  Remember there is a random golden mouse in here.  Okay, first
suck up all the flying dishes and pans.  Then search the oven to the
northwest for a money ghost.  Then search the other oven and you will
see a roast or something on a pan.  Flame it and a red gem will fly
out!  Open the freezer to the left of the oven and an ice elemental
ghost will pop out.  Flame it and then suck it up.  The lights will
come on and a chest will appear.  Open it to obtain the Water Medal.
Now Luigi's vacuum can expel water!  Go over to the running faucet and
a water element will fly out.  Suck that up and search the cupboard to
the east for money.  Check the light hanging from the ceiling for
money.  Then go to the burning door and cool it off with the water.  Go
through the door.

If you are running low on water, then go to the east where a faucet is
and get some more water.  Then water the little green seed on the
ground.  It should sprout up.  Just leave it for now.  Next, go over to
Spooky the Dog and spray him with water.  He will wake up and start to
attack Luigi!  Dodge him for a while until a skeleton-like advanced
ghost named Mr. Bones appears and tries to calm Spooky down.  Suck up
Mr. Bones and one of his bones will fall to the ground.  Spooky will go
after the bone and start licking it.  His heart will appear and now you
should suck him up.  Instead of a chest appearing a glow will appear in
the doghouse.  I would save first.  Go over to it and go into search
mode and press A on it.  A mist will form and suck you in and fling you
out into the Graveyard.

Go east and search the gutter hanging down.  A red gem will fly out!
Now go over to the graves and search one.  Three skeleton-like advanced
ghosts will appear.  Suck them up.  The grave with the embers by it
will start glowing.  First search the rest of the graves for some
hearts.  Then approach the glowing grave.  A cut scene will start
introducing your second boss: Bogmire...

Boss Area 2: Bogmire HP: 100 Difficulty: Medium
Luigi finds himself in an arena.  A shadowy figure lurks before him.
Immediately start sucking up the shadow.  It will form into a ball.
When you see Bogmire, shoot the shadow ball at him and it will cover
him.  Go over and start sucking.  Bogmire is really strong and will
drag you around the arena.  Watch out for the other shadows for they
will hurt you if Luigi touches them.  If Bogmire breaks free (and he
probably will), repeat the same process with the shadows.  Sometimes
Bogmire will send down lightning to hurt Luigi.  Dodge the lightning as
best as you can.  Once you suck up Bogmire, you win.  Phew!

You'll appear back at the Graveyard and a chest will appear containing
the Area 3 boss key!  The Professor will contact you and tell you to
come back to the Lab.  You've completed Area 2!

Area 3

Again, you start out in the Foyer.

Now that you have the Water Medal, you should think about watering all
the plants that you saw before.  That means the plants on the Balcony
2F outside the Wardrobe Room and the plant in the Master Bedroom.  And
make sure to go back to the Boneyard and water that sprout you watered
before.  It will become a flower but still nothing will come out.  So
leave again.

After you've done that, go to Area 2 to the end of the hall where the
door with the fence over it is.  The fence will disappear.  Use the
boss key to unlock the door.

It's amazing how many people miss this part.  You see, I've read many
Luigi's Mansion FAQ's and all of them forgot one thing in the
Courtyard.  Okay, search the statue for money or hearts.  Water the
four plants.  Then go to the little shack and use your vacuum to open
it or the door will hit Luigi.  Talk to Toad and agree to help him.
Search the birdhouse for Mario's Letter.  Then search the statue for
money.  Now here's the part that everyone forgot about.  Suck up all
the hanging advanced ghosts.  After you do that, the lights will come
on and a chest will appear full of money.  I was most fortunate to
discover this.  I just decided to suck up some ghosts out here and
vuala!  Now go down the well to the north.

Go east for a cut scene.

Luigi peers through a lion statue head.  Then he sees his brother,
Mario in a painting.  Mario yells; "Get me out of here!!!!"  Luigi
sticks out his hand as if to grab Mario.  Then he leaves.

Go to the middle of the well and an advanced ghost will attack you.
Suck it up and a chest will appear with a key.

Go up the well and go to the very east of the Courtyard where you will
come to a door.

Go to the machines to the southeast and search them for a money ghost.
Search the light fixtures above for money.  Then go over to the
unsuccessful weight lifter, Biff Atlas, and hit one of the punching
bags so that it hits him.  Move out of the way because the punching bag
will swing back and hit Luigi.  Do this two more times and he will fall
down exhausted and heart showing.  Suck him up to get a chest full of
money and a silver diamond.  Then go to the west of the room where you
will find a treadmill.  Get on it and have Luigi run on it for a while.
A key will fly out.  Get the key and exit the room.

Once you exit the Rec. Room, you will see a staircase to you east and a
door to your west.  Go to the door to your west and unlock it using the
key.  This makes for an effective shortcut through the mansion!

Now that you made the shortcut, make sure you have water and go to the
staircase and vacuum the bats and the light for money.  Then spray the
burning door with water and enter.

Suck up all the flying silverware.  Then search the cabinets for money
and a red gem.  Go to the north behind the western table and you will
find a gold mouse cheese.  There is also a random mouse in here.  Suck
up all the ghosts and a chest will appear on the table.  Unfortunately,
for some strange reason Luigi can't jump.  So go to the east and step
on the warp pad.  You will be on the ceiling!  Suck on the chandelier
for money and then step on another warp pad to fall on the table.  Open
the chest for the Ice Medal.  Now Luigi's vacuum can spray out ice!  Go
to the bucket and an ice element will come out.  Now you can leave.

Check the vases right beside Luigi for money or hearts.  Keep going
west down the hall.  There will be a lot of advanced ghosts and mini
ghosts around here.  Now at the end of the hall you will see two doors
to the west and one to the northeast.  Go through the door to the
northeast while watching out for the exploding puffballs.

You will see a portrait ghost named Nana who is knitting in a rocking
chair.  Leave her for now.  Go to the east of the room and suck on the
chairs for a money ghost to pop out.  Search the dresser and the light.
Then go over to the granny.  You will see a kind of table with three
yarn balls.  If you search it they will fall down and roll around on
the ground.  This will piss Nana off.  Suck up one of the balls and
shoot her with it.  Be careful because every time you suck up a ball
she will shoot needles at Luigi.  You have to shoot all three balls at
her.  If you miss even once, she will disappear and you will have to
exit then reenter the room again to capture her.  Once that's done a
chest with a key will appear.  Okay, leave this room and go through the
door across from this one.

You should have ice with you.  Check the light for any money.  Then
look at the shower curtain.  You will see a hot babe showering.  Why
don't you pull the curtain aside and take a peek...  Once you do you will
find out that the hot babe is actually a fat pig.  Seriously!  She is a
pig.  Her name is Miss Petunia.  She will be mad at your rudeness and
spit water at you.  Dodge it then ice down her shower.  Petunia will
sneeze then expose her heart.  Suck her up and a chest with another key
will appear.  Now you can leave.  Now go south to the next door.

Suck on the light above for some money.  Then go to the toilet.  Suck
up the water element.  Then search the toilet.  The lid will fly open
and a fire elemental ghost will pop out.  Douse it with water then suck
it up.  A chest will appear with lots of money.  Leave.

Now go east down the hall and then go south and through the first door
you see.

Make sure you have fire with you.  Now search both the dressers for
cash and the chandelier as well.  If you try to go through the door to
the east Luigi will end up right back where he started.  So light all
the candles in the middle of the room.  The doors will lock and a
barrage of normal and advanced ghosts will attack you.  After sucking
them up the doors will unlock.  Go through the door to the east.

This is a very cool room.  Search the dresser for a gold bar.  The
first time you check it there will probably be nothing so keep checking
it every now and then.  Search the light above and then search the
telescope.  Luigi will look through it and see a moon.  Immediately,
half the room will be eaten away and you will see outer space.  Go to
the very east of the room.  Some shooting stars will fly past Luigi.
Suck one up and shoot it at the moon.  The moon will blow up revealing
star road.  Walk on this path all the way to the east until you come to
Mario's Star.  Sweeeeeeet!  Now go down to the first floor and into the
room where the key points too.

When you first come in you should notice a portrait ghost named Slim
Bankshot is playing pool.  Let him be for now.  Go over to the table to
the southeast.  Search the eastern-most chair for a money ghost.  Then
go west to the two droors and search them.  One should have a gold bar.
Now go over to Slim.  When he hits the three billiard balls they will
fly across the room.  You have to suck up a ball and hit him with it
and you have to do this three times.  He will then get tired and this
is your chance to vacuum him up.  Be warned for he is pretty strong for
how skinny he is.  Also, those balls that fly around can hurt Luigi if
one hits him.  Now a chest will appear full of money and a silver
diamond.  Vacuum the fan above just like the fan in the Master Bedroom.
Then go to the door to the east.

For some reason there is hardly any money in here.  Just check the
lights for anything.  Then go to the south and search the projector.
It will turn on.  Go to the north of the room.  Now all the advanced
ghosts will be invisible!  The trick is to use the shadows displayed on
the white screen to see them.  Once all of them are disposed of, a
chest will appear with Mario's Glove!

For a little fun, go over to the white screen and suck on it for about
three seconds then let go.  A picture of a boo saying, "Get out of
here!" will appear.

Okay, now go to the room where the other key points too.

Search the dresser to the west and then search the bunk bed for a money
ghost.  Then go on top of the bunk bed.  There are two helicopters
hanging from the ceiling.  The red one comes toward Luigi when vacuumed
and the blue one goes away when vacuumed.  Vacuum the blue one real
quickly so the choppers spin and the stop when the red one comes near
and then vacuum quickly again when the blue one comes around.  If you
do it right the choppers should spin around.  Make them spin three
times and then stop.  Get down from the bed and the Twins will confront
you.  Their names are Henry and Orville.  They will ask you to play
hide-and-seek so except their offer.  Then leave the room.  They will
ask you to come in.

You will notice that there are five boxes in the room.  You have to
guess which boxes the Twins are in.  If you so much as guess one box
wrong, you have to start all over again.  So instead of using trial &
error tactics, just vacuum the boxes and the ones that vibrate have the
Twins in them.

After finding both of them they will get mad and accuse you of cheating
and then attack you in a plane and a car!  I'm guessing Henry is the
one in the plane and Orville is the one in the car.  Anyway, suck up
Orville's car first then vacuum him up.  Then do the same with Henry
while watching out for the bombs that he drops.  After disposing of the
Twins a chest appears and you will obtain Mario's Shoe!  Now you have
all five of Mario's Items.  Time to make a visit to the Fortune
Teller's Room.

Summon Madam Clairvoya (flash her crystal ball) and show her all the
items.  She will give you clues to Mario's disappearance and who's
behind it.  Then she will ask you, that's right, ask you to vacuum her
up.  Do as she pleads and then get the key from the chest.  Now go to
the third floor and enter the door.

Go to the east and check between the boxes and the chair for a piece of
cheese.  You know what to do.  Then search the lights above for money.
Now make sure you have ice with you.  Vacuum the deer heads and some
water elemental ghosts will attack you.  Ice them down and then vacuum
them up.  A chest will appear with the key to the Balcony.  GO SAVE
NOW!!!!!!!! Then go into the Balcony.

Your Boo Radar should be going crazy!  So go to the middle of the
Balcony where you will see a circle of boos.  Approach them to start a
cut scene of the boos scaring Luigi.

Boss Area 3: Boolossus HP: None Difficulty: Hard
15 boos unite to form a big boo.  It will start bouncing around the
arena trying to hurt Luigi.  Go over to the eastern unicorn statue and
an ice element will come out.  Suck it up and then vacuum Boolossus so
that it is in something like a tractor beam.  Then bring it over to the
unicorn horn and it will pop.  15 boos will fly around all trying to
hurt Luigi.  Start icing them down and then sucking them up when they
are frozen.  They are very stupid and go right up to Luigi.  Try to get
at least five boos.  Then they will unite again forming a boo only
smaller.  Do the same thing to make them split up.  But this time they
will be more cautious.  Wait until they dive at you to ice them.  After
a grueling battle you should be victorious.

Now that you've beaten up Boolossus it will count as 15 boos to your
boo counter!  If you've caught every boo you've seen, you should have
39.  A chest with a boss key will appear and the professor will then
call you back.  You've accomplished Area 3!

Area 4


You will start out in the Foyer again.  Go to the Boneyard and water
the diamond plant one last time.  By now it should be a pod.  When you
water it, it should explode money and a huge gold diamond out!  Now go
all the way up to the Balcony 3F.

This place is a goldmine!  Make sure you have water with you and then
start watering the plants starting from the east.  You'll find coins,
bills, gold bars, gems, and a red diamond.  After that, go to the door
that the boss key fits for.  After the fence wears off, a cinema will
start where lighting hits the mansion roof and all the lights go out!
Now ghosts overrun the mansion!  Quickly go through the door.  Go down
the hall to the last door to the east.

As you enter this room you will hear a phone ring.  Go over to it, pick
it up, and say that you are Luigi.  It will be Toad on the phone.  He
will talk to you then hang up.  Then another phone will ring.  Pick it
up and talk to the professor.  He will tell you to go after a portrait
ghost named Uncle Grimmly.  He says that it prefers rooms with mirrors.
Then he will warn you that some ghosts are approaching your position.
Suck up all the ghosts then leave the room.  Don't even search for
money just leave.

Go back to the Wardrobe Room while watching out for ghosts.  It's just
a waste of time to suck up the ghosts because they will keep coming
back.  Just focus on getting to that room.

Once you enter this room, have Luigi turn his back away from the
mirror.  Uncle Grimmly will then appear.  Wait 'til he does his scary
howl and turn and flash him then suck him up.  A chest with a key will
appear.  This key goes to the Breaker Room.  Some how, it got locked
up.  Anyways, go down there.

In here, go to the switch to the north.  Luigi will press it down
turning all the lights on!  Thank God.  A chest will appear with a key
to the door across from this room.

Once entering this room, look to the west.  There is a box.  Search it
for a money ghost.  Then go east to a barrel and search it for a normal
ghost.  Then suck up the dust piles.  You don't need to step on the
warp pad right now.  Search the barrel in the middle of the room for
another normal ghost then suck it up and the lights will turn on.  It
will give a key to the Clockwork Room on the 3F.  So go to the
Telephone Room.  Before you go search the metal racks and the light for
hearts, a gold bar, and money.

Before going to the Clockwork Room, go to the chests to the east of the
room.  One will be full of money and the other will contain a skeleton-
like advanced ghost.  Suck it up then go to the chest to the north and
open it for another advanced ghost.  After sucking him up a chest will
appear with a lot of money.  Then search the cabinet to the east by the
door for some coins.  Then go through the door.

In here search the light above for money.  Take a look at the soldiers.
They are the Clockwork Soldiers and there are three.  Then go to the
northeast to the clocks.  Search them to turn them on.  Then go to the
table to the southwest and turn on the clocks there.  Then go north
from there and turn the clocks on.  The three soldiers will come alive.
Stay by the clocks and suck on the back of the closest soldier until
the winder comes off.  Then suck it up.  This is a very strenuous part
of the game because when you are sucking up a soldier another will come
and hit Luigi.  So do your best to dodge their attacks while vacuuming
up the ghosts.  Once you've done that, a door in the little house will
open.  Go in it and an elevator will lift Luigi to the Roof.

This roof will house another purpose besides the one I'm about to tell
you now.  So keep that in mind.  Now, go to the campfire and suck up
all the advanced ghosts.  Then some ice elemental ghosts will appear.
Get a fire element and torch them.  After that a chest will appear on
the western chimney chute.  Climb up the ladder and open it to get a
key.  Then climb down and go to the eastern chimney chute and climb up
on to it and you will fall.

You find yourself in a sealed room.  If you walk south down the hall on
the 3F you will see a door with 4X4's nailed across it.  That's the
door to this room.  Now, search the chalice on the ledges and suck on
the chest on the table and any other chest on the western side of this
room.  Then go east until you come to a big chest.  Open it for a money
ghost.  The big chest to the northeast has a lot of normal and advanced
ghosts in it.  All the rest of the chests have money.  There is also a
random gold mouse in here.  After sucking up all the ghosts, you will
get a chest full of money and a silver diamond.  But since the door is
sealed, how do you get out?  Well go to the north wall and suck the
drape off.  A mirror will be behind it.  Use the mirror shortcut (go to
search mode and press A) to get back to the Foyer.

From the Foyer, go to the 2F and through the door that the key that you
got from the Sealed Room fits in.

Once in here, go to the candle to get a fire element.  Search the
chairs and table for money as well as the lights above.  Then light the
candles.  Some normal ghosts will appear.  Suck them up and then get a
water element because some fire elemental ghosts will appear.  After
getting all the ghosts go through the door to the east.

This room is weird because everything is upside down!  Get some water
and spray the sleeping girl, Sue Pea, three times.  She will get pissed
and hurl dolls at you.  Suck them up and then suck her up.  A chest
appears on the ceiling but there are no warp pads in here.  So leave
the room.

A rumble can be heard so go back in the room.

Upon entering, the room will now be right side up.  Open the chest for
a silver diamond and a lot of money.  Water the plant for a gem and
search the dresser that the doll is on for coins.  Then leave.

Now go to the 3F and to the door that the other key fits for.

There are many suits of armor in this room.  You have to search all of
them to get ghosts to come out.  Be careful because some of them drop
their weapons and can hurt Luigi.  It would be a good idea to search
them from the sides or behind.  After that, search the baskets.  They
either contain money or ghosts.  Once all the ghosts are disposed of, a
chest appears with a key to the Pipe Room but first go to the door in
the northeast corner.

Search all the vases in here for money and a gem.  Also search the
light.  Then get an ice element.  Stand in the middle of the room and a
portrait ghost named Jarvis asks you if you want to play a game with
him.  Accept his offer and he will then dive into a vase.  He will then
pop up from a random vase and you have to spray him seven times with
ice.  It's really easy to do.  Once you win his game, he will get mad.
So suck up this retard.  You will then get a chest full of money and a
silver diamond.

Now go down to the basement and to the door where the key fits. An easy
way to get to the basement is to go to the Armory and use the mirror
shortcut on the mirror on the north wall.

While going to the basement, you must pass through the Cellar.  This is
the room with all the dust piles.  Instead of taking forever by sucking
up all the dust piles, just suck up the eastern dust pile to reveal a
warp pad.  Step on it and walk on the ceiling all the way to the
western side and drop down.  This is a handy shortcut.  If you are
going the opposite way, then suck up the dust pile on the western side
and then step on the warp pad and go to the entrance to this room.

This room is kind of hard because not only are there a lot of advanced
ghosts in here, but the acid pool shoots out acid puffballs and they
deal a lot of damage.  So focus on sucking up the puffballs first and
then get the advanced ghosts.  When the lights turn on, a chest will
appear behind the waterfall.  So get an ice element from the drum
bucket and spray it on the acid until it freezes.  Then cross it and
approach the red handle.  Luigi will turn it causing the waterfall to
disappear.  Now you can go over to the chest and open it to reveal a
key to the next room.

I'll say it again; the Pipe Room is kind of hard.  So I know a way of
making it easier.  When you first enter this room, immediately leave.
Then go back in but do not move.  If you did it right, only the acid
puffballs should attack you.  Just suck them up and then move to make
the advanced ghosts attack you.

This place is pure ice so Luigi will slide around.  Watch out for
icicles because they will fall and hurt Luigi.  Get a fire element and
go over to the block of ice in the northwest corner.  Flame it so it
melts.  A portrait ghost named Sir Weston was frozen in the ice.  For
some reason he gets mad at you for thawing him out.  Start sucking him
up but watch out for his ice wave attack.  After vacuuming him up a
chest will appear with a key to the hardest room in the mansion.

Once entering here the famous Vincent Van Gore will confront you.  He
is the one who brought all the ghosts alive (besides portrait ghosts)
by drawing them and then they came alive.  Well he's about to give you
a little sample on his drawings...He will start out by making three
normal ghosts appear from his paintings.  Suck them up and then he will
make another three normal ghosts appear.  Then after sucking them up,
he will make yet another three normal ghosts appear.  He will make four
more groups of three advanced ghosts appear.  If you manage to vacuum
up all of his ghosts he will expose his heart and you can finally
vacuum him up.  The lights will come on and a painting he was drawing
is a chest that pops out a key.  The master boss key!  Before leaving,
check the light for money.  Also, this room should contain the 50th boo.
This one is very hard to capture and flees the room often.  What I do
is suck at him until he leaves the room then when I leave the room and
I run to the west of the hall and suck at him to scare him back into
the room.  This way he doesn't go into the Clockwork Room because it
takes forever to get there.  After sucking up your 50th boo it will
leave behind a gold diamond!  Now go down to the basement and through
the metal door to get to the Secret Alter.

SAVE NOW!!!!!  You are about to face your final boss, King Boo.  Just
before walking up to him search the chandelier above for a gem.  Then
go to the east to the two incense pillars for some money and a gold
bar.  Then approach King Boo.

King Boo will confront you while looking at the painting of Mario.
Then the room will turn dark and the Mario painting will turn into the
form of Bowser!  Bowser will suck Luigi into the painting.  Prepare for
the final showdown...

Boss Area 4: King Boo HP: 500 Difficulty: Very Hard
Luigi finds himself on the roof again except that a wall of fire
surrounds it!  Then a shadow looms over Luigi.  And all of the sudden
Bowser drops down scaring the shit out of Luigi!  Excuse my French.
Try to remember what the Super Mario 64 Bowser looked like.  Back then
you thought he was bad but look at him now.  He's gorgeous.  The
texture is perfect and I can tell he's made of plenty of polygons.
When he breaths fire it just looks perfect.  This is definitely the
best part of this game.  Bravo! Errmm...sorry...anyway, as soon as the cut
scene is over with have Luigi run away about two pillars from Bowser.
He will first breathe fire.  Then he will throw three black spiked
balls at Luigi.  Go to the closest one and suck it up.  Bowser will run
to Luigi and begin to either suck him up or breathe fire.  When he
lowers his head to do so, back away and shoot him with the ball.  His
head will blow off and King Boo will awkwardly fly out!  So this isn't
really Bowser but a machine suit of him that King Boo is in!  Anyway,
start sucking up King Boo's hit points.  Be careful because now
Bowser's head will float above and shoot ice at Luigi.  While sucking
up King Boo, dodge the ice by walking around in a circle or getting as
far away from Bowser's head as possible and then just moving back and
fourth.  You should get at least 100 HP from King Boo.  After awhile he
will return in the Bowser suit.  When he does this, run to the other
side of the roof.  Be careful of Bowser's sucking attack.  If he sucks
you into his mouth he will chew on you for a while and then spit you
out causing a lot of damage.  Now wait 'til he throws the balls again
and do the same thing to blow his head off.  After you get King Boo's
HP to 200 or less and when he returns into the suit the head will go on
backwards!  Then Bowser will romp around destroying every thing in his
path.  To escape this attack, go to one of the chimney chutes and hide
by them so that Bowser can't get you.  Continue on with the battle
until you capture King Boo.  This is a very tough battle so it may take
you a few tries.  After defeating King Boo the Bowser suit will fall
and you will retrieve King Boo's crown.  This crown also has a red
diamond in it!  King Boo is no more!

Luigi will appear back at the Secret Alter.  He will find the portrait
of Mario (Mario passed out) and take it back to the Lab.

Luigi will be in the Lab with the Professor and he will tell Luigi that
the mansion disappeared but the money is real and that Luigi can keep
it.  Then they send the rest of the portrait ghosts in the Ghost
Portraificationizer.  Your total score is added up and then the
Professor sends the Mario painting backwards through the machine.  He
pops out of the machine safe and unharmed and finally reunited with his
brother.  Enjoy the credits (yeah, right).


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


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The Rank

So now you've beaten the game but what do you do with the money?  Well,
since the mansion disappeared, the professor decided to build Luigi a
new mansion with the money!  Now, how much money you got determines how
big the mansion is.  If you got over 100,000,000g then you get an A
rank and the mansion is huge.  Anything lower and you will get either a
B rank or C rank, D, E, F ranks and so on.  Good Luck!


Hidden Mansion
Wait, isn't there any replay value to this game?  Of course there is!
Once beating the game you will get a new option in the list at the Lab.
Below the option: Mansion, there is a new option called Hidden Mansion.
This option lets you play the mansion again only your vacuum is way
stronger and the ghosts cause more damage than usual.

Full Gallery

And when you beat the game you get a full gallery.  You can go in there
and look around and get close-up views of the portraits.

Gold Portraits

If you've done all the secrets than try this, play the hidden mansion
but try to focus on getting all gold portraits on the portrait and boss
ghosts.  It's a great challenge.  To get gold portraits for portrait
ghosts, you must suck them up without them getting away once.  With
boss ghosts, you have to beat them with 80 health left or more.  This
means you have to save a lot.  Currently, you don't get a new mode or
secret from doing this but it provides an extra challenge.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

1. Question: Why does this game star Luigi and not Mario?

Answer: Because so many fans have been asking Nintendo to give Luigi a
spotlight for once.  The only lead-starring role that Luigi has ever
had was in Mario's Missing and lets face it, that game just plain

2. Q: How come this game is shorter than previous Mario games?

A: Nintendo has come up with a new formula for making games; shorter
games available quicker.  So this game is probably about 8 or 9 hours
in length but came out really soon while other Mario games lasted 18 to
20 hours and took a long time to develop.

3. Q: But why is this game so different than other Mario games?  Luigi
can't even jump for crying out loud!

A: Well, this is the Gamecube and things, including games are going to
be a little different to see if fans accept it.  Also, Shigeru Miyamoto
did not direct this game.  He was just a supervising producer.  The
actual director is Hideki Konno.  So the game is going to be a little

4. Q: Are all upcoming Mario games going to be short and different like
Luigi's Mansion?

A: I'm betting not.  Take for example, Super Mario Sunshine.  This game
has been in development for around 2 years and is said to be just as
long as Super Mario 64.  New elements will in fact be put in like the
water backpack Mario will carry on his back.  I think Mario games are
only going to get better and more appealing to audiences.

5. Q: Why did you write this FAQ?

A: I've read many Luigi's Mansion FAQ's and they kind of suck.  They
didn't tell what to really do and left out many things from this game.
I wanted to make a FAQ where people saw it and said, "Hey this is a
really good FAQ."  I want people to get something out of this.  Fun has
a role in the development of this FAQ too.  It's fun to write something
for a game you really love.  It kind of shows how much of a fan you

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= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Well, this is the end of my FAQ.  I had a great time writing it.  I
hope that it helped you in any possible way because that's the reason I
wrote this.  I would just like to thank my dad for buying me this
computer because without it this FAQ wouldn't have been possible.  I
would also like to thank all the sites I got my information from and I
would like to thank God.  As for legal matters...I don't care.  Bye!


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