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A great, unique idea that isn't quite enough to build a game on its ownblaiken used peck7/10
People just had unrealistic expectations.chrono trigger fan7/10
When there’s something strange in the neighborhood, who you gonna call…LUIGI?!Daredevil31817/10
As a launch title for the Nintendo Gamecube, Luigi's Mansion is an excellent game to start off Nintendo brand new system.dmcilvan8/10
When there's something weird and it don't look good, who you gonna call... LUIGI!Donald Love 877/10
You know, this is why I don't trust those stupid game shows....EJRICH7/10
Mario is Missing but It's Alright This Time...EnmaDaio25888/10
A new classic for a new system, Nintendo does it again!hand of g0d10/10
Very FUN!Hephaestus8/10
One of the more unique games Nintendo has made throughout it's historyiceman5059/10
The fun of being greenJ49138/10
Plot Twist: Mario is the new Peach.Kowbrainz7/10
It is one of the best games on GameCube.MAIKAR_MAN9/10
Luigi's back, and this time he's won his own mansion...or has he?Mathew198610/10
Can you resist Luigi's kitsch house keeping skills?MaxH7/10
Poor Luigi.Mega4/10
A remarkable little game.MTLH9/10
Luigi the best? Naah!Nadnerb7/10
A great misunderstood gem.pandaramaster8/10
Beautifully Rendered in Full LS-3-DPeteBDawg7/10
Suki Suki!Shinnokxz6/10
A very good game but not a Nintendo ClassicSlartibartfast8/10
Ma... Mario? Mario???SneakTheSnake7/10
A potentially good game, but it does have quite a number of flawsSuperSmashBro137/10
Luigi's time to shinesurtrav36/10
Pity, really.TheDeadHeart7/10
What????? Is 4 hours of game play all you can do Nintendo?thesampleman6/10
Forget Dyson...UberGrasshopper8/10
Mario Is Missing 2: Luigi's MansionVideoMaster8/10
It's about time Luigi got his own gameWriter8/10
Short, But Great Funwymario8/10

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A great MArio-Adventure game. (Yes, I consider it to be a Mario game :P)Boris_Fan_2798/10
Luigi + a ghost filled mansion + a vacuum cleaner = one great game!Bowsa9/10
Luigi goes solo!Boz9/10
Nintendo's definitive Halloween video gameChronoCactaur8/10
One of the most original games available in years!Cloud20039/10
Resident LuigiCouch Chimpanzee9/10
A fantastic installment of the Mario seriesCube Critic9/10
Finally! Luigi Gets His Own Adventure. Too Bad It's So Short.Darkdoomsday8/10
Luigi finally gets his own game!DarkMark4210/10
Could've been better, and longer.dirtycup II6/10
Over as soon as it really startsFinalark7/10
Pretty fun actuallyFSolowczuk9/10
Finally a Mario game where Luigi is the star!GCMasta9/10
Enjoyable (but a very critical review)George7/10
Luigi finally gets a chance... and wastes it.goppers7/10
Maarrrriiiiiiooooo, Mario? I've got to find Mario!Hank8/10
A game that must be experienced, but falls short of classicHayama Akito8/10
Not a plunger this time, but a vacuumhyncer7/10
Mario is Missing! It's up to Luigi, this time!IVScarecrowVI10/10
Luigi's 1st gameJuniorpower9/10
Is Luigi's 1st game all its cracked up to be ?KBaker9/10
Classic Nintendo Feelingkermie10/10
The little tech demo that could.LegendaryFrog7/10
One of GameCube’s first games... that makes buying a GC more fun...newbiewannabe9/10
Luigi's first solo role... Hey, wait is this even Luigi?OniLink50004/10
Move aside ghostbusters Luigi is in town!pikachupwnage9/10
Face it Luigi, Mario won't be around foreverroadkill10/10
Mario's brother Luigi takes the roll for the main characterRockVoulnutt9/10
Not exactly lives up to Nintendo's standards, but a solid game nonetheless.shigman7/10
Luigi finally takes a step out of his older brother's shadow and into the spotlight in his first starring rolesuperstarluigi9/10
Luigi's Mansionvsc19886/10
Many years later, the hype has died Luigi's Mansion worth a look?websterboy6048/10
A good start for GamecubeYoshi_20008/10

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