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Where can I find a Scarab Bag?

I've looked everywhere in Dinosaur Planet and couldn't find one Scarab Bag. Can Someone tell me where a Scarab bag is?


kadaj_octavius answered:

You find the first scarab bag after you feed the mammoth thing. He'll give it to you, and you can get a bigger one later in the game by helping out a dinosuar being attacked i think
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9341yg answered:

Right and wrong.The first way is right but, in order to get the scarab bag that holds 100 scarabs you have to give the 2nd krazoa spirt to the krazoa palace.Then warp back and the warp stone gives it to you.
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btaylor2010 answered:

Same as above.

You get the 1st scarab bag (which can hold 50 scarabs max) when you feed the first of 2 alpine roots to the Snowhorn, who you meet in Snowhorn Wastes, after you find out about Tricky's HEEL command.

You get the 2nd scarab bag (which can hold 100 scarabs max) after you return from Krazoa Palace, having released the 2nd Krazoa Spirit. The Warpstone will give it to you.

You get the 3rd scarab bag (which can hold 200 scarabs max) after you defeat the scourge of flying creatures that roam around the Thorntails (in Thorntail Hollow) after you have placed the 3rd Spellstone.
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