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The beginning of Rare's downfallbrutusmuktuk5/10
Dinosaurs are rolling in their fossilized graves.ConfusedGuy4/10
Where have the heroes gone?discoinferno846/10
Star Fox meets Zelda meets Jurassic ParkDonald Love 877/10
I can feel the bile burning my throat when I play this game...Dorkmaster Flek9/10
Fox Better get Those Words Moving.....EJRICH5/10
Truly the last masterpiece from Rare...Funk10/10
You got Zelda in my Star Fox.Genjuro Kibagami6/10
A fun joke, only badly told.Halron26/10
Does not improve upon OOT OR Star FoxKing Kool6/10
Rare's final game for a Nintendo console is well worth playing, especially if you are a fan of the Star Fox series.KnightsoftheRound8/10
A very good game that will unfortunately be despised by much of the gaming masses for all the wrong reasonsLastStand8/10
For the first time ever, Fox McCloud's next adventure is on foot, turning out to be one of the cleverest ideas yet.Life_Is_Great9/10
That Bushy Tail Won't Get You Anywhere!Light_Inside8/10
I wanted to love it, but I could barely like it...Maximum J5/10
A good game, but it just doesn't measure up.McGray6/10
Underrated like crazyMetalFox3k9/10
A game 65 million years in the making.MSuskie7/10
Star Fox Adventures: Fox's first grand Adventure!NettoSaito7/10
Rare leaves Nintendo with a slight fart and fizzleNinja Munkey1287/10
A Magnificent Exercise in Style, but Both Rare and Star Fox have Seen Better DaysRicho Rosai8/10
It looks pretty, it's fun, but how well does it hold up today?Super Slash7/10
Those crazy Brits have done it again!TacoHunter8/10
Armed with a Mystical Stick and really bad controls, Fox saves the world. Right.Tanto8/10
Watch it Fox! You're in danger of doing tedious fetch quests!Tenshi No Shi7/10
Guide Link, I mean, Fox through a great game!TheMissingLink11869/10
Talking dinosaurs? Space-faring Foxes? Man, it's like the sixties never ended!Tom Clark9/10
If you're looking for a real Starfox game. This is not the one.tommy h 24503/10
What can hype do, and what SFA can not.UltimateRincewind6/10
The best Starfox GC game - lots of spoilers insidexianfeng9/10

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