Question from xjulia7x

Asked: 5 years ago

My person tanned on the mainland...?

everyone says you can only tan on the island, but on the first day I played my guy got remarkably darker while i was just on the mainland. I dont even have the GBA thing to get on the island...

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From: YummySpot 5 years ago

The same thing happened to me. I looked it up online and it says to make your person tan all you have to do is spend about 10 minuties on the beach in your town a during a warm day. Stay Tan!

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The reason you tanned at your town is because during the summer months, staying outside too long will cause you to get one. It is always summer at the island, although I have no access to it either...

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lol i didnt feel like tanning on the mainland OR the island(my friend has the cable) but i think u get 2 hawaian shirts there, red and blue

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One word... Summer
Don't want a tan? Carry an umbrella for shade.

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COOL!!!I wish that would happen to my incredilby pale person.

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Hey can you get sunburnt since you can get tan?

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But seriosly, can you? :)

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