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Asked: 5 years ago

I need codes-Coconut, Oranges, Gold Items?

My user name is Brian and my town name is Hell (that's how its spelled) is there any chance i could get the nook codes for those 2 items? or for the golden items (except shovel)


Additional details - 5 years ago

The 2 items i meant were the coconuts and oranges....sry

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6 e m X L F 9 z 5 i G h % 2
x 4 h N z u A 5 d F @ h o q

F t v 4 E w U # Y D & O M r ----------> The O Is capital o
p o & A x I # y P G Y S 8 x ------> The l is Capital i

Golden Bug Catching Net:
F t v 4 E # K r Y D & O M r ----------> The O Is capital o
p o & A x I # y P G q S 8 x ------> The l is Capital i

Golden Axe:
6 # m X 8 F p z 5 r G h % 2
V o h N z u T j O F t h o % ----------> The O Is capital o

Golden Fishing Rod:
VohNzuTjOFtho% ----------> The O Is capital o

That's it! But remember: Some of the codes may not work... That's because of the bugs in the code generator.

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The guy above forgot an important item: the Golden Shovel.


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well,you can catch all of the bugs and fish ,but for the golden axe I don't know.

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