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What is a pitfall ?

What is a pitfall and how do i use it ?


MegamanXfan21xx answered:

You bury it and push a villager onto it. If you fall in, wiggle the control stick or tap buttons to escape.
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Komedy_King answered:

A pitfall is a spherical, white object with a red exclamation mark on the front. Villagers will sell them to you and you can use password to get them. You dig a hole and bury the pitfall. The pitfall, once buried, appears as a normal dig spot, like a fossil. That was extremly painful to write. I hope you're happy.
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KomiKamikazi answered:

Yea. I found one, buried it near my nieghbor Wolfgang, and he looked funny when he fell in. Heehee!
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Zeldarceus64 answered:

When the game says pitfall, it is not talking about the game pitfall, it is talking about the item. a pitfall is a round white object with a red exclamation mark in the middle, dig a hole, bury the pitfall, then have someone walk into it, if you fall into it yourself use the control stick to get free. the pitfall looks like a normal buried item so if you dont want to fall into a pitfall, then dont walk on the spots that have a buried item in it. hope this helps!
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LINK31ZELDA answered:

A pitfall is just a little joke. You dig a hole in the ground and bury it and a villager or if someone else has a profile on the game walks over the pitfall they fall in the ground. But if you walk over it you can fall in too. Tap the buttons fast to get out.
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EclipseNight answered:

A pitfall is a gag used to trap people. Bury the trap into the ground, and wait for someone to come by. If you push people in it, they will be stuck until they wiggle out. I would not stick around when they get out, because they probably wouldn't be happy. The pitfall can also be thrown around your house as a decoration(You would probably lose house points, though).
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higabiga answered:

A pitfall is something you can bury in the ground. You take your shovel, dig a hole, then go to your pockets. Click the pitfall, and press the option "Bury." You can push animals into them, and beware, you can fall into them too! You can get pitfalls from the lost and found, in the dump, and maybe even dig them up!
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JMISBEST answered:

You just bury it and push either visitors or friends into it, but your character can also fall into it and if he/she dos, then just wriggle the control until you get free
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Meatboy1337 answered:

Christ dude,just close this you've already gotten you're question answered 5 damn years ago!
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