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Asked: 4 years ago

Lucky Items?

I Need Lucky Items Codes For All

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Lucky Items? Could you be more specific? If you mean Items that give 7,777 points for the HRA
* Arwing
* Big Festive Tree
* Birthday Cake
* Bug Trophy (x2
* Dracaena
* Fish Trophy (x2)
* Flower Trophy (x2)
* Garden Gnome
* Ivory Piano
* Jack-in-the-box
* Lefty Lucky Cat
* Lovely Phone
* Lucky Black Cat
* Lucky Gold Cat (x2)
* Lucky Cat
* Master Sword
* Music Box
* Piggy Bank
* Raccoon Figurine
* Samurai Suit
* Treasure Chest
* Triforce
* Washer/Drier
* Lucky frog
These but these are for City Folk

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