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Is there an easier way to get Island Furniture?

I've spent hours fishing for treasures on my game boy, but It takes forever to get any Island Furniture. Is their an easier way?

DarkFuryBeast provided additional details:

I have given my Islander Furniture so he could complete his house, but I don't think he gives you Island Furniture. As for burying an Item and then digging up on the game boy, I haven't tried it, but I'll write back when I do.


Bara_no_Uta answered:

I know sometimes your villager will ask you for items, and if you give them an item they will give you one in return. I think this can be Island Furniture. Also, if you bury something and leave your shovel behind on the GameCube island then have the islander dig it up on the GBA island, they will drop an item of their own.
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