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by FishEye (

First version (v1.0) finished on:  June 20, 2002
Updated to v1.5 on:  September 13, 2002
     - added more quotes

This Quote Guide was created using the North American version of SSX 
Tricky.  I don't thing the information presented here differs from the 
other versions.  If you notice anything that *is* different, please let 
me know and I will credit you for the info in future versions of the 

**Table of Contents**

A.  Introduction
1.  Character Select
2.  Big Air
3.  Land Trick
4.  Crash/Fall
5.  Passes
6.  Gets Passed
7.  Pre-Event Showoff Chatter
8.  Pre-Event Race Chatter
9.  Post Event Taunts/Comebacks
10.  Wins
11.  Loses
12.  Unknown
B.  Outro


     While interest in SSX Tricky has waned from it's initial release, 
there are still some of us out there who continue to play the game 
regularly and still haven't tired of it.  Looking for something else to 
do for the game, a few of us from the SSX Tricky message board at 
GameFAQs decided to make quote guides for the characters.  The 
characters in the game say so many things (most of them hilarious) that 
it just seemed like a good idea to collect them all into mini-guides.  I 
volunteered to do Luther, Eddie, Elise, and Moby.  This is the Moby 
guide.  Others are currently making (or have already made) guides for 
the rest of the characters, be on the lookout for your favorites!

     This guide is a work in progress.  I will be updating it 
periodically with new quotes as I'm sure there are many more I haven't 
heard yet.

     (?) = Not sure if this is exactly what the character said
     (CB) = Comeback (response to a Taunt)
     (T) = Taunt (followed by another character's Comeback)
     (F) = Happened while fighting (not sure if that's required)
     (KD) = Happened when Moby knocked down an opponent (not sure if a
            knockdown is required)
     (MKD) = Happened when Moby was knocked down (again, not sure if
             that's a requirement)

I would also like to note that I've taken some liberties regarding the 
spelling of words.  I've tried to represent the character's dialect and 
in doing so may have intentionally misspelled words.

And finally - I would like to say that I'm not British.  I'm familiar 
with quite a bit of British slang, but I'm not positive I heard 
everything correctly (fudge?  foldodgy?).  If there are any Brits out 
there who read this and can correct any errors I made, please write.

Final note (no, really!) - At this point I've listened to and watched 
countless replays of the game (that's where some of the best quotes can 
be heard the most frequently).  In regards to the Passing/Being Passed 
sections - it's very difficult to tell which condition the quote was 
triggered from when you are racing that close.  So, it should be noted 
that the quotes in those two sections are somewhat interchangeable.  I 
tried to place them in the section I felt the quote was most appropriate 


     - Alright boss, good choice, like your style.
     - No problems with me mate, I'll take care a you.
     - Hey it's Moby baby, come on, bring it on!
     - You're lookin' at a winner, baby!


     - Ah, not bad!
     - With the greatest of ease!
     - Aaaaairborrrrne!
     - Ooooh, the best!
     - Now this gets the blood boilin', mate!
     - That's right, the name's Mr.  Mr. Moby Jones!
     - Sheer intensity!
     - The super secret Moby missile, is on target!
     - And who's that crazy daredevil?  It's Moby!
     - When you get this good, they call you mister.
     - Yeeeeeehaaaaa!
     - Kick iiiiiit!
     - Free as a bloomin' bird.
     - Fantastic view!
     - Come on then!
     - Yeeeeeeeah!
     - This is the best!
     - I'm as high as a kite.
     - That's riiiight!
     - Over the top, man.  Over the top.
     - Lovin' it!
     - Look at me fly!
     - And 'e flies through the air, with the greatest of ease.
     - Never come down!
     - Trickyyy!
     - I'm on top of the world!
     - Rocketmaaaaaan!!
     - Look mommy, I'm on the tele!
     - Ho yes, yeah, I'm a bird!
     - Woooah yeah, baby!
     - Alriiiiight!
     - Heeeeere's Moby!
     - I think I might stay up here for a little while.
     - Innncrediblllle!
     - Waheeeeeey!
     - Awh, the best!
     - Hehhey, Concord (Colcord?), look at me!
     - I'm a champagne supernova!
     - I can see London from here!


     - Aye, that was for you boys back home!
     - Mobyman strikes again!
     - Autograph signin's... after the race.
     - I am the real deal!
     - I'm makin' everyone jealous, baby!  Yeeah hey!
     - Master of the mountain!
     - I'm gonna get a knighthood for this one!
     - Bloody lovely.
     - Large and in charge.
     - Superhuman, Moby movin'!
     - 'Ave you ever seen anything like it?
     - Oh my word, woohoo!
     - Yes!
     - You better get that replay bronzed.
     - I am superstar, squuu-ared!
     - Yaaaay!  That is what it's all about.
     - Ah, ladies, that one's for you!  Don't forget it!
     - They don't come much better than me.
     - And here 'e is, Moby Jones!
     - 24 carat brilliant.
     - London is in the house!
     - Who's badder than Moby? 
     - Like a postman, Moby delivers!
     - Absolutely fabulous.
     - It's beyond belief.
     - How does Sir Moby sound?
     - Shut iiit!
     - That is what is it all about!
     - Beaut!


4.  CRASH/FALL (many of these can be preceeded by incoherent grunts)
     - Awaha!  Gotta stop doin' that one!
     - I'm losin' it now, come on!
     - Oooooh.
     - Snap!
     - Drat!
     - Oiye, time to shelve that move.
     - I'm gonna hafta retire.
     - Come on, we got to win this one.  Pull it together.
     - Slaaa!
     - Wake up, you monkey!
     - Hell!
     - Come on, get sorted! 
     - Blast!
     - Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
     - Ah, not again!
     - I've lost it!  I'm rubbish.
     - That's (that is) a disgrace!
     - Oh, blast it!
     - Woooah, that's a bad one!
     - No one saw that, right?
     - Oh that's a stinga!
     - Come on Moby, you're only lettin' yourself down 'ere!
     - Oh I could use a nice cup 'o tea after that.
     - Cripes!
     - That's really done it now, Moby.
     - Geez, come on.  What are you doin'?!
     - We can forget that one.
     - God save the queen!
     - Cut that one from the reel, quick.
     - Oh, I'm gonna need that pint now.
     - Bungo!
     - Cancel the party!
     - Breakdown!
     - Cri-key!
     - That's a baaaad one.
     - Abandon ship!
     - You can't win like that, Moby.
     - Blimey!
     - Let's get back on and get goin'!
     - Shake it off, boss.  Come on.
     - Ah, foldodgy. (?)
     - Ah, Moby go boom!
     - I think I'm bleedin' 'ere!
     - I'm broken!
     - Right through me!
     - Enguard!
     [incoherent grunts and groans]


5.  PASSES (many of these can be preceeded by "Hey!" or "Oi!" and/or a
            character's name)
     - Ahahahaha.  You're nothin' special pal!
     - See ya later, pal!
     - Oi, mate, you 'aven't got a clue!
     - Come on, fatty!
     - Smell ya later!
     - See you at the end, fudge! 
     - Shut iiiiit!
     - Ever heard of Darwin?
     - I'm all over you like a cheap suit!
     - I'm on you like stink, gov.
     - Nice seein' ya.  Come again!
     - Bye, bye, swee-ty.
     - Get ready for the bomb, jack.  Yeeeeeah!
     - Oi, you know, I'm takin' no prisoners today!
     - You think you got a chance, pal?
     - Wake it up, it's time for your daily reality check.
     - I'll look even betta with gold, pal.
     - You're just traffic for me, mate!
     - Oi, see ya later, face-a! [? I think he's saying "fancy"]
     - (sung) I'm fat, I'm round, I'm worth a million pound.  It's 
       Moby Jones!  It's Moby Jones!
       [I've heard a variation on this where he sings "he's" in place
        of "I'm"]
     - (sung) We all follow the Moby!  'Ello!  'Ello!  We are the Moby 
       boys!  'Ello!  'Ello!  We are the Moby boys!
     [The last two "songs" have to be heard to be believed.  They're
      incredibly hilarious!]


6.  GETS PASSED (many of these can be preceeded by "Hey!" "Oi!" and/or
                 a character's name)
     - A lit'l sweat never drowned anyone.
     - I'm breathin' right down your neck (pal).
     - Stupid git!
     - Ah, ya big screama!
     - You think that's (you're) special?
     - You are rubbiiish!
     - Easy tiga!
     - Just 'avin' a rest!
     - You've not seen the last o' me, mate.
     - Doesn't matter.  I don't care.
     - Aye, it's not over yet.
     - Ooo, look at you!
     - Ya 'aven't got away from me yet!
     - You better watch your backside, mate!
     - Oi, you're nothing, mate!
     - You ponce!
     - Keepin' it real, eatin' a veel.
     - I'm gonna chew you up all nasty!
     - I'm in like a diiiiry shirt!
     - Why, you dirty... 
     - Errrr!
     - I'll catch you yet!
     - See you soon, pal?
     - Oi, you la!  At it!  (?)


     Garibaldi - Not a big fan o' this place.  It's straight.  It's
                 jumps.  It's for the skiers.
     Snowdream - Naaaah.  Snowdream.  This is gonna be sweet!
     Elysium Alps - The French are alright, but I love their slopes.
     Mesablanca - Oh yeah!  I know you love me!
     Merqury City - Straight after this, we right into the club.
     Tokyo Megaplex - You can count on Moby to give you a show!
     Aloha Ice Jam - Ho ho, look at this.  They'll be some babes on 
                     the beach at the end o' this one.
     Alaska - Gonna stare straight inna face a danger, and invite him
              up for a cupper.


     Garibaldi - JP, you think you're the business, but you really are
                 a charity case pal. (to JP)
     Snowdream - 'Ave no doubt, this is our race, baby. (to Zoe)
                 Woah-ho, hey! (response to Zoe)
     Elysium Alps - You can count on Moby to give you a show!
     Mesablanca - Now I can really shine in front o' my favorite fans.
     Merqury City - Oh yeeah!  I know you love me!
     Tokyo Megaplex - Ah, this is perfection.  Watch me go.
     Aloha Ice Jam - Gonna make you famous, love. (to Zoe)
                     Aye boss, right back at ya.  Like it. (response to
     Alaska - Aye, JP - [says something that sounds French, but is 
              unintelligible]. (to JP)  (?)
              Don't waste your breath.  Forget about it. (to Mac)


     - I'll put you in your place later, pal. (CB)
     - That is a load of bullocks. (CB)
     - You're not in my league, pal. (CB)
     - Oi fudge, what comes around, goes around. (T)


10.  WINS
     - King o' the hill, and country.
     - Hey Mom, that's for you!  Moby loves ya!


11.  LOSES
     - Were you even awake out there, Mobes?
     - Robbery.  Hillside robbery, you lot.





Any questions/comments/submissions/corrections can be sent to me at

Thanks to -
     EA Sports for making such an entertaining game.
     Usanagi for working some of us into a quote making guide frenzy.
     WFeather for providing a guide template to work off of.

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