"A game worth playing again!"

SSX Tricky is a port of an already awesome snowboarding game. In one word, excellent.

Graphics (7/10)

The characters are so greatly detailed. Maybe a little too detailed. They seem a little like... plastic (but not nearly as bad as the original). But their animations are wonderful. There seems to be no problems in animation whatsoever. This game runs at a good rate without any slowdown. Simply put, the charaters are some of the most detailed on the Cube. But this is only the characters.

The tracks themselves seem a little, how do I say this, bland. They seem boring, dull, but this is only the tracks. The background is good, but not the actual snow. I can live with it.

Sound (8/10)

The voice-overs are extremely well done. They seemed to fit their personalities perfectly. I like the way Moby sounds like Moby should, and Eddie sounds like Eddie should. They're wonderful.

The music is simply BREATHTAKING. Many of the songs are great and fit the mood of the race perfectly. But not all of them. Some of the songs got annoying and repetitive. I can live with it.

Gameplay (7/10)

The controls are extremely well laid out. They work as good as they can with the Cube controller. It does take a while to get used to it. But once you get the hang of the controls, they work like a dream.

The only problem I had is that some of the tricks are quite difficult to pull off in the time you have. The D-Pad just wasn't meant to be used like this. This game has very little of a learning curve, but the D-Pad was the hardest thing for me to learn. I can live with it.

Replay (10/10)

I must admit, this game had a lot of replay value. There are just so many characters to play this game with. They each form their own little alliances and rivalries on the slopes. You can try to get on everyone's good side and have an easy ride, or piss everyone off and run, err, board for your life.

The thing is that they all have to pull off their trick chapters. They are all practically the exact same tricks. But one of my favorite things about the characters is their unique Ubertricks. Still, they all seem to have the same tricks. I can live with it.

Buy or Rent?
Buy if you're into the extreme sports genre or just want to have a good time. I rented this game on Wednesday afternoon. I had the receipt in my hand for this game on Wednesday evening. I loved it.

You may not like it, though, if you:
A) Don't like extreme sports and/or racing and/or trick-based games.
B) Need the controls to work perfectly in order to have fun.
C) Already played the first one 100 times through.


Reviewer's Score: 8/10 | Originally Posted: 04/15/02, Updated 04/15/02

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