FAQ/Walkthrough by Lionheart19

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Lost Kingdoms FAQ

By: Lionheart19


I.          Game Basics/Basic Tips
II.         Story
III.        Characters         
IV.         Battling                  
V.          Walkthrough
VI.         Side Quests
VII.        Two-Player Mode
VIII.       Credits

I. Game Basics/Tips

 Lost Kingdoms is a card-dueling RPG.Your only means of survival lies in 
cards that have powerful creatures to summon.There are three main types 
of cards: Independents,Summons,and Weapons.Indepents mostly do what they 
want,attacking the enemy and roaming.Some are immobile and have special 
powers.An independent has quite a bit of time before the card burns 
up.If it is attacked,the flame goes down,therefore speeding up the 
process.Summons are monsters that are summoned and do one powerful 
attack.Weapons simply strike out from Katia when used.

 Magic Stones are important for survival.Each card has a certain amount 
of stones required to summon it.If the player does not have enough,it 
will cost them life to bring the monster out.The main way to get magic 
stones is to attack a monster.Stones will fall out.
 Each card has is aligned with one of five elements: 
Earth,Wood,Water,Fire,and Neutral.Water beats Fire.Wood beats 
Earth.Earth beats Water.Fire beats Wood.Neutral,however,is not affected 
by elemental attributes,so any element will do the same damage.

II.  Story

 Five kings were each given a kingdom to rule,along with a Runestone,and 
forbidden to ally with each other.Soon the five kingdoms began to 
disappear.Things started to vanish into a dark fog.Many brave people 
entered it in search of answers,yet were never heard of 
again.Eventually,the five kings had to meet because the fog was taking 
over the kingdoms.Princess Katia,the princess of Alanjeh,was blessed 
with the power of the Runestones,meaning she could summon creatures from 
cards.She was the only hope...

III. Characters

 Katia: Princess of Alanjeh,and a Runestone bearer.She is the only hope 
for survival.

 King Feobane: Katia's father and King of Alanjeh.He has set out with 
some trusted knights to find the truth about the Black Fog.

 Gurd: An old woman who teaches Katia how to use her powers.She also 
runs a little card shop.Gurd lets Katia duplicate,buy,sell,and even 
transform cards.

 Alexander: A young scholar studying faeries.Whenever you collect some 
Red Faeries,bring them to Alexander and he will reward you.

 Helena: A mysterious princess from an unknown land.Helena searches 
ruthlessly for Runestones and she won't let anyone stop her.

 Thalnos the Enchanter: A king from the Dark continent,he has all five 
Runestones from where he comes from.He learned of the cards of the 
gods,and then acquired the power of the God of Destruction.

IV. Battling

 Battling is quite simple.It is important to know what element you need 
to use against the enemy.Press the corresponding button to throw the 
card.To call back an almost defeated card,hold R and press the 
corresponding button.

 Capturing cards is also very important.When the enemy monster has below 
5 HP,hold L and throw a card at it.If the damage from the card kills the 
monster, it will capture it.

   Try to get EVERY card in the game.Capturing helps build your deck and 
get all 105 cards.

V. Walkthrough
 Act 1

 Alanjeh Castle- All you have to do is run forward until you get to a 
square part of the hallway.Take a right and continue.Open the chest in 
the room to find your first Runestone.Then you get into a battle with 
two skeletons.If you use a weapon card,such as Dark Raven,this battle 
will be quick and simple.Man Trap works well also.After the battle,get 
out of the room and Gurd will be standing there.Talk to her to end the 

 Plains of Rowahl- Gurd will guide you through this level.Save your 
strong summons for the Boss.Before entering the Goblin's Fort,go to the 
deck point and put in any cards you have found.If you want to, go back 
and search for any cards you may have missed.Also,you may have seen a 
wagon on the way.If you haven't already,get into a battle around it and 
break it open with a weapon card or something.Inside is a Mummy card.
 BOSS- Sand Golem: The Sand Golem should have three hobgoblins with 
him.The goblins aren't a threat as long as you keep moving.Remember to 
always collect Magic Stones whether your supply is full or not,because 
they also give experience.Use summons like Lycanthrope to weaken the 
boss down.Mandragora is a good card to use also.Once the boss is 
defeated,collect the Stones.

 NOTE: Talking to people in this RPG is no use,so it's not a true 
RPG.Anyways,inspect everything but there is truly no need to talk.You 
get worthless blabbering.

 Blessoon- This is a level that is quite easy.The layout is not hard to 
figure out if you use the radar/map at the corner of your 
screen.Basically get all the chests that you can/want and then light the 
four colored pillars.Go through the gate that you just opened,then move 
ahead to find Alexander.After talking to him,collect the fairy in his 
camp.Cross the bridge and use the Deck Point.Proceed farther and a boss 
fight will start.
BOSS- Fire Golem: This is a pretty simple boss if you follow these easy 
rules.First,don't get too close because he uses a wide-spread attack if 
you do.Second,just dodge his missiles if he shoots them.From there 
on,just use your strongest Water cards.If you can, try to hit and run 
using weapon cards.

 TIP: Make sure you are capturing spare cards and selling them.Later on 
in the game you will need the money.You may also want to start 
transforming and duplicating cards.

 Burial Grounds- Another easy level.Follow the path and inspect all the 
tall and skinny tombstones.One of them engages a battle and afterwards 
you will find a Treant card.When you have gotten everything you 
want,follow the path to the four colored tombstones.The order to inspect 
them is gold,green,white,and red.The gate will open.
BOSS- Necromancer: This is an annoyingly hard boss.At this point the 
only thing you can do is use weapon and summon cards to defeat the two 
skeletons.After that,wait until the Necro warps.Right then use a summon 
or weapon.Be sure to dodge his attacks because they can take quite a bit 
of HP.

 Shayel Passage- This level is longer than it looks.Your first priority 
is to go left and hit the switch.Run back the way you came to the gate 
that is opening.Once in,collect all the chests and be sure to get the 
ones inside the little prison cell.Run down the passage in front of the 
cell to find a locked door.Remember about that door because it is the 
way to end the level.Anyways,go back to the switch and proceed down that 
walkway.As you climb higher and collect cards,be sure to destroy all 5 
water tanks.After you have destroyed them,go to the square platform at 
the dead end.
BOSS- Mind Flayer: This boss is easy.Remember even though the boss is 
Water-based,his two little Flayer Spawns are Fire-based.Destroy the 
Spawns and go after the Mind Flayer.Just summon Lycanthrope if you have 
his card in your hand.Finish him off with some weapons or something.

 TIP: Make sure you are collecting Red Faeries!After every level turn in 
your new faeries.

 Castle Grayl- Follow the path, and look for the identical statue to 
which statue you want to move when the two are blocking the way.Break 
open the boxes that are towards the end of the level.You will figure it 
BOSS- Mystery Woman(Helena): Don't get to close to her unless you plan 
to run away as soon as you attack because she has lots of Lizardmen.Just 
like you,she bears a Runestone.Unlike you,she has an unlimited supply of 
them,so don't just waste your time waiting and dodging.She uses 
Skeletons,Archer Trees,Hobgoblins,Dark Ravens,Mandragoras,Lizardmen,and 
Lycanthropes.Watch her movement and summoning patterns.Dodge her summons 
and avoid getting too close.Get her down to about 10-15 HP then GO IN 
FOR THE KILL!Be sure to get the faeries after the battle and the new 
Runestone.Katia now can hold 15 Magic Stones and has 150 HP.

 Bridge of Sarvan- Run until you get to the draw bridges.Go down the 
stairs and to the left.Turn the switch to the left.Run across to the 
other side and turn that switch to the right.Run back up the stairs and 
cross the bridge.Open chests.Just keep going along that walkway collect 
cards and opening chests.

 Kendarie Castle- A nice little movie.Just relax and take a few breaths.

 Yyprek Mines- First go straight and collect chests.Then find the lost 
soldier and help him find his friends.Sometimes he will stop.Take that 
time to search around you,but don't go too far.After you are done 
opening chests(or if you don't want to),walk up to him.He will let out a 
war cry and a battle will start.
BOSS- Puppet Master: Destroy the Caterpokers.Don't worry about elemental 
properties for this battle.The Puppet Master is Neutral.
Just use a combo of traps and summons.Weapons are fine if you are good 
at dodging.

 Bernden Fields- You will be forced to fight the Dragon Knight you 
encounter every time you come here.He is inevitable.Beat him down,then 
proceed.Slip through the crack between the cliffs and go to the center 
of the field.Inspect the bones.
BOSS- Lich and Zombie Dragon: This is a good time to capture the rare 
Lich card.Normally you can't capture Bosses,but this time you 
can.Capture both.Abort and come back as many times as you want because 
they give good experience.Or you can come back to get their cards as 
many times as you want.After you are done gaining experience,proceed 
through the other crack in the cliffs.Don't forget the chests around the 
Zombie Dragon area.Well just keep going to find your father dying.
BOSS- Beezlabub: Not too hard.Dodge his disc energy.Summons help but 
aren't necessary.Weapons do just fine.He is Neutral by the way.

 Castle Wyht- Just get all the cards and hit the switches as you go to 
use the elevators.Talk to every downed gaurd to get a card or key.
When you are on the upper platform an unexpected battle occurs.
BOSS- Chaos Knight: There are two Ghost Armors accompanying him.Take 
them out before you attack the Chaos Knight.Ghost Armors are of the Wood 
element.Although they may seem Fire-based, Chaos Knights are actually 
Neutral.After the fight,search the six statues for a switch.
Go into the throne room but do NOT talk to the gaurd.Instead,go left to 
the little fireplace room.Get in a battle and destoy 
it.Afterwards,search it and it will ask you if you want to go through.
Go to the end to find the Prince's room.Open the two chests.One has a 
Fenril.Then go back to the gaurd and talk to him to end the level.

 Grenfoel Church- Grab the four candles at the beginning and place them 
in their holders on the altar.If you want go down the passage to a Boss 
fight.If not, go left and play the organ and get the Red Faeries.First 
you must get the sheet music from the blocked off chest.Go down the 
secret passage to get the next Runestone.Helena rushes in,holding the 
BOSS- Vampire: If the area were bigger, the two Great Demons wouldn't be 
a problem.So,take them out with Water cards.Vampire is Neutral, as you 
probably suspected.By now,I had 2 Black Dragons in my deck and I got one 
out.Easy as that.If you don't have a Black Dragon yet,use powerful 
cards.Watch out for his projectile attack.

  BOSS- Helena(Last time!):  She has improved since you last met.You 
should have,too.She has Demon Hounds,Stone Heads,Venom Lizards,and about 
7 more but I don't feel like listing them.All are easy to dodge.Now for 
all you out there who weren't as concerned about collecting cards as me 
will have a bit of a harder time with this Boss.I luckily got both my 
Black Dragons out.Just dodge and summon.

 Mt. Jarndunn- Just use the Radar to find your way.It's a bit hard to 
spot faeries.I don't really know how I can help you on this level 
because there's not much to it except two Boss battles.When you see a 
little shrine arena,you better be ready.
BOSS- Efreet(x2): Two Efreets at once is actually not that hard.Just run 
away from the fireballs.If you have an Ice Golem card in hand,use it.It 
should kill both in one hit if they are close together.They can dodge 
though.Use Water cards.After the fight,proceed up the path until you see 
a rocky area.This time,pray that you have enough Water cards to win 
against this tyrant.
BOSS- Red Dragon: Two Hands of Fire accompany this giant.While dodging 
the Dragon's flames,try to at least weaken the hands(this way you save 
water cards).Then use a wide,long range card such as Kraken to take all 
three out when they are close together.

 Ruh~Arok Temple- This is more like a side quest because you get the 
four Legendary cards here but first you must collect over twenty of one 
type of card.Then you enter that color of the room and a secret level 
will open up on the world map.Getting the cards is optional.After you 
get/(If you don't want)the cards,go forward.
BOSS- Black Dragon:This dragon is Neutral.Whip Worms work well because 
this Boss has short range but powerful attacks.Any long range attack or 
summon will do.Be sure to take out the two steel skeletons before the 

 Broch Black- At this point,you should have 103 of the 105 cards.Find 
the Stone of Darkness to unlock the demon shaped gate.Cross the 
platforms.When you come to a strange energy field,go to the rooms to the 
right and left in the hallway and defeat the gaurdian in each.Then go 
through the gate.
BOSS- Enchanter: This battle is sort of like fighting Helena,only much 
harder.He uses summons like Vampire and Elephant King.Don't get too 
close,or he will use the Dragon Knight.Decoys such as the Fire pillars 
work well in this battle.
BOSS- God of Destruction: If you have the Doppleganger,throw it at the 
God of Destruction and hope for the one hit kill.If not then listen 
up.There are four elementals around the edges of the arena.One of his 
attacks uses those, so watch out.Use Red Dragons and Kraken because they 
are long-ranged.Use your cards wisely.After beating the game, you can go 
back and redo levels and get better ratings and collect faeries you 

VI. Side Quests

 Dahl-Nok Valley: Talk to Gurd after Blessoon
 Gromtull Desert: Talk to Gurd after Dahl-Nok
 Rohbach: Talk to Gurd after Bridge of Sarvan
 Village of Lumsted:Talk to Gurd after Bernden Field
 Lake Bestriel: Talk to Gurd after Coliseum
Secret Levels(Sort of like Side Quests)
 Yalwog: Collect 20 Fire cards and go to Ruh-Arok
 Terjon Temple: Collect 20 Water cards and go to Ruh-Arok
 Temple of Amentankh: Collect 20 Earth cards and go to Ruh-Arok
 Hupon-Jen: Collect 20 Wood cards and go to Ruh-Arok

VII. Two Player Mode

 It's just like regular battles,only with a friend.You can set Loop 
Decks(you never run out of cards),Fair Play(outlaws some cards),Time,and 
Player Level.Choose the arena and pick your colors and decks.Fight!

VIII. Credits
The folks at Prima such as David Cassady and Debra McBride for writing 
such a great strategy guide.Thank you.
They provided most of this info.Some was from myself.

Me,for writing this FAQ/Walkthrough


I hope my walkthrough helped you enjoy this game and find 
everything.Sorry about not covering transformations but I didn't have