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"Everyone wants those darn souls these days..."

I've never played the original Soul Caliber, so I probably couldn't compare the two games together. Oh well. After a two long, hard days of playing this game, I've already got a solid view of this game: It kicks ass. Buy it. No, I'm not kidding, this is one of the best titles you can get at this time. Does this not convince you? In the words of Raphael (My favorite), ''Well then, let us dance.''

Graphics: 10/10.
Hell, why stop there? 11/10.

'Allow me to entertain you.'
Now, I'm not kidding, these graphics are quite lavish. You rarely see any choppiness or polygon errors. Actually, I've only seen about, two? And plus, the amount of detail in the characters is almost excessive, if that's at all possible. Other games, you see steel and you thin 'that looks like tin'. But in this game you see steel, and you're like, 'Whoa dude, that's steel.' And no, I'm not exaggerating.

Control: 9/10
'Watch quietly, and learn.'
Controls are fairly simple, and even executing moves is rather simple. Just a few buttons, and your guy swings his (or whatever) blade (or whatever) in an elegant (or, yet again, whatever) fashion. One minor qualm is that on the Gamecube version at least, some controls didn't quite get translated right. EX B in the game=Y on the controls. However, it more than makes up with it's simplicity. Where on other games, you need to do several rotations of the controls stick and 500 buttons at the exact right time, you can do it very neatly here, with a lot of less cussing.

Sound: 10/10
'Ha ha ha. As expected.'
Wonderful sound. Pleasant music. ::Insert more praising here::. The songs aren’t exactly 'catchy' though. Probably a good thing.

Challange: 7.5/10
'Stay down. It suits you.'
As a video game player for many years standing, I found several parts of game simple. On the other hand, as a person who absolutely stinks brutally at fighting games, it's kind of frustrating sometimes. On one hand, you may have to deal with enemies who couldn’t throw a punch, much less swing an axe, and the next thing you know, you're on the ground with a sword in your gut. It varies, to put it simply. The Weapons Master quest (Which I'll get to later) gets more difficult as you go through it, as any self-respecting RPG should. That's right. You heard me. RPG.

Vararity: 9/10
'I'm not here to play. Mua ha ha ha ha!'
As I foreshadowed earlier, there are many weapons to pick from when equipping your character, but in the end, you end up with a supa-strong weapon. But it a lot more than other fighting games offer. In order to acquire these weapons, and also secret characters, stages, and other goodies like weapon demos, you must play the Weapon Master Mode, which is like an RPG played out in fighter game fashion. In different stages, you're met with different settings and challenges, and of course, different awards. Other neat stuff like character profiles can be gotten through 'regular' play. Despite all this stuff, it can get a little redundant after three days or so.

Story: 5/10
'So this, is Soul Edge...Mua ha ha ha ha!'
Better than most fighting games, at least. Every person has their own story, but the general plot line is this...
Once, there was a sword known as Soul Edge. A dread pirate wielded it once, but he was killed, and then a bandit got it, and became known as Nightmare. But then, another blade, known as the Soul Cavalier, came, and its wielder defeated Nightmare. However, other people either wanted the Soul Edge, or wanted to destroy it for good. Some people, like Nightmare himself, search for the pieces of the evil blade. Others search for the blade itself. They will all fight to see who gets the pudding.

'To be honest, I'm irritated.'
Besides the control issue, there are other problems. One thing is that the console unique characters are far overpowered for their own good. Link can just charge up to a guy and swing blindly, and he'll probably win, especially if he has the Great Faerie Sword, in which he's unstoppable. And sometimes, other characters can be a wee bit little strong. *Coughcheapbastardpireatecough* besides that, I have yet to encounter any serious problems that could really hurt the rating.

Rent, buy, or what?
'It's too late to resist!'
Find it?: Yes...
Rent?: Well, let's see...YES!
Buy it?: Duh. Of course!

'Humph. Not a bad dance.'

Very nice game. I definitely recommend.

Reviewer's Score: 10/10 | Originally Posted: 08/29/03

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