Question from 921sora

Asked: 4 years ago

The 21 animals?

Which of the animals do i give my chao to make it a Immortal Chao? There are more then 21 when i count ^^; but if I'm wrong then sry i mess up sometimes.

Additional details - 4 years ago

ok that helps I thought i counted wrong and i found a guide for the animals so ty ^^;

Accepted Answer

From: Zeff_fury 4 years ago

There are only 21 different types of animals as there are 7 groups of animals and 3 different animals in each group

for Swimming-Penguin, Seal, and Sea Otter

for Flight-Condor, Parrot, and Peacock

for Running-Boar, Cheetah, and Rabbit

for Power-Bear, Gorilla, and Tiger

for average stat boost-Raccoon, Sheep, and Skunk

for luck-Dragon, Phoenix, and Unicorn

for ghost/hats-Bat, Kappa, and Skeleton Dog

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