Question from XxMordikixX

Can i get a black egg with 100 emblems?

Because i have 100 emblems and i need the black egg so i can make a shiny black chao, two tone black chao, and shiny black two tone chao


RisingAgain answered:

I dunno, I've since obtained all emblems a long time ago. (So many rings to buy maria emblem @.@)
However, I'm pretty sure eggs are just random. Btw, if u have Sonic Advance 1/2, Onyx + Shiny Black = lol
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Silvaze38 answered:

I have 101 emblems and haven't gotten the black egg yet, and since the black egg is the rarest coloured egg in the game, I think you would probably need more. Keep in mind that the eggs show up randomly, and that they're is two egg colours on one save file that you cannot get. My advice would be to look up a chao egg guide that has a chart of all the egg colours listed in order of rarity. Thn earn more emblems, and if you have way more emblems than you would need to get a certain colour, it's probably hopeless.
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FluttershyGamer answered:

You can get the black egg at 80 emblems and the shiny black egg at 140 emblems. It is random though, so do City Escape until a new set of items arrives in the black market. If it isn't there, do City Escape again. etc. Also, you cannot get 2 egg colors per save file.
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