Question from robofish_13

Classic Sonic Greeen hill zone?

Is there any way to get this level without an Action Replay or the legitimate way of getting all 180 emblems. I have the majority of the levels at A or B rank but it's really hard getting the last lot of emblems I have 172 with one chao karate missing. Just would like to play the bloomin level without having to slave away...

robofish_13 provided additional details:

well I mjst just suck at this game! I've managed to get 4 more emblems since the post, Dr.Robotnik's, Tails', Rouge's and Knuckles all A rank missions. just sonic and shadow with the chao karate to go!

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Turbo_TRex answered:

Nope, either hack (shame on you) or tough it out and get all 180 Emblems. It's not that hard, I've done it at least 3 times.
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