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How do i get a golden chao?

I`ve checked on lots and lots of websites and i still dont understand how to get one....

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Wabacabaca answered:

The best way is to connect you gameboy advance or sp to your gamecube then turn the game boy on
grab a chao in your garden and take it to the transpoter then select drop off to put your chao in the tiny garden then
earn rings playing mini games and buy the gold egg from the shop for 1000 rings
Or buy sonic adventure dx and move the golden egg to your sonic adventure 2 battle using the tiny chao garden
there is a stone egg in front of the town hall in sadx to swap for the gold egg in the antique shop
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videogamer13579 answered:

Buy Sonic Adventure DX Diretor's cut. get the golden chao egg (which is replaced with a stone in the area of the battle of Chaos 0. Hatch it in the Chao garden on SADX. Either buy two memory cards or a GCN to GBA cable, and game boy advance SP to make a copy and transfer it to SA2B. Also, on Sonic Advance in the Tiny Chao Garden you can buy the egg. The gold chao is monotone. This also works with a silver chao.
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pikachuboy7 answered:

Just get a gamecube to gba connector cable and play with your chao till you have 500 rings than check the store for a gold egg (it changes when you play a game.)
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soul_silver93 answered:

The most easy way to get it
is buying a shiny brown egg
is very similar
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mettocarpicet09 answered:

You can get it in two ways these require sonic adventure DX a game boy gamecube connector hook and a gameboy.

way 1:you can take the golden egg from sadx put it in the gameboy and put it in sab2.

way 2 :you take your gameboy and put a chao in it WITHOUT sonic advance in it your chao should be in the tiny chao garden, now take it out play the games and save up 500+ dollars then get the free egg from the store continue playing the game and keep checking for the egg eventually you will have a gold egg!

helpful hint for people who want normal eggs cheap: when playing the gameboy version in the tiny garden when there is no chao in the garden it will offer you a free chao egg.
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