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My Chao keep crying! Help?

Okayy; well i have three Hero Chao that seem like they are really depressed..
Matt- white; full pheonix - he is all happy and lovey one minute but then once i set him down/stop petting him he starts moping.
Jonas - pure hero (no animals) - he often goes off to sit by himself; and mopes/cries. but when i(sonic) whistles he comes running all happy and lovey.
Lilly- white; with peacock feet/tail/and hair; seal arms - she has ALOT of mood swings. like i(sonic) will be playing with her then once i set her down; she starts to lay down and cryy. she also goes off and sits by herself.

i have NEVER hurt these Chao or starved them. i give them TONS of love but as soon as i finish rocking/petting them they start to cry/mope/look depressed. i take them to the doctors but they are perfectly fine... :/ i don't know what is wrong with them, but i hate seeing them all bummed out. please help me!

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GundamChao answered:

You have spoiled your chao. To stop them from crying, don't pet them or rock them for a while. Afterwards, only pet or rock them sometimes, but not often.
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plantmonster800 answered:

Pick it up and rock it , after that, pet it a lot (a lot!)
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pikapika64 answered:

If you put them in the water for a long period of time the Chao should eventually not cry. Chao cry if the fruit has been taken away from them (unless they drop them).
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In_Eh_Nd answered:

You've probably spoiled them with love, so they're cry babies and depends on you too much, I'm not an expert but you may want to take them to the doctor to check on them i.e their stats so you can see their personalities.
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Wabacabaca answered:

Chao often cry because they want food or they are tired a chao with the crybabby personality will cry more often when it wants something
chao may also cry if you accidentally take their food away
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killyodead13 answered:

They are not being fed, angry (pet it) or want something
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The_Red_Gyrados answered:

They're just spoiled. Face it, you screwed up.
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novax44 answered:

If theyre crying, it means theyre hungry, if theyre like.. weeping? it means you have to pet them for a while
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SA2Bisawesome answered:

For Matt, chao sometimes mope, but I don't know why. My chao do that, too; even the chao that love me a LOT! (and some that are neutral with me do that, so it's not from spoiling them). For Jonas, you've overfed him. He's sad because his belly hurts from overeating. For Lilly, a chao only lays down and cries when they're hungry. You've probably forgot to feed Lilly for a couple days. You were too busy feeding Jonas.
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Chaofreak1 answered:

you spoiled your Chao, this means you pet and rock them too much. Chao need space so let them be for a while and just give them chaos drive otherwise they stay angry and sad
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Chaofreak1 answered:

Oh yeah also you dont have to feed your chaos they can eat on there own.
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