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Asked: 5 years ago

I saw a vid on youtube and amy was in the chao garden. Is this true?

Can amy somehow get into the chao garden without an action replay?

Additional details - 5 years ago

I already know how to make an amy chao. But thanks anyway.

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No. To the best of my knowledge, there is NO way that you can play as Amy in the Chao garden. However you can MAKE an Amy CHAO in the garden, if that interests you! :P (it's just a chao that looks like amy. it's not a spot on match)

All you have to do is get a pink egg and raise it with Sonic or Tails. While doing so, give it nothing but green Chaos
Drives, and let it evolve/grow as Amy. It will look somewhat like her! :)
(Note: you have to give it A LOT of green drives)

thanks, and i hope this helps at least a little!

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You probably can get Amy into the chao garden by hacking. All you need is an action replay.

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Hacking with either an action replay or a gameshark. a buddy of mine explained how, I just didn't care to hear because I hate amy. But yes, you can. If it was on youtube, then yes. You'd have to hack the game. There's also a way to get two people in the garden, but you need to hack as well.

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Yes,i watched the same video.You have to have a action replay.

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You need an action replay. The only other way to play as Amy in the Chao Garden is to play the Dreamcast version.

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Yes it is.But only with Action Replay.So i don't think you can get Amy in Chao garden

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No.Whoever made that just so happens to be a NERD,and do you know what nerds do?They hack games.

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Its not fake

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It's not nessairly a hack. You can play as Amy in the Chao Garden on the dreamcast version.

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