Question from 921sora

Asked: 4 years ago

My chao's Drawings?

I have seen my Dark chaos drawing (cause all evil doers love it) CAKE! is it requesting a cake or something? cause it comes up to me even if i dont have an item in my hand and asks me for something then it draws a cake and looks at me and starts begging again! WHY GOD WHY?!

Additional details - 4 years ago

I understand that but is there a reason it's begging me for items cause i give him fruit occasionally and then he just starts asking me for more

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From: Zeff_fury 4 years ago

A chao's drawings don't really affect anything it's just another random action.

Also if a chao starts randomly following you around (much like the effect you'd get if you were to whistle) it's just a sign that the chao has a positive relationship with that character.

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Does it hold both it's hands out with it's mouth open, or does it skip to you and put both it's hands to it's side.

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