Question from Marnex15

Asked: 5 years ago

Heart Fruit?

Well, I'm trying to mate 2 chao, but the black market doesn't have them!!!! Does reseting the GC reset the items in the black market? If not then how can I make the heart fruit appear in the black market, do I need a certain amount of rings??

Accepted Answer

From: AmadeusPrower 5 years ago

Heart fruits i believe are always on the black market regardless of how many emblems you have. you have to wait 5 - 10 in game minutes for it to restock, so do city escape and get 300 - 400 rings for your purchase of the fruit and it will restock each time you finish the level thats what most people do.

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I have had this same problem....I found that usually if you get some more emblems, there will usually be new items. This isn't confirmed, though/

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